October 2017
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Dairy Queen's Oreo Hot Cocoa Blizzard Is Here & It'll Make You Forget All About Halloween

Video Of John Kelly Discussing Civil War Is, Um, Wow

Trump's Reaction To Mueller News Reportedly Filled With Anger: "Everyone Is Freaking Out"

Tweets About Strawberry Pizza Prove People Are At War Over The Sweet Topping

Photos Of Donald Trump’s Halloween Party At The White House Are Just Surreal

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Halloween Costumes, Because Someone Has To Do It

Video Of Beauty Queens Talking Violence Against Women Mid-Pageant Is Inspiring AF

Russian Facebook Ads Hit More Than Half Of U.S. Voting Population, Report Says

Tweets Slamming White House Response To Indictments Are Hilariously Confused

James Comey’s Tweet About Manafort’s Charges Is The Most Epic Burn

Photos Of Pugs In Halloween Costumes Prove That "Pug-o-ween" Is The Best Holiday Yet

Ivanka Trump’s “Happy Birthday” Tweet From The GOP Is Spectacularly Badly Timed

When There's Free Food At The Office

White Americans Feel Discriminated Against Without Actually Experiencing It, New Report Says

This Young Amputee's Halloween Costumes Will Blow Your Mind

Paul Manafort & Rick Gates Pleaded Not Guilty & Their Bails Are High

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Who Is George Papadopoulos? Trump Campaign's Foreign Policy Adviser Pleaded Guilty To Lying To The FBI

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Why Was Paul Manafort Indicted? The Trump Russia Investigation Got To The Former Campaign Manager

Tweets About Paul Manafort & Rick Gates' Charges In Trump Russia Investigation Show A Lot Of Cheering

Ivanka Trump Tweets Arabella's Birthday Note For Her & It's Sweet

Paul Manafort & Rick Gates Were Charged In Trump Russia Investigation & Twitter Is Cheering

Tweets Roasting Tomi Lahren’s Flag Halloween Costume Are Pretty Hilarious

Photo Of Tiffany Trump Hanging Out For Her Mom's Birthday Is Honestly So Relatable

Donald Trump’s Tweets About Russia Investigation Charges Are Totally Bonkers

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Obama Got Jury Duty & Where Do We Sign Up?

Last-Minute 'Beauty & The Beast' Costumes Cause Your Laziness Is A Tale As Old As Time

Tweets About Professor Being His Student's Wingman To Get A Date Are The Best Thing You'll See Today

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iPhone X Screen Repairs Could Be Costly Unless You Do This One Thing

Trump Halloween Decorations Are Causing Controversies

Trump's Sexual Harassment Accusers Are Lying, White House Says

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Can You Buy An iPhone X On eBay? Well, One Person's Selling

DIY iPhone X Costumes Ideas That'll Upstage All The Other Techies At Your Halloween Party

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Who Is Lee Greenwood? Trump Tagged The Wrong Twitter User

Chloe The Mini Frenchie Dog Died & We're So, So Heartbroken

When Will The iPhone X Be Shipped? There May Be Delays

Who Is Donald Trump’s Older Brother? POTUS Says Fred Is The Reason He Doesn’t Drink

A 6 Week Abortion Ban Bill Is In The Works, So Get Ready To Call Your Rep

This Letter That Survived The Titanic Sinking Will Both Fascinate & Disturb You

Donald Trump’s Met Gala Invite Is Getting Lost In The Mail, Forever

Immigration Detained A 10-Year-Old Girl After Agents Stopped Her Ambulance

Tweets About Hillary Clinton's Birthday Prove Everyone's Still With Her

Loretta Lynch's Advice For Young Women Is To "Use Your Voice" — EXCLUSIVE

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Support For Marijuana Legalization Is At An All-Time, Um, High

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Tweets About Starbucks' Zombie Frappuccino Will Make You Scream For A Taste

Elite Daily's Latest 'Gen Why' Video Perfectly Describes Why Halloween Is The Most Extra Holiday

How Much Does Starbucks' Zombie Frappuccino Cost? The Price Isn't Spooky At All

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Video Of Jimmy Kimmel Mocking Trump's Ivy League Brag States The Obvious & You Must See It

Starbucks' Zombie Frappuccino Is Available & It'll Give You So Many Chills This Halloween

San Juan's Mayor Slams Trump Donor's Company’s Sketchy Puerto Rico Deal

Tweets About Ivanka Trump’s Spotify Playlist Are Both Fascinated & Grossed Out

How To Make A Donald Trump Jack-O-Lantern, Because You Know You Want To

Ivanka Trump’s Anniversary Instagram To Jared Kushner Is Actually Pretty Classy

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Undocumented Minor's Abortion Case Is A Troubling Hint Of Things To Come

Half Of Americans Think Trump Is "Reckless," "Thin-Skinned," & "Sexist"

How To Tell If Your Vegetables Are Part Of The Listeria Recall If You Just Left The Grocery Store

Is the President Impeachable? This Is How Politicians Have Tried To Impeach Presidents, Including Trump

Undocumented Girl Seeking Abortion Releases Powerful Statement: "This Is My Life, My Decision"

Will Cars Have Wireless Chargers For iPhone 8 & iPhone X? Here Are The Ones That Will

Russia Dossier On Trump Reportedly Paid For By Democrats & The White House Thinks That's The "Real" Scandal

Video Of Guy Floating With Balloons Across The Sky Will Make Your Wildest 'Up' Dreams Come True

Send Trump Your Birth Control Invoice Using This New Tool

Text Message Rejection Hotline Makes Us Both Happy & Really Sad That We Need It

Tweets About “Trump Day Care Activities” Are Making The Perfect Burn Even Better

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey On Trump & Birth Control: "We'll See Him In Court"

House GOP Opens Another Hillary Clinton Email Investigation & OMG When Will It End

7 Halloween Wigs On Amazon That Are Perfect For Any Mystical Creature Costume

A Thong Jeans Costume Exists, Because Why Wouldn't It?

Trump Tweets Halloween Costumes Will Guarantee You're The Scariest One At The Party

Senator Jeff Flake's Retirement Speech Was A Slap At Trump: "I Will Not Be Complicit"

Tweets About Trump As “Millennial President” Show This Generation Is Having None Of It

How To Pre-Order iPhone X If You Want The New Device Before All Your Friends

The First Cat Of NZ Is On Twitter & Other Cats Are Adorably Introducing Themselves

Kneeling Football Player Halloween Costumes Are A Terrible Idea, Just So We're Clear

Where To Buy Horror Movie-Inspired Lipstick By LA Splash For The Perfect Halloween Look

Viral Video Of Girl Pulling Fake Eyelashes Off Shows Her Friends Freaking Out & It's Adorable

How To Go Live With A Friend On Instagram With This Collaborative New Feature

Senator Bob Corker Fires Back At Trump: "Same Untruths From An Utterly Untruthful President"

Are Schools Open In Puerto Rico? Some Kids Are Going Back, But The Island's Still In Bad Shape

Are Sriracha-Flavored Auntie Anne's Pretzels Available? Yes They Are & It's All Because Of You

Tweets Roasting Donald Trump's Pumpkin MAGA Hats Are Hilariously Savage

Ivanka Trump's GOP Tax Plan Comments Are Pretty Ridiculous If You Think About It

How Can I Get Taco Bell’s Chocoladilla? The Candy Treat Is Limited

Trump's Vacations Vs. Obama's Make For Least Surprising Comparison Ever

Megyn Kelly Responds To Bill O'Reilly's Comment On Sexual Harassment Allegations: "I Complained"

Snapchat Hot Dog Halloween Costume Ideas Will Make You Boogie Down

James Comey's Twitter Account Is Back & People Are Freaked

New Starbucks Ready-To-Drink Flavors Are Coming & 2018 Looks So Sweet

Photos Of Boy Recreating Uncle's Modeling Pics Are Adorable

Photo Of Lady Gaga & Presidents Goes Viral & It's Hilarious

Does Trump's Tax Plan Save Everyone Money? People Are Calling Out Bad Math On It

Would The U.S. Launch Nuclear Weapons? Nuclear Bombers Are Back On Alert, New Report Says

Want To See The World? The New York Times Will Pay Someone To Travel To 52 Places In A Year

9 Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks If You Completely Forgot To Buy A Costume This Year

French President Macron's Dog Peed In A Fireplace During A Meeting & Twitter Screamed

Maldives Hotel Offers An "Instagram Butler," So It's Time To Plan

Soldier's Widow Myeshia Johnson Speaks Out On Trump Call: "It Made Me Cry"

Melania Trump's Anti-Bullying Campaign Is Apparently Still Happening & She's Visiting A School

Is The 256GB iPhone 7 Available? Apple Is Discontinuing This Huge Option

When Will White Chocolate Twix Be Available? The Treat Is Making A Comeback

How To Get Halloween Filters On Facebook Messenger For Spooky Video Chats With Friends

Winter 2018 Might Be Warmer Than Usual, So Don’t Break Out Those Parkas Yet

Twitter Jokes About Harvey Weinstein's Rehab Program Are Rightfully Furious

Who Is James Toback? More Than 30 Women Accuse Director Of Sexual Misconduct

6 'Captain America' Halloween Costumes For Women Who Want To Be Their Own Heroes

Did Hillary Clinton Attend Trump's Inauguration? Yes, But She Tried Really Hard To Avoid It

How To Order The Franken Frappuccino From Starbucks' Spooky Secret Menu

What Do JFK Files Say? Trump Tweets That He'll Release Classified Information About John F. Kennedy

6 Easy 'Wonder Woman' Halloween Costumes To Slay Halloween With This Year

Undocumented Teenager Blocked From Abortion For Now, Judge Rules

Americans Think Sexual Harassment Mostly Takes Place In Hollywood & That's A Problem

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport? Find Out Before You Book Your Dream Trip

Where To Buy A Reptar Costume That'll Make Your Halloween Party So, So Nostalgic

KFC Twitter Account Is Following These Spices & Herbs On Twitter & The Internet Is Shook

Where Can You Get A Passport? You Should Probably Know Before Booking An International Trip

What Is The 25th Amendment? This Is The Legal Loophole To Kick A President Out

How To Win #KrashHere Contest For The Kool-Aid Man To Crash Your Throwback Party

John Kelly's "Sacred" Quote About Women Is All Kinds of Flawed

Where To Buy "Fruitmojis," AKA Emoji Fruit Snacks, For A True Taste Of 2017

DIY iPhone 9 Costume Ideas That'll Make You Remember The Forgotten Device

3 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Halloween Costumes That Are Pretty, Pretty Good

How Do You Make Mac & Cheese? Twitter Is Being Very Cruel To This Person Who Tried

Obama's Virginia Campaign Speech Was A Not-So-Subtle Dig at Trump

9 Funny Fired White House Staffers Halloween Costumes For 2017

Trump Tweets About Tax Reform & Celebrates Republicans Passing A New Budget

Trump Gives Himself A 10 Out Of 10 For Puerto Rico Response, Because Of Course

Tomi Lahren's Tweet About Trump Hugging The Flag Is Cringeworthy AF

Photos Of University Of Florida Protests Against Richard Spencer Are Intense

Barack Obama's Love Letters For A Woman Who Is Not Michelle Will Wreck You

An Undocumented Girl Is Trying To Get An Abortion & The Trump Admin Is Doing Everything To Stop Her

Halloween Bento Boxes Are Here To Make Your Sushi Extra Spooky This All Hallows' Eve

The UPS Dogs Instagram Account Will Have You Doling Out All The Likes

California Sexual Harassment Laws May Change After Harvey Weinstein Allegations

George Bush's "Bigotry" Speech Was One Big Subtweet At Trump

Starbucks Mermaid Costume Ideas To Mystically Caffeinate Your Halloween

Instagrams Of Private Jets Have A Sneaky But Costly Renting Secret

Is The Media Making Up Trump Stories? About Half Of America Thinks So, & That's Not Great

CIA's Tweets About Fired Bomb Sniffing Dog Are So Pure & So Confusing

How Do You Dress Up As A Ghost? This Cartoon's Got All The Ghastly Fashion

Ben & Jerry's "One Sweet World" Flavor Is Here To Bring Everyone Together With Ice Cream

Is Obama Campaigning Again? The Former President Is Helping Support These Candidates

Memes About A Melania Trump Body Double Conspiracy Are Filling Us With Questions

Ted Cruz’s Zodiac Killer Tweet Is Not Helping Those Conspiracy Theories

Tweets About A Melania Trump Body Double Are So Wrong... & So Right

Men's Responses To #MeToo Aren't Impressive Or Enough

Where To Buy Sunny D Gummies For A Delightful Taste Of '90s Nostalgia

France Might Make Catcallers Pay Fines & America Could Learn A Lesson From It

Nine Donald Trump Halloween Masks If You Want To Make The Holiday Great Again

Ivanka Trumps Brand Settles Lawsuit Over Coat Design

Me Trying To Get 8-Hours Of Sleep

DIY Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Sweet AF

Obama's Name Is Replacing Jefferson Davis' At A Majority Black Mississippi Elementary School

Where To Get Chick-fil-A's Spicy Entrees If You Can't Get Enough Of The Heat

'Ghostbusters' Halloween Costume Ideas To Help You Kick Paranormal Butt This Year

How To Use TripAdvisor Feature On Weather Channel App For Things To Do Based On The Weather

McKayla Maroney Claims Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Molested Her In Emotional #MeToo Post

Trump & Rep. Wilson Argue Over Military Widow Call & It's Really Classy

Trump Tweets About NFL After League Decides Not To Punish Kneeling Players, Because Of Course

Where Is Starbucks' Vampire Frappuccino Available? The Spooky Treat Might Be Hard To Get

Best Cities For Reproductive Rights, According To A New Report

‘GOT’s Lena Headey Accuses Harvey Weinstein Of Harassment: "I Got Into My Car & Cried"

11 Scary Movie-Themed Halloween Party Ideas To Try This Year

Ivanka Trump's "Punk Phase" Was Hilariously Short

Trump's New Travel Ban Is Blocked (Again) Over Discrimination

Trump Backs Obamacare CSR Plan Days After Cutting Subsidy

What #MeToo Means For Feminist Allies Is Pretty Simple

California's Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Is A Landmark Step In The State

What Are “Hunger Bars”? Snickers’ New Flavors Taste Like Espresso, Hot Peppers, & Salted Caramel

Tweets About The Brooklyn Bull On The Loose In Prospect Park Will Seriously Crack You Up

Trump Suggested Obama Didn't Call Families Of Fallen Soldiers Again, Including General John Kelly

Donald Trump's Net Worth Is Down $600 Million Since Last Year

Richard Spencer's University Of Florida Visit Prompts A State Of Emergency From Governor Rick Scott

Do You Need A Passport For Domestic U.S. Flights? Surprisingly, Yes — For These States Only

DIY Halloween Carving Ideas For Non-Pumpkin Fruits That Are Just As Festive

Tweets About Anne Frank Costume Show How Seriously Wrong The Idea Was

DIY Dunkin' Donuts Costume Ideas That'll Make Your Halloween Party Extra Sweet

Eric Holder's Tweet About Donald Trump Tells The President To "Stop The Damn Lying"

How Long Is Dunkin' Donuts' Almond Joy Hot Chocolate Available? Sip The Candy-Flavored Treat ASAP

Will North Korea Nuke The U.S.? It’s, Uh, Not Looking Great

Photos of Hurricane Ophelia's Red Sky Are Seriously Spooky

Hillary Clinton Called Out Donald Trump & Harvey Weinstein At The Same Time

Easy Instagram Halloween Costumes That Will Get All The Likes

Trump Is Subpoenaed For Documents Relating to Alleged Sexual Assault, Because Of Course

Russian Trolls Watched 'House Of Cards' For Ideas, Apparently

Is Starbucks Releasing A Zombie Frappuccino? Here's What We Know

The Hogwarts Express Train Rescued A Stranded Family & Reaffirmed Your Love For 'Harry Potter'

The Clinton Foundation Is Keeping Harvey Weinstein's Donations... So What?

Your Halloween 2017 Horoscope Will Reveal Whether You’re In For Tricks Or Treats

6 Funny "Shook" Halloween Costumes That’ll Probably Be Too Clever For Most Of Your Friends

Me Procrastinating Going To The Gym

Easy Swan Pool Float Costume Ideas That'll Make Your Halloween So, So Basic

Trump Said Pence "Wants To Hang" Gay People, Apparently, So That's Great

Should You Wear A Halloween Costume To Work? Here Are 5 Factors To Consider If You're Not Sure

DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Halloween Costumes Help You Celebrate Your Favorite Fall Drink

Dad's Tweets About Daughter Seeing Female Referee Will Warm Your Heart

Disney World Hotels Let Dogs Come On Vacation, So Book Your Tickets ASAP

Taco Bell’s “Steal A Base Steal A Taco” 2017 Will Get You So Excited For Baseball

Tweets With “Me Too” Hashtag Show Just How Huge A Problem Sexual Assault Really Is

Tweets About Woody Allen's Response To Harvey Weinstein Allegations Are So Pissed

7 Low Key Halloween Costumes That Are Effortlessly Spooky & Cool AF

'SNL' Compares Harvey Weinstein To 'Law & Order' Season After Previously Ignoring Allegations

Kellyanne Conway 'It' Skit On 'SNL' Will Scare You More Than Pennywise Did

DIY Ariana Grande Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For Your Squad

Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin Costumes That Will Win Your Halloween Party

Funny 2017 Dumpster Fire Costume Ideas For Halloween

New Twitter Rules After #WomenBoycottTwitter Aren't Looking Too Good For Donald Trump

Tweets About Trump Not Knowing He Is President Of Virgin Islands Will Make You Cringe

4 'The Punisher' Costume Ideas For Halloween That Won't Break The Bank

Tweets About Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Listening Party Will Make You Wish You Were There

2017 Political Halloween Costumes Since This Year Is Such A Mess

Cameron Russell's Instagram Is Sharing Model's Sexual Assault Stories & We're Here For It

Ivana Trump Tells Melania She's The Real First Lady & This Feud Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Lili Reinhart Shares Sexual Harassment Story: "I Was So Young"

Friday The 13th Flight 666 To HEL Sounds Terrifying, Here's How It Went

Prince Harry Is Going To Obama's Foundation Summit Later This Month, So Prepare For BFF Goals

8 DIY Food Halloween Costumes That Look Good Enough To Eat

8 Easy Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Costume Ideas For The Super Fan Looking For A Last-Minute Look

Trump's Values Voter Speech Brought "Merry Christmas" War Back, For Some Reason

Photo Of A Ghost In ‘The Shining’ Stanley Hotel Is Truly Petrifying

Can You Order Halloween Candy On Seamless? Here's The Lowdown For Your Girls' Night In

Where To Get 'Harry Potter' Butterbeer Milkshakes That'll Surely Put A Spell On You

What Food Can I Order On Facebook? 17 Restaurants You Can Choose From That'll Make Your Mouth Water

Where To Buy 'Harry Potter' Jewelry By Alex & Ani For A Truly Magical Look

'Hocus Pocus' Drinking Game Will Give Your Scary Movie Night Some Extra "Boos"

Why Are Women Boycotting Twitter? #WomenBoycottTwitter Protest Begins After Rose McGowan Is Suspended

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Sexual Harassment Isn't Just A Hollywood Problem & We Need To Talk About It

7 'SpongeBob' Group Costumes To Do With Your Squad This Halloween

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What Are Cost-Sharing Subsidies? Trump's Executive Order Will End Payments Essential To Obamacare

How To Order Food On Facebook With Its New Delivery Feature For A Delicious Night In

Trump's Mar-A-Lago Visits Cost The Secret Service Over $60K, Report Says

When Will Trump’s Health Care Plan Take Effect? What You Need To Know

This Is How Likely Women Are To Face Sexual Assault In Their Lifetime & It's Not OK

Will John Kelly Leave The White House? "I Don't Think I'm Being Fired Today"

Russian Election Meddling Reportedly Used Pokemon Go, And Nothing Is Sacred

Most Popular 2017 Halloween Costumes On Instagram That'll Get You The Most Likes This Year

What Color Is This Vans Sneaker? It's The New "Dress" & The Internet Is Breaking

Timeline of Ivana & Melania Trump's Relationship Shows A Tense History

7 Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Require No Money Or Effort Because You're Just That Lazy

6 Scariest True Ghost Stories Of All Time, In Case You Didn’t Want To Sleep Tonight

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Zendaya's Quotes On Trump Era Prove "Young People Have To Demand What They Need" – EXCLUSIVE

6 Wonder Woman & Batman Costumes For Halloween That Are So Super

Where To Buy KFC Colonel Sanders Halloween Costume If You Like Fried Chicken More Than Candy

Why Was Rose McGowan's Twitter Suspended? Apparently It Came Down To A Phone Number

What Does Trump's Health Care Executive Order Do? It Has A Few Parts

What Are Diet Avocados? Here's Everything We Know About The Unnecessary New Fruit

Woman Trades Packet Of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce For A Car, So It Must Be Good

Trump Tweets About Puerto Rico Again, Says FEMA Can’t Stay There “Forever”

Where To Buy Cookie Dough Marshmallow Fluff To Upgrade Your Peanut Butter Sandwich

What Does Tim Hortons' Buffalo Latte Taste Like? The "Sweet & Spicy" Drink Is Now Available

Where To Buy Booze-Flavored Ring Lollipops By Sweet Saba For Cocktail-Flavored Candy

Family Held Hostage By Taliban Was Released After Five Years

Joe Biden On Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Allegations: His Behavior Is "Disgusting" & "Immoral"

Bernie Sanders Is Speaking At The Women's March Convention & People Are Pissed

Donald Trump’s 'Hannity' Interview Doubled Down On His NFL Feud

San Juan's Mayor's Response To Trump's Attacks Is Perfect: "I Don't Give A Damn"

Donald Trump Didn't Know About The 25th Amendment & Why Aren't We Surprised

How To Help Santa Rosa & Napa After Devastating California Wildfires

Will North Korea Bomb The U.S.? The Latest Threats Are Getting Even More Ominous

Trump's 'Day Of The Girl' Statement After Rolling Back Birth Control Is Pretty Ironic

Where To Buy Reptar Bars From 'Rugrats' For A Sweet Taste Of '90s Nostalgia

Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" Costumes Are Not OK & Here's Why

How To Make Fake Blood For Halloween Costumes That Require A Bit Of Gore

Where To Buy Oreo Beer If Twitter Convinced You To Taste The Sweet, Boozy Beverage

Ben Affleck's Harvey Weinstein Statement Is Facing A Lot Of Backlash

Where To Buy Lay's Crispy Taco Potato Chips If You're Into The Savory New Flavor

Puerto Rico Is Getting Extra Funding From Congress, But There's A Catch

Who Is Cy Vance? The Attorney Is Drawing Scrutiny For Dropping Trump & Weinstein Cases

A Paris Hotel Brings Guests Books Via Room Service, So Book Your Night At Le Pavillon Des Lettres ASAP

Where To Get Hangover-Free Prosecco By Lidl To Make Girls' Night In So Much Better

Does Wendy's Have Spicy Chicken Nuggets Anymore? No, But Burger King Definitely Does

How To Get $42 Flights With Southwest Airlines If You're Running Low On Cash

Video Of Eminem Rapping About Donald Trump Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

What Do Taco Bell X Forever 21 Clothes Look Like? The Full Collection Is Out & We Need It

A Wasp Was Named After A 'Harry Potter' Villain, & It's So Fitting

Terry Crews Tweets About Assault, Highlighting Why We Need To Listen To Survivors

Angelina Jolie & Gwyneth Paltrow Claim Harvey Weinstein Harassed Them In New Reports

Ivana Trump Says Ivanka Was A "Big Part In Donald's Victory"

7 Scary Halloween Costume Ideas If You Want To Be The Spookiest Friend In Your Squad

What Are The Worst Days To Travel This Fall? These Dates Are Predicted To Be The Busiest

Photos Of California Wildfires Show The Extensive Damage

Keeping Your Pizza Delivery Hot Will Be So Much Easier With Pizza Hut's New Pouches

Scary Video Of Paranormal Activity In A School Hallway Will Make You Believe In Ghosts

Ivanka Trump Is Pushing For Child Tax Credit In Latest Attempt At A Win

Hillary Clinton's Response To Harvey Weinstein Allegations: "Shocked & Appalled"

How To Get An Uber With Context Cards On Snapchat For Convenient Transportation

The Ivana-Melania Trump Feud Continues With Ivana's Newest Comments On The First Lady

Me Every Time I Try To Cook

How To Make Reservations With Context Cards On Snapchat To Easily Secure Your Table

Ivanka Trump's Stance On Dreamers Is That They Need A "Long-Term" Fix

How To Get Context Cards On Snapchat So You Can Make Reservations & Hail A Car On The App

IKEA's Pet Furniture Collection Will Ensure Your Dogs & Cats Are Comfy Inside Your Apartment

How Much Does A Disney World Day Pass Cost? You'll Sob When You Realize How Cheap It Used To Be

What Are Context Cards On Snapchat? The Helpful New Feature Will Make Life So Much Easier

6 Yoga Poses For Halloween That'll Get You Into The Spooky Spirit

When Will Twitter's "Save For Later" Feature Be Available? The Bookmarking Tool Is Being Tested

Trump Responds To Senator Bob Corker's Criticisms With A New Nickname On Twitter

Where To Buy Halloween Bath Bombs With Rings Inside Of Them So You Can Trick-Or-Treat Yourself

Trump Challenges Rex Tillerson To IQ Test Face-Off, Because The Presidency Is A Reality Show

When Will Tamagotchi Pets Be Available? They're Coming Back To The U.S. Soon, So Get Stoked

Trump's Tweet About Health Care Suggests He'll Ignore Congress & And Makes Changes Alone

Are Wendy's Chicken Tenders Good? Twitter Is Loving Them For So Many Reasons

Melania Trump Responded After Ivana Trump Calls Herself "First Lady"

Sugarfina Released Halloween Gummies That Are Positively 'Spooktacular'

Danielle Brooks On The Controversial Dove Ad: "Thank You For The Apology, Because I Was Hurt By This"

7 2017 Meme Group Halloween Costumes That Are Making The Internet Crack Up This Year

What Is The Clean Power Plan? The Trump Administration Plans To Withdraw From It & Twitter Is Pissed

Delta Serves Free Prosecco On Flights, So Book Your Tickets Now

Indigenous Peoples Day Is Replacing Columbus Day In These States & People Are On Board

Pumpkin Spice Liqueur Is Perfect For The Fall & It Won’t Cost You Much

Don't Hate, Appreciate: How To See The Pure Genius In Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda'

If You Need Any Convincing That Solar Roadways Are The Future, This Video Will Help

How Will Trump’s Immigration Plan Affect Dreamers? His New Demands Are Pretty Harsh

Donald Trump’s Response To The Harvey Weinstein Allegations Is So Ironic

FEMA Says They're Ignoring San Juan’s Mayor: "We Don't Have Time For Political Noise"

Is Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Over? He Might Not Kneel If Signed To A New Team, Report Says

What Is A Tropical Depression? Hurricane Nate Weakened, But Can Still Cause Damage

Mike Pence Left A 49ers Game Over Football Players Protesting During The Anthem

Will Ivanka Trump Run For President? Her Mom Imagines Her Running "In Fifteen Years" In New Book

How To Get Free Pizza From Papa John's In October During National Pizza Month

Path Of Hurricane Nate Is Alarming & These States Are Taking Serious Precautions

What Does Oreo's Mystery Flavor Taste Like? Everyone Is Coming To The Same Fruity Conclusion

Why Do Women Get Abortions After 20 Weeks? Republicans Should Listen

Lyrics For AIM Away Messages You Definitely Used Because You Were Just That Cool

How To Downgrade From iOS 11 If You Weren't Impressed By Its Glorious Features

6 Punny Halloween Costume Ideas For Best Friends Who Love A Good Knee Slapper

Tweets About AIM Shutting Down For Good Will Make You Feel So Nostalgic & Sob

Mika Brzezinksi On Trump's Comments On Women: "It's Some Strange Sexual Thing"

What Is The Cheapest Day To Buy Holiday Flights? Start Planning Your Winter Travel ASAP

Places To Donate To Support Birth Control & Try To End Trump’s New Rule

Where To Buy Pasta Jewelry For The Perfect National Noodle Day Accessory

Will Rex Tillerson Be Fired? Trump Is Reportedly Considering A Replacement

Trump's 'Access Hollywood' Tape Played On Loop Next To White House By Women's Rights Group

How To Contact Congress About Birth Control, If Trump's New Rule Outrages You

How To Protest Trump's Birth Control Rule If You Want To Take Action Against The Rollback

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