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23 Reasons 'Hannah Montana' Was The Best Part Of Your Childhood (Photos)

Baby Miley Cyrus was born 23 years ago and was just the cutest little bundle of joy.

Billy Ray must have been so proud of his little darlin'.

"Welcome to the world, sweet pea," he said to her in that moment (I'm guessing).

He even tweeted this throwback photo to celebrate her special day.

AW, LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE. Also please take note of how sweaty Billy Ray is.

Anyway, we all know Miley got her start on "Hannah Montana."

That show was the greatest thing to ever happen to my childhood.

I remember coming home after school and being filled with excitement as I watched the double life of Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana.

"It really is the best of both worlds," I probably said to myself, as I hummed along to the opening theme song.

Now, unless you live under a rock (or haven't turned on your TV screen since 2009), you know Miley Cyrus has undergone a dramatic transformation over the years.

It's sometimes hard to believe the Miley today and the Miley who played Hannah Montana are the same person. But they are, I promise.

In honor of her 23rd birthday, let's look back at some reasons "Hannah Montana" was the greatest show in the history of television and the best thing to ever happen to your life.

Thank you, Miley, for guiding us through childhood. We couldn't have survived it without you.

1. Miley just really nailed what it's like to be a teenager. We're all going through sh*t. Life's hard. She gets it.

2. She was always super impulsive and spontaneous. Any adventure she went on, we were right there with her.

3. She wore the coolest outfits and had the funniest friends. You watched the show so religiously they felt like they were your friends, too.

4. She was living TWO SEPARATE LIVES. It was so cool how she could balance being a superstar AND a normal teenage girl. Miley really taught us it's totally possible to take on anything.

5. She was always blunt and told it like it is. Life should be simple and Miley knew that.

6. She got hurt a lot. And when she did, our hearts would break with hers. She showed us how to stand back up after you get dragged down. She had tough skin and she taught us how to be our strongest selves.

7. Miley taught us to always be honest with our friends, even if the truth hurts. This girl is an inspiration.

8. She was always true to herself. She stood up for what she believed in, no matter what. You probably even used this quote in your high school yearbook. (...or was that just me?)

9. She understood the frustration of getting into an argument with a family member. Ugh, siblings. It's OK, Miley knows how to deal.

10. But she also reminded us family is forever and should always come first.

11. When things got super complicated with friendships and first crushes, Miley was there to show us the way.

12. All of her best memories were made with others. She showed us not to take our loved ones for granted and to really value the people closest to us.

13. ALSO, her style was always on point. My tween self would have died to have her closet.

14. And let's talk about her expressions. The girl was very animated.

15. Seriously, she was the best at voicing her opinions without having to say anything at all. It's all in the eyes. And the pout.

16. Things would get super emotional, though, like when she took off her wig to reveal herself. She was so brave.

17. But on a more lighthearted note, this show knew the value of sleep. That's enough of a reason to be a winner in my heart.

18. She also taught us a dance to remember every bone in the body, so yes, the show was very educational.

19. I'd also like to give a shoutout to the "Hoedown Throwdown." If you don't have this dance memorized, it's not too late.

20. OK, and the songs were actually the greatest. "Who Said" is still my jam today. Try pregaming to the "Hannah Montana" soundtrack, it'll change your life.

21. A lot of the songs also had really important messages like "Nobody's Perfect." YOU'RE RIGHT, HANNAH. WE ARE ALL JUST HUMANS, YOU AND ME.

22. Miley was just super relatable. She was always getting herself into sticky situations and made countless mistakes. She taught us how to grow and learn from those experiences because those are the moments that shape us. YOU TAUGHT US DEEP SH*T, MILES.

23. In the end, "Hannah Montana" was a life saver and we couldn't be more grateful. No matter what role she's in, she's just being Miley, and we love her for that.

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