Conspiracy Theorist's Devices 'Wiped' After Mysterious Death

If you're into conspiracy theories, stop everything you're doing and read this — because I'm about to turn your world upside-down.

Are you ready? OK, good.

Last month, a well-known conspiracy theorist from England named Max Spiers died mysteriously on his friend's sofa in Warsaw, Poland, where he was invited to give speeches about his controversial beliefs.

Spiers made a living by speaking about UFOs, government and celebrity conspiracy theories, according to MailOnline.

Before his death, he sent his mother, Vanessa Bates, an eerie text that cautioned her to look out for him. The text allegedly said,

Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.

The 39-year-old died mysteriously a few days later after vomiting black liquid.

After a recent autopsy report provided no answers, authorities remain unaware of how Max died — but his mother and girlfriend are confident they know exactly what happened.


They believe Max was sacrificed by Polish Satanists in the Warsaw home where he was staying.

According to MailOnline, recent updates on the case suggest Spiers was staying with a woman he barely knew named Monika Duval when he died.

His girlfriend, 31-year-old Sarah Adams, allegedly stated he was scared and being held there against his will. She told MailOnline,

He was terrified, he wanted to leave. He rang secretly as they wouldn't let talk. He said they were trying to get away from them.

Spiers' mother believes he was poisoned. She confessed to hearing "satanic rituals" in the background of a phone call she had with Duval a week after her son died. She said,

I could hear all this kerfuffle in the background - ritualistic stuff... I could hear it being said. It sounded like rituals going on. Some sort of satanic rituals.

Vanessa also reportedly claimed she was sent a "threatening" book on devil worship by Duval, which included chapters about the Illuminati and Satan.

To make matters weirder, she was also reportedly sent a photo of Max with a head wound as well as two pictures of him wearing a "strange silk suit" in a coffin.


According to Metro, Vanessa admitted in an interview on Sunday with Mail that Max's phone was "dropped in a bath" before it was returned, and his computer was wiped.

WTF, right? Sounds pretty spooky, if you ask me.

The mystery behind Max's death remains unsolved, and his mother is disappointed with authorities for not finding more answers. She allegedly said,

I feeling appallingly let down by the Polish police, I feel appallingly let down by the doctor and by the people who did the last interview when he sounds like he's dying.

Max's autopsy provided no answers, and his family and friends are now awaiting the results of further tests that have been taken.

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