She's Just Being Miley: The Top 8 'WTF' Moments Of The 2015 MTV VMAs

Every year, the MTV Video Music Awards is a welcomed hot mess.

It's a star-studded whirlwind that's appreciated more for its tomfoolery than actual performances. And with a Twitter family to kick around hilarious memes and jokes, it's three hours well spent.

This year was a tad bit different, though.

Most artists seemed to be gunning for Oscar awards, extinguishing faux feuds for ratings or opting to tug at heart strings with fake post-performance tears.

Even more, MTV used black social issues as inspiration for its annual comedic skits.

Last night's Jen Stark-inspired production was nothing short of an acid trip, whether you took the edge off like Kanye West or nah, bro.

Here are the top eight WTF moments from the VMAs in all their head-scratching glory:

8. When Miley faux dressed up as Rachel Dolezal.

MTV's appointed VMAs host put on her best black girl impression and showed up in a naked chandelier dress and faux locks, confirming last night's show would warrant plenty of cringing.

7. Amber Rose is a, um, feminist.

Here's how not to make a sociopolitical statement.

With her Slutwalk slated for October 3, Amber Rose gave us a quick preview of what to expect on last night's red carpet.

Her and BFF Black Chyna were outfitted in skin-tight fashions spray-painted in anti-woman phrases.

Though all intentions seem genuine, she largely missed the mark.

6. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj put their beef to bed...

Pre-VMAs, Taylor and Nicki traded tweets over Nicki's nomination snubs. What many Barbs and Swifties believed would be an all-out war between two beloved pop stars ended in an embrace.

Whether this is genuine or forced by PR teams, it was an interesting move.

5. ...Only for Nicki to further fuel her beef with Miley.

Did Nicki Minaj stage her verbal slight at Miley after winning a Moonman for Best Hip-Hop Video? The jury's still out.

Though Miley's Rolling Stone slam at Nicki warranted some reaction, we're still wondering if there's real bad blood between these two.

4. Justin Bieber breaks down in tears.

The Biebs channelled his best Usher impersonation (see also: Chris Brown) for his debut comeback performance of his new single “What Do You Mean?".

But in a weird turn of events, he dropped some bad boy tears as the audience cheered.

Justin, what does this mean?

3. Iggy Azalea's random resurrection.

If you thought we were Iggy-free for awhile, guess again. Her new face joined Demi Lovato for a performance of "Cool For The Summer."

2. Kanye West announces his presidency bid.

Mr. West spent 12 minutes not performing, but criticising the very industry that presented him the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Between "listen to the kids, bro" and his unofficial bid for presidency, we still don't understand what happened.

Also, in an attempt to keep the Taylor vs. Kanye joke alive, he took a nap during Taylor's win.

1. Cultural appropriation was at an all-time high.

If there was an award for Most Insensitive Award Show, MTV won.

If Miley's faux locks weren't enough, MTV planted a few skits and commercials throughout the show to poke fun at police brutality, white privilege and racism.

While we never thought of MTV as classy, we're completely shocked by their gross attempt for ratings.