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'Beauty And The Beast' Star Emma Watson Refuses To Wear A Corset

You may have heard that "Beauty and the Beast" (yes, the Disney princess movie from your childhood) is heading back to the box office in a live-action version starring Emma Watson as Belle.

On March 17, 2017, movie-goers will be enchanted by a reimagined version of the Disney classic.

Emma, who has expressed her adoration of the classic film, has also helped shape the role of the female character, Belle.

Watson, a self-proclaimed feminist and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, had her own ideas for the role.

In addition to making Belle an inventor (you slay, queen), Emma stated in an interview with EW that she would not wear a corset in the remake.

Emma wanted Belle to be an "active" princess, not one who would be held up with a restrictive corset.

Watson worked closely with the designer to ensure it wouldn't "impede" her backstory of being a princess who actually does more than sit around while still keeping the magical and whimsical Disney Princess feel of a ball-gown.

This is a stark contrast to other live-action versions of Disney princess remakes.

In the the 2015 remake of "Cinderella," Lily James' corset and tiny waistline sparked controversy, especially when James admitted to adhering to a "liquid diet" onset to fit into it.

But as Emma made clear, Belle ain't got time for that. She's got stuff to invent and a voice to be heard.

Although it's debated how much the media has a role in actual diagnosis of eating disorders, societal structures distort views of how or what women should be, or look like, and can trigger susceptible people to question their bodies.

They can also empower mistreatment of those who don't fit "ideals."

While some may view this as impending on an "iconic" ballgown and classic princess ideals, I personally applaud Emma for her bold actions and influence in the movie.

The 2017 release could not be more perfectly timed to remind the world women are more than just objects of objectification; they're here to change the world and contribute to society.

It's vital to continue to remind young girls women can and should have ambitions and goals. They should be seen as equally capable, smart and powerful as men.

Even the fact that Emma took an active role in reshaping Belle's character is worthy of applause, and an empowering message of the influence one can have when they stand up for what they believe in.

Emma's reimagination of the role is a good place to start in sending this message to kids (and sadly, should also be seen by many adults) of all genders.

Women, we're here.

We're more than waistlines, and we will continue to trail blaze into 2017 and beyond. Thanks Emma, for taking that message to the big screen.

Now #CrushItLadies.