Sam Claflin Is So Hot You'll Want to See 'The Hunger Games' Naked

Getty Images

The moment is finally here. The wait is almost over.

After enduring months and months of torture waiting for the release of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2," I can happily say the movie hits theaters TOMORROW.

If you haven't already bought tickets, I'd secure your spot right now. It's definitely going to get packed since IT'S THE FINAL MOVIE OF THE TRILOGY. Sh*t's about to go down.

I know you all are probably falling out of your seats just thinking about it. Will Katniss actually take down President Snow?

Will she and Peeta end up being together for good? ARE WE ALL JUST DOOMED?

Those are just a few of my burning questions, but there's honestly only one thing that's really heating me up: Sam Claflin.

Yes. This hunk of man meat is all I can think about. The first time I saw Finnick Odair on the big screen, my life was changed forever. I could feel my soul leave my body and transcend onto a new astral plane.

Wow, is it hot in here? I'm getting a little sweaty just thinking about him.

It's really for the best if we all just show up to the theater tomorrow naked because, let's be real, Sam Claflin is gonna make us all want to take our clothes off.

Let's check out a few of his hottest moments just so you can really see what I mean.

Here's our delicious warrior. Do you see the fierceness in his eyes? He's a man on a mission and it's hot as hell.

Let's just get right to the good stuff, like his beautiful shirtless bod. This is the time to take notes, people. Being educated on the male anatomy is v important.

Here it is again, zoomed in and slowed down just so you can really take it all in. Yup, I think it's time to take off my jacket.

OK, OK. Here's one last view of this glorious shot. Do you see that smile? DO YOU SEE THOSE PECS? Holy moly, sweet mother of sexy. Can someone turn on the AC or something?

Look at that shadow definition between his chest muscles. That's how you know it's real.

Look at that jawbone and those lips. Even with scratches all over his face, he is the epitome of sexy.

Um, can someone get me a swimming pool or something? A nice cold drink? A F*CKING IGLOO?! This man is about to start a global warming.

I could stare into his eyes until the end of time. I really could.


Just picture him whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

Imagine him kissing you passionately like this. Yeah, it's steamy.

He must be an angel sent from the heavens to bless us with glasses and scruff.

I'm 98 percent sure I'm about to pass out.

OMG. Just when you think he couldn't be any hotter, he starts taking pictures with his dog. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS.

Do you SEE that scruff? Can we all take a moment of silence in honor of this vivid imagery?

I would give anything to be this f*cking dog.

Wow. Thank you for existing, Sam Claflin. I am so very excited to see "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" tomorrow in theaters. Hopefully, I don't get arrested.