Kids These Days: The Pass-Out Challenge Has Kids Knocking Themselves Out On Purpose

It seems that dumb and extremely dangerous challenges seem to be trending on the Internet pretty hard.

Not too long ago, we introduced you to the Fire Challenge, which requires young, daring teens to set themselves on fire using flammable substances and a lighter.

As you can probably imagine, people have gotten seriously hurt from attempting that stunt. Now, there's a new trend that might be just as dumb as the Fire Challenge.

It's called the Pass-Out Challenge and it requires kids to knock themselves unconscious, on purpose, by holding their breath or applying pressure to pressure points.

Dangerous challenges seem to be trending on the Internet these days. The most recent fad is called the Pass-Out Challenge.

The challenge requires teens to literally put themselves unconscious.

Aside from the fact that they're obviously putting themselves in harm's way, they could also severely hit their heads like this girl did:

This trend has been around since 2008, but is now regaining momentum on social media platforms like Vine, Instagram and Twitter:

As you can probably imagine, people have died. But that won't stop teenagers' obsessions with Internet fame.

It's simple -- you suffocate yourself, and your "friends" stand around recording it.

Despite the fact that the Pass-Out Challenge is super trendy right now, it's important to remember that not all teens are willing to stoop to new lows. There are plenty against the trend:

This is generally what each participant's thought process is like:

If you're lucky, you'll wake up and be able to catch your breath.

The worst case scenarios include death, being the laughing stock of the Internet and figuring out that you have no friends.

H/T: The Daily Dot