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Gable Tostee's 2014 Post On Body Building Website About Tinder Murder Is Uncovered

An Australian man accused of murdering his Tinder date used a body building website to publicize his side of the story after the incident occurred.

While he was recently found not guilty of murder, his eerie post from 2014 about the death was just revealed.

On August 8, 2014, Warriena Wright, 26, allegedly tried escaping 30-year-old Gable Tostee's apartment building in Queensland, Australia after a date had gone terribly wrong.

When she attempted to leave, Wright fell 14 floors off Tostee's balcony.

Multiple pieces of evidence have emerged recently regarding the case, including selfies taken before the fatality and a disturbing audio recording of their interactions throughout the night.

According to Mashable, the latest discovery regarding Wright's murder is a post Tostee had written on bodybuilding.com in 2014 that gives his personal account of the incident.

His post is defensive, and expresses his opinion that the media has been cruel by portraying him as an "evil monster" throughout the trial.

Tostee, who uses the name "G T" on the website, begins the post by explaining why he's using the body building website's forum to publicize his opinions on the trial. He states,

This is not addressed to any one audience but I figured that being a long term member here I would post it here in public for anyone to read in its entirety.

Check out the entire post below.


He expresses his feelings of sorrow and remorse following his Tinder date's demise, saying the death left him "permanently scarred."

Another excerpt reads,

I had never expected I would ever experience something like this, nor did I have any idea how much it would affect me. Even though I had only known her for a night I was horrified that this had happened to her. I would never wish for it to happen to anybody.

He continues,

While I have not had the chance to meet or speak to Warriena's family, it pains me to think of the loss and suffering they must be experiencing.

Although he claims innocence, the audio recording that's been uncovered reveals a more violent take on the matter.

He reportedly says,

You're lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony, you goddamn psycho bitch.

Tostee was cleared of all murder charges in the death of Warriena Wright on Thursday.

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