Joe Biden Gets Emotional Discussing Late Son Who Died Of Brain Cancer (Video)

Vice President Joe Biden was a guest on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" last night, and the highly-sincere interview touched on a wide range of sensitive subjects.

Much of the discussion revolved around the incomparable character of Biden's late son, Beau, a decorated war veteran who died of brain cancer last May.

Biden also talked about his Christian faith, his late wife and his daughter, and he discussed how he finds strength amid such continuous tragedy.

The next half of the interview brought up the question on every audience member's mind: Will Joe Biden run for president?

Biden's reply affirmed there is at least one real human being in the White House.

He explained being president would require "my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion" and revealed he frankly isn't sure if he has the emotional strength the job demands.

Biden even recalled one particular moment involving a group of veterans that reminded him he's not made of iron.