These 33 Delicious Brunch Foods Will Help Treat Your Hangover

A single headache doesn't even begin to cover the amount of stress that comes along with enduring a hangover.

You're moody, annoyed, and tired as f*ck from the night before. Not to mention, the thought of doing just about anything, other than laying on your couch and counting your blessings, is vomit-inducing.

So, why not just treat yo'self, stuff your face, and chill out?!

We've compiled a rundown of delicious brunch foods to help cure and treat your brutal hangover. Relieve your ridiculous  head and stomach ache with these insanely scrumptious dishes. You'll thank us later!

Goodbye hangover, hello nom-nom-nom with these 33 life-saving, brunch-approved dishes.

1. PB&J Stuffed French Toast

Yes. Recipe here.

2. Breakfast Pizza

Make use of last night's pizza order. Scramble it up like this.

3. Peanut Butter & Bacon Sandwich

Yaaaaaas. Recipe here.

4. Avocado, Egg, Cheese, & Sriracha Burrito

And you can make it in a MUG. Get nukin' like this.

5. Nutella-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

This is not a drill. Learn how here.

6. Bacon, Egg, Cheese, & Waffle Sandwich

Um, this is fried in syrup. Directions over here.

7. Grapefruit Dutch Baby

Pancakes. Fruit. Eggs. Sugar. Bye, hangover. Learn how here.

8. Hangover Hash

The name says it all. Make it like this.

9. Cap'n Crunch French Toast

Breakfast hybrid of the gods. Recipe here.

10. Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Made out of canned biscuits. Who needs the cronut? Make 'em like this.

11. Chocolate Mocha Pancakes

Coffee pancakes are sure to wake you right up. Make 'em like this.

12. Ham & Egg in a Nest

Meat and eggs will help you forget last night's choices. Recipe here.

13. Cinnamon Sugar Pop-Tarts

Sometimes the boxed stuff just isn't gonna cut it. Recipe here.

14. Bacon and Egg Toast Cups

These are how Ron Swanson would eat away his whiskey hangover. Make 'em like this.

15. Sticky Maple Crescent Buns

Nothing like sticky sugar to bring your body back to life. Make it like this.

16. Egg & Cheese Bread Bowl

Eggs? Good. Bread? Good. Cheese? Gooooooood. Recipe here.

17. Quest Bar Cookie Crisp Cereal

When you're still too drunk to cook the morning after. Directions here.

18. Avocado & Poached Egg Toast

The epitome of a hangover cure. Watch how here.

19. Cinnabon Waffles

Literally heaven. Directions here.

20. Bacon, Egg, Avocado, and Cheese Brunch Ring

This is epic. Watch how here.

21. Mini Breakfast Bagel Sliders

Perfection. Stack 'em up like this.

22. Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Lettuce, & Spicy Mayo Sandwich

Hangover cure in between bread. Learn how here.

23. Pesto Eggs

Hella good. Learn how here.

24. Nutella French Toast

Food porn at its finest. Recipe here.

25. Eggocado

Boom. Learn how here.

26. Baked Brie Crescent

Serve with apples and say bye to your headache. Recipe here.

27. Sriracha Bacon Burger

Sometimes you just need some meat in the mornin'. Recipe here.

28. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Bacon anything = hangover be gone. Learn how here.

29. Girl Scout Cookie Donuts

Yes to it all. Recipe here.

30. Meat, Egg, & Cheese Bagel

Heaven. Learn how here.

31. Chocolate Strawberry Waffles

Sometimes your body just needs a little love. Recipe here.

32. Homemade Donuts

Fried dough is always the answer. Recipe here.

33. Waffle Pizza

Because 'zza cures everything. Watch how here.

This post was originally written by Spoon University.

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