October 2016
News Articles

Site Will Tell You If Anyone Died In Your House

Ian McNicholl Domestically Abused By Girlfriend For Refusing Sex

Woman Sells 20 iPhone 7s From 20 Boyfriends To Buy House

Study Shows Uber Rides Cost More For Women

Male Wedding Guests Rip Off Bride's Clothes In Front Of Husband

Hillary Clinton Costume Sparks Outrage After Mom Posts Photo Of Son

Many Believe Hillary Clinton Is A Demon, Florida Poll Reveals

Mom Writes Blog Post After No One Shows Up To Son's Birthday

Photos Released Of Guy Exiting Restaurant With Overdosed GF Over Shoulders

Boy's 'Donald Trump's Hair' Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Muslim-Jewish BFFs Dress In Juslim Superhero Costumes

American Woman Was Sexually Assaulted By Thai Man After Falling Off Cliff

No One Can Tell If This Color-Changing Dress Is Fake Or Not

Guy Breaks Into Car And Steals Kit Kat From College Student

Prince Harry Ditches Toronto Trip With 'Suits' Star Meghan Markle

Frat Member Expelled After Wearing Bill Cosby Blackface For Halloween

Splashes Leisure Pool in Kent Closed After 80 Kids Fell Sick

Mom Lectures Son Who Won't Vote In Hilarious Viral Video

Guy Dresses As Human-Size Version Of His Cat For Halloween

Man Films Himself Saying Final Goodbyes After Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Alaskan 'Loch Ness Monster' Filmed In Chena River

Man Changed His Name To 'iPhone 7' To Score A Free iPhone

Dad Tweets Hilarious Things Daughters Say About Halloween

Starbucks Makes Up For Last Year With Holiday Cups That Won't Piss You Off

Why Election Day Violence Is A Very Real Threat With Donald Trump As A Candidate

College Kid Runs A Campus Food Pantry For Students In Need

Students Dress As Disney Characters And Visit Cancer Patients

Trump Supporter In Iowa Charged With Voter Fraud

Drinking Wine Helps 105-Year-Old Stay Young

Boy Allegedly Died After Being Locked In Closet For 3 Years

People Are Googling 'Memes' More Than 'Jesus Christ'

Plane Ends Up Engulfed In Flames On Runway After Tire Burst

Trump's Hollywood Star Fixed, But It's Barricaded Until Election

Vlogger's Weight Leads To Petition Asking YouTube To Ban Her

Emojis For Old People, As Imagined By A Grandmother

Veteran Says Farewell To Dog He Took On Trip

Anthony Weiner's Sexting Makes Its Way Into The Hillary Clinton E-mail Scandal

Moise Morancy Beats Down Passenger Accused Of Touching Girl

Statue Of Liberty Poem By Emma Lazarus Has Important Message In 2016

Old Feminist Cartoons Predicted Women's Future

Guy Pretends Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts Are A Thing, Twitter Loses It

Guy Dresses Like Gumby And Makes Dog's Life

The 'Close Door' Button On Elevators Doesn't Really Work

Donald Trump Celebrates New FBI Investigation Over Hillary Clinton's Emails

Guy Gets Ghosted On Twitter While Hitting On Service Rep

Pornhub Has Offered To Buy Vine From Twitter

Charity Builds Halloween Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs

Michelle Obama Will Not Run For President, Says Barack Obama

Stranger Accidentally Stole Woman's Car, Wrote Adorable Note

Coast Guard Found Submarine Smuggling More Than 7 Tons Of Drugs

JonBenét Ramsey DNA Results Make Family Suspects

Hillary Clinton Is Reportedly Considering Joe Biden To Be Secretary Of State

Guy Emails Co-Workers Video Of Himself Having Sex With Boss's Daughter

Waitress Caught Having Sex With Customer At Cafe By Co-Worker

Parts Of The US Are Seeing Snow Before Fall Is Over

Man Missing For 23 Years Found Living Under New Identity

Man With 'Family' Tattooed On Neck Pulled A Gun On Sister

Pumpkin Carving Competition At NASA Got Really Intense

Mike Pence 'Grinning' After His Plane Skidded Off Runway

This Bachelor Party Saved And Adopted A Dog And Her Pups

Dude Stops At Drive-Thru While Being Chased By Cops

Guy Drank Out Of Wife's Menstrual Cup For Weeks

Michelle Obama Danced Behind Hillary Clinton During Speech

What Happens When You Ask Siri What You Should Be For Halloween

10 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016

Drunk Student Takes Topless Snapchat And Crashes Into Cop Car

Sexual Assault Survivors' Feelings Expressed In Beautiful Photo Series

Alex Trebek Raps Drake On 'Jeopardy!'

Donald Trump Speaks Hindi In New Campaign Ad

Scotchgard Is The Trick To Preventing Holes In Leggings

New MacBook Pro Has 'Touch Bar' With Emojis

Redditor Forced To Tell Uber Driver His Friend Died

Trump Campaign Wants To 'Suppress' Votes

Student Charged With Sexual Assault Kept Eerie Notebooks About His Victims

Vine Is Shutting Down, So People Are Sharing Their Favorites

Facebook Live Has A New Filter Feature Similar To Snapchat

Rurik Jutting Took Photos Of Sex Worker Bodies After Killing Them

Melania Trump Says She Helps Donald With His Twitter Account

Wongso Poisoned Best Friend With Cyanide

Viral Attack On Taylor Gravel Filmed By Bullies In Kentucky

Facebook Live Of Astronauts Walking In Space Proven To Be Fake

Woman Overdosed On Heroin Found In Car With Baby In Backseat

Bernie Sanders Makes Case For Hillary Clinton In Video

Wife Attacks Husband After He Cheated With Daughter-In-Law

One-Legged Man's Halloween Outfit As Lumiere Is Epic

Guy Held Fake Porn Shoots To Have Sex With Women

Aliens Are 'Probably' Behind Creepy Space Signals

If Trump Loses, Joe Walsh Said He's Going To Grab A 'Musket'

BFF Traveled 50 Miles Just To Bring His Friend A Banana

Girl Got Head Stuck In A Pumpkin, Family Laughed On

Clown Gets Pistol-Whipped In The Face By A Guy Who DGAF

Man Persuades 39 GFs To Tattoo His Name On Them

Dog's Last Day With Family Recorded With These Photos

Girl Gets Revenge On Cheating Ex By Setting Up 17-Year Direct Deposit

Florida Man Arrested After Police Mistake Doughnut Glaze For Meth

Optical Illusion: Are These Legs Shiny Or Is It Just Paint?

Apple's iPhone 8 To Come In New 5-Inch Size

Equal Pay To Occur In 170 Years

Hillary Clinton Wins Support Of Millennials, Black Lives Matter Leaders

Burger King Pulled Off A Troll By Dressing Up As McDonald's

Driver Writes Note About Dead Grandpa To Shame Parking Job

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Her 69th Birthday With Florida Rallies

Women Drink Alcohol As Much As Men Now, Study Finds

Bride Gives Groom Fake Blowjob Using Toy At Wedding

How Trump's Campaign Could Be The Start To Healing Racial Tension In America

Hillary Clinton Wishes Herself Happy Birthday On Twitter

John Sprincken's Facebook Posts Before Jumping Off New Jersey Bridge

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Was Smashed By Guy With Hammer

Girl Posts Semen Photo For Cheating BF

Leaked MacBook Photo Reveals New Touch Feature

Computers Will Soon Type Out Our Thoughts

Hilarious Couple Creates The Hottest Halloween Costume Of All Time

Woman Marries Man After He Saves Her Life With Liver Transplant

Carleigh Hager Shares Hospital Pics of Tongue Attack

Alexis Jeffery Was Allegedly Strangled To Death With Her Own Jeans

Hillary Clinton Gets Adele's Approval At Miami Concert

People Posting Pics Of Thunder River Rapids Ride At Dreamworld

Brazilian Man Found In Windlowless Basement Was Held Captive For 20 Years

The Northern Lights Will Be Visible In The United States

FSU Student Who Ate Man's Face Austin Harrouff Gives 'Dr. Phil' Interview

Katrina Kennedy-Flores Threatens To Kill Son In Viral Video

Clown Crimes Won't Slow Down Anytime Soon, Psychotherapist Explains

Trump Would 'Love' To Fight Biden At 'The Back Of The Barn'

Woman Forces Gamers To Prove Their Love In Creepy Videos

Sexy 'Tree Man' Arrested For Obstructing Traffic

White Woman Holds 'Blacks For Trump' Sign At Trump Rally

After Her Dog Died, Girl Tweets: 'Doggie Heaven Does Exist'

Dogs Know How Much You Love Them With 'Bonding Pathway'

Do The iOS Update ASAP Or Someone Might Hack Your Phone

Guy Posts On Facebook After Brother's Killer Dies

Guy Shows Up To Work Totally Hammered In Viral Video

'Harry Potter'-Themed Surprise Party Is Every Muggle's Dream

Snapchat Story Of A Man Walking Home Lit AF Is All Of Us

Drunk Guy Has Sex With Wife's Sister

Girl Gives Blowjob At Concert, Gets Mad When Stopped

William Shakespeare Wrote Plays With Christopher Marlowe

Donald Trump Says 'Sex' Is Favorite Thing In Common With Ivanka

Donald Trump Recalls Hitting On Kelly Preston In Post About Her Son's Death

Donald Trump Will Win Election, Predicts Sales Of Candidate Masks

Sasha Obama Trolled President Obama On Snapchat

UVA Student 'Jackie' Stands By Rolling Stone Rape Account

Man Guilty Of Murder Confesses On Live TV Show

Yodel Delivery Driver Sends Creepy WhatsApp Sexts To Mom

Man Posts Angry On His Own Missing Person Post

Video Shows Driver Crashing Cars While Looking At Phone

Eerie Facebook Review Predicted The Tragic Water Park Crash That Left 4 Dead

Dad Jumps Off New Jersey Bridge With Two Kids

Donald Trump Allegedly Threw Sex Parties With Underage Models

Barack Obama Reads 'Mean Tweets' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Temple University Mob Attack Leads To Several Injured

Bouncer Body-Shames Woman With 'Hula Hoop Test'

Girl Is A Wreck Over Rooting For The Wrong Football Team

Guy Got His Heart Broken By His Side Chick, Went On Rant

Parents' Sex Toy Couple's Costume Is Winning Halloween

Jay Z To Hold Pro-Hillary Concert In Ohio Before Election

Teen Woke Up From Coma Only Speaking Spanish

Eric Trump Poses For Photo With Latina Trump Protestors

Banker Rurik Jutting accused of murdering two sex workers in Hong Kong.

How To Disable iMessage Effects After New iOS Update

Michael Vance, Accused Killer, Live-Streams Escape From Cops

'Naked Chef' Makes Chia Pudding And Shows Bulge In Video

Dog's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' Costume Is Epic AF

Woman Live-Tweets Getting Groped On A Plane

Guy's DIY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Halloween Costume Is Smoking... Literally

Groom Divorces Wife Of 2 Hours After She Snapchats Wedding

Trump Staff Went To Strip Club The Night Before Final Debate

Ryan Lochte Wished His Dog A Happy 8th Birthday 3 Years In A Row

'Gimore Girls' Predicted Hillary Clinton Would Win Election

Giant Huntsman Spider Tries Eating Mouse In Viral Video

6-Year-Old's Letter Goes Viral After Defending Brother With Autism

Teen Suspects In Sam Poss Murder Fantasize About Killing On Facebook

Ivanka Trump's Brand Boycotted After Donald Trump's Sexual Assault Allegations

Guy's Penis Snaps During Sex And He Shared The Photos

Facebook Is Allowing Graphic Content If Images Are Newsworthy

Gable Tostee's 2014 Post On Body Building Website About Tinder Murder Is Uncovered

Halloween Christmas Trees Are Perfect For Lovers Of Both Holidays

Woman Suing KFC For $20 For False Advertising 'Fill Up' Meal

Wine Condoms Keep Your Vino Fresh After Opening

Guy Notices Tinder Stranger's Photo Was Taken In His House

Movers Save Woman From Being Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend

Mother Accidentally Drinks Son's Semen

Man Gets Metal Ring Removed From Penis With Bolt Cutters

There's A Global Wine Shortage And You Can Blame It On The Weather

Everything I Want To Say To Women Who Support Trump

Letting Dogs Lick Your Face Is Bad For Your Health

Everything The 'Facebook Politicians' Forgot To Tell You About The Election

This Kid Doesn't Want Obama To Leave Office

Donald Trump Hired Employee Because She Was Pretty

4 People To Avoid On Social Media During Election Season

Teen Who Tortured Cats And Posted Videos Of It Arrested

Dog Owners: 38 Percent Of You Let Your Pup Watch You Do It

Woman Uses Ryan Gosling's 'Hey Girl' Meme For Yard Sale

Joe Biden Wants To Beat Up Trump 'Behind The Gym'

Donald Trump Insults Michelle Obama At Campaign Rally

Hillary Clinton Criticism Is Not A Donald Trump Endorsement

iPhone 7 Explodes In Car While Owner Surfs

This Parking Ticket Hack Will Help You Dodge Those Fines

Overconfident Guy Asks Girl To Prom, Is Shut Down

Fake Apple Phone Chargers Being Sold On Amazon

Hillary Clinton On George H.W. Bush's Letter To Bill Clinton

Video Of Screaming Woman Having Exorcism In Romania

Former Teacher Mary Beth Haglin Says She Was Seduced By Student Using Elevated Vocabulary

All Of Hillary Clinton's Best Jokes At The Al Smith Dinner

US Government To Look At Foreign Visitors' Social Media

Shailene Woodley Urged Fans To Take Action in TIME Statement

Man Crashed His Car While Loudly Singing And Caught It On Video

Donald Trump Throws Tantrum After Presidential Debate In Video

Chelsea Clinton Responds To Donald Trump Calling Her Mother 'A Nasty Woman'

Russian Couple Caught On Camera Having Public Sex In A Lake

Eric Trump Steals Lemonade In In-N-Out Burger Photo

Donald Trump Praises Hillary and Bill Clinton In Recovered Video

Guy Murders Grindr Date Using Acid Bath Inspired By Breaking Bad

Donald Trump Booed At Al Smith Charity Dinner For Bad Jokes

Woman Arrested For Killing Her Teenage Rival 27 Years Ago

Woman Disappears After Movie Night With On-And-Off BF

'A Nasty Woman': 8 Women Respond To Trump's Misogyny

This Starbucks Flooded, But This Man Sat And DGAF

Dogs Dream About Their Owners And The Internet Is Sobbing

Gorilla In London Escaped And Chugged 5 Liters Of Syrup

Michelle Obama To Trump: Don't Keep America 'In Suspense'

Drunk Guy Doesn't Remember Crashing Bachelorette Party

Girl Put On 100 Layers Of Clothing, Realized It's A Terrible Idea

Donald Trump Right To Bring Up Suspicions Of Clinton In Haiti

Cancer Patient On Chemo Dances To 'Juju On That Beat'

Someone Made 'Grab Her By The Brain' Hats And People Are Losing It

Video Shows Couple Overdosed On Heroin After Almost Causing Crash

How Ivanka And Melania Trump Are Screwing Over Their Own Gender

Hillary Clinton Wore Same Outfit As Tupac At Last Debate

Creepy Note Found In 1968 Time Capsule: 'I Am Dead'

Police Offer $10,000 For Carina Saunders Murder Video

The iPhone Has A Secret One-Handed Keyboard Feature

Family Receives Heartbreaking Letter From Son 14 Years After His Tragic Murder

Huge Cry Baby Trump Says He'll Only Accept Election Results 'If He Wins'

7 Things All 'Nasty Women' Have In Common

If You Match With This Girl On Tinder, She Just Might Steal Your Organs

Trump's 'Nasty Woman' Comment Is What Silences All Women On A Daily Basis

The Orionids Fall Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight, So Get Your Blankets Ready

Nintendo's New Console Switch And Mario Kart Revealed

Couple Mysteriously Found Dead Next To Uneaten Taco Bell And Pound Of Weed

Madonna Says She'll Give You A Blowjob If You Vote For Clinton: 'I Do Swallow'

Tostee Cleared Of Tinder Date's Murder After Creepy Sexts To 260 Women Revealed

Woman's Abortion Story Goes Viral After Trump's 'Rip The Baby Out' Comment

Trump's Own Surrogate Refuses To Say He's A Good Role Model For Men Or Women

Women Trolled Trump So Hard With Pics Of 'Bad Hombre' Hair During The Debate

Trump's 'Nasty Woman' Insult Became The Ultimate Girl Power Mantra Overnight

Cecile Richards Of Planned Parenthood Calls Trump Ignorant

Trump Shadily Said He'd Keep US 'In Suspense' About Accepting Election Result

Fast Food Employee Self-Promoted Mixtape On Wendy's Sign

Clinton Called Out Trump For Asking Putin To Be 'Best Friend'

Trump: Abortions 'Rip The Baby Out' Days Before Birth

This Dog's Cardboard Costumes Are Insanely Adorable

War-Weary Syrian Kids Ask Trump And Clinton Questions In Heartbreaking Video

Trump's Vegas Employees Rally Against Him: 'He Needs To Respect Us As People'

Playboy Model Asked Twitter For Medical Help Before Death

I Partied With Ken Bone Before The Debate In Las Vegas And It Was Chill AF

Man Allegedly Smoked Pot, Had Sex After Murdering GF's Kid

Vet Loses License After Bragging About Killing Cat

Butter Stick Casually Deepthroated By This Woman

This Guide Shows Clinton And Trump's Stance On The Issues

These Halloween Kardashian Outfits Worn By Twins Are Epic

Top Google Searches By State

BuzzFeed CEO Says Ivanka Trump Told Him She'd Like To See 'A Mulatto Cock'

Couple Doesn't Leave Waitress Tip Because 'The Woman's Place Is The Home'

Eerie Video Shows 'Grindr Serial Killer' Taking Victim Home Hours Before Death

In This Cute Proposal, Guy Asks GF To Marry Him Right After She Gives Birth To Their Baby

5-Year-Old's Disturbing Drawings Alert Parents To Priest's Alleged Sexual Abuse

Eminem Rips Into 'Loose Cannon' Trump In Savage Election Freestyle

Guy Gets Paid To Take Animal Selfies All Day While You Suffer At Your Desk

Facebook's New Feature Will Be A Glorious Combination Of Yelp And Seamless

Missing Woman's BF Arrested When Cops Realize She's Not His First Ex To Vanish

Disturbing Video Shows Exactly What Happens When You Take 'Zombie' Drug

News Anchor Accidentally Commands People To 'Check Their Panties' On Live TV

Man Sends Boyfriend Chilling Last Text Before Going Missing During Hike

Veronica Panarello Killed Son After He Caught Her 'Having Sex With His Grandpa'

Woman Shares Last Photo Taken Of Her Murdered Brother In Heartbreaking Post

Woman Chases Down Apparent Racist Attacker On London Underground

Cocktails To Make For Tonight’s Last Presidential Debate

Uber Driver Jailed After Woman Tweets Disturbing Pics From His 'Racist' Attack

People Guess Each Other's Political Parties Based On Nothing But Appearances

Video Shows Moment Pedophile's Caught Texting 13-Year-Old For Naked Selfies

Barack Obama Could Not Stop Checking Out Michelle At Their Last State Dinner

Man Stealing Venetian Blinds In His Hoodie Is Not Casual

This Guy Beat A Woman With Chicken After Trying To Flirt

Girl's Makeup Fail Gave Her A Hilarious 'Tin Man' Face

Clinton Would Destroy Trump By 17 Points If Kids Voted

Mom Has No Clue People Are Having Orgy On The Shirt She Bought Her Daughter

Obama Crushes Savage Impression Of Malia And Sasha Texting About Boys

'Trump Presents The Most Beautiful Women In The World' Was Almost A TV Show

Service Dog Sat For A Caricature In Disneyland Like The 'Good Boy' He Is

Obama Reveals Go-To Beyoncé Song In Workout Playlist And It's So Scandalous

This Statue Of A Man Groping Naked Hillary Clinton Started A Street Fight

Young DNC Staffers Reveal How To Work 7 Days A Week And Love Every Minute

Girl Asks Grandma For Blow Job Advice And She Delivers: 'Start Licking'

Ivanka Trump Finally Speaks Out On Dad's 'Grab Them By The Pussy' Comments

Girl Sends Friend 'Extreme Selfie' Moments Before Falling 17 Stories To Death

October Heat Wave Breaks Records, Forecasts Are Only Getting Hotter

Barista's Reply To Woman Who 'Refused To Be Served By Black Person' Goes Viral

Bill Clinton Wearing A Tiny Symbol Of His Love For Hillary Will Make You Melt

Website Gets 'Attractive Women' Luxury Travel Paid For By Lonely Men

Girl Accidentally Adds Nude Pics To Heartfelt Facebook Post For Late Grandpa

These Thank You Notes To Michelle Obama Make It Even Harder To Say Goodbye

Woman Live-Tweets Drunk Man On Train Before He Shoves His Food In Her Mouth

10 Shows You'll Probably See On Trump TV That Won't Make Cable Great Again

Cute Dog With His Doughnut Pillow Is All Of Us Refusing To Get Out Of Bed

Woman Leaps To Death With Sleeping Son After Husband Oinks At 'Pig' Nose Job

Little Girl Dodges Creepy Kiss From Trump: 'Bring Her, She's So Beautiful'

Woman's 40-Year-Old Diary Sends School Driver Who Sexually Abused Her To Jail

Gameshow Host Kisses Woman's Cleavage On Live TV After She Clearly Says No

GoPro-Wearing Daredevil Nearly Died After Jumping 8 Stories

Melania Tried To Blame Billy Bush For 'Egging On' Trump

Twitter Is Listing Why It'll Miss President Obama

House For Sale's Walls Look Like They're Dripping Blood

Cop's Body Cam Shows A Groom Planning A Surprise Dance

Bride Lost 110 Pounds Between Engagement And Wedding

Clown Masks Removed From Target Ahead Of Halloween

Romantic Proposal Pulled Off By College Football Player

'Suitcase' Killer Writes Letter About 'Evil' Ex: She's 'Having Sex With Women'

Weed Found Deep-Fried Into 4-Year-Old's French Fries

Man Live-Tweets Flight With Emotional Support Duck: 'Quacking Eases The Sadness'

Planned Parenthood Is Trying To Sway The Election, And They Just Might Do It

Classy Wine Glass Attaches Directly To The Bottle Because Why Wait To Pour

Scared Man Calls Cops On Intruder, Ends Up Being His Dog Getting Fresh Air

Teen Gives Eulogy At Parents' Funeral -- Then Is Charged With Their Murder

Angry Hotel Guests Drag Couple Out Of Room For Having Really Loud Sex

No One Believes This Guy Pulling Out A Woman's Boob On Live TV Was An Accident

This Theory Trump's Campaign Is All A Stunt For 'Trump TV' Actually Makes Sense

Guy's Viral Letter Says Clinton's 'Time Of The Month' Means She Can't Be POTUS

Frat Accused Of Initiating Members By Teaching Them How To Use Date Rape Drugs

Woman Fakes Kidnap And Rape By Sending BF Pics Of Herself Gagged And Bleeding

The iPhone 7 Home Button Is Already Dying, So Maybe Don't Upgrade Just Yet

Conspiracy Theorist Sends Chilling Last Text To Mom Days Before His Death

Creepy Videos Of Guy Confessing To Murder Appear On Twitter: 'I Didn't Mean To'

Man Masturbates With Bottle, Gets Penis Stuck For 4 Days And Then Amputated

Guy With Aggressive Dad Bod Accidentally Sends Extreme Sext To Son

Groom Pulls Off Savage Revenge On Cheating Bride During Wedding Reception

Hikers Claim They May Have Caught Bigfoot On Camera In Creepy Footage

Upsetting Video Shows Dad Leaving 5-Year-Old Daughter Outside To Freeze

Ann Coulter Got Roasted After Confusing Beyoncé With Nicki Minaj

Guy Took Road Trip With 37 Dogs And 1 Cat To Save Them From Kill Shelters

Woman Takes Funeral Selfies To New Low By Snapping A Pic With Coffin Emoji

Guy Tripping On LSD Heroically 'Saved' Neighbor's Dog From Imaginary Fire

The Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note Has Been Banned From All Flights In The US

Donald Trump Says Accuser Wouldn't Be His 'First Choice' For Sexual Assault

Trump Said Avoiding STDs Was 'Personal Vietnam,' But Dodged Actual Draft

Man Cut Off Nipples Of Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend After Coming Over To 'Talk'

Terror Plot Against Muslim Immigrants In Kansas Foiled By FBI

Trump On Hillary's Ass During Debate: 'I Wasn't Impressed'

Trump Accuser Said He Thrusted 'His Genitals' On Her

Woman Mails Her Pubic Hair To Donald Trump With Savage Personal Letter

Horrifying New Footage Of Deadly Tinder Date May Prove Tostee Strangled Her

France Just Opened A 'Gallery' Where Drug Addicts Can Safely Shoot Up

Eerie Posts Appear On Missing Man's FB: 'Life Would Be Boring Without Me'

Guy Runs Man Over For Looking At His GF – And You Thought Your BF Was Jealous

Guy Breaks Into Woman's Home After Bad Date: 'Your Bed's Full Of Piss Haha'

15 Photos Of Trump Looking Absolutely Miserable To Cheer You Up On A Bad Day

Teen Had Hilarious Post-Surgery Breakdown Over 'Moana' And The Rock Responded

Girl Stabs Friend After Doing School Project On 'Cool And Edgy' Serial Killers

Trump Said Lindsay Lohan Must Be 'Great In Bed' Since She's 'Deeply Troubled'

Guy Accidentally Gets Google Phone Before Release Date, Spills All Its Secrets

Dramatic College Has 24/7 Counseling For Those Offended By Halloween Costumes

You'll Love Winnie-The-Pooh's New Friend Almost As Much As Pooh Loves Honey

You'll Never Unsee Ken Bone's Porn Comments On Reddit: 'I Saw Her Butt Hole'

Clinton Says She Was 'Stalked' By Donald Trump: 'I Felt This Weird Presence'

Trump Admits He's A 'Sexual Predator' In 2006 Clip -- And Ivanka Just Laughs

People Looking Up London's Escaped Gorilla Are Finding Really Graphic Porn

Porn Stars Got Real About Their Most Insane Fan Experiences

Tool Compares What Trump And Hillary Were Doing Each Year

Clinton's Advice For Those Sick Of Trump: 'Look At Cat GIFs'

Girl Left Her iPhone At The Bar So Bouncers Recorded Video

These 8 Powerful Bob Dylan Lyrics Prove He Deserved That Nobel Prize

Girl Proves Trump Quotes Are Perfect Way To Avoid Any Awkward Dating Convo

Hey Trump, This Is The Real Reason Women Are Suddenly Accusing You Of Assault

New York Times Dares Trump To Sue In Savage Letter: We'll 'Set Him Straight'

Obama Revealed His Favorite Sci-Fi Films, So You Can Nerd Out Like A Boss

These Dancers Are Fixing America's Low Voter Turnout, One Step At A time

Woman Finds Facebook Pics All Over Porn Site: 'They Can Ruin A Girl's Life'

These Are The Best Times To Book Flights Home For Thanksgiving And Christmas

Man Wakes Up From Week-Long Coma To Find Out His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Those Annoying Silica Bags In Your New Purse Are Actually Extremely Useful

Michelle Obama Tears Up Speaking On Trump 'Pussy' Convo: 'This Is Not Normal'

Donald Trump Is Boring: Why Nobody Should Be Surprised By His Awful Behavior

You're Guaranteed To Hallucinate If You Watch This Video, According To Science

The Terrifying Clown Craze Is Actually Turning People On, According To Pornhub

Horrible Parents Try To Sell Baby For Less Than $6K In Disturbing eBay Listing

This Massive 'Jack-O'-Lantern Blaze' Will Put Your Halloween Plans To Shame

Side-By-Side Quotes Prove Trump's Eating His Own Words About Sexual Assault

Women Are More Certain They Want Abortions Than Cancer Treatment, Study Finds

Why NBC Had To Cut Ties With Billy Bush To Stand Against Sexual Assault

20-Year-Old Murders Dad So She Can Host 'Drug-Fueled' Parties At His House

Scary Video Of Woman's Galaxy 7 Smoking In Her Hand Proves Recall Is No Joke

Former Miss Teen USA Says She Was Warned Trump 'Doesn't Like Black People'

Ken Bone Had The Most Ken Bone Response To Snoop Dogg Inviting Him To Smoke

A Super Offensive Hashtag Is Trending About Trump's Alleged Assault Victims

Alleged Serial Killer's Creepy 911 Call About Victim Released: 'He Collapsed'

Apple Staff Caught Stealing Customers' Nude Pics And Ranking Them In Group Chat

Trump Referring To Girl: 'Going To Be Dating Her In 10 Years'

Trump Accused Of Inappropriate Touching By Two Women

Papa John's Sent To Check On Grandma After Hurricane

Bride's 'Single Ladies' Dance As A Stormtrooper Is Flawless

Weed's Legalization Opposed By A Majority Of Republicans

Baby Sleeping Standing On Her Head Is Out Of 'The Conjuring'

Ronald McDonald Can't Even Go To Work Because Evil Clowns Ruin Everything

This Real-Life Hero Is Fighting Off Creepy Clowns While Dressed As Batman

Woman Stabbed By Ex Over Ring Texted Dad Moments Before Death: 'Call Me ASAP'

Adorable Little Boy Makes 'Batman' Cry: 'You're Brown, Just Like Me!'

Student Pilot 'Intentionally' Crashes Plane Into Street After Argument

You've Probably Been Drinking Water Wrong Your Entire Life

Teen Films Moment Raccoon Steals His Phone, Savage Internet Sides With Raccoon

Man Adopts Puppy, Gets A Huge Surprise: 'You Know That Isn't A Dog, Right?'

Halloween Masks For Squirrels Are A Thing And They're So Cute It's Nuts

Reporter Cracks Up At Russian Diplomat's Take On US Election: 'So Many Pussies'

This Guy Who Used His Blockbuster Card To Buy Beer Is Every '90s Kid's Hero

Dad Tells Son His Mom Died Of A Drug Overdose In Heartbreaking Facebook Video

Beauty Queen Says Trump Barged In As They Were Changing: 'Don't Worry, Ladies'

Side-By-Side Maps Show Just How Differently Men And Women Vote In The US

Man Who Raped Daughter, Dog And Chickens Applauded By Judge For Good Behavior

'Cunt Touch This': Women Protested Donald Trump And The Puns Were Next Level

Man Sexts Tinder Date Before Deadly Fight: 'I Want To Do Dirty Things To You'

If You Think You Have ADD, Science Says You Can Blame Your Boring Co-Workers

Man Live-Tweets 11-Hour Struggle To Make Tea, Everyone's Brains Explode

Viral Video Of Guy Torturing 'New GF' Is Just A Creepy Hoax, Police Find

Twin Sisters Say This Man Groped Both Of Them On The Subway – 4 Years Apart

Instagram Star Loses 100 Pounds But Says She's Still Fat In Her Mind

Man Regrets 'Exotic' Sex Position When He Hears Loud Crack And Breaks Penis

Clown Slices Man's Hand 'Down To The Bone': It Was 'Like A Horror Movie'

Trump Says John McCain Has Filthier Mouth

Trump Accidentally Told Everyone To Vote On November 28

Kitten Saved From Hurricane Is Dobby The House Elf's Double

Trump Protester Wears 'Grab My Pussy, I Dare You' Shirt

Obama Talking About Mars Reminds Us Of Dave Chappelle

Hitting Up The Gym When You're Pissed Off Could Kill You

Girl Who Flips After Polite Rejection Could Never Handle The Fuckboys We Date

There's Now A Beauty Contest For Butt Holes, So Trade In Your Dignity For $5K

Sorority House Video Tour At FSU Is Downright Ridiculous

Woman Gets Caught Giving Blowjob On Popular River Pier In Middle Of The Day

This New App Will Do Your Math Homework For You Because Learning Is So 2015

Billy Bush Is Leaving NBC After 'Pussy' Convo With Trump

Ana Navarro's Viral Rants Are Singlehandedly Destroying Trump's Campaign

5th Grader's Love Note Redefines Romance: 'I Feel Like I Have All The Pokémon'

'Wife Carrying' Is The Latest Challenge For Married Couples

Woman Takes Pics With Topless Tinder Date Moments Before She Dies Escaping Him

Wife Makes Hilarious Instructional Lanyard For Helpless Husband On Vegas Trip

Ballsy Student Hits On Teacher After Matching On Tinder: 'I'll Dick You Down'

24 Tweets Celebrating National Coming Out Day That Will Give You All The Feels

Very Chill Dude Rides Out Hurricane Matthew On Lounge Chair In Middle Of Ocean

CoverGirl Just Revealed Its First CoverBoy, And He's Flawless AF

Neighbors Use Post-Its To Shame Man Who Yells At GF: 'Everyone Can Hear You'

Internet's Favorite Ken Bone Gets Offered $100,000 To Be On Adult Cam Site

Horrifying Video Shows Teen Scalped By Ride While Trying To Take Selfie

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