September 2015
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Mugabe's Homophobic Remark Highlights Africa's Human Rights Issues

Size Really Does Matter: Taller Guys Tend To Have More Sex Partners

'100 Years Of Wedding Dresses' Shows Brides Never Fail To Look Amazing (Video)

America Forgot All About Afghanistan, But We're Still Fighting There

Man's Leg 'Burst Open' After A Flesh-Eating Spider Bit Him On A Plane

What I Learned After Traveling To Macedonia To Help European Refugees

Guy In Prison Cuts Off His Penis And Tries To Flush It Down The Toilet

What To Know About Obama's Case For Democracy In Troubled Nations

Adorable Kitten Missing Back Legs Gets Tiny Wheelchair To Help Him Walk (Video)

5 Facts Congress Ignored On Planned Parenthood

Organic Vs. Local: A Guide For When You Don't Know WTF Those Labels Mean

You'll Soon Be Able To Make Your Facebook Profile Picture A Short Video

Mom Writes Heartfelt Note To Stranger Who Helped With Her Baby On Plane

Child Hilariously Debates Naptime With His Mom Without Saying A Word (Video)

This Couple Actually Got A $75 Bill For Not Attending A Family Wedding

Here's How You Can Eat More Pizza And Save A Ton Of Calories

Woman Found Dead Hours After Snapchatting Boyfriend Aiming A Gun At Her

Two Sikh Men Break Tradition And Use Turbans To Rescue Drowning Boys

This Couple With A Huge Age Gap Got Candid About Their Relationship (Video)

Pope Francis Had Meeting With Kim Davis And Told Her To 'Stay Strong'

Congresswoman Shares Her Planned Parenthood Story

Man Uses A Teddy Bear To Bring Awareness To The Refugee Crisis (Video)

Woman Meets Nurse Who Helped Her As A Baby After Surgery For Bad Burns

Russia Just Launched Its First Airstrike In Syria, But Against Whom?

Guy Gives Zero F*cks And Eats Woman's Ass In A Music Festival Crowd (NSFW Photo)

These Sons Have The Best Responses To Strangers Catcalling Their Moms (Video)

Pack Your Blunts: The First Marijuana Resort In The US Is Opening Soon

Who Said It: Donald Trump, Kanye West Or Lord Voldemort?

There's Actually A 'Netflix And Chill' Button, And You Can Make It Yourself (Video)

Why The #BlackLivesMatter Movement Needs Less Anger And More Action

This College Actually Banned Everyone On Campus From Rocking A Man Bun

Author Lemony Snicket Just Donated $1 Million To Planned Parenthood

'Humans Of NY' Uses Emotional Posts To Reveal The Humanity Of Refugees

Inspiring Video Reveals Kids Value Happiness More Than Having Money

Social Experiment Shows Guys Are Nicer Than Women When Rejecting People (Video)

Bitcoins and Beyond: Creating A Financial Future For Afghanistan Women

You Should Turn Off This iOS 9 Feature If You Want To Save Your Money

Twitter Might Get Rid Of The 140-Character Limit In The Near Future

Parents Find A Beautiful Note Written By Their Late 6-Year-Old Son

Couple Arrested For Robbing Bank After Posting Pics Holding Stolen Cash

Snowden Is Now On Twitter And Neil deGrasse Tyson Is His 'Geeky' BFF

Dad Honors Late Son By Completing Triathlon They Trained To Do Together

Baby Gets To Meet Her 92-Year-Old Great-Grandmother For The First Time (Photo)

The US Is Sleeping On A Way To Hurt ISIS & Protect Culture

Wedding Guest Brutally Live-Blogs Her Honest Thoughts Of The Ceremony

Science Just Confirmed Americans Literally Never Stop Eating

Scientists Have Discovered A 'Glowing' Sea Turtle For The First Time (Video)

Planned Parenthood Is Offering Free STD Tests On Tuesday

Supermarket Totally Crushed Facebook Troll In Awesome Eminem Battle

What It Would Look Like If Hillary Clinton Was Every Disney Princess (Photos)

H&M Debuts First Model Wearing A Hijab And She's Totally Slaying It (Photos)

This Guy Made An Epic Time-Lapse Video Of Himself From Age 12 To 20

Keurig Is Launching A Brewing Machine That Makes Coca-Cola At Home

Trans Teen Overcome With Emotion When Receiving First Dose Of Hormones (Video)

This Family Who Drove 13,000 Miles To See The Pope Ended Up Meeting Him

You Can Actually Be The Snapchat Rainbow Vomit For Halloween This Year (Video)

PSA: Posting That Facebook Privacy Notice Will Do Literally Nothing

Man Goes To Jail After Mistaking The Plane's Exit Door For The Bathroom

$10,000 Worth Of Marijuana Drops From The Sky And Damages Family's Home

Science Explains Why You Can't Stop Facebook Stalking Your Ex

Pope Says Refusing To Grant Gay Marriage Licenses Is A 'Human Right'

Who Knew? Banana Peels Are Actually Really F*cking Good For You

This Reporter Actually Got Harassed During Report On Street Harassment (Video)

Horrifying Video Shows Group Wrestling Puppy Away From Homeless Man

Woman Has Powerful Message For People Always Asking Women About Babies

Idiot Sets Gas Station In Flames By Trying To Kill Spider With Lighter (Video)

NASA Says It Has Discovered Liquid Water On The Surface Of Mars

I'm A Conflicted Catholic, But I Went To See The Pope In Central Park

Guy's Adorable Proposal On A Roller Coaster Takes Love To New Heights (Video)

Prison Worker Gets Up To 7 Years In Jail For Helping Inmates Escape

People In Mexico Are Apparently Challenging Each Other To Snort Coke

Mom's Hidden Camera Shows Dad Crushing His Dance Moves To Katy Perry (Video)

Pope Francis Can't Stop Laughing When He Sees A Baby Dressed Like Him (Video)

3 Reasons Moderate Voters Are Key To Shaking Up Our Political Parties

Mom Is Furious When School Takes 14-Year-Old Son's E-Cig Away From Him

Guy Sends The Most Ridiculous Sext Ever And Immediately Regrets It (Photos)

Burger King's Whopper Will Have Black Burger Buns For Halloween Season

Guys Have No Idea The Face Masks They Try On Are Made Of Human Placenta (Video)

This 104-Year-Old 'Yarn Bomber' Might Be The Oldest Known Street Artist (Video)

Will Pope's Meeting With Man Jailed For Pot Change His Mind On Weed?

Woman Loses New Job After She Tells Her Employers She Has A Hand Tattoo

11-Year-Old Helps Mom Give Birth When She Goes Into Labor Unexpectedly

No One Can Decide If This Little Girl Is Underwater In This Picture

Newly Engaged Woman Goes Batsh*t Crazy On Her Fiancé's Ex-Girlfriend (Photos)

Man Surprises Wife Of 33 Years At Airport With Adorable Trumpet Serenade (Video)

Teen Given Life In Jail For Plan To Carry Out Mass Murder At College

16-Year-Old Made A Wheelchair Stroller For A Paraplegic Mom With Baby (Video)

There's A Reason You Abruptly Jerk Awake As You Start To Fall Asleep

Adorable Little Girl Reels In A Huge Fish With Her Barbie Fishing Pole (Video)

Teen Comes To The Defense Of A Blind Student In A Fight At School

Sorry, Hipsters: Trendy Man Buns Might Actually Make You Go Bald

Dog With Cancer 'Sings' Song Before Dying And It Will Break Your Heart (Video)

Genius Phone Device Lets You Take Picture-Perfect Selfies With Your Pup

Speaker John Boehner Says He Will Resign From Congress In October

Vote Responsibly: 4 Ways To Stay Informed About Potential Candidates

Man Treated Like A Terrorist Because He Was Reading Book On Terrorism

Paralyzed Man Walks Again After Doctors Connect Brain Signals To Legs

Community Comes Together To Give A Homeless Man An Incredible Makeover (Photos)

Woman Warns Other Moms After Newborn Gets Life-Threatening Herpes Virus

Of Course It Was: The Treadmill Was Originally Used As Form Of Torture (Video)

Student Has Powerful Response To Being Called An 'Indian Piece Of Sh*t'

13 Of The Pope's Most Significant Quotes From His Speech To Congress

The Pope Turned Down Lunch With Politicians To Visit The Homeless In DC

$6 Million Worth Of Cocaine Found In Boxes Of Pumpkins Shipped To US

Couple's Verizon Phone Bill Was Over $2 Million For Just One Month

This Freaky 'Double Vision' Makeup Will Give You The Best Costume Ever (Video)

There Is A Robot Named Lucy Waiting In Line For The New iPhone 6s

Teen Accidentally Reveals She Is Gay To Her Conservative Grandmother

Porn Stars Reveal The Most Insane Things They've Ever Done On Set (Video)

Mother Buys Two Women Coffee After They Rudely Call Her A 'Whale'

Pope Francis Calls For An End To The Death Penalty In Speech To Congress

Two Former Reality TV Ghost Hunters Found Dead In Daughter's Basement

What Catholic Candidates Can Learn From Pope Francis

Woman Gets Way Too Emotional When She Drinks Pepsi For The First Time (Video)

5-Year-Old Delivered An Important Message About Immigration To The Pope

Over 700 Dead After Stampede Breaks Out During The Pilgrimage To Mecca

These Nuns Tailgating For The Pope's Arrival Are The Coolest People Ever (Photos)

Guy Posts Gruesome Video Right After Being Attacked By A 13-Foot Shark

People Are Scaring The Sh*t Out Of Kids With The New Snapchat Filters

McDonald's Employee Helping Man In Wheelchair Eat Will Warm Your Heart

Your Voice Matters: 5 Facts To Make Women Appreciate Their Voting Rights

6 Public Figures The Pope Should Definitely Meet In Philadelphia

Most Americans Don't 'Realistically' See Donald Trump As Our President

People Are Tearing Down Masculine Stereotypes In The Best Way Possible

Suicide Bomber Cries In An Intense Video Taken Before A Fatal Mission

This Jamaican Kid's Workout Speech Is All The Gym Motivation You Need (Video)

Police Officers Fill In For A Fallen Deputy At His Daughter's Wedding (Photos)

You Might Soon Need Your Passport To Fly Within The United States

14 Reasons Why This Generation Is Excited For Pope Francis' US Visit

Your Fitness Tracker May Be Lying To You About Something Really Important

The Dalai Lama Thinks A Female Successor Needs To Be 'Very Attractive'

This Man Built A Train To Drive All Of His Rescue Dogs Around Town

24-Year-Old Reportedly Punches Elderly Man In The Face Over Nutella

This Sneaky Squirrel Stealing A Milkshake Is New York's New Pizza Rat (Video)

Woman's Heartbreaking Post Will Remind You To Never Drink And Drive

There's A New Starbucks Fall Drink For The First Time In Four Years

The Internet's Most Hated Man Will Drop The Price On Life-Saving Drug

11-Month-Old Just Cannot Get His Huge 80-Pound Bulldog To Go For A Walk (Video)

Woman Finally Reveals Her 17 Tattoos To Her Very Conservative Parents (Video)

China’s Victory Day Was A Spectacle Leading Into Xi Jinping’s Visit To The US

Teenage Wisdom: 5 Ways I Learned From Living Out My Rebellious Years

'OITNB' Actress Selenis Leyva Talks About The Importance Of The Hispanic Vote

Boys With This Rare Condition Don't Grow Penises Until They Hit Puberty

This Lingerie Model Born Without Legs Says She Makes $1,000 A Day (Photos)

Sexual Assault On College Campuses Is More Common Than We Might Think

Woman Who Made 'Dear Fat People' Takes On Abortion In Her Latest Video

More Deaths Have Been Caused By Selfies Than Shark Attacks This Year

Good To Be Bad: What Makes Teenage Rebellion So Enticing And Enjoyable

Mother Of Two Tries To Find Sugar Daddies To Fund Her Lavish Lifestyle

Bartenders Reveal The Most Annoying Things Customers Do When They Order (Video)

25 Walruses Were Shot In Alaska And Someone Took Their Penises

Anonymous Confessions Are Being Shown On Huge Screen At Train Station

Kendall Jenner Is Encouraging You To Rock The Vote In 2016 (Video)

Couple Faces Charges After Leaving Kids In Car At A Luke Bryan Concert

Research Finds 'Huh' Is Used To Express Confusion All Around The World

Little Boy Can't Blow Out His Birthday Candle And His Dad Saves The Day (Video)

Teacher Allegedly Told Toddler To Use Right Hand Because Left Is 'Evil'

Kim Davis Is Being Accused Of Interfering With Marriage Licenses Again

Man Gets $1,300 In His Domino's Delivery Box Instead Of Chicken Wings

17-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Carried His Puppy Over 310 Miles To Greece

This Huge Keyboard Has Literally Every Emoji You'll Ever Need To Use

Woman Becomes Bodybuilder Despite Struggling With A Difficult Disease

Store Apologizes After It Refused To Let A Man With Down Syndrome In

There Is Now A Hillary Clinton Emoji Keyboard, And It's Life-Changing (Photos)

Man Allegedly Pushed His Wife Off A Cliff To Get Her Insurance Money

This Adorable Baby Elephant Was Rescued After Getting Stuck In A Well (Video)

Meet The Man Who Increased Price Of A Life-Saving Drug By 5,500 Percent

Women Share Their Stories With #ShoutYourAbortion To Support Pro-Choice

Man Disembowels GF After She Screams Her Ex's Name While Having Sex

Trans Woman Live-Tweets TSA Asking Her About Penis, Misses Her Flight

You Can Now Find Out What Your Uber Rating Is And If Drivers Hate You

Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Passes Sold Out In Under One Second

Apple Is Designing An Electric Car That's Set To Be Released In 2019

High School Couple Faces Charges After Sending Each Other Nude Selfies

This Rat Dragging A Slice Of Pizza Down The Subway Steps Is All Of Us (Video)

Woman Freaks Out Over A Spider And Leaps Out Of Her Car, Causing Crash

Why Millennials Should Make The Conscious Decision To Vote In 2016

President Obama Explains Why Our Criminal Justice System Is 'Un-American'

Amazing Surgeon Comforts A Little Girl Right Before Her Heart Surgery (Photos)

Man Sexually Attracted To Slides Gets Totally Banned From Playgrounds

Man Vandalizes His Own Truck And Tries To Blame Anti-Police Activists

Women In Japan Are Hiring Hot Guys To Wipe Their Faces When They Cry

Science May Have Finally Found A Way To Give Eyesight To Blind People

This Is How Little You Have To Run Each Week To Reap The Benefits

Volunteer Firefighter's Home Destroyed By Wildfire He Was Fighting

Man Falls To Death At The Taj Mahal While Allegedly Taking A Selfie

Ben Carson Said He Doesn't Think A Muslim Should Be The US President

92-Year-Old Man Singing To His Dying Wife Is Absolutely Heartbreaking (Video)

Man Barely Misses Getting Hit With A Massive Sheet Of Falling Glass (Video)

What Your Uber Rating Really Says About You On A Scale Of 1 To Human

Little Girl Gives Adorable Lecture On Why Her Parents Should Get Along (Video)

Elite Daily To Launch 'The Elite Daily Show' On go90 Mobile Network (Video)

All About Context: Why Startups Must Take Their Own Advice To Succeed

4 Alternatives To Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day The Healthy Way

Why The Market Slowdown In China Won't Affect United States Stocks

Precious Sea Otter Has Asthma And Learned To Use A Human Inhaler (Video)

This Bride Lost Two Wedding Rings After Being Married For Just Two Days

This 2-Year-Old's Gymnastic Skills Are Literally Out Of This World (Photos)

Snapchat May Have Paid Around $150 Million So You Could Vomit Rainbows

Dear Trump: Obama Isn't Muslim, But Why Would It Matter?

3 Real Reasons Why Millennials Don't Want Hillary In The Oval Office

'Predators' Trick Teens Into Meeting Up In This Scary Social Experiment (Video)

Little Girl Learning To Walk With Prosthetic Leg Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

Disney Might Be Removing Its Gender-Specific Labels From Kids' Costumes

Ahmed Mohamed Will Not Return To The High School Where He Was Arrested

Teacher Leaves Her Job After The School Learns She Is Also A Porn Star

Jeb Vs Trump: 3 Rounds, 3 Wins For Bush In Second Republican Debate

Prison Worker Who Helped 'Shawshank' Prisoners Escape Finally Speaks Out (Video)

Teen Gets Stomach Removed After Drinking Bar's Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

Adorable Dog Refuses To Go On With Life Until Owner Grants Forgiveness (Video)

Donald Trump Did Not Correct Man Who Said President Obama Is A Muslim

Dog Stays By Trapped Friend's Side For Entire Week Until Help Comes

George Takei Reveals Why Ahmed Mohamed's Arrest Hit So Close To Home

Researchers Created A Yeast That Produces The Same Effects As Weed

Police Arrest Woman With Over 3,500 Knives And Swords In Her Home

Mom Sends Her 13-Year-Old A Tough-Love Letter Complete With A Bill

Graffiti Artists Are Claiming Deputies Ordered A Dog To 'Eat' Them

Guy Has To Hide On Balcony All Night After Woman's Husband Comes Home

6 Policemen Accompany 8-Year-Old To Dance After Her Father Was Killed

Mom Makes Twin Girls Incredible 'Hulk Princess Cake' For Their Birthday

Multiple Cops Forcefully Detain Young Black Man For Allegedly Jaywalking (Video)

This Guy Publicly Broke Up With His BFF On Facebook And It's Perfect

15 Tweets That Prove Bernie Sanders Won The GOP Debate Last Night

You Can Find Out If You're A Narcissist By Answering This One Question

Woman Manages To Jump Off Escalator After A Floor Panel Falls Through (Video)

Ahmed Mohamed Gets Official Offers To Visit MIT And Intern At Twitter

Move Over, Avocado: Here Are 3 Delicious Ways To Cook With Cauliflower

'Dear Fat People' Woman Tried To Defend Her Viral Video On 'The View' (Video)

This Normal Guy Did An FBI Training Challenge And Actually Crushed It (Video)

Earthquake In Chile Prompts Tsunami Alerts, And 1 Million Evacuate

Adorable Raccoon Learned To Knock On This Woman's Door To Get More Food (Video)

Couple Made Pregnancy Announcement Into A Scary Movie And It's Amazing

Woman Who Silenced Her Weight Loss Haters Got Her Excess Skin Removed

Carly Fiorina's Response To Trump's Comments On Her Face Was Perfect (Video)

This Hot Guy At The GOP Debate Basically Just Won The Entire Election

Pissed Off Woman Bites Off Finger Of Her Cheating Husband's Mistress

Pilot Becomes Hero After Diverting Flight To Rescue Pooch From Freezing

How #IStandWithAhmed Reminds Us Islamophobia Is Alive And Well In The US

Teen Dies After Parents Try To Teach 'A Lesson' And Force Him To Drink

People Are Posting Pics With Clocks To Show Support For Ahmed Mohamed

'The View' Hosts Stupidly Mock Miss America Contestant's Nurse Uniform

16-Year-Old Killed By Train While Posing For Photos On Tracks With GF

Story Behind That Viral Rain Photo Proves Dads Really Are Superheroes

Teen Sentenced To 9 Years For Killing Mom After Watching ISIS Videos

Women Have The Same Sex Drive As Men, But One Thing Can Get In The Way

Prisoner Ends 61-Hour Protest On Roof When Offered A Pizza And Coke

How A Notorious Drug Kingpin's Son Is Fighting To Save His Community

Man Whose Toddler Was Run Over Learns He Was Actually Driver Who Did It

Artist Used Her Period Blood To Create This Donald Trump Painting

This Calculator Tells You How Many Sex Partners You've Been Exposed To

This New Dating App Matches You To People Based On Your Love Of Bacon

School Accused Of Islamophobia After Teen Arrested For Homemade 'Bomb'

People Are Pretending To Faint Just To See If Their Pets Give A F*ck

Woman Burned Her Cheating Boyfriend's Penis With A Hair Straightener

A 'Dislike' Button Is In The Works At Facebook And People Can't Wait

Woman Who Used Fake Penis To Sexually Assault Friend Is Found Guilty

Touching Photo Shows A Cop Bringing A Hungry Homeless Man Some Pizza

The New Snapchat Lets You Puke Rainbows, So Naturally Life Is Complete

Man Spent 6 Months And $1,500 Making A Sandwich Totally From Scratch (Video)

Alabama Councilman Says God Told Him To Put A Ban On Saggy Pants

These People Met On Tinder And Then Went To China For The Cutest Reason

Massive Humpback Whale Jumps Out Of Water And Lands Right On Kayakers (Video)

Here's How To Make Sure Your Yoga Class Is The Right One For You

Professor Suspected Of Killing Girlfriend And Coworker Commits Suicide

1,000-Year-Old Skeleton Was Discovered When A Tree Fell Over In Ireland

Don't Be Fooled: Drinking Diet Soda Could Be Making You Fat

37 Face Charges For Baruch Fraternity Hazing That Left Student Dead

Watching This Crocodile Fly Through The Air Will Give You Nightmares (Video)

Guy Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant In The Most Amazing Way Possible (Video)

There's A Scientific Reason A Man Usually Doesn't Want To Order Salad

This US Military Interpreter Is Now Living As A Refugee In Greece (Video)

Bernie Sanders Says United States Was Founded On 'Racist Principles'

Mother Charged With Murder After Found Pushing Dead Child On A Swing

Man's Super Tight Skinny Jeans Actually Rescued Him From Being Robbed

Topless Protesters Interrupt A Muslim Conference On The Role Of Women

Strangers Fund Dream Wedding For Groom Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

Amazing Photo Shows Group Of Female Soldiers Breastfeeding In Uniform

Woman Miraculously Comes Out Of Coma When She Hears Her Newborn Crying

Gay Couple Was Issued A Marriage License While Kim Davis Was Present

18-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Completely Owns Runway During NYFW (Photos)

Cheerleaders Receive Praise And Criticism For This 9/11 Tribute Routine

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Pizza And Stay In Bed All Week

Why The Actions Of Kim Davis Display Bigotry, Not Heroism

Why There's Concern For Australia's Increased Capacity For Syrian Refugees

Student Uses His Wheelchair To Make Amazing 'Mad Max'-Inspired Costume

Couple Hunts Wild Pig And Says Its Inner Flesh Is Stained Bright Blue (Photos)

8 Powerful Quotes About 9/11 That Will Fill You With Hope

This Couple Allow Each Other To Hook Up With One Tinder Person Per Month

5 Reasons Why Millennials Want Hillary Clinton In The Oval Office

Science Says Masturbation Can Actually Help Make You A Healthier Person (Video)

Donald Trump Addressed The 'Haters And Losers' In A Deleted 9/11 Tweet

Why Jon Stewart Is Fighting For The Health Of 9/11 Heroes In Congress

Joe Biden Gets Emotional Discussing Late Son Who Died Of Brain Cancer (Video)

Coming Of Age: How 9/11 Accidentally Helped Shape This Generation

'Pulling Out' Is Almost As Effective As Condoms In Preventing Pregnancy

Video Journalist Who Kicked Refugees Apologizes After Losing Her Job

Man Arrested For Alleged Plan To Bomb A 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

Powerful Video Shows Officer Talking A Man Out Of Jumping Off A Bridge

Company Pays College Tuitions For 54 Kids Of Its Employees Lost In 9/11

Never Forget: Rainbow Emerges Over One WTC Day Before 9/11 Anniversary

HS Couple Discusses How A 'First Love' Will Be Able To Last In College (Video)

Bill Clinton Has Some Advice For Hillary On Her 'Whip' And 'Nae Nae'

Fashion Week Gone Wild: Pornhub Is Dropping Its Own Clothing Line

President Obama Plans To Take In At Least 10,000 Refugees In 2016

Last Known Living 9/11 Dog Gets A Very Well-Deserved Sweet 16 Party (Video)

People Are Celebrating Middle Eastern Beauty With #TheHabibatiTag (Photos)

18-Year-Old Shoots Intruder Who Ends Up Being His Estranged Father

Talk About It: Why Sexual Violence In Warfare Gets Forgotten

RIP Pumpkin Spice Latte: People Officially Prefer Salted Caramel Flavor

An Old New York Times Article Suggests Donald Trump's Dad Was In The KKK

Baby Sent To Hospital After Mom Accidentally Mixed Formula With Vodka

Apple Claims This New iPhone Is Rose Gold But Everyone Thinks It's Pink

Woman Says BF Who Blindfolded Her For Sex Was Friend Using A Fake Penis

Young And Aware: Why Millennials May Remember 9/11 Best Of All

Woman Arrested For Drugs Actually Had A Loaded Gun Up Her Vagina

A New Human Species Was Recently Discovered In South Africa

Hold The Phone: Apple's New iOS Update Will Have Taco And Burrito Emoji

Woman Admits To Killing A 22-Year-Old Man With A Lethal Penis Injection

Something To 'Like': You Will Soon Be Able To Shop Directly On Facebook

Mother Arrested For Buying Daughter 12 Bags Of Cocaine For 18th Birthday

George Takei's Response To People Celebrating Kim Davis Is Absolutely Perfect

Tinder Introduces 'Super Like' To Make It Easier To Find Your Soulmate

Steve Jobs May Have Hated The Idea Of A Stylus, But Apple Just Made One

16 Things We Know About Apple's Brand New iPhone 6S And iPhone 6S Plus

Clerk Says He'll Keep Issuing Marriage Licenses When Kim Davis Is Back

Woman Is Selling Her Ex's Car His 'Side Chick' Tricked Out For Him

TV Journalist Fired After Video Shows Her Kicking And Tripping Refugees

Working A 9-To-5 Job Could Actually Be Putting Your Health In Jeopardy

Pools Host Adorable Dog Swimming Day Before They Close For The Season (Video)

Pastor Commits Suicide After Being Exposed In The Ashley Madison Leak

People Break Out Impressive Ballroom Dance Moves On A Busy NYC Street (Video)

Plane Burst Into Flames On A Las Vegas Runway, 14 People Were Injured

Heroic Homeless Man Gave His Life To Save A Woman Being Held Hostage

Mother Wears A Bikini In Public To Prove 'All Bodies Are Good Bodies' (Video)

Groom Totally Slays His Wedding Vows With An Epic Love Song Mashup (Video)

Horse Proves Chivalry Is Not Dead By Bringing Over Hay For His Bae (Video)

Awesome Cop Takes Homeless Man To Chipotle, Treats Him To A Burrito

The Scientific Reason Why Making Your Bed Is A Terrible Idea

Iraqi Woman Allegedly Kills ISIS Commander Who Forced Her To Be A Sex Slave

This Little Girl Finally Crushing A Heelflip Is Now Our Spirit Animal (Video)

Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing His GF And Taking A Selfie With Her

This Guy Drunkenly Designed An Airplane And Doesn't Remember Any Of It

Science Says You Probably Have A Doppelgänger Somewhere In The World

This Website Will Give You The Perfect Story To Read While You Poop

Clerk Who Refused To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses Was Released From Jail

Guys Actually Succeed In 'Literally Picking Up' Women In A Helicopter (Video)

Baltimore Will Pay Freddie Gray's Family A $6.4 Million Settlement

13 Images Of Germans Welcoming Refugees To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

We All Want To Be This Adorable Old Couple Reuniting At The Airport (Video)

The Pope Is Asking All Of Europe's Parishes To Take In Migrant Families

Women With Resting B*tch Faces May Actually Be Better At Communicating

Woman Faces Backlash After Saying She's Judged For Being 'Pretty'

Couple Finally Finds Baby Boy After He Was Swapped In The Hospital

Walter Palmer Heads Back To Work 2 Months After Killing Cecil The Lion

The Problem With Victim Blaming In Cases Of Sexual Assault And Rape

Woman Posted Rude Fat-Shaming Video, And People Were Not Happy

Jared Fogle Once Made Fun Of The Pedophiles On 'To Catch A Predator' (Video)

Woman Says She Makes $25M Every Year By Selling People's Stuff On eBay

Woman Who Fell Off Cruise Ship Wakes Up From Coma, Says She Didn't Jump

Heroic Teen Reports A School Shooting Threat She Saw On Snapchat

There's Now An Official Contest To Crown The 'Sugar Baby Of The Year'

Billionaire Proposes Plan To Buy An Island And Provide Jobs For Refugees

Family Takes Touching Photos With Newborn Daughter Who Has Brain Tumor

This New App Lets You Bring A 'Companion' On A Sketchy Walk Home

Gay Couple Gets Marriage License In Kentucky After Clerk Goes To Jail

This Obituary For 3-Year-Old Syrian Who Drowned Will Break Your Heart

This Vibrating Bra Is Actually Supposed To Give Women Bigger Boobs

Women In Taiwan Are Making A Fashion Statement By Wearing Plastic Bags (Photos)

This Outrageous Truth About Green Gummy Bears Will Destroy Your World

Real Life 'Barbie Girl' Drives Toy Jeep Around Campus After DWI Arrest

Teen Logged In Police Database After Nude Selfie Ends Up In Wrong Hands

Clerk Who Refused Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples Receives Jail Time

Daycare Staff Charged For Pitting Children Against Each Other In Fights

President Obama Leaves Heartfelt Comment On 'Humans Of New York' Post

American Millionaire Uses His Assets To Save Refugees Headed For Europe

13-Year-Old Syrian Discusses The Refugee Crisis In A Compelling Video

How America Is Basically Ignoring The Worst Refugee Crisis Of Our Era

Tom Fletcher Announces His Wife's Second Pregnancy In Totally Epic Way (Video)

This Korean Restaurant Surprised Its Single Customers With Blind Dates (Video)

College Student Arrested After Pushing Woman Off 10-Foot Roof At Party (Video)

3D-Printed Penises Are Being Used To Determine Women's Ideal Size

Woman Arrested On Warrant Soon After Tweeting A Deputy 'Deserves' Death

Man Comes Home To Discover Roommate Sublet His Bed Without Permission (Video)

People Create Moving Artwork Of 3-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Who Drowned (Photos)

This Sheep Just Broke The Record For How Much Wool It Got Sheared Off

4 Reasons Why Millennials Need To Get Involved In Politics Today

Jackie Kennedy Wrote The Most Incredible Breakup Letter To Her Former BF

Awesome Dad Gives Restaurants' Old Crayons Amazing New Purpose (Photos)

This Pregnant Woman Wants To Have A Dolphin Help Deliver Her Baby

News Anchor Shuts Down Haters Giving Her Sh*t For Her Spanish Accent

Teen Uses 'Fake A Baby' Website, Pretends To Be Pregnant With Triplets

Donald Trump Has 'Hope' He'll Run Against Kanye West For Prez In 2020

Man Cries After Finally Finding Song He Spent 20 Years Looking For (Video)

Polaroid's New Camera Prints Photos Immediately And Without Any Ink

Scientists Think 99 Percent Of Seabirds Will Ingest Plastic By 2050

Students Cover Mirrors With Inspiring Notes To Encourage Inner Beauty

This Adorable Kitten Can't Stop Shaking, But She Is Still Loving Life (Video)

High School Students Protest Transgender Teen Who Uses Women's Bathroom

This Isn't A Joke: Pornhub Is Actually Offering A $25,000 Scholarship

Burger King Is Making A 'Peace Burger' With Four Other Restaurants

Why The US Should Follow Hawaii By Way Of Stricter Gun Control

Put Down That Joint: Smoking Weed Might Be Lowering Your Sperm Count

College Students Are Now Officially Smoking More Weed Than Cigarettes

President Obama Roughed It In The Alaskan Wilderness With Bear Grylls (Photos)

Acid Attack Victim Sends A Very Serious Message In Her Makeup Tutorial (Video)

People Rate Loved Ones On A Scale Of Success In This Touching Video

The One-Night Stand Pregnancy Video Was Fake, And People Aren't Happy

Exes Ask Each Other Questions They Never Had A Chance To While Dating (Video)

How Artificial Neural Networks Are Changing Our Perception, Drug-Free

Transgender Teens Speaking To Their Future Selves In 10 Years Is Everything (Video)

7-Eleven Is Testing Delivery So You Can Get Munchies Right To Your Door

McDonald's Just Announced It Will Start Serving Breakfast All Day Long

These Two Women Aren't Related, But They Look Just Like Identical Twins

People Are Posting All Sorts Of Adorable Animal Pics In This #CuteOff

Pope Francis Will Allow Priests To Forgive Women Who Had Abortions

Kentucky Clerk Still Refuses To Give Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples

PSA: You Can Now Get Chipotle Delivered To Your College Campus

Model Has Perfect Response To Body Shamers Who Claim She's Too Skinny

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