If This 'Gilmore Girls' Prediction Is True, Clinton Will Win The Election

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Rory Gilmore has never hidden her admiration for women in politics.

From the beginning of the original "Gilmore Girls" series, Rory held on to her dream of becoming Christiane Amanpour, CNN's Chief International Correspondent. She told Jess about it, too:

And when Rory and Lorelai weren't speaking, it was former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who appeared in her dream on her 21st birthday.

Although she never spoke about it explicitly, Rory seemed to have a clear place in her heart for Planned Parenthood and pro-choice politics. She even had a Planned Parenthood poster in her college dorm.

Also, Rory was a big fan of current presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In her senior year of high school, Rory tells Dean she's going to write about Clinton for her all-important Harvard application essay. This episode aired in 2002.

In it, Rory says,

She's so smart and tough and nobody thought she could win New York but she did and she's doing amazing, and have you heard her speak?

But Rory gets scared out of writing about Clinton when she learns that so many other Harvard applicants write about her. As Paris says,

I realized every braindead bint in a skirt would be writing about Hillary.

The "Gilmore Girls" writers clearly saw Clinton as an inspirational figure for Rory-types.

Clinton comes up again in season 5.

This was WAY before she was even running for president. Back in 2004, an episode aired that showed Lorelai telling Luke,

See you when Hillary's president!

Luke was on the Renaissance Fair circuit with his sister, and his return date kept getting delayed. So, Lorelai was making a joke that they wouldn't see each other for a while.

You could read this in one of two ways: Either Lorelai thought Clinton would never be president, or she thought she would be... just in a long time.

But the Gilmores have a pretty good track record with predicting future presidents.

In the series finale – which aired in May 2007 – Rory gets a job covering the presidential campaign of none other than president-to-be, Barack Obama.

At that point, it was early on in the election year. Clinton and Obama were still competing against each other for the Democratic nomination.

But Rory ended up with Obama: the winning candidate.

Now, it looks like Lorelai's joke about Hillary just might become a reality, especially with "Gilmore Girls" returning to Netflix just after the election in November.

And in case you were wondering, the Gilmores DID have some thoughts about Donald Trump.

Even though we haven't gotten to see Lorelai and Rory in 2016 yet, I think we can safely guess who they'd be voting for on November 8.

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