3 Things To Know About Stick, Daredevil's Trainer And 'The Defenders' Biggest Ally


With The Defenders coming out at the end of the week, we're looking at all the possible angles the show could take, and which characters we need to know about before settling in to binge. With the Hand looking to play a major role in the new series, war might be coming. And that's why we weren't surprised when a clip surfaced, featuring Matt Murdock's mentor Stick. But who is Stick, and why does he matter in this coming war against the Hand?

We first met Stick in Daredevil Season 1, when he appeared into Matt Murdock's life at an inopportune moment. It turned out this was the man responsible for a blind kid growing up to be one of the best martial artists in the world. Stick too is blind, and he taught Murdock everything he knows about using his other heighten senses. He also trained Elektra, Matt's lover, and even tried to use her to get Matt to join his side in this "upcoming war" he keeps going on about.

But what else is important about Stick, and why is he going to be in The Defenders? And what is important about the clip he turned up in?

Stick Knows Alexandra

Alexandra Reid, played by Sigourney Weaver, is (as far as we know) the "big bad" in this first season of the Defenders. Is she part of the Hand? So far, unclear. But what we do know is she and Stick have met before.

Stick Is Part Of The Chaste

Think of the Chaste as the Anti-Hand. (Antiha?) We don't know that much about The Chaste on the show (yet), but in the first season of Daredevil, we saw Stick meeting with a stranger, known only as "Stone" saying he was worried that Matt would not be ready when the time came. (Stick and Stone, huh?)

In the comics, the Chaste are an ancient order of ninjas who found the secret to immortality, which the Hand then stole. This is war that's been going on a long time, apparently.

Stick Is A Jerk But He Loves Matt

Stick is one of those men who talks a big game, but inside his heart is just as soft a squishy as the rest of us. he tells Matt he didn't want a son, he wanted a solider, but when he comes back to see him in Daredevil, he's still got the bracelet Matt made him all those years ago, tucked away in his pocket.

That said, Stick is ruthless in a way that Daredevil will never be. Never forget Stick killed an 11 year old kid who was a "Black Sky." Matt sure won't.