21 Super Quick Dinners To Make This Summer Before A Night Out

Summer should be spent relaxing by the pool and hanging out with your best friends. Even though you can hang out with your friends in your kitchen, you also need time to go outside during the summer.

Try these quick recipes that will prevent you from spending more time in the kitchen than you do in the pool, or out on the town.

1. Lemon Basil Walnut Pesto

Jake Popescu

Summer is all about light pasta. And who knew that pesto was so easy to make?

2. DIY Amy's Kitchen Mexican Bowl

Paige Annelayne

It's always great when you can figure out how to make your favorite frozen meals from scratch.

3. Cuban-Style Turkey Avocado Panini

Photo by Hannah Cooper

Why would you go to a sandwich shop when you can have a fresh panini in under 10 minutes?

4. DIY Trader Joe's Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

Abigail Wilkins

What's summer without grilling up a few burgers? These healthier chicken burgers only take 20 minutes.

5. Chipotle Burrito Bowl in a Mason Jar

Grant Sorbo

You can eat this mason jar meal on the go while you adventure with your friends.

6. Zucchini-Corn Salad

Jackie Kuczynski

This salad only takes about 10 to 15 minutes so you'll have plenty of time to relax outside.

7. Black Bean and Mango Chopped Salad

Rose Gerber

Mangos and avocados are popular in the summer and rightfully so. You'll enjoy the combination of the two in this salad.

8. Buddha Bowl

Lauren Arendt

Yes because more avocado.

9. Kale and Watermelon Salad

Emily Nadler

This whole recipe will only take you 5 minutes.

10. Chicken Parm Pizza

Jennifer Nigro

Chicken parmesan belongs on a pizza. Why didn't anybody discover this earlier?

11. Gazpacho

Sarah Strohl

You don't have to say goodbye to soup just because it's hot outside.

12. Poke Bowl

Angela Pizzimenti

This poke bowl will be a billion times faster and easier to make than sushi.

13. Butter Lettuce Tacos

Kristine Mahan

Swapping out tortillas with lettuce will make your tacos healthier but just as good.

14. Caprese-Inspired Wrap

Ana Dukakis

This easy dinner has all of the summer feels.

15. Tomato, Onion and Basil One-Pan Pasta

Abigail Wang

One-pan pasta dishes are a gift from heaven. They are honestly so easy.

16. Dishwasher Salmon and Veggies

Andrea Baysa

Ok so this recipe is not as quick as the others but you can get so much done while your food is cooking, like washing all of your dishes.

17. Persian-Inspired Citrus and Mint Barley Salad

Ellen Gibbs

This recipe is refreshing, which is just what everyone needs during the summer.

18. Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Katie Elliott

Chicken and waffles are one of the best foods ever invented. Endless thank yous to whoever decided to make them into sandwiches.

19. Chicken Salad

Ashleigh De Simone

Chicken salad is a classic and you can eat it cold which is perfect for summer.

20. Sweet Potato, Kale and Chickpea Bowl

Megan Prendergast

This protein-packed recipe will have you energized for all of those summertime hiking trips.

21. Black Bean and Butternut Squash Tacos

Katherine Baker

Tacos forever.

This post was originally written by Faith Branch for Spoon University.

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