Guy On Phone Missing Humpback Whale Sighting Perfectly Sums Up Gen-Y (Photo)


It's very easy to make all sorts of assumptions about the following picture.

While I'd like to think people won't jump to conclusions based on a small amount of information, I've spent enough time on the Internet to know I'm going to be horribly disappointed.

According to Eric Smith, the photographer behind the picture, the man failed to notice the presence of a multi-ton animal the size of a school bus surfacing off Redondo Beach in California thanks to whatever engaging content was on his phone at the time.

Smith told CBS News,

A mom was out there with her calf, flapping, breaching, jumping, mouths eating fish -- it was fantastic... he never moved from his phone... [he was] a statue in every photograph.

There are a few ways you can interpret this picture, and I've ranked them in the order of the narrative most people are going to want to believe.

They are:

1. This guy ruined a great opportunity to see a humpback whale in the wild because he was too busy sending pictures of his genitals to people and is the encapsulation of everything wrong with the current generation. 2. This guy is frequently on the water and considers a humpback whale sighting about as exciting as seeing a seagull poop. It's really not that big of a deal.

Smith acknowledged he had no way of knowing what the man was looking at, and for all we know the man was Googling "how to fix a giant leaking hole in your hull."

However, that shouldn't stop you from making rash generalizations about an entire generation.