Guy Literally Chops Everything He And His GF Owned In Half After Breakup

Going through a breakup can be rough.

Despite the fact that you might've actually loved the person you were with, it's even more difficult when there are co-owned belongings involved -- whether you're married or not.

According to Daily Mail, a German man decided to go about his breakup a different way.

Instead of figuring out a monetary way to figuratively split the value of the things he owned with his girlfriend, he literally split the value. Literally.

The man, who goes by der.juli on eBay, had the help of his power tools when decided to slice his most expensive possessions right down the middle. Items included a car, a MacBook, a flatscreen TV and an iPhone 5.

The results? 50/50.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

If you've ever experienced a rough breakup, you know splitting your belongings is easier said than done.

One German man decided to split all of the belongings he co-owned with his girlfriend in half.

The results? Pure comedy!

What's anyone ever going to do with this junk? Maybe open up an art exhibit.

Regardless, we're sure this dude was just happy to make sure his ex didn't get her hands on the goods...

...even if it means chopping his car completely in half!

From phones...

To vinyl records... even their bed!

This dude made sure nothing went unsliced.

Despite his sharp woodwork skills, eBay user der.juli didn't think it was enough just to show his ex the photos.

After slicing his MacBook...

His iPhone...

And even his TV...

...he decided to share a video he recorded while cutting everything in half:

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