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21 Things Jim Webb Looked Like During The Democratic Debate (Photos)

Tuesday night, the Democrats were put in the spotlight as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb gathered onstage for their first official debate.

In typical fashion, the Internet has highlighted plenty of the night's greatest moments, like when Sanders shook hands with Hillary after exclaiming he was sick and tired of talking about her emails.

Another moment I thought was particularly precious was when Jim Webb shared his frustration about not having a fair share of time to speak.

He eloquently stated,

I've been waiting for 10 minutes.

He went on to repeat this statement about 10 more times throughout the night.

In honor of Jim and all he brought to the table, let's check out 21 things he looked like during the Democratic debate, according to the glorious Internet.

1) The Grandpa from "King Of The Hill"

2) Edgar the Bug from "Men In Black"

3) Krang from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

4) Fred from "Spongebob"

5) Hank from "King Of The Hill"

6) Grampa from "The Simpsons"

7) This blue guy from "The Muppets"

8) Anger from "Inside Out"

9) This thumb

10) Whatever the hell this is

11) Pat Sajak from "Wheel of Fortune"

12) The spawn of Pat Sajak and that guy from the sad school cooking video

13) Statler or Waldorf from "The Muppets"

14) Sad and lonely Kermit the Frog

15) This crying baby

16) Basically the entire cast of "The Muppets"

17) This slab of ham

18) The beginning stage of Jack Nicholson becoming a pizza man

19) Jon Voight

20) Porky the Pig from "Looney Tunes"


21) And every single person in this Jim Webb collage

What a time to be alive.