20 Reasons Why Spring Makes New Yorkers Slightly Less Miserable


We’ve all seen or heard of the magic that is Christmastime in New York City.

From "Home Alone" and "Elf" to the Rockefeller tree and the ball drop in Times Square, it's endless bliss.

Summer is also a wonderful time of year, with Central Park's SummerStage, Mister Softee ice cream trucks, outdoor movies at the Williamsburg Waterfront and all of the other activities in which we all love to indulge.

With all that said, for the New Yorkers who live in the city year round, spring is hands down the best time of year.

The first weeks of spring are now upon us, and the days of stepping in piles of dirty snow are long gone. Here are 20 reasons why nothing beats spring in NYC:

1. You can finally walk around without stepping into 3-foot-deep slush puddles

There's no need to dodge those surprisingly deep slush piles on the sidewalk edges.

Now, if it looks like you can step on it, you probably can. You will no longer be ankle deep in slush, and your shoes will thank you.

2. You’re able to comfortably leave your apartment with only one layer of clothes

Throw away your marshmallow jackets and save your Canadian Goose coats for next winter because now, it’s all about light cotton shirts and (maybe) cardigans.

3. Commuting just got so much less annoying

Walking a block is a lot less arduous without hail spitting down from the sky. Waiting for the subway also doesn't feel like Satan's assh*le, like it often does in the summertime.

4. The Highline is best in 65-degree weather

Now that it isn’t covered in snow, you can dip your feet in the running water and relax on a lounge chair with a nice view.

5. Outdoor café seating

Yaaaaaas! Under the summer heat, dates are awkward when both of you are sweating and fighting off heat stroke. Now, you can finally pleasantly sit outside and enjoy your grilled cheese and coffee.

6. Coney Island is up and running

People begin to frequent the beach in springtime. Now, Coney Island is a chill hangout spot rather than an eerily quiet ghost town.

7. Botanical gardens are in full bloom

Enjoy the foliage when it’s at its prime. No more dead leaves hanging from branches!

8. You can take a blanket and lay out in Central Park on non-soggy grass

Finally, you and your friends can grab a Frisbee and sandwiches from a nearby deli to loaf out on the grass and soak up some vitamin D.

9. The Washington Square Park fountain is finally back on

WSP comes back to life when the fountain is turned back on. On warmer days, the fountain is a perfect place to soak your feet or catch a soft mist.

10. More nightly piano sonatas and violin performances in the park

When taking a nightly stroll, instead of being met with biting cold and empty parks, everyone enjoys the romantic nightly serenades from the piano man in the perfect walking temperature.

11. Heels and little black dresses are finally weather appropriate

For the ladies, dressing up cute to go out is no longer a struggle. Your stockings and weird dress pants can finally take a back seat in your closet.

12. The lady who sells mangos in Union Square is back in action

She has returned, ladies and gentlemen.

13. Rooftop parties are on

You can enjoy the view of the Empire State Building without clutching your cardigan or nearest friend for warmth.

14. People are way less grouchy due to Spring Fever

Not that everyone is walking around with a smile, but people seem a little less stressed than normal. Spring has everyone feeling some type of way.

15. Exploring the city is possible without sloshing through rivers of sleet and snow

Going for nightly walks through the Village and Chelsea are welcomed now that you don’t have to shovel your way through sidewalks, or worry about slipping on black ice.

16. Flip-flops and sandal weather

Get a pedicure because your toes will be exposed after their prolonged hibernation in your winter boots.

17. Socks aren’t sopping wet from snow piles

No need to double-sock it or come home soggy anymore!

18. Cute puppies are everywhere in the park

Good weather means more dog walks, and when the puppies are out, everyone is joyous.

19. Outdoor markets are coming back

You can finally buy that weird dream catcher or paper mâché puppet you were eying last spring.

20. Swamp ass isn't a thing yet

Enjoy the regulated temperature now because once it hits 90 degrees, you'll be sweating bullets in places you never even thought possible.