10 Pop-Culture Halloween Costume Trends That'll Make Everyone LOL


Halloween is about everything from being scared to candy, but there's one facet that reigns supreme but can also be the most daunting: having an amazing costume. You want something that is both instantly recognizable yet isn't on every other person on Instagram. So, as you start planning your perfect look, take a peep at some pop-culture Halloween costume trends for inspiration on what to do. Luckily, 2020 has had a ton of moments that are totally costume-worthy.

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic's shelter-in-place orders in most states have put many parts of 2020 at a standstill, it probably means you and everyone else have had a chance to be even more engaged in pop culture than usual. Even with few movies being released in theaters this year, there's no shortage of viral moments-turned-costumes you and others will love. From hilarious TikToks to fan-favorite TV shows to some classic memes, the perfect costume is right in front of you.

Since spooky season has just started, you have plenty of time to get all the pieces you need together before the big day (or week, depending on how you celebrate). Whether you have plans of winning a contest or just want a ton of compliments, below are pop-culture Halloween costumes everyone will love.

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Everything Is Cake

While the "Everything is Cake" meme not only led to many existential questions about where the line between cake and reality starts, it also makes a very funny costume. The best way to put together this concept, I think, is a to wear a trench coat that you open to reveal a cake dress. No one will see it coming, but it will make them doubt everything they know.

Moira Rose

Courtesy of Netflix

Fulfill your glamorous, black-and-white fantasy with a Moira Rose costume. The matriarch of the Schitt's Creek family is superior in so many ways, people will be talking to you about her all night. And although you may have all the clothes to pull off her costume, don't forget to slather on a bold red lip and maybe practice your impersonation a few times in the mirror.

Sexy Willy Wonka

Now, if you have not seen the sexy Willy Wonka TikToks, I recommend you keep on scrolling and pretend like you never read this. But, if you have, a sexy Willy Wonka costume is guaranteed to get you some hollers. To complete the chocolate fantasy, you need a maroon duster, a top hat, your favorite pants, a pair of sunglasses, and a black bra top.

A Virgin Who Can't Drive

In honor of Clueless' 25th anniversary, you'd be totally bugging not to dress up as the main character Cher. Her iconic style lends itself to many eye-catching costumes, but her opening look is definitely one for the books.

An E-Girl

If you don't feel like going through all the motions of buying a costume or rummaging through your closet, an e-girl is an easy-to-throw-on look. All this costume requires is makeup, a lot of blush and highlighter, and some freckles. For more advice, follow along Doja Cat's makeup tutorial to get the full e-girl glam.

Robert Pattinson In A Tracksuit

Whether you're a part of the Harry Potter renaissance or the Twilight resurgence, I think everyone can agree on one thing: Robert Pattinson. My favorite Pattinson moment on the internet at the moment is him looking wildly stressed out in a fully zipped-up tracksuit. This costume is great if you want to stay cozy this Halloween, but don't forget the look of terror necessary to complete the look.

Arthur's DW Holding The Fence

This meme pretty much spells out exactly how the coronavirus quarantine felt. DW holds the fence in her pink dress and sunglasses, and you can feel the yearning for literally anything. This costume, though incredibly easy to do, conveys a deep sense of feeling. Add some chicken wire to really complete the look.

Tiger King

This one is a bit obvious, but after the nationwide obsession with ¨Tiger King, I'd be remiss not to include this in my round up. Though you're sure to see lots of Joe Exotics and Carole Baskins running around this October, it doesn't mean the king of quarantine doesn't deserve a shoutout. So pile on the animal print and don't skimp on blue eyeliner when going for this gem.

Animal Crossing Avatar

No one knows your Animal Crossing Avatar as well as you do, so you can pull of this costume with items in your own closet. All you need to complete this look is a watering can (maybe borrowed from one of your neighbors) and turnips from your local grocery store.

TikTok Star

Once you know how to Renegade, dressing as a TikTok Star is a piece of cake. With over 89 million followers, Charli D'Amelio is one of the queens of TikTok, and it's super easy to get her look. Her go-to style often involves an oversized hoodie — tie-dye if you have it — and either matching sweats, jeans, or biker shorts. An ice coffee or other branded product in hand will show that you're all about that #spon content.