Nutella Refuses To Personalize A Jar For A 5-Year-Old Girl Named Isis

A woman's request to give her niece a personalized jar of Nutella was denied because the young girl's name is associated with terrorism.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, 43-year-old Heather Taylor of Illawarra, Australia named her daughter Isis after the Egyptian goddess of the same name.

The 5-year-old's aunt recently tried to design a jar of Nutella with the name "Isis" on the label at a local department store.

A computer flagged the name, however, and the store manager told Isis' aunt the label could not be printed.

The name is widely used in reference to the militant group the Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS.

The CEO of Nutella's parent company, Ferrero Australia, personally reached out to Taylor to explain why the store manager made the correct decision.

Taylor reportedly told Ferrero chief executive Craig Barker,

You are actually making my daughter's name dirty. You are choosing to refuse my daughter's name in case the public refers to it negatively.

Taylor said news outlets are constantly trying to turn her daughter's name into a controversial story, and strangers have reportedly given her puzzled looks when they hear the name being called in public.

Her daughter's name was chosen well before the Islamic State's acronym started appearing in headlines, she added, and will most definitely not be changed.

But Ferrero Australia said in a statement others would likely be offended by a Nutella jar with the name of a terrorist group on the label.

The statement said,

Like all campaigns, there needs to be consistency in the way terms and conditions are applied. Unfortunately, this has meant there have been occasions where a label has not been approved on the basis that it could have been misinterpreted by the broader community or viewed as inappropriate.

To prevent other people named Isis from being demonized, Taylor suggested the media refer to the Islamic State as Daesh, an acronym of the Arabic translation of the group's name.

Nutella's Make Me Yours campaign began in September, New York Daily News reports, and it quickly resulted in various inappropriate names being previewed online.

It is not clear if this is the reason the campaign reportedly came to a close.

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