October 2018
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Donald Trump Will Visit Pittsburgh After The Synagogue Shooting Despite Being Asked Not To

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The White House Response To Suspicious Packages Sent To The Clintons & Obama Is Missing Something – UPDATE

Ivanka Trump's Tweet About Suspicious Packages Sent To The Clintons & Obamas Is Getting Called Out

Target's Free 2-Day Shipping This Holiday Season Is Coming In Clutch

These Tweets About The Clintons & Obama Being Mailed "Potential Explosive Devices" Show Everyone's Appalled

Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Were Sent "Potential Explosive Devices" In The Mail, According To Reports

What Happens If The Democrats Take Back The Senate? A Lot, TBH

Sugarfina’s 24 Tastes Of Christmas Advent Calendar Is The Sweet Surprise That Keeps On Giving

Blue Point Brewing Is Sending Beer Cans To Congress In An Effort To Make Election Day A Holiday

Chick-fil-A Is Testing Mac ’N Cheese In Select Cities For The Most Comforting Side

Donald Trump Said He's A "Nationalist," Which Has Some Upsetting Connotations

How To Get Wendy’s French Fries For $1 Right Now

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The iPhone XR Vs. iPhone 8 Will Convince You To Use That Upgrade ASAP

The Definition Of Sex Under Title IX May Seriously Threaten Transgender Protections – UPDATE

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What Will Be Announced At Apple's October 2018 Event? New Devices Might Be Revealed

Steve Penny Was Arrested For His Alleged Role In The Larry Nassar Abuse Scandal

These Tweets About The #HarryPotterAndThe Hashtag Are Hilarious Twists On Classic Titles

XO Marshmallow's Jingle Juice Holiday Flavor Tastes Like Rose For A Merry Treat

Mitch McConnell's Comments About Obamacare & The 2018 Midterms Are Not Reassuring

Chipotle's $4 Boorito Deal For Halloween 2018 Includes Some Scary Good Menu Items

Here’s Where To Get Disney’s Pumpkin Spice Dole Whip With Candy Corn, Because Yum

Buffalo Wild Wings' Pumpkin Spice Wings Have Twitter Completely Divided

When Will Auntie Anne's Birthday Cake Pretzel Nuggets Be Available? So, So Soon

Spotify Premium’s New Personalized Search Feature Will Help You Find The Perfect Song

Postmates Is Offering $4 Off Chipotle Orders To Everyone Living In These Cities

How Many Democrats Are Needed To Flip The Senate? It's Going To Be A Tough Battle

Here's How To Make A Spooky Name On Twitter Just In Time For Halloween

Three Olives’ Eggnog-Flavored Vodka Is Here To Make Your Holiday Parties Lit AF

Here's How To Get Free Pizza From 7-Eleven On Halloween To Satisfy Your Cravings

These Tweets About Canada Legalizing Weed Definitely Won't Harsh Your Mellow

Donald Trump's Comment About Michael Cohen "Lying" Is Yet Another Development

What Is A Provisional Ballot? It's A Fail-Safe Option In Case You're Not Prepared

These Snapchat Lenses For Halloween 2018 Are Haunting My Dreams

Taco Bell's "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco" 2018 World Series Deal Is Getting An Upgrade

Melania Trump's Response To T.I.'s Video Featuring Her Lookalike Is Not Happy

What Happens If The Democrats Take Back The House? Buckle Up

Dunkin's Halloween Costume Contest Could Win You $1,000 & Free Coffee For A Year

Here’s How To Get Free Cheesecake From The Cheesecake Factory & DoorDash In October

The Ginvent Calendar By Gin Foundry Will Really Put You Into The Holiday Spirit

Donald Trump's Argument Against Climate Change Is Apparently Based On "Instinct"

Taylor Swift's Instagram About Early Voting Is Pointing Out Something Massive

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl For National Pasta Day Is A Savory Celebration

Taco Bell's $5 Double Chalupa Box Could Win You A Limited-Edition XBox One, So Order Up

Frontier Airlines' October Sale Has $20 Flights For Last-Minute Halloween Trips

Target’s Halloween Sale Includes BOGO 50 Percent Off Halloween Costumes & Candy

Burger King's Nightmare King Halloween Burger Has A Spooky AF Green Bun

JetBlue’s 2-Day Flight Sale Has $49 Fares For Last-Minute Fall Getaways

Pizza Hut Is Launching A $5 Value Menu With All Of Your Shareable Favorites

Starbucks Japan's Witch & Princess Frappuccinos Are The Perfect Spooky N' Sweet Halloween Treat

Will Olivia Wilde Run For Office? The Star Gets Real About A Future In Politics — EXCLUSIVE

Donald Trump's Response To Stormy Daniels' Lawsuit Being Dismissed Is A Whole New Level

This Video Of Dancing Dinos At Iowa State’s Halftime Show Is The Most Hilarious Performance Of The Season

This Cheese Advent Calendar By So Wrong It's Nom Will Help You Brie Merry This Year

General Mills’ Monster Cereals Are Here Just In Time For A Spooky Halloween Treat

Apple's Bagel Emoji Got A Makeover After Bagel-Lovers Complained About The "Monstrosity"

McDonald’s’ New Cold Brew Coffees Are Being Sold At San Diego Stores For A Trial Run

These Tweets About Ivanka Trump Misquoting Socrates Are Seriously Going In

Sour Cream & Onion Pringles-Flavored Ramen Is The Ultimate Snack Mash-Up

JetBlue's "Destination Good" For Its #CheckInForGood Contest Is A Total Surprise

Starbucks’ Oct. 19 Happy Hour Has BOGO Espresso Drinks For You & A Friend

Harry & David's Cinnabon Moose Munch Is The Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List

Stormy Daniels' Comment About The Consequences Of Accusing Powerful Men Is So Real

These Tweets About Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test Are Calling For Trump To Pay Up That $1 Million

These 6 Christmas-Themed Hotels Are Seriously Perfect To Spend The Holidays In

Donald Trump's Comment About Jamal Khashoggi's Disappearance Is Troubling

Here's How To Use Snapchat's Cat Filters On Your Favorite Feline For The Cutest Snap Ever

Daffy's Gin Holiday Cards Come With A Mini Bottle Of Gin For That Extra Christmas Cheer

Donald Trump Said He Treated Christine Blasey Ford With "Respect" In His '60 Minutes' Interview

When Will Zombie Skittles Be Available? You'll Be Waiting A While

These Tweets About Donald Trump's Portrait With Other Republican Presidents Are Hysterical

Pillsbury’s Buddy The Elf Sugar Cookies Are Coming For The Perfect Holiday Treat

General Mills' Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Is Coming Back For A Sweet Breakfast Treat

Donald Trump's Tweet About Princess Eugenie's Wedding Has Me Totally Confused

Dairy Queen's Oct. 14 BOGO Sundae Deal Is A Tasty National Dessert Day Celebration

Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank's Official Wedding Portraits Show These Special Moments

'SNL's Kanye West & Donald Trump Sketch Captured The Weirdest Parts Of Their Meeting

This "Christmas Elf" Job In Finland Is The Merriest Gig For The Holiday Season

These 10 Target Halloween Decorations Will Make Your Space Feel Spooky AF

These March To The Polls 2018 Signs Will Inspire You Ahead Of The Midterms

Here's Where To Buy This Princess Eugenie Wedding Gift Bag To Feel Like A Royal

These Tweets About Trump's Robert E. Lee Comments At An Ohio Rally Are Seriously Angry

Melania Trump's Comments On The "I Don't Care" Jacket Have Twitter Confused

This ‘Harry Potter’ Advent Calendar Will Let Muggles Have The Most Magical Holiday

Are Hurricanes Getting Worse? This Isn't Reassuring

How Many Seats Do Democrats Need To Flip The House? Probably Not As Many As You Think

Here's Where To Buy Welch's Frozen Avocados For The Easiest Meal Prep Ever

This 'Harry Potter' Pep Rally At An Arizona High School Has Twitter In Total Awe

Here’s Where To Get “Baileys Everyday Sundae” For A Boozy Fall Treat

Melania Trump's Comments On Donald Trump's Alleged Affairs Are Serious

Google's 10 Most Searched Halloween Costumes In September 2018 Might Surprise You

Pop Tarts' Fall Variety Pack Has Seasonal Flavors That Aren't Only Pumpkin Spice

Donald Trump Made Fun Of The Me Too Movement At A Rally, So Here We Go Again

Michelle Obama's Comment About Me Too & The Lack Of Change Is So Real

Here's How To Help Hurricane Michael Victims, So You Can Do Your Part

These Tweets & Memes About Kanye West's iPhone Passcode At His Trump Meeting Are Hilarious

Here's How To Get Free Uber Rides To Vote In The 2018 Midterms On Nov. 6

What's The iPlane 1? Kanye West Proposed A Hydrogen Plane For Trump To Replace Air Force 1

These Tweets About Donald Trump & Kanye West's Wild Oval Office Meeting Are So Confused

Are Waffle Houses In Florida Open After Hurricane Michael? The Storm Got Pretty Bad

Melania Trump Said She's One Of The Most Bullied People In The World, Which, OK

New York City Is Adding An X Gender Option To Its Birth Certificates

This Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar With Reese’s Pieces Candy Is A Tasty Combination

3 Musketeers' New Birthday Cake Candy Bar Is A Celebratory Sweet Treat

Burger King’s Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry Drink Is A Spooky Halloween Treat

Here's How To Vote Early In The 2018 Midterms, So You Can Get A Head Start

These Photos Of Hurricane Michael In Florida Are Absolutely Terrifying

Who Is Dina Powell? She Might Replace Nikki Haley As U.N. Ambassador

These Tweets About Donald Trump's Op-Ed On Medicare Seriously Call Him Out

The Christmas Farm Inn Is Festive Lodging That’s Available All Year Long

Burger King's 100 Chicken Nuggets For $10 Deal With Postmates Is In These Cities

Melania Trump's Comments On Me Too Really Miss The Point

What Is The Facebook Portal? It Makes Video Calls To Keep You Connected

Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp Deal Features 2 New "Secret Menu" Items For A Savory Meal

Here's How To Find Out Where You're Registered To Vote, Before It's Too Late

This Alaska Airlines Flight Sale Helps You Save On Travel Through The End Of 2018

Sprinkles' Halloween Cupcake Flavors Will Make You Ditch Your Candy Bars For A Bite

Fix The Court Bought Brett Kavanaugh's Name As A Website To Help Sexual Assault Survivors

Michael Avenatti Challenged Donald Trump Jr. To A MMA Fight, Because 2018 Is Wild

Here's How To Get Chipotle's Scratch-And-Sniff Stickers For A Burrito-Scented Accessory

Denny's' Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast On The "Festive Flavors" Menu Looks Tasty AF

Spotify's Top Globally Streamed Songs Since 2008 Include All Your Favorite Jams

The Man Behind OverheardLA Is Responsible For Those Funny AF Conversations On Your Feed

Girlboss x Uber Pitch Will Give $200,000 To An Entrepreneur With A Dream – UPDATE

These SkinnyPop Holiday Popcorn Flavors Will Make You So Excited For The Season

Here's Where To Find Snapchat's Snap Originals For Your Next TV Marathon

These Snapchat Snap Originals Are New Scripted & Unscripted Shows On The App

Will Ivanka Trump Be Appointed U.N. Ambassador After Nikki Haley? Donald Trump Sure Likes The Idea

Here's Where To Send A Letter To Christine Blasey Ford To Show Your Appreciation

Why Did Nikki Haley Resign As U.N. Ambassador? The Reason Is A Little Vague

Buckingham Palace Is Hiring A Sous Chef, So This Is Your Chance To Live With The Royals

Brett Kavanaugh's First Supreme Court Case On The Bench Involves Gun Issues

These Lazy Halloween Decorations Are Great For People Who Just Don't Feel Like It

McDonald’s "Trick. Treat. Win!" Prizes Include $50K, TVs, & Getaways For The Best Sweepstakes

Williams-Sonoma's Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Bark Is A Seasonal Fall Snack You Don’t Want To Miss

Room 301 At The Kimpton Everly Hotel Will Turn Your Stay Into A Social Experiment

Nikki Haley Is Resigning As UN Ambassador, Which Is A Big Deal

Donald Trump's Response To Taylor Swift's Instagram About Voting Is So Petty

Lakes Distillery's Gin-Filled Christmas Tree Ornaments Will Make Your Holiday So Lit

Wendy’s “Boo Book” Offers 5 Jr. Frosty’s For $1 To Support A Good Cause

Starbucks Indonesia's Pink Drinks For Breast Cancer Awareness Month Look Delicious

Starbucks’ Oct. 11 Happy Hour Offers Half Off Frappuccinos For A Sweet Fall Treat

These Tweets About Hope Hicks Joining Fox Are All Making The Same Joke

Disney's Jack Skellington Cotton Candy Is The Sweet & Spooky Snack You'll Crave

Iceland Luxury Christmas Tree-Flavored Chips Will Put You Into The Holiday Spirit

This UN Report On Climate Change Found There's Only 12 Years Left To Fix Things

This 'Disney On Ice' Real-Life Couple Is Living Their Favorite Fairy Tale

Donald Trump's Columbus Day Message Didn't Mention Indigenous People At All

This Wine Lovers' Advent Calendar Lets You Pop A Bottle Each Day Before Christmas

Taylor Swift's Instagram Endorsing Democrats In The 2018 Midterms Is A Major Change

Cinnamon Zero Sugar Coca-Cola Is Here To Be Your Favorite Fall Mixer

Here's How To Get Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts On Halloween For A Festive Treat

Krispy Kreme's New Halloween Doughnuts Are The Spooky & Delicious Treats You Need

These Tweets About The Constitution Being Shredded After Kavanaugh's Confirmation Are A Lot

These Responses To Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Confirmation Are Saying This One Thing

Donald Trump's Reaction To The Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Is Very Excited About It

These Tweets About The Senate's Confirmation Vote On Kavanaugh Are So Emotional

The Senate's Vote On Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed Him To The Supreme Court

Christine Blasey Ford's Reported Response To Trump Mocking Her Is Warranted

When Will McDonald's' "Trick. Treat. Win!" Halloween Game End? You Have Time To Play

Chuck Grassley's Comments On The Lack Of Women On The Judiciary Committee Are Sad

Banksy’s 'Girl With Balloon' Was Shredded After Being Sold At Auction For $1.12 Million

Melania Trump's Reported Comments On Brett Kavanaugh & Christine Blasey Ford Are Perplexing

What's The Deadline To Mail In An Absentee Ballot In The 2018 Midterms? Here's What To Know

Lady Gaga's Comments About Christine Blasey Ford Defended Her Against Trump's Criticism

These Yanny & Laurel Halloween 2018 Costume Ideas Are Genius AF

Here's How To Use Spotify In Google Maps To Choose Your Music On The Go

4 Of The Strongest Dunkin' Donuts Fall Drinks, Ranked To Help Perk You Up

These Memes Of Trump With Paper Stuck To His Shoe Are Priceless

Protesters Were Drinking Beer Outside Mitch McConnell's House To Denounce The Kavanaugh Vote

Here's Where To Get McDonald's Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pie, Because OMG, Yum

Here's How To Send Memojis With The iPhone XS For A Hilariously Good Time

Here’s How To Play McDonald’s' “Trick. Treat. Win!” Halloween Game For Legit Prizes

How Do You Make An Instagram Nametag? It's Actually Pretty Fun To Do

DoorDash Is Offering Free DashPass Subscriptions, But You Need To Act Fast

This 'Stranger Things' Candy At IT'SUGAR Will Bring You Straight Back To Hawkins

These Tweets About Christine Blasey Ford On The 'TIME' Cover Are So Grateful

This Postmates Unlimited Update Will Help You Cut Down On Delivery Fees

Red Robin's Oktoberfest Burger Is Back On The Menu, So Time To Get Hype

This Nissin Foods' Cup Noodles Costume Will Totally Win Any Costume Contest This Halloween

What's A Procedural Vote In The Senate? It's Not The Final Say

Why Don’t I Have Instagram’s Nametag Feature? Here’s How To Get It

Here's How To Find Instagram's Nametag Feature To Easily Connect With New Friends

Instagram's Nametag Feature Makes It Easy To Follow People When You Meet Them IRL

This Tiny Home That Runs On Dunkin' Is Powered By Your Favorite Coffee

Is The Kavanaugh FBI Investigation Over? These Key People Were Never Interviewed

These Tweets About An Italian Winery Spilling 8,000 Gallons Of Prosecco Are So Relatable

Here's How To Get Free Tacos On National Taco Day With These Tasty Promos

This New Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Roller Coaster At Universal Studios Is Magical

Yes Way Rose Bubbles Offers A Celebratory Sip For Your Upcoming Holiday Parties

This Bag Of Reese's Baking Peanut Butter Cups & Pieces Will Up Your Cookie Game

Popeyes' 24 Karat Champagne Wings Covered In Edible Gold Look Tasty AF

Barack & Michelle Obama's Tweets About Their 26-Year Wedding Anniversary Are So Beautiful

Why Was A Presidential Alert Sent To My Phone? It’s Actually For A Good Reason

Baskin-Robbins' Halloween Special Gets You $1.50 Scoops, So Bring On The Sugar Coma

These New Maple Cheerios Are Now Available Nationwide For A Tasty Fall Breakfast

This New Gmail Smart Compose Feature Is So Accurate That People Are Freaked Out

These Tweets About Donald Trump Mocking Christine Blasey Ford Are Not Holding Back

Southwest’s Winter Flight Sale Has Flights As Low As $49, So Book Your Escape ASAP

This Video Of President Donald Trump Mocking Christine Blasey Ford Is Not OK

This McDonald’s "Trick. Treat. Win." Halloween Game Is All About The Prizes

Elite Daily's Snapchat Discover Channel Is Finally Here, So Time To Subscribe

This New Chipotle Rewards Program Will Get You The Free Guac & Burritos You Crave

Chili's' $5 The Great Pumpkin Margarita Is Here For PSL Lovers Who Need A Drink

How Long Will Dunkin’ Donuts Halloween Donut Be Available? There's A Catch

Dunkin’ Donuts’ New All You Can Meat Breakfast Sandwich Has Everything You Want

This Austrian Federal Railways OBB Nightjet Overnight Train Looks So Comfortable

Oreo's Fun Size Chocolate Candy Bars Are The Perfect Halloween Treat

Dunkin’ Donuts’ October Deals Include $2 Iced Coffees & Free Donut Fries

Dunkin' Donuts' Halloween Oreo Donut Is A Spooky New Treat That You'll Love

When Will Apple's iOS 12.1 Emojis Be Available? You'll Have To Wait A Bit Longer

Here's How To Find Your Polling Place For The 2018 Midterms, Because It's Pretty Important

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On The Las Vegas Shooting Anniversary, Why This Teen Is Thinking About Activism

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This Harpoon Dunkin' Coffee Porter Is The Dunkin' Donuts Brew You Need This Fall

Women Running For Congress Are Out-Fundraising Male Incumbents In The 2018 Midterms

Popeyes Is Selling Double Stuf Oreo Bites, But There's A Catch To The Fried Dessert

Taco Bell's New Diablo Tortilla Chips Will Be Your Favorite Spicy Snack