You Can Now Make A 'Peanuts' Version Of Yourself And It's The Cutest (Photos)

Have you ever wished you could be just like your favorite character from the "Peanuts"?

If the answer is yes, then today is definitely your lucky day.

There's a new online tool called Peanutize Me that lets you take on the appearance of one of Charles M. Schulz's signature comic-strip characters.

The tool was created to get Charlie Brown fans hyped for the upcoming "The Peanuts Movie," and to be honest, these personalized "Peanuts" characters are probably the cutest things to ever happen to the Internet.

The Peanutize Me tool features a variety of facial expressions, complexions, hair colors and outfits, so all you have to do is choose the options that suit you best, and within no time, you'll have your very own custom designed avatar to share on social media.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of these adorable Peanutized peeps.

You can now steal some of Charlie Brown's comic-strip style...

Dreams come true. #PeanutizeMe — Sabrina Goss (@BossSGoss) September 21, 2015

...thanks to the awesome Peanutize Me tool that lets you transform yourself into one of the whimsical "Peanuts" characters.

Huh. Well. There's that... #PeanutsMovie #PeanutizeMe — Caroline Fogle (@CarFogle) September 22, 2015

The tool lets you pick from a variety of skin tones and hair colors...

just spent 10 minute turning myself into a peanuts character and I have no regrets #PeanutizeMe — becca swift (@tribecca37) September 22, 2015

As well as facial expressions and different outfits...

As you can probably figure out, I Peanutized myself today. I'm digging it. #PeanutizeMe — Chris Brooks (@CB_SumnerSports) September 21, 2015 you can build a custom character to reflect your personal style.

My #PeanutizeMe is pretty spot on. — Pat Cole (@patrickdevit) September 21, 2015

The Peanutize Me tool was created to get fans excited for the upcoming film...

I just Peanutized myself. What do you think? #PeanutizeMe #PeanutsMovie — Heather Hughes (@heatherhughes09) September 22, 2015

...and now people are losing their minds over how insanely awesome they look as virtual "Peanuts" people.

If I were a #Peanut. I can't even deal with how adorable this is #PeanutizeMe @PeanutsMovie — Mandy Hale (@MissMandyHale) September 22, 2015

If only we were all this adorable in real life.

If only I was this cute and/or employed by @paulfeig #peanutizeme — Bonnaventure James (@bonnaventure) September 21, 2015

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