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5 Reasons Tim Riggins Is The Ultimate F*ckboy (We'd Date Anyway)

Oh, "Friday Night Lights."

It was my binge-worthy show of choice during the days of canceled school and mountains of snow that descended last week.

It was just me and my coffee, curled up against the white glare streaming through the windows, and the muffled sounds of the fearless souls outside who were braving the cold.

But, I made my escape to the sweltering Dillon, Texas.

With all the eye candy on this show, it's hard not to be drawn in.

Between sweet, shy Matt and a coach who's a total DILF, what can I say?

But, it's Tim Riggins who really takes the cake.

He can be such an assh*le, and I even ended up telling my TV screen what terrible life choices he was making.

But still, there's just something about him.

It's hard to decide whether he's more f*ckboy or just a confused, beautiful and tortured guy.

But let's deal with it the way I deal with most major decisions in my life: through a pro-con list.

(I know. It may be concerning, but this is how I deal.)


1. He's that guy in high school who knows all the girls personally.

Tim has probably slept with all of his rally girls at least once.

You can bet he didn't bother keeping track.

2. He shows up at ex-girlfriend's doorstep when he needs a place to crash.

Then, he hits on her sister.

Don't worry, Tyra. Shut that sh*t down.

3. He doesn't deal with his problems. He just drinks (and drinks and drinks).


4. He lacks commitment, unless it's a commitment to skipping school.

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5. He still makes fun of girls instead of telling them how he really feels.

Just think back to the time Tim called in on Lyla's radio show to tease her and her Christian boyfriend.


1. He's always there when someone really needs him.

Whether they're on or off at the time, he still takes care of Lyla.

2. He will do whatever's necessary to take care of his best friend.

Even if that involves going on a road trip to Mexico and talking him out of a major, life-threatening surgery.

3. He knows the importance of family.

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Even after his brother gets involved with one of his ex-ladies, he still goes back and makes up with him.

(After a few beers, of course.)

4. He's good with kids.

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It is absolutely adorable. Whether it's with Gracie Bell or the little boy next door, he is perfection.

5. He knows how to apologize.

When Tim gets kicked off the team, he does everything in power to get back on it, including helping train his replacement and individually apologizing to his teammates.

I mean, come on. Does it get more gentlemanly than that?

6. He cares about people, even when there's nothing in it for him.

How about when he took care of Julie at one of her first drinking parties, and how he got in trouble with Coach when he brought her home?

Again, such a gentleman.

7. His Abs

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Enough said.

8. His Hair

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He doesn't probably even own a comb. How does it still look so good?

So, at this point, it's obvious how I feel about the gorgeous, brooding and mysterious Tim Riggins.

My pros definitely outweigh my cons.

He embodies all the characteristics of your ultimate f*ckboy, but at the same time he somehow manages to be a candidate for the perfect boyfriend.

I think we can add the creators of "Friday Night Lights" to the list of those to thank for our unrealistic expectations of the perfect boyfriend.

Where is this man IRL?

All I know is, if anyone starts finding guys like this, send up a flare for those of us still looking.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Taylor Kitsch for being our favorite, gorgeous fullback.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.