14 Everyday Hipsters That Could Easily Be Related To The New Joker

The director of “Suicide Squad" -- that supervillain movie you keep hearing about but don't understand -- recently released a photograph of Jared Leto in costume as the Joker.

Apparently the Joker is in movies without Batman sometimes.

This was the grand unveiling:

The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J! #Joker75#SuicideSquad@WarnerBrosEnt@DCComicspic.twitter.com/LZXz0x947Q — David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) April 25, 2015

But after Heath Ledger's spectacular and troubling portrayal of Batman's quintessential psychotic nemesis, people were underwhelmed with a costume that makes Leto look like the love interest in an Avril Lavigne video.

I'd like to think the brainstorming session to decide on the costume went like something this:

Director: So, I was driving by the mall, and I passed this boy with green hair and a skateboard... Producer: SAY NO MORE!!

Anyway, here are 14 hipsters who Jared's Joker jacked his style from:

I'm a villain because I unsafely eat popsicles while riding a bicycle. I know what life on the edge is like.

I'm a villain because these headphones aren't even plugged in.

I'm a villain because I'm not wearing any deodorant on this raised arm.

I'm a villain because I make my friends stand on stuff to take pictures of me.

I'm a villain because I bought a yin-yang patch.

 I'm a villain because my lower lip is weirdly too moist.

I'm a villain because I light scented candles while wearing a Satan bikini.

I'm a villain because everything I'm wearing was made with cow parts, except for my phone, which was made by underpaid Chinese laborers.

I'm a villain because I forgot a jacket and will need to borrow yours.

I'm a villain because secondhand smoke (some people just want to watch the world burn).

I'm a villain because I take two photographs that are almost identical and put them next to each other.

I'm a villain because TSA agents HATE me.

I'm a villain because... well, I'm Avril Lavigne. They use my music to torture terrorists.