5 Reasons You Need To Binge ‘Sense8’ This Weekend

Netflix's dazzling and dizzying sci-fi series "Sense8" is finally back for Season 2 on Friday, so it's going to be dominating a lot of people's weekend.

And honestly, it should probably dominate your weekend, too.

The sprawling, immersive drama about psychically-linked strangers will likely only be bigger and better than ever this time around.

It's been nearly two years since the first season of "Sense8" dropped on Netflix, so fans have had a lottt of time to mull over those serious cliffhangers.

Like, how is Will going to go on with Whispers now in his head? Are Wolfgang and Kala really not going to get together? And is Sun just never going to get out of that prison?

Thankfully, a two-hour holiday special aired at the end of 2016 to give us a little more insight into what's going on with the sensates, but there's still a lot that we need season two to cover for us. Mostly, though, it'll just be good to get back into the lush, expansive universe that the Wachowskis created.

If you're not already on board to start bingeing "Sense8" right when it pops up on Netflix on Friday, here are some reasons why you should consider it.

1. The sex

I know it sounds pervy to put this at the top of the list, but I really do feel like the most memorable scenes "Sense8" has given us have been the indulgent and strangely beautiful orgies the sensates engage in as a group.

There have only been two of these orgies so far — one in a pool during Season 1 and one on a hillside in the holiday special — but they have become a hallmark of the series, so you should definitely expect to see at least one more in Season 2.

2. The action

Though it plays with genre constantly, "Sense8" is an action thriller at its core. Thanks to the fact all the main characters can channel Sun, a world-class kickboxing champion, you never know just when some badass fight scene is right around the corner!

3. The inclusive romances

Those eight-person sex scenes aren't the only thing about "Sense8" that's all-inclusive.

The show has also won a GLAAD Media Award for showing a vast array of sexual identities and relationships. For instance, Nomi is a trans woman in a relationship with a cis woman, and Lito is a gay man forced to hide his boyfriend and pretend to date a woman for his career.

4. The inventive sci-fi

The hook of the show is just as interesting now as it was before it premiered: How can these random eight people from all over the world communicate and take over each others' bodies at will? It's a totally fresh and unique story that you really want to see unfold.

5. The answers


The biggest reason to get into Season 2 of "Sense8"?

Well, for everyone who watched Season 1, it's obviously to finally get some answers as to what's going on with everyone!

In the finale, we saw Whispers has found his way into Will's mind and in the special, we see he's turned to heavy heroin use to keep the villain at bay.  Obviously, that's not a sustainable solution, so what's going to happen? Are all the sensates going to team up again to go after him? Will they ever learn how they're all linked? Ahhh!!