Bangor Maine Police Department

Maine Cops Give Advice To Men About Hot Female Scam

There is a problem in Maine.

You know how once in a while you'll get a friend request from a woman who is very pretty, whom you do not actually know?

You know how you can tell immediately this isn't a real person? You know how you decline these requests as quickly as you delete spam from your email?

Well, guys in Maine can't do any of that. And they keep getting convinced to expose themselves on camera, and the footage is then promptly used to extort money from them.


The problem has gotten so prevalent the Bangor, Maine Police Department had to send out an official warning on their Facebook telling men to look out for this scam.

The person who wrote the post decided to have fun with it. Apparently, cops get bored too.

His or her strategy? Just make fun of guys foolish enough to fall for the ruse.

It starts off with this reproach:

The officers of the Bangor Police Department really should not be the folks to tell you to avoid doing very private things in front of a webcam.

It then provides an easy six-step strategy in case one is faced with an unexpected friend request from a beautiful stranger:

Follow these simple tips. 1. Go to the closest mirror. 2. Look at yourself. 3. Give yourself an honest review and realize that there is no reason in the world that an attractive lady from the Philippines wants to be your friend. 4. Return to the computer and delete the friend request. 5. Continue looking at lawnmowers, motorcycles and jacked up trucks that are for sale in your region of the country. 6. Realize that you just saved yourself from showing the world what no one really needs to see, and a whole lot of cash.

Damn. That is a resplendent burn.

The post ends with this concise summation:

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another. We will be here. We do not have a repair kit for stupid mistakes.

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