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Scent Queen: How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer And Stay Stronger

By Emily Arata
Perfume is an everyday art form. Spraying on a scent that speaks to you is like a public declaration of the best parts of your personality. If you're confident, wearing a spicy perfume conveys that attitude to the world. Similarly, a woman who's…

What Your Scent Is Actually Saying About The Type Of Person You Are

By Elite Daily Staff
Choosing a fragrance is a lot like choosing a Facebook profile picture. You want something that accurately represents you, doesn’t turn people off and is almost too good to be true (if it happens to lure in a certain suitor that works too). Scents,…

How Emily Schuman Turned Her Blog, Cupcakes And Cashmere, Into Her Career (Video)

By Tracey Zane
When lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman first began her blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, she had three followers: mom, dad and her then-boyfriend-now-husband, Geoffrey. Just a few years later, her brand expanded to books, a clothing line and beyond.…

7 Important Pieces Of Life Advice From Self-Proclaimed Free-Spirited Girls

By Alexia LaFata
In a world of whimsical dresses, wanderlust, and perfectly messy hair, this is going to be really uncool to admit, but here it goes: I don't think I'm a free-spirited girl. It's not that I wish I weren't. Free-spirited girls think more…

10 Reasons Why Free-Spirited Girls Are The Happiest Girls

By Zara Barrie
There are certain girls we come across in the massive world who seem to glow ethereally from within. We never forget them. They linger in our minds long after they leave, leaving us overcome with curiosity: who are these rare girls who have the…