Someone Made A Dubstep Remix Of Barack Obama Saying 'Pop Off' And It's Epic

Everyone has an opinion about how we should handle ISIS, and frankly, President Obama is tired of hearing them.

During his speech at the G-20 Summit in Turkey, Obama let all the haters know that sending in thousands of troops, fire-bombing Syria, or as Trump said, "taking away their wealth," will do absolutely nothing to stop ISIS.

He added,

This is not conventional warfare. We play into the ISIL narrative when we act like they are a state. We use routine military tactics that are designed to fight a state that is attacking another state. That's not what's going on here. These are killers with fantasies of glory.

Oh, and he added that everyone should stop running their mouths in the coolest way possible:

That's right; our commander in chief wants everyone to stop "popping off" with their weak-ass opinions on foreign policy.

And, because the Internet is awesome, someone made his "pop off" comment into a club banger. Listen below:

Next time someone gives you an opinion on a matter he or she knows nothing about, hit play on this Obama tune.

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