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Why Festivals Are The Ultimate Group Bonding Experience

Music festivals are so popular right now that it's almost laughable. No matter what you're into — musically speaking, at least — there's a festival for you. Folk, EDM, pop, hip hop, rock — it's all out there for the listening.

As music festivals have become increasingly trendy, some people have begun to question their appeal. But these doubters fail to see what festivals are actually about: the music. When you accept that music is the whole point (as opposed to the fashion, the food or the booze), festivals regain their magic.

Because what's a better way to bond with people — friends and strangers alike — than through a band or a song that you really love? Festivals are the ultimate group bonding experience. Here's why.

Music is a strong common interest.

Do you remember the last time you went a full day without listening to music? I definitely don't. Listening to music is a daily priority for me. It keeps me sane through my work, my commute and my downtime. Hell, it's kept me sane through my entire life.

When I learn that someone likes the same band that I do — the same piece of music that contributes to my sanity — it's an instant bond.

The key change in the bridge; the surprise show your favorite band put on that you can't believe you missed; your plans to marry your favorite pop star — we suddenly have so much to talk about.

You're getting lost in the melody together.

When you're at a concert, you lose track of time. It's like you've been sucked into a vacuum in the time-space continuum where everything just stands still.

It doesn't matter what was going on in your life or what you were anxious about before you walked in. You are lost in the music.

But the best part is that you aren't lost alone. You're lost in a stadium filled with people who are going through the same experience at the same time. You feel connected to everyone around you, and you truly live in the moment.

You're meeting people at their freest.

I'm 99 percent sure that the phrase “Dance like no one's watching” exists because of music festivals.

Have you ever looked at a music festival crowd? Everyone is sublimely free. Their eyes are closed. They're swaying and dancing to the music. It's amazing.

When you're a part of that crowd, you see a side of people that is normally reserved for those closest to them. You see a part of their soul. When everyone's guard is down, you don't even have to try to connect with the people around you — the environment does it for you.

One of the coolest experiences you'll ever have is singing the same song with thousands of other people.

I've always imagined that the best feeling in the world for an artist — not to mention their whole crew of roadies who made the concert possible ­­— is to hear an entire stadium singing back his or her song. But based on the hundreds of concerts I've attended, I can attest to the fact that it's also a pretty cool feeling to be in the audience while it's happening.

I get chills whenever I'm singing along with thousands of my newest, closest friends. It's one of the most spiritual experiences you can find.

It's powerful. It's the ultimate bonding experience. And it's making me wish I were at a festival right now (crop top not included).