September 2016
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Woman Roasted Friend To Convince Her Not To Buy Shoes

Directors Are Using Instagram To Cast Films Now, So Here's Your Shot At Fame

Video Of 'Ghost' Activity In Woman's Room At Night Will Make You Never Sleep Again

Try Not To Cry Watching Guy Smash All The iPhone 7s That Could've Been Yours

Hero Counselor Is Going Viral After Talking Student With Gun Out Of Shooting

Nightclub Gave Out Thousands Of Condoms That Don't Work And People Are Pissed

You've Never Seen Anyone Dive Into An Ice Cream Cone Faster Than Joe Biden

Sisters Mysteriously Found Dead In Hotel Days After Posting Vacation Pics Online

Obama Is All Of Our Impatient BFFs Waiting For Bill Clinton To Board A Plane

Almost Everything Trump Has Ever Said, Disproved By His Own Tweets

Amanda Knox Took A Very Oddly-Timed Shower On Night Of Murder, Ex-BF Reveals

'Lucky' Abortion Story Proves One Law Still Makes Women Struggle Decades Later

People Can't Stop Laughing At Trump's Cameo In The New Amanda Knox Documentary

If This iPhone 8 Rumor Is True, It's Going To Look A Lot Like The iPhone 4

This Playboy Shoot Is Why Trump Thinks Former Miss Universe Is A Porn Star

Chilling New Police Audio From Keith Scott Shooting May Prove He Had A Gun

How Riding A Train Across The Country Made Me Hopeful For American Politics

Donald Trump Body-Shamed More Miss Universe Contestants

GF Loves Puppy More Than The Guy Proposing To Her

Trump Got People To Stop Masturbating During Debate

Donald Trump Believes That The First Debate Was 'Rigged'

The Final Five Took Over The White House's Instagram

Stop Trying To Shame Millennials Into Voting For Hillary

This Dad Is All Our Passive Aggressive Dads In Note Left On 'Idiot' Son's Mail

If You See A Couple Having Sex In This Pic Of Dolphins, Blame Your Dirty Mind

This Girl Got So Drunk, She Tried To Booty Call The Airport

Guy Who Wore Girl's Booty Shorts So She'd Pass Dress Code Is Internet's Hero

Teen Wins Chipotle Sexual Assault Case: 'It's Like A Brothel That Served Food'

Wise 8-Year-Old's Rant About Sexist Clothing Goes Viral: 'We're Just As Good'

Guy Has Perfect Response To Cheating Ex-Wife Trying To Take Dog In Divorce

Chelsea Clinton Implying Pot Can Kill Won't Ever Help Hillary Win Young Voters

Pins Encouraging Commuters To Talk To Each Other Are Causing So Much Anxiety

Guy Catches Couple Having Sex In Middle Of Park And Decides To Give Some Tips

Disturbing New Body Cam Footage Shows Moment Cop Killed 6-Year-Old Boy

Lawyer Shares Hilarious Legal Advice Based On His Craziest Experiences

Gary Johnson Couldn't Name One Foreign Leader And Everyone's Blaming Millennials

The FDA's New Definition Of 'Healthy' Is About To Ruin Your Favorite Snacks

Conspiracy Theorists Say Bump Under Clinton's Red Jacket Wasn't A Microphone

If Your 'Dick Might Kill Someone,' Walmart Has The Perfect Shirt For You

Guy Forged 31 Boarding Passes To Live In Cozy AF Airport Lounges For 18 Days

Woman Accused Of Getting Back At Ex By Sending Naked Pics To His Teenage Son

Annoying Uber Update Will Have You Drowning In Ads During Every Ride

Photos Show Hoboken Train Crash That Caused Mass Casualties

Rudest Olympians Ever Spend Date Driving Through Puddles To Soak Strangers

It's National Coffee Day -- Here's How To Mooch Some Free Caffeine

Donald Trump Calls Pregnant Kim Kardashian A 'Bit Large' In Resurfaced Video

Michelle Obama Said 'We Need An Adult In The White House'

Teen Asked Himself To Be His Homecoming Date

Hockey Player Breastfeeds Before A Game Like A Total Boss

Officer Fired Following Racial Slur She Posted To Snapchat

The UN Has Figured Out How The USA Can Pay Reparations

Apple Is Low-Key Helping The Police Stalk You By Recording Your Contacts

Unlimited Uber Rides Are Here, So You'll Never Have To Do A Walk Of Shame Again

This Mom's Facebook Rant On Why Modern Parenting Is 'Terrible' Went Viral

Pic Of Half-Naked Woman In 'Sex Act' With Playground Dinosaur Goes Viral

New York Times Uses Hitler Book Review To Troll Donald Trump And It's Genius

Facebook's About To Make It Way Too Easy For Your Boss To Stalk Your Life

You Can Pull Epic Text Pranks On All Your Friends If You Updated Your iPhone

Naked Man Found Where Karina Vetrano Was Killed Says He Knows Murderer

The 'Sad Frog' Meme You've Probably Sent Friends Was Declared A Hate Symbol

Girl Caught On Video Giving Guy A Blow Job While Riding Ferris Wheel

The First Baby To Have (Technically) Three Parents Was Just Born

This Weirdly Accurate Cartoon From 1906 Totally Predicted Our iPhone Obsession

NASA Says Zodiac Signs Aren't Real, So Our Lives Are Basically Meaningless

Student Auctions Off Her Virginity Online To Pay For Medical School

The Muslim Woman Wearing A Hijab For Playboy Is A Badass 22-Year-Old Reporter

Trump Spelled 'America' Wrong On His Hotel Menu And The Irony Is Too Much

Google's 'Incognito' Update Just Made It So Much Easier To Stalk Your Ex

This Dad's Shot-For-Shot Remake Of His Daughter's Photo Shoot Is Perfection

BlackBerry Is Done Making Phones Forever And Everyone's Paying Their Respects

World's Unluckiest Man Gets Penis Bit By Venomous Spider For Second Time

José Fernández's Pregnant GF Isn't The Miami Cheerleader Everyone Thought

Alfred Olango Killed By Cops: Facebook Video Shows Aftermath

Fans Helped BF Find His Engagement Ring At Yankees Game

Hillary Clinton Convinces Girl Not To Change Name To 'Lillary'

Woman Packed Husband's Guts To Solve His Murder

This Service Actually Lets You Rent Yeezys If You're Desperate

Martin Shkreli Auctions Off A Punch To His Pharma Bro Face

Elon Musk Announced That He Wants To Build A City On Mars

Why I Begrudgingly Decided To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Obama Would Be 'Even More Gray' If He Let Trump Faze Him

Everyone's Bringing Back AmericanGirl's Advice And Texting Boys About Vikings

Apple Is Overcharging You By $400 For The iPhone 7, New Research Reveals

The Taliban Had A Presidential Debate Viewing Party And They Were Really Bored

Guy Turns Friendship With Baby Squirrel Into Cutest Snapchat Story Of All Time

Mom With Happiest Mugshot In History Must Be Ecstatic She's Going To Jail

Woman Finds Burglars Having Sex On Couch: 'They Had A Big Old Nasty Party'

10 Reasons You Should Stop Being An Idiot And Just Register To Vote Already

Jimmy Kimmel Catches People Lying About Watching The Debate In Hilarious Video

Your Dog Doesn't Obey Commands Because It Knows It's Smarter Than You

Everyone's Going Crazy Trying To Spot The Mistake In This Whole Foods Ad

This Pic Of A Grandpa Doing His Wife's Hair Is Going Viral For Adorable Reason

A Rare Black Moon Is Coming And What It Does To The Sky Is Breathtaking

Unlucky Guy Snapchats The Messy Aftermath Of His Strip Club Lap Dance

The Best Part Of The First Presidential Debate Was Obviously The Memes

Here's A Simple Voter Registration Form Just For Women Because #OurVoteCounts

Lobsters May Be Going Extinct From Global Warming

Trump's '400-Pound Hacker' Has His Own Twitter Account And It's Pure Genius

Everyone's Hurting Over This Brave Little Girl's Speech On Police Brutality

Trump Says He's Saving His Biggest Hillary Insult Yet For The Next Debate

Debate Polls Prove Trump Can Spit Out Nonsense And Still Win Over Viewers

Google Knows Absolutely Everything, Except For Its Own Birthday

Sassy Reporter Yelling 'Thanks A Lot, Bitch!' Was The Real MVP Of The Debate

Someone Counted The Number Of Times Trump Interrupted Clinton At The Debate

Trump Defends Calling Former Miss Universe 'Miss Piggy': 'She Was The Worst'

This Pic Of Hillary Clinton Proves Selfies Have Taken Over The World

Guy On Boat With José Fernández Sent Eeriest Text Before Fatal Accident

We Asked Rudy Giuliani If Donald Trump Is A Feminist

Trump Believes Hillary Began Fighting ISIS Before It Existed

Hillary Clinton's Debate-Winning Shoulder Shimmy Is The New 'Bye Felicia'

Everyone's Using Donald Trump's Own Tweet To Catch Him In A Lie

Twitter Wonders What Donald Trump's Sniffing Was All About

Hofstra Dragged By Twitter For Hillary Clinton Typo

Leo DiCaprio And Obama Pic Led To Epic Twitter Responses

How The Vince Foster Scandal Is Affecting Hillary In 2016

Hillary Clinton's Role In Benghazi Explained

Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal: What Voters Need To Know

This Toddler Took His Dad's Camera And Created A Beautiful Viral Photo Series

The Clinton Foundation Scandal: What You Need To Know

Student Suspended After Posting Nasty Pic Of Her High School's Water

Hot Girl's NSFW Snap To Guy Mid-Workout Results In Emergency Hospital Visit

How The Monica Lewinsky Scandal Is Affecting Hillary Clinton In 2016

Girl Perfectly Sums Up Emotional Roller Coaster We Call Life In One Drawing

Woman Orders Chicken Wings From Domino's And Gets $5,000 In Cash Instead

The Ultimate Presidential Debate Drinking Game Is Here To Numb America's Pain

A White Navy Vet Kneeled In A Black Lives Matter Shirt And Everyone Lost It

Democrats And Republicans Debate About Things Other Than Politics

Donald Trump Plans To Take Down Hillary Clinton With A New Snapchat Filter

11-Year-Old Rapist Caught When Victim's Mom Hears Whispering On Baby Monitor

College Students Make Fun Of 'Black Lives Matter' In Blackface Snapchats

Man Snaps Pic Revealing Exact Moment 'Adorable' Thieves Stole His GF's Watch

We Have To Stop Dismissing Trump Supporters As 'Crazy' And Start Listening

Horrifying Video Of Dead Saint 'Opening Her Eyes' Will Give You Nightmares

Never Forget When Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Were Actually Friend

Prince George Shut Down Justin Trudeau And No One Can Handle The Sass

McDonald's Breakfast Happy Meals Are About To Make Mornings So Much Better

'J's Crew': Bitter-Sweet Pics Show So Much Love For Pitcher Jose Fernandez

There's A Good Reason Your African-American Coworkers Aren't At The Office Monday

The Baby From Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Is All Grown Up In Album Cover Remake

Jim Carrey Accused Of Giving Ex-GF 3 STDs, Including Gonorrhea, In Lawsuit

Unworthy Cats Stealing Dog Beds Is Ultimate Hierarchy Goals

This Chinese Telescope Is Now Officially Our Best Chance At Finding Aliens

20-Year-Old Arrested And Charged In Fatal Washington Mall Shooting

Marlins Ace Jose Fernandez Tragically Killed In Miami Boating Accident

This Dog Was Found By His Owners 2 Years After He Went Missing

Man With Parkinson's Films Video To Prove How Well Weed Can Treat Tremors

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Is About To Get Really Cheap, But Only For Next Week

Nothing Says 'BFF' Like This Video Of Obama Helping Bush Take A Selfie

Four People Reported Dead After Mall Shooting In WA

A Creepy Clown Caught Lurking In The Woods In Kentucky

Snapchat's Leaked Video Shows Off Their Secret New Glasses

Donor Leaves $8,000 In Small Bills To Cat Shelter

Hillary's New Ad About Trump's Sexism Will Make You Sad

Man Says Airline Owes Him For Seat Next To Overweight Passenger

Ted Cruz Announced His Support For Donald Trump On FB

Dad Takes Pic Of Son's School Project Without Noticing Heartbreaking Detail

You Could Soon Get The Health Benefits Of Wine Without Drinking Alcohol

Boy Gets Coach Nikes He's Wanted Since 6th Grade And No One's Ever Been Happier

Side-By-Side Pics Show How Much Better You Look In iPhone's New Portrait Mode

This Trainer Who Looks Just Like Khaleesi Is The Real Mother Of 'Dragains'

Alleged Killer Steven Avery Got Engaged From Jail, So There's Hope For Us All

Woman Sits Next To Terrifying Doll On A Plane And Lives To Tweet About It

New Video Shows Moments Before Keith Scott's Death: 'He Doesn't Have A Gun'

Vlogger Did Makeup With Only Nail Polish And Topped All Beauty Challenges

Ignorant YouTuber Snapchats BFF's Arrest Like It's A Joke: 'It's Street Cred'

Google Blurred Out A Cow's Face, But Not All These Other Strange Sights

Science Says We Don't Need Middle School, So We All Suffered For Nothing

Urban Outfitters Thought It Was OK Not To Let Trans Person Use Dressing Room

This Genius iOS 10 Hack Lets You Change The Way You Unlock Your iPhone

Clinton's Emotional New Video Reminds Us How Hard It Is To Be A Teenage Girl

This Guy Destroyed His Brand New iPhone 7 On Video And No One Can Look Away

Most Relatable Woman Ever Totals Her Car Over Terrifying Spider On Mirror

Snapchat's New Voting Feature Could Be The End Of Donald Trump

Teacher's Viral FB Post Reveals The Tulsa Shooting Victims Everyone's Ignoring

JK Rowling Said That Harambe Is Not A Patronus

The Savage 'Huh Challenge' On Twitter Will Annoy You

The Potato This Girl Gave Her BF Is The Most Romantic Gift

Joe Biden 'Planned On Running' For POTUS Until Son's Death

Wedding Called Off After Bride Made Out With A Rando

Side-By-Side Pic Shows How Far $100 Can Go When Revamping Your Apartment

Officer Who Fatally Shot Terence Crutcher Charged With Manslaughter

Savage Ice Cream Vendor Hardcore Trolled This Dad

Cops' Adorable Plea To Return Couple's Lost Wedding Album Goes Horribly Wrong

No One Can Get Over The Dalai Lama's Savage Impression Of Donald Trump

Please Go Out And Vote So Chelsea Handler Stops Rapping — We're Begging You

Powerful Pic From Charlotte Riots Proves Violence Doesn't Define The Protests

These Absurdly Gorgeous Sorority Houses Will Make You Want To Join Greek Life ASAP

Girl Writes And Turns In Paper While Drunk, Immediately Regrets It In Morning

Leaked Emails Reveal Someone Gets Paid To Count Steps For Hillary Clinton

Teen Accused Of Incest Posts Selfies After Sister's Death: 'Life Is Good'

Eerie Video Of Woman Laughing With Her Alleged Killer At Bar May Prove He Did It

A 'Sexy' Donald Trump Costume Exists, So Maybe Skip This Halloween

Trump Staffer's Racist Interview On Black America Goes Viral: 'It's Your Own Fault'

We Can All Relate To President Obama Talking About His 'Potty Mouth'

These 'Vampire' Uber Drivers Are Using Terrifying Tactics To Scam Riders

Boy's Letter To Obama Inviting A Refugee To Be His Brother Will Make You Cry

Pickup Artists Charged With Rape After Bragging About 'Hilarious' Story Online

Protests Turn Violent In Charlotte With One Person Shot

Tinder Is Now On iMessage Allowing You To Swipe And Text

Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Rid The World Of Disease

Stress Eating May Not Even Be A Real Thing

Desperate Woman Faked Getting Kidnapped To See If Boyfriend 'Cared About Her'

Horrifying Video Shows Stepdad Throwing 3-Year-Old Into Pool Until She Drowns

Guy Savagely Trolls Annoying Ex Who Texts Him Asking For Favor

Guy's Uncle Accidentally Sends Dick Pic To His ENTIRE Family's Group Chat

Woman Stabs Boyfriend To Death After He Breaks Up With Her Over Text

Yep, Complaints From 2016's Olympics Were All About 'Genitals' And 'Buttocks'

Guy Orders 'Coffee And Baileys' And Gets Something So Very Different

How To Live-Stream The 2016 Presidential Debates

Woman Had Epic Disney Engagement Shoot After Breaking Up With Her Fiancé

Girl's Sassy Response To Student Accusing Her Of Skipping Class Is Going Viral

15-Year-Old Speaks Out About 'Role-Playing' Relationship With Anthony Weiner

Nike's New Self-Lacing Sneakers Are Straight Out Of 'Back To The Future'

Rapper Tries To Defend Disturbing Video Of Him Assaulting Woman: 'She Cheated'

An Assessment Of Donald Trump's Character, Based On Its Scientific Definition

Internet Gives Restaurant's 'Muslims Get Out' Sign A Well-Deserved Makeover

Genius iPhone Hack Lets You Listen To Music On YouTube While Using Other Apps

Woman Accidentally Sends Out Naked Selfie When Posting Washing Machine Review

Watching A Movie Has The Same Effect As Taking Painkillers, According To Study

People Are Outraged Over Post Of Man Dragging Girl Around Store By Her Hair

College Freshman Expelled After Racist Snapchat About Football Goes Viral

Michelle Obama's Impersonation Of Barack Is So Good, It Feels Like He's There

Police Caught On Video Making Up Charges For Man: 'Gotta Cover Our Ass'

How My Run In With Gun Violence Inspired Me To Make An Impact In My Community

Ahmad Khan Rahami Charged With Planting Bombs

Kid Took Michael Jordan Cardboard Cutout Everywhere

World's Most Annoying Ruined GF's Snap Story

People Tweet Awful Things About Muslims After NYC Bombing

Days After She Was Killed, Eerie Message Was Tweeted Out

Disturbing Video Proves Hotel Bed Sheets Are Even Grosser Than You Thought

Woman Hospitalized By Drunk Driver Turns Injury Selfies Into Positive Story

There's Actually An E-Cigarette Flavor That's Worse For You Than All The Others

On The Day Brad And Angelina Split, A Massive Earthquake Erupted -- Literally

Trump's Son Called Out For Plagiarizing His Offensive Skittles Tweet

If This Naked Woman's Sassy Body Art Doesn't Get You To Vote, Nothing Will

Reporter's Surprise Reunion With Syrian Family Will Leave You Bawling

Sending People NSFW Text Doodles With iOS 10 Is The Latest Way To Troll

Thinking About Work Makes Your Morning Commute Better, Worst Study Ever Finds

Dad's Brutally Honest Facebook Rant Defending His Gay Son Is Going Viral

China's Richest Dog Has 8 iPhone 7s And He Wants You To Know It

Leggo Your Eggo: 10,000 Boxes Of The Waffles Were Recalled Over Listeria

Side-By-Side Pics Perfectly Sum Up The Difference Between Obama And Trump

Disney's New 'Moana' Halloween Costume Is Being Slammed As Racist

Cops Release Graphic Pics Of Fatal Crash So You'll Stop Texting And Driving

Bush Says He's Voting For Clinton, And Now Everyone's Trolling Trump So Hard

Google's New Phone May Actually Make You Want To Ditch Your iPhone

Hillary Clinton Got A 'Gift Bag' From Trump On Live TV And Everyone Lost It

Video Of Cop Killing Unarmed Black Man In Tulsa Goes Viral

Pissed Woman Shoves 12 Screws Into Boyfriend's Penis After He Gets Too Drunk

Trump Jr.'s Compared Syrian Refugees To Skittles

Guy's Proposal To Girlfriend At Painting Party Was Adorable

Snuggling Up With Your Cat May Kill You

Woman Found A Fried Rat In Her Fast Food

Twitter Loves This Grandpa's Giant Teddy Bear Gift

College Students Get Caught Having Sex...In The Middle Of A Classroom

Guy Turns Himself In To Police By Live-Streaming Rant About His Drug Stash

We Can All Feel For Science Teacher Who Accidentally Said 'Orgasm' Instead Of 'Organism'

Dog With Brain Tumor Lives Just Long Enough To Watch Owner Get Married

Confident Little Girl's Hilarious Pep Talk Will Motivate You In Any Situation

Google's New Trips App Will Be A Lifesaver When Vacationing Without WiFi

Desperate Guy Dresses Up As His Mom To Buy Alcohol And They Look Identical

Science Says Being Bad At Math Actually Means You Have A Disability

Starbucks Employee Bringing Coffee To Cops At Scene Of Bombing Is Going Viral

Beer Makes You A Sex Goddess And A Better Person, According To Science

Woman Dies Just 24 Hours After Mistaking Meningitis Symptoms For Bad Hangover

Idiot Mugger Unaware Victim Was Live-Streaming Himself Playing Pokémon Go

Frat Gets Slammed For Hanging Insensitive Colin Kaepernick Sign On Its House

iOS10 Emojis Now Include A New Kind Of Family And People Are Loving It

This Girl's Strict List Of Rules For Boy Who Has A Crush On Her Is Too Sassy

If You Talk Like A Pirate Today, Krispy Kreme Will Give You Free Doughnuts

The FBI Is Looking For 'Armed And Dangerous' Khan Rahami After NYC Bombing

Splash-Back Paint That Trolls People Who Drunkenly Pee Outside Comes To US

iPhone 7s Are Making A Mysterious 'Hissing' Noise And People Are Freaking Out

'Act Of Terrorism' Suspects Arrested In NYC As More Explosives Found In NJ

'Grammar Snob' App On iMessage Just Made Your Text Convos Even More Annoying

Apparent NY Bomber 'Manifesto' Surfaced On Tumblr And Is Under Investigation

Security Guard Has Most Casual Reaction To Breaking Leg While Chasing Fan

Twitter Is Straight-Up Dragging Mia Khalifa After FSU Lost To Louisville

Bomb Explosion In New York City Was 'Act Of Terrorism,' Says Governor Cuomo

Coolio Arrested At LA Airport After Officers Find 'Loaded Gun' In Bag

Dramatic Video Emerges Of Explosion Ripping Through New York City

At Least 29 Injured In 'Intentional' Explosion In New York City

Quarterback Won Homecoming King But Gave Crown To Friend With Cerebral Palsy

Man Holds Dying Wife's Hand As She Passes After 77 Years Of Marriage

Guy Turns In Birthday Cards Full Of Cocaine Thinking It Was Anthrax

Woman Commits Suicide After Her Friends Released Sex Tapes

This Bride Tragically Died Just One Day Before Her Wedding

Police Robot Snatches A Gun Away From A Murder Suspect

Trump's Said He Kisses Ivanka Every Chance He Gets

These Leaning Tower Of Pisa Leggings Are Filthy

Girl Offers Up Cheating Ex's Xbox One On Twitter

NASA Says There's Another Zodiac Sign, So Everyone's Life Has Been A Lie

The CDC Wants You All To Stop Making Out With Chickens

Mark Cuban Wants To Interview Donald Trump

This New App Is Making Sure Kids Never Have To Eat Lunch Alone

This Woman's Tweets On Why High Divorce Rates Are Her 'Favorite' Went Viral

Girl Throws Epic Tantrum When Guy Texts Her Before Reading Rules In Tinder Bio

Hillary Called Out Trump's 'Birtherism' In A Twitter Rant

Girl Insults Guy In An Attempt To Flirt And It Goes Horribly Wrong

This Little Dog Loves Going Down A Slide More Than You Love Anything

People Are Pissed Trump Used Political Event To Give Tour Of His New Hotel

There's A Really Easy Way To Get Out Of Paying Full Price For The iPhone 7

Woman Figures Out How To Fake Her Death To Get Out Of Paying Student Loans

Little Boy's Hair Goes Viral Thanks To The Heartwarming Reason He Cut It Off

Guy Keeps Getting Accidentally Tagged In Porn On Twitter Because Of His Name

Least Sly Guy Ever Gets Caught Partying On Snapchat After Faking Sick At Work

Leaked Messages Reveal Disturbing Revenge Porn Chat: 'Send Me A Pic With Name'

The Most Popular Color On The Internet Was Revealed And It's Obviously Gorgeous

Teacher's '101 Ways To Deal With Stress' Went Viral 'Cause Everyone Needs It

Sharing Those Tragic Overdose Pics Doesn't Actually Have A Positive Effect

Jimmy Fallon Messed Up Miserable Trump's Hair On Live TV

These Tiny Robots Will Wait In Line For The iPhone 7 For You

Kansas State University Finally Addresses Sorority Girl's Racist Snapchats

'The Night Of' Star Got Real About Islamophobia In America

Sperm Is Running Low In New Zealand

Chance The Rapper Wants You To Stay Woke And Vote With New NAACP Campaign

Snake Appeared Outside Of Car While On Highway

Wisdom Teeth Surgery Made Kid Choose His Dog Over Mom

8 Secret Features Of iOS 10 That'll Basically Transform Your Entire Life

This Abducted Woman's Terrifying 911 Call May Have Led Cops To Serial Killer

Mom Brutally Trolls 14-Year-Old Son By Selling Him In Detailed Facebook Ad

Girl's Pics With Obama And Trump Sum Up How We All Feel About The Election

Sorority Girl Slammed Over Racist Blackface Snapchat

Student Commits Suicide After College Ignores Frat House Rape, Lawsuit Says

Donald Trump's Son Made A Holocaust Joke And The Internet Was NOT Having It

Trump's Son Had The Dumbest Excuse For Why His Dad Hasn't Released Tax Returns

Woman's Casual Live-Stream Of Her Birth Makes Having A Kid Look Easy

Jay Z's New Film About The War On Drugs Is So Honest, It'll Give You Chills

Don't Be Suprised If You Get Hacked After Instagramming Your Boarding Pass

86-Year-Old Has Straight-Up Savage Message For Woman Who Stole Her Purse

Prankster Tricks Idiots Into Thinking Toothbrushes Are New Apple Headphones

These Party Girls Are Going Viral After No One Wanted To Sit By Them On Plane

Rush Week Was Canceled After A Highly Contagious Disease Broke Out At FSU

Guy Accused Of Raping His 'Friend' And Then Texting Her A Crying Face Emoji

Disturbing Video Shows Another Toddler Trapped In Car With Overdosed Parents

No One Can Figure Out If The Animal In This Photo Is A Raccoon Or A Dog

13-Year-Old Shot And Killed By Cop Because He Pulled Out A BB Gun

'Success Kid' Grew Up To Be Even More Of A Badass Than We All Expected

Tinder's 'Share' Feature Lets Your BFF Pick Your Date

Getting An iPhone 7 Is Actually Going To Be Much Harder Than We Thought

Letter From Hillary Clinton's Doctor Reveals She Has More Than Just Pneumonia

Girl Crowned Homecoming Queen Dressed Up As A T-Rex

This Tortoise Banged His Species Out Of Extinction

A Giant Moon Balloon Wreaked Havoc In China

Girl Found Out The Pepper On Her Chips Was Dead Ants

Disney's 'Healthy Gumbo' Recipe Gets Put On Blast By Twitter

Trump's Clinton-Bashing Sesh Gets Shut Down By Pastor

Guy Caught Getting Blow Job From Woman... While Driving On The Highway

Literally Anyone Can Read Your Texts With iOS 10 -- Here's How To Stop It

World's Worst Robbers Leave Family Note Explaining Exactly What They Stole

Photos Show Effects Heroin Addiction Has On Loved Ones

Science Says You Can Thank Your Mom For How Smart You Are (Or Aren't)

Mayor Who Raped A 4-Year-Old Girl Says She 'Initiated Sex'

This Is What Would Actually Happen If Hillary Clinton Backed Out Of The Race

Rapper's Video Of A Pancake Is Going Viral Because It's So Annoying It Hurts

The Sassy Girl Emoji Looks Totally Different On iOS 10 And People Are Pissed

This Super Fit Grandpa Is Spending His Retirement Modeling Completely Naked

Melania Trump Finally Addresses Immigration Status, But One Question Remains

Savage Chicken Crashes Honeymoon And Has Sex With The Bride's Shoes

Female Inmates Reveal What They'd Change About Their Pasts In Tragic Letters

This Guy's Super Corny Joke Completely Ruined His Chances With A Girl

Everyone's Talking About The Shooting of Young Mom Kendra Childs

This Is What Happened To The 4-Year-Old In The Back Of That Tragic Heroin Pic

Model Has The Most Badass Reaction To A Wardrobe Malfunction On The Runway

Man Posts Shocking Texts From Guy Who Stood Him Up For Looking 'Like A Muslim'

Obama's Female Staff Have A Badass Way Of Making Sure Their Ideas Get Heard

Angry Wife Posts Sexts From Husband's Mistress On Facebook And Tags His Family

This Mom's Underwear Is Going Viral Over A Furious Note Her Neighbor Left Her

Apple's New iOS Update Could Destroy Your Phone -- But Here's How To Save It

People Who Don't Use Facebook Feel Prettier Than Everyone Else, Science Says

Apple's Epic iPhone 8 Anniversary Edition Will Make You Forget The iPhone 7

Heavy Metal Rocker Elected To Norwegian Town's Council

This New App Lets Women Report Places Filled With Creepers

Twitter Account That Rates Cute Dogs Calls Out A Hater

Samantha Bee Calls Out Media For Not Fact-Checking Trump

Guy FaceTimed Wrong Number, Now They're Homies For Life

Edward Snowden Wants President Obama To Pardon Him

Hillary Clinton Just Proved You Can Still Say Smart Things While Stoned

Science Says You Probably Aren't As Drunk As You Think When Out With Friends

It's Been 20 Years And Tupac's 'Changes' Lyrics Are Still Painfully Relevant

Savage Mom Posts Hilarious Texts From 13-Year-Old Buying Tampons For Her

Burning Man Looks Like A Whole Different World In This Amazing Drone Footage

Badass Woman Turns Down Arranged Marriage When Guy Says It's Him Or Her Dog

Model Who Ran Away Reveals Herself By Posting Instagrams

Mother And Married Son Arrested After Having Sex With Each Other

Mom Doesn't Hold Back In Hilarious Post On What It's Like To 'Push Out' Baby

Woman Mad At Husband For Selling Her On eBay Because He Used 'Such A Bad' Pic

This Dad's Heartbreaking Post About His Handprint Tattoo Is Going Viral

Apple's New iOS 10 Update Has The Creepiest Way Of Storing Your Photos

Twitter Can't Stop Roasting The New Samsung Phone That Keeps Blowing Up

Hillary's Privacy Costs Her Millennial Voters, But She Has Reason Not To Change

College Frat Suspended Over Email Encouraging Rape: 'The Wait Is Finally Over'

Bill Clinton On Hillary's Collapse: 'The Same Sort Of Thing's Happened' Before

Video Of A Woman's Incredible Water Birth Will Make You Weirdly Emotional

Everyone's Mad At Malia Obama's Friends Over Snapchat Of Her Playing Beer Pong

Miserable Photo Reveals Reason Not To Get The iPhone 7

Mike Pence Refuses To Call David Duke 'Deplorable'

Anti-Gay Protesters Stood Up To By 12-Year-Old Boy

Great White Shark's Battle With A Diver Was Caught On GoPro

Coconut Shortage Is Bad News For Your Coconut Milk Latte

The Internet's At War Over Whether This Hot Teacher's Outfits Are Appropriate

No One Can Get Over This Pool That Looks Like 'The Starry Night' From Above

This Woman's Shocking Racist Rant Is Going Viral Over Its Dramatic Ending

Eerie Video Of Jogger Karina Vetrano Moments Before Murder May Lead To Killer

Apple's New Invisible Ink Lets You Send Bae Secret Love Notes — Or Dirty Ones

400 Students Singing Outside Sick Teacher's Window Will Leave You Bawling

People Are Furious Over This Video Of Hillary Clinton Hugging A Little Girl

Everyone In Nazi Germany Drank Crystal Meth 'Like Coffee,' New Research Shows

Addictive New iMessage Feature Finds Perfect Song Lyrics For Every Situation

This Couple Turned A School Bus Into Every Traveler's Dream Home

Clueless Guy Turns Creepy When He Won't Give Up On Girl Who Keeps Rejecting Him

Sub-Instagram Commenting Is About To Be Social Media's Favorite Way To Troll

Conspiracy Theorists Say Hillary's 'Body Double' Took Over When She Collapsed

Savage TV Host Asks Obese Woman With Eating Fetish, 'When's The Next Feed?'

Guy's Bold Note To Women Having Racist Conversation In Café Is Going Viral

Disappearing Dots Illusion Is Making The Internet Question Its Sanity

Cheapest Guy Ever Buys Girl A Drink, Asks For Refund When It Goes Nowhere

Teacher Says Sex With Student Started After He Seduced Her With Post-It Notes

Hood By Air Models Walk NYFW Runway Covered In 'Semen'

Mom Posts Bizarre Live Video Of 'Interesting' Fatal Shooting Outside Walmart

Hillary Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia After Collapsing At 9/11 Memorial

There's A Tupac Shakur Café Opening For The 20th Anniversary Of His Death

Woman Got The Most Epic Cake From Her Friends At Work After Being Let Go

Video Shows Hillary Clinton Collapse As She's Rushed From 9/11 Memorial Service

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