The Doughnut-Sausage Hybrid Is Real And It Could Possibly Be Amazing (Photos)

The last thing you expect your morning doughnut to ever taste like is a piece of sausage.

Liam Bennett, however, is looking to change that.

The branding expert from Wales created The Dausage, a doughnut made of sausage.

If you're having a difficult time processing exactly what this thing is, it's OK; we are, too!

The Dausage looks exactly like a typical sausage, but when you bite it, you're greeted by either strawberry jam or raspberry jam.

Where does one get the idea to craft something like this?

According to Bustle, Bennett's inspiration for this food concoction stemmed from Dominique Ansel's popular "cronut" pastry.

As of now, Bennett is exploring ways to produce mass quantities of his obscure creation.

He's turned to Kickstarter, where he intends to reach a crowdfunding goal of $3,839 within the next 19 days.

So far, Bennett was able to raise a little over $800.

Could you see yourself having a jam-filled piece of sausage for breakfast?

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

This is The Dausage, a jam-filled sausage created by Liam Bennett.

The Dausage comes in two flavors: Pork with Strawberry Jam...

...and Cumberland with Raspberry Jam. If Bennett reaches his Kickstarter goal, The Dausage could soon be in stores!

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