September 2016
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Why I Stopped Celebrating My Birthday After I Turned 25

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Seahawks Player Refuses To Talk Football, Drops Mic On Police Killings Instead

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An In-N-Out Pop Up Shop's Line In London Was Bloody Long

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Hottest Chip In The World Has One Chip Is In Each Package

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FIFA 17 Is Missing A Huge Feature It Should've Stolen From NBA 2K

Everything We Know So Far About Khloé Kardashian's Brand New Denim Line

Pumpkin Spice Pizza Makes Your Basic Dreams Come True

Maisie Williams' $39 Emmys Bag Will Make You Obsessed With This Unknown Brand

We're More Obsessed With Losing Weight Than Our Phones, New Study Says

4 Things That Can Happen If You Stay Off Social Media For A Week

Blogger's Before-And-After Pics Reveal You're 'Less Likeable' Without Makeup

Your Feelings Of Loneliness Can Actually Be Genetic, Science Says

Trainer's Side-By-Side Photos Prove A Bad Angle Makes Anyone Look Overweight

You Can Buy A $47 Replica Of Angelina's Engagement Ring

Working Remotely From Anywhere In The World Is Possible, Even For STEM Majors

Crystal Lips Are The New Beauty Trend To Make You Look Like A Stone-Cold Fox

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Binge-Watch Your Favorite Shows

Guy Upgraded To First Class And It's Nicer Than Your House

3 Ways We Sabotage Our Chances At Success Without Even Realizing

Colin Kaepernick Said He's Received Death Threats

Ditch Your Brush For 'Nest Hair' Because The NY Times Thinks That's Cool Now

Thinx Made Its Fashion Week Show About More Than Period Panties

Pro Soccer Coach's Leaked Workout Reveals Trick To Building Your Stamina

Subway Customer Flipped Over Lack Of Meatball Subs

Pulling All-Nighters Is Way Worse For Your Brain And Memory Than You Think

People Who Smoke Weed Are Healthier, And Their BMIs Prove It

This Russian Model's Selfie Shows Us How Brutal MMA Can Be

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5 Telltale Signs You're A Full-Blown Birthdayzilla

I Recreated Selena's Best Beauty Looks And Realized Her Style Is Timeless

How My Struggle With Body Image Turned Into A Complete Obsession

H&M Proves There Are Many Ways To Be A Woman With Inclusive New Video

15 Things Tougher Than Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler

The Salad Gigi Hadid 'Could Eat Every Day' Is Easy To Recreate For Yourself

The Mets Found A Sneaky Way To Make Tons Of Money Off Tebow's Baseball Career

Cleveland Browns QB Cody Kessler Has The Hottest Girlfriend In Football

Comedian Makes Fun Of The Dumb Fitspo Trends On Instagram And It's Perfect

5 Reasons To Head To Morocco If You Want An All-Natural Beauty Regimen

This Wedding Had Puppies Instead Of Bouquets And No One Could Handle It

Are You Ready? What No One Tells You About Living Alone For The First Time

4 Ways To Deal With Depression During Your Freshman Year Of College

Ryan Lochte Reveals He Moved In With Model GF Kayla Reid And It's Serious

Some Guy Drilled A Headphone Jack Into His New iPhone 7

Here's The Main Difference Between Sustainability And Going Green

This Is What 20 Bedrooms From All Around The World Look Like

These 6 Easy Tips Will Help You Keep Your Messy Desk In Check

Kristen Bell's Hilarious Emmys Boob Lift Will Change The Way You Wear Dresses

12 Different Types Of Catcalls Because Maybe You Thought There Was Only One

Girl Reported Missing Has Sassiest Reply To Police's Facebook Post About Her

Here's What It's Like To Go TO NYC's Dîner En Blanc

If You Watched A Lot Of Nickelodeon Cartoons, You Were Probably A Fat Kid

Tom Brady Just Roasted The Miami Dolphins With A Savage Facebook Post

Anna Camp And Skyler Astin's Pasta-Filled Honeymoon Is Real Couple Goals

Your Phone Is Giving You Neck Pain, So Here's How To Fix It

Cheating Guy's Detailed Excuse For Why He Has A Giant Hickey Is So, So Awful

Models Walked The Runway Dressed As Fruit Because Fashion Has Gone Too Far

There's Now A Pizza Camp For Adults... And You Thought Your Camp Was Perfect

What To Do If You're The 'Strong' Friend And You're Facing A Breakdown

Emily Ratajkowski Has A Huge Copy Of Her Own Instagram On Her Wall, Just FYI

3 Ways Growing Up With A Step Family Helped Me Later In Life

These Are All The Reasons You're Constantly Late For Everything

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How Taking Adderall Affects Those Who Really Need It

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6 Design Tricks That Will Make Your Tiny Apartment Instantly Feel Bigger

SoulCycle Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life, According To Scientific Study

Rice Marching Band Mocks Baylor For Rape Scandal

The One Piece Of Clothing You Should Never Critique Is A Woman's Wedding Dress

Guy With No Chill Called Police On Ex For 'Overfeeding' Hamster

9 Questions You And Your Partner Need To Ask Yourselves Before Having Kids

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30 Lessons I'm Grateful I Learned By The Time I Was 30

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Cheerleaders Couldn't Wear Their Uniforms Because A Boy Got 'Impure Thoughts'

4 Ways To Give Your Bank Account A Makeover After Your Crazy Summer

How To Wear Flats Instead Of Heels And Look Good Doing It

Bills Fan Gets Caught Grabbing Woman's Bare Butt In Crowded Stadium

Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Job-Hopping In Your 20s

5 Ways To Dress In Style For Fall When It Still Feels Like Summer Outside

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There's A Tequila That Doesn't Cause Hangovers, So Take That Extra Shot

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Paralympian's Amazing Reaction To Winning First Olympic Medal Is Pure Gold

Iskra Lawrence Had The Best Reaction To Watching Herself Get Photoshopped

5 Things I Wouldn't Have Learned Without Competitive Swimming

Woman Caught On Snapchat Getting Naked In Public To Take Perfect Butt Selfie

Antonio Brown Got Fined $12K For Twerking After Scoring A Touchdown

You've Been Storing Peanut Butter Wrong This Entire Time

Every Single Crazy Thought That Runs Through The Mind Of A Hypochondriac

Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Revealed Which Artist Inspired Her 'Formation' Look

This Bride Wore 10 Wedding Dresses, And You Can Barely Afford Just One

A 'Magic Mike' Brunch Spot Opened Because Food Is Better Served By Naked Men

'SpongeBob' Lovers Can Now Vacation In A Pineapple, Just Not Under The Sea

12 Text Messages My Bank Account Would Send Me If It Could Talk

Bill Clinton's Birthday Party Sounds So Lame, But It's Costing Guests A Fortune

Science Says If You Want To Lose Weight... Don't Talk About Losing Weight

Julianne Hough Reveals The Mental Trick She Uses To Start Her Days Off Right

Why So Many Women Are Still Being Taught To Base Their Self-Worth On Others

Procrastination Is Probably The Root Of All Your Stress, Not Just In College

Ugly Duckling Syndrome: Why It's So Hard For A Late Bloomer To Find Love

You Don't Need To Have A Plan, Just Work On Having Options

Selfies Are Good For You, So Go Buy That Selfie Stick You Always Wanted

9 Things I Learned During My Summer As An Unpaid Intern In New York City

The Trick To Taking Off Dark Nail Polish Without Smudging It All Over

5 Reasons Every Foodie Needs To Eat Their Way Through Nashville

Kim K Is Bringing Juicy Sweatsuits Back, Just When You Gave Yours Away

iOS 10 Glitch Makes It WAY Too Easy To Accidentally Text 'My Little Pony' Porn

NY Mets Rookie TJ Rivera Has The Hottest Wife In All Of Baseball

Women Can't Complain That Chivalry Is Dead When We're The Worst Offenders

Girl Has No Clue Her Sunglasses Selfie Reveals She's Shopping For Dildos

7 Ways You Can Be A Good Friend To Someone Who Just Lost A Job

How I Realized Becoming An Adult Meant Changing My Drinking Habits

How To Combat These 6 Signs Of Early Aging That You Probably Haven't Noticed

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Mangos Could Soon Be Used To Make Chocolate

Travelers Break Down The Real Cost Of Those Breathtaking Round-The-World Trips

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6 Reasons You Should Be Reading More Books Than You Are Right Now

6 Things You Can Do That Will Naturally Make You More Optimistic

Tom Brady Will Make You Wear Ugg Slippers If You Visit Him

An Open Letter to Pumpkin Spice Latte Haters

Simone Biles Speaks Out About Leaked Drug-Test Docs

This Woman's Fish Swallowed A Pebble And She Dropped $500 On His Surgery

Social Media Influencer Claimed Bras Cause Cancer, And People Are Furious

Guy Charts Puppy's Growth With Sriracha Bottle In Insanely Cute Photo Series

The 5 Strangest Ways Women Are Using Breast Milk In Their Beauty Routines

Russian Hackers Leak Documents Showing Simone Biles' Drug Use

Steph Curry Can't Stop Laughing When Michelle Obama Disses Barack

The Sugar Industry Paid Harvard Scientists To Lie About Its Harmful Effects

Fitness Model Known For Her 'Iron Bum' Shows Off Insane Workout From Behind

5 Ways To Overcome The Post-College Blues

There's A New Hair Trend Called The 'Bun Drop,' And It's Oddly Mesmerizing

This 9-Year-Old Plowing Through Kids In Rugby Will Make You Feel Weak AF

How To Rock A Music Festival, As Told By Malia Obama

4 Ways To Combat Insomnia Without Giving Up Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

Grocery Store Has Perfect Response To Woman Who Claims Lettuce 'Made Her Fat'

Before-And-After Photos Show Drastic Effect Depression Has On Everyday Life

Kevin Harlan's Play-By-Play Of A Drunk Streaker On MNF Is Legendary

These Women Wore Disney Princess Wigs For A Day, And It Was A Disaster

12 Types Of Fans You Met At The Bar During The First Week Of The NFL Season

Bella Hadid Basically Dressed Like A Goth Teenager, And Everyone Loved It

Your Diet Will End The Second You See This Incredible NYC Dessert Festival

'Collarboning' Is The New Way Celebs Wear Coats So We Know How Thin They Are

An MLB Player Got Hit In The Penis And The Video Will Make You Cringe

The '90s Denim-On-Denim Trend Is Making A Comeback, And We Don't Hate It

Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass Is Back

Woman Live-Streams Getting Tricked Into Awkward Group Tinder Date On Boat

5 Social Media Accounts To Help Relieve Your Fashion Week FOMO

There's Now A Period-Themed Board Game With Cards Like 'Oops, You Leaked'

Why I'm So Ecstatic That I Quit My Day Job To Travel The World

Brave Woman Posts Photos Shaving Beard To Show What Living With PCOS Is Like

You Can Now Borrow Dogs In Hawaii For The Perfect Vacation

Anna Camp Married Her 'Pitch Perfect' Co-Star In A Real-Life Fairy Tale

Football Announcer Suggests Taking 'A Few Shots' At National Anthem Protestors

Woman's Side-By-Side Photo Proves Cutting Calories Doesn't Make You Fitter

Daughter Beats Dad At Own Game When He Tries To Troll Her With A Corny Joke

Plus-Size Model Posts Letter To Teen Self About Body Image

I Went To A Queer Fashion Show And It Proved Gender Is Becoming Irrelevant

4 Simple Ways Strong Women Can Positively Influence The Younger Generation

Kate Upton Gets Slammed For Angry Post About Sitting During National Anthem

3 Reasons Adulting In The Real World Is Actually Pretty Great

This Is How Colors Can Positively Affect Your Day-To-Day Life

The 10 Emotional Stages Of Moving Away From Home For The First Time

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting An E-Commerce Business

8 Demi Lovato Quotes That Will Support You During National Recovery Month

This Chill Dog Who Got High After Eating A Weed Cookie Is Our Spirit Animal

4 Reasons Fostering A Pet Is The Perfect Way For Millennials To Give Back

A Guy Somehow Got Hundreds Of People To Send Him Beer Money On Venmo

You're Less Likely To Get Ovarian Cancer On The Pill, According To Science

7 Annoying Things All Artists Can Relate To

Latest BBC Documentary Shows Horrifying Effects Of Obesity On Our Bodies

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self About My Father's Death

Usain Bolt's Keeping His Dance Moves PG-ish On Vacay With His Girlfriend

Why I'm Not Embarrassed To Say I Don't Drink Anymore

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It Turns Out You've Probably Been Watching Netflix Wrong For Years

7 Very Real Times Your 'Party Friend' Is Actually Your Best Friend

Why 'Find Your Purpose' Was The Worst Advice I've Ever Followed

Everything You Want To Say To People Who Hate On Premature Pumpkin Spicing

Ryan Lochte Has Reached 'Lowest Point' After Suspension

Social Media Posting Could Be Good For Your Memory

Brunch Flavored Candy Corn Is Real, Halloween Is Now Basic

Let's Raise A Toast To This Girl Who Matched A Kylie Lip Kit To Her Hickey

You'll Do A Double Take When You See Models In Snapchat-Inspired Makeup

Ezekiel Elliott's Girlfriend Asked A Friend To Lie To Police About Abuse In Texts

Here's How You Can Take Rest Days And Still Get Fast Results

Mom's Photo Breastfeeding 2 Kids Went Viral Because Of Her Inspiring Message

If You're Broke And Lazy AF, Sorry But Working Out Can Save You $2,500

These Models Barely Wore Any Makeup On The Runway To Highlight Their Skin

Vlogger Criticized Other 'Body Positive' Influencers And It Totally Backfired

How To Copy That 'Cool Girl' Bun Models Are Doing With Their Wet Hair

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The Weird Way Having Anxiety Has Strengthened The Relationships In My Life

Dad's Hilarious Pic Shows How He Really Feels About Back To School Season

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Half A College Football Team Was Suspended For Buying School Supplies

6 Credit Score Mistakes You Make In Your 20s That Affect Your Entire Future

6 Things You Should Consider Before Trying To Make A Good First Impression

Amtrak Takes Months To Respond To Woman Stuck In Elevator

People Are Losing It Over This Cafe That's Literally Upside Down

Guy Hilariously Shames Mom For Requesting Snacks Then Immediately Falling Asleep

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Shaq Says He Wouldn't Protest The National Anthem

The USOC Reportedly Suspended Ryan Lochte For 10 Months

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Mom's Side-By-Side Pic Proves Size Doesn't Always Determine Your Health

LeBron James And Ellen Played Vodka Pong And Got Super Hammered

Those Memes About How Bad We Are With Money Are Actually True, Study Says

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Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Is Going To Be Really Good, Isn't He?

Why It's Time For White NFL Players To Stand Behind Colin Kaepernick

Kylie Jenner Is Trying To Be Marilyn Monroe Now, Because Of Course She Is

Only Ask Someone How Burning Man Was If You Want To Unleash A Monster

PSA: Stop Trying To Make The 'Vagina Dress' Happen

People Are Pissed Over Air China's Racist Advice To London Travelers

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3 Things You Learn In College That Have Nothing To Do With Your Degree

4 Reasons You Should Let Your Virgo BFF Plan Your Next Vacation

Emily Ratajkowski Perfectly Sums Up Why Nobody Calls Men 'Attention Whores'

Girl Trying To Peel Off Super Sticky Face Mask Proves Beauty Really Is Pain

Gold Medal Athlete Says Brands Won't Sponsor Her Because She Can't Wear Shoes

Why I Fear For My Life In One Of The Most Queer-Friendly States In America

Cam Newton's New Under Armour Ad Will Motivate You Beyond Belief

6 Lessons Humans Can Learn From Man's Best Friend

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