This Is What Scott Disick Thinks Of Kourtney's Instagram Nip Slip

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As you likely know if you're a(n) Internet addict/Kardashi-file/average Millennial, Kim Kardashian posted a butt-naked selfie this morning in her ongoing quest to #BreakTheInternet.

Though, from where I'm standing, the Internet is still functional, the pic did attract a lot of attention, as Mrs. Kardashian-West undoubtedly expected it to.

In the midst of the Kim K birthday suit ~chaos~, however, many of us overlooked a slightly less overt display of Kardashian nudity, which occurred around the same time.

Late Sunday evening, Kourtney Kardashian shared a sultry selfie with her 35.6 million Instagram followers.

The pic features the hot mama lying on the floor with her hair splayed out, wearing nothing but a semi-sheer black bra.

Also featured in the pic, albeit seemingly by accident, is a tiny sliver of nipple.

Fans of the 36-year-old, naturally, were quick to comment on the unexpected display.

But, as Us Weekly reports, one commenter stood out above the rest: Scott Disick.

According to the mag, Kardashian's ex-husband wrote,

Hell yeah get it girl I know 3 kids that those nips made into perfect angels.


While I don't have the patience to sort through 5,483 comments to verify Disick's lovely “compliment,” it does sound like something the 32-year-old would say, so thank you, Scott, for that.

No wonder he got dumped.

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