September 2019
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Todd & Sarah Palin Are Divorcing, According To Reports

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The Tweets About Being A Mash-Up Of Your Celebrity Birthday Twins Offer Hilarious Combos

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This Video Of Elizabeth Warren Explaining Climate Change & Personal Action Makes A Great Point

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Hallmark Channel's "Snack, Watch, & Win" Sweepstakes With Conagra Brands Could Win You A Walk-On Role

Disney's Arendelle Aqua Color Collection For 'Frozen' Features Pretty Blue-Hued Merch & Food

These Memes About Trump's Hurricane Dorian Update Are Way Better Than The Real Thing

The Pentagon Redirected Nearly $4 Billion For Trump's Border Wall Out Of Other Projects

Tiffany Trump's 2019 Back-To-School Instagram Is A Cute Tribute To Her Last Year Of Law School

Chanel Miller's 'Know My Name' Memoir Tells The Story Of The Brock Turner Case In Her Own Words

Marianne Williamson's Tweet About Hurricane Dorian Is Getting Roasted On Twitter

Trolli's Sour Brite Candy Corn Is A Fruity Twist On The Halloween Staple

These Photos Of The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian Show The Scale Of The Destruction

Taco Bell's New Toasted Cheddar Chalupa Is A Super Cheesy Menu Item For All Your Cravings

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Twitter Called Out Mike Pence's Choice To Stay At A Trump Property In Ireland

Chasten Buttigieg Clapped Back About Mike Pence & Homophobia In A Pointed Tweet

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Ivanka Trump's New Haircut Is On Full Display On Her South America Trip

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Here’s How To Help West Texas Shooting Victims Because You Can Do Something

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