11 TikTok Halloween Costumes That'll Get You On The For You Page

Jacopo Raule/WireImage/Getty Images

You know TikTok. You love TikTok. Before I started writing this article, I was literally watching TikTok. So it goes. If you want to pay tribute to the app that has completely taken over my and, I assume since you're reading this, your life, there's no better way than to plan some TikTok Halloween costumes. Halloween may only come once a year, but if you plan it right, you can get in a few good costumes before the holiday's over.

From your favorite TikTok stars to fun trends on the app to the impossibly weird audios, you can glean infinite costume ideas from your For You Page. It might even help you get some clout on the app when you post about it later, so that's a double win. And, given the immense amount of different rabbit holes of the app, there are probably even more costumes possible than you or I realize.

Just because you can't go to a huge, blowout party this year or celebrate Halloween in your preferred way, doesn't mean you can't rock a costume. Considering TikTok is the only thing that's gotten me through quarantine (and has stolen probably days, if not weeks, from my life), I'm happy to pay homage to the app by wearing a TikTok Halloween costume. If you're with me on this, check out 11 TikTok-inspired costumes below.

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Among Us

When you're not on the video app, you're probably playing Among Us. TikTok's favorite game is a super easy to do as a costume. You can either just wear all one color using clothes in your closet and a pair of lab goggles or go all out with an astronaut costume. Honestly, not celebrating Halloween as an Among Us astronaut is pretty sus.

Charli D'Amelio

Let's not forget the queen of TikTok herself! As she posts on the app a ton, there's no shortage of outfit ideas. But to me, D'Amelio's style most often involves an oversized hoodie and biker shorts. To really sell the look, I'd also add a dark brown, shoulder-length wig and have some memorized TikTok dances on deck.

Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

The popular "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" audio has become one of the latest must-use sounds. It describes when two things merge, usually with a bit of dark humor. You can either team up with a friend and each go as one of the fast food places or grab a Pizza Hut Logo Shirt ($18, Etsy) and a pair of Taco Leggings ($36, Rage On) to be the combo you need.


It's trap. Bunny. Bubbles! PPcocaine's songs are constantly being used on the app, which is only fair, as her bops are perfect for a slew of content. The rapper has a rave-y style, so iridescent fabrics and long, colorful wigs are go-tos.


Yes, Christmas is still a long way away, but the peace I experience watching people make super elaborate Christmas treats is unmatched. A holiday-themed apron alongside a bowl and whisk will have everyone you see humming "It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas" everywhere you go.


Egirls really came into existence on TikTok, and it's one of the costume you can nail without having to buy anything. The look just requires a lot of blush, highlighter, and maybe a wig if you're really feeling it. Peep Doja Cat's tutorial above for the perfect how-to.

Harry Styles

You pretty much can't scroll through TikTok without hearing at least one of Harry Styles' dulcet songs. So, grab yourself a pair of oversized sunglasses, an orange crochet tank top, and some pleated pants to get an easy "Watermelon Sugar" look.


I am obsessed with all these people living out their best Harry Potter fan-fiction dreams. I mean, honestly, the editing is impeccable. And no matter which wizard you're crushing on, you can show off your House pride with a Hogwarts uniform this year.

Remy From Ratatouille

TikTok truly as it all, and what can I say? The algorithm gets me. But one side I never expected to even exist is RemyTok. "Ode to Remy" is an audio that lives rent free in my head. There are a lot of rat costumes out there, so make sure you add a chef's hat so everyone knows exactly who is the rat of all your dreams.

Robert Pattinson's Tracksuit

You may have noticed from my other Halloween costume articles that I'm still trying to sneak this idea in. It's because I'm in love with the fully zippered-up, all-brown tracksuit and fear on Pattinson's face in the above viral photo of him. TikTokers have edited this photo into so many different things, it's beautiful. You'll not only get to rock cozy loungewear throughout your night, but you'll definitely get a lot of laughs. If you don't do it for me, do it for TikTok.


You could also just keep things very simple and go as the app itself. A TikTok T-shirt ($14, Teepublic) and black jeans will have people feeling like their FYP is loading.