October 2015
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People Are Losing It Over This Subtle New iPhone Feature (Photos)

Guy Goes Blind In One Eye After Wearing Cheap Contact Lenses

A Russian Airplane Carrying 224 Passengers Crashed In Egypt

Eric Stonestreet Gets Scared Sh*tless In A Haunted House On 'Ellen' (Video)

Pizza Rat Starts A Revolution With Its Junk Food-Eating Rat Friends (Video)

Zola's Viral Stripping Story Might Actually Make It To The Big Screen

Your Body Literally Changes When You Act Like A Boss In The Workplace

Students Stage Walkout To Support Officer Who Dragged Teen Out Of Class

British Resident Held At Guantánamo For Over 13 Years Finally Released

This Inspiring Little Girl Won 'Superhero Day' By Dressing Up As Herself (Photos)

Amazing Dad Is Making The Coolest Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs (Video)

This Guy Got Beaten Up When He Forced A Kiss On Another Guy's Girlfriend (Video)

This Hilarious Story About A Netflix And Chill Fail Is Everything (Photos)

There Was A 350-Pound Inflatable Pumpkin On The Loose In Arizona (Video)

Flight Made An Emergency Landing After Man Went On A Rant About 9/11

High School Sweethearts Talk About Addiction And Becoming New Parents (Video)

This Is Why Drinking Beer Makes Guys Way Better In Bed

Man Meets Doppelgänger After Accidentally Sitting In His Seat On Plane (Photo)

Dad Dresses 18-Month-Old Daughter In A New Halloween Costume Every Day (Photos)

A 16-Year-Old In Oregon Was Just Diagnosed With The Bubonic Plague

Feeling Homesick? You Can Now Rent A Temporary Mom For Just $40 An Hour

This Is Apparently The Other Stripper From The Infamous 'Zola' Story (Photos)

Armed Black Man Pulled Over By Cops Writes Powerful Post About Incident

New Zealand Lesbian Couple Tries A New Method To Finding A Sperm Donor

Trump Donates $100k To Get His 'Make America Great Again' Slogan Back

How The Student Loan Relief Act Of 2015 Misleads Millennials In Debt

Woman Texts Her Ex Using Only Adele Lyrics, And It's Actually Hilarious (Photos)

Someone Tried To Fake Out The Internet With Another 'Zola' Stripper Tale

Three Blatant Lies Republicans Told During The Third GOP Debate

Plane Bursts Into Flames At Florida Airport Right Before It Takes Off

This Student Body President's Skirt Got Her Suspended From School (Photo)

This Transforming Cinderella Costume Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind (Video)

Marco Rubio Won The Third Republican Debate, But He Wasn't Perfect

More Than Two-Thirds Of The World's Population Actually Has This STD

EMT Suspended After Stopping To Help 7-Year-Old Girl Who Was Choking

China Ends Controversial One-Child Policy As Its Population Rapidly Ages

Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old's Parents Let Her Pick Heaven Over Hospital

This Couple Expecting Their First Child Shows Exactly What True Love Is (Video)

How REI Is Redefining The Meaning Of Black Friday For The Better

Lesbian Couple Arrested For Kissing And Holding Hands In A Grocery Store

Transgender Woman Comes Out To Her Mother With Dementia Over And Over

This High School Teacher Drew A Giant D*ck On Her Student's Assignment (Photo)

Guy Travels Almost 5K Miles To See His Mom Before Her Kidney Transplant (Video)

This App Will Happily Tell You If Someone Died In Your House

Deez Nuts 2016: These Are The Real Candidates Who Deserve Your Vote

This Grocery Store Is Not Allowing Minors To Buy Eggs During Halloween Week

Couple Gets Super Real About Whether Or Not They Have A Future Together (Video)

Teen Claims Student Called Her 'ISIS' But School Says It's Not Bullying

Guy Tricks Woman Into Totally Destroying The Couch She's Trying To Sell (Photos)

Teen Loses His First-Place Title In Race After Helping A Fellow Runner

Cop Absolutely Crushes This Dance Battle Against A 17-Year-Old Student (Video)

This Woman's Tale About Stripping Gone Bad Is Making Everyone Go Crazy

This Woman's Haunted Face Paintings Will Actually Keep You Up At Night (Photos)

Police Officer Who Forcefully Dragged A Student Out Of Class Was Fired

This Genius Site Sells All The Dumb Sh*t You Want When You're Drunk

Guy Gets Ultimate Revenge On His Cheating GF By Having Sex With Her Mom

Car Literally Got Stuck On Roof Of A House After Driver Lost Control

#MoreThanCute Campaign Is Inspiring Awesome Halloween Costumes For Girls (Photos)

Marco Rubio Proves He's Not A Humorless Robot In New GOP Debate Promo

Jared Fogle Talks About Wanting To Have Sex With 11 And 12-Year-Olds (Video)

Man Says Facebook Refuses To Remove Pics Of Daughter Posing With Killer

This Toddler Dressed Up As Pablo Escobar Is The Real MVP Of Halloween (Video)

21-Year-Old Man Is In A Coma After An E-Cigarette Exploded In His Face (Video)

Man Charged For Going To Schools And Trying To Sing Justin Bieber To Kids

Woman Used A Crazy Taste Test To Tell Her Husband They're Having A Baby (Video)

Men Are Actually Taking Photos Of Their Balls In Front Of Nice Scenery

Science Says The Feeling Of Death Is Similar To Watching A Scary Movie

Worst Fears Confirmed: Your Hot Dog Might Actually Contain Human DNA

This Chrome Extension Turns Donald Trump Into Your Drunk Uncle At Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Goals: These Amazing Jack-O-Lanterns Are Winning Halloween

Bride Puts On A Sexy Dance Routine For Her Groom And Wedding Guests (Video)

Trump Says Islamic Women Prefer Wearing Burkas To Putting On Makeup

Woman Accidentally Shot By Her Dog Named 'Trigger' While They Were Hunting

A Transgender Woman Was Sentenced To Serve Time In An All-Male Prison

There Was A Really Hot Bartender On 'Jeopardy!' And People Freaked Out

Defense Secretary Says US Troops Will Begin Fighting ISIS On The Ground

Guy Actually Turns A Woman Down Because He's Busy Playing A Video Game (Photos)

Old People Went On Their First Blind Date And It Was Way Too Adorable (Video)

People Think Huggies Photoshopped A Thigh Gap On This Baby For An Ad

This Man With One Leg Makes The Most Incredible Halloween Costumes Ever (Photos)

Proposed Bill Says Doctors Can Refuse To Treat Women And LGBTQ Patients

Woman Caught Giving A Guy A Blowjob In Public At A Football Game (NSFW Photos)

Woman's Response To This Horrible 'Anna Rexia' Costume Is Heartbreaking

'Chewbacca' Arrested For Publicly Campaigning For 'Darth Vader' At Polls (Video)

World Leaders Photoshopped With Man Buns Are Hilarious And So Creepy

Science Says You'll Be Happier If You Use Snapchat Instead Of Facebook

25 Spooky Desserts You Can Make With Your Leftover Halloween Candy (Photos)

Guy Trying To Whip And Nae Nae In This Commercial Will Make You Cringe (Video)

Guy On Facebook Finally Charged For Harassing Women With Rape Threats

There's A Comet Named 'Lovejoy' And It's Made Of Sugar And Booze

Man Nurses A Baby Deer Back To Health And It Won't Leave His Side (Video)

Guy Allegedly Kills His Friend After Binge-Watching 'The Walking Dead'

Man Reportedly Arrested For Stabbing Women In The Butt Who Resemble His Ex

Video Shows Police Officer Throwing Female Student Across Classroom

This Guy Refuses To Go Down On A Woman, And Now The Internet Hates HIm

Brave Woman Shares Radiation Photos To Show The Reality Of Breast Cancer

New Footage Shows US And Kurdish Troops Saving Prisoners From ISIS

This Pigeon Wearing A Bagel Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

Woman Breaks Up A Planned Parenthood Protest With The Best Sign Ever

Ben Carson Actually Compared Women Who Have Abortions To Slave Owners

Restaurant Starts An Intense Online Feud By Talking Sh*t About Vegans

9-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Crushes The Lyrics To Every Rap Song (Video)

Here's How To Spend $10 On Your Halloween Costume This Year

Nightmare On Elm Street: Woman Finds A Coffin Buried In Her Backyard

If You Want To Date Martin Shkreli, You Have To Get In A 'Very Long Line'

These Halloween Makeup Fails Are So Much Scarier Than Your Costume (Photos)

Guy Goes On An Insane Rant After Woman Shuts Him Down On OkCupid (Photos)

Man's Unborn Twin Ended Up Being The Biological Father Of His Child

Meet The First Woman Who Ran For President In 1872

This Incredible Bar Makes You Feel Like You're Inside A Time Machine (Photos)

Eating Bacon And Hot Dogs Might Be Just As Bad For You As Smoking

Man Totally Freaks The F*ck Out When He Sees His Niece In A Porno (Photos)

Woman Freezes To Death In The Cryotherapy Chamber Of Her Beauty Salon

Starbucks Has A Limited Edition Halloween Frapp And It Looks Incredible (Photos)

Dozens Of People Have Died From 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake In Afghanistan

This Woman Found Her Real-Life Doppelgänger While Studying Abroad (Video)

Faithful Dog Stays By Owner's Side After She's Killed In A Hit-And-Run

This 'Hotline Bling' Mashup Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today (Video)

Newlywed Couple Tragically Drowned While On Their Honeymoon

People Can't Handle The New York Times' 'Could You Kill Baby Hitler' Question

Pilots Flying Straight Into Hurricane Patricia Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

People Are Freaking Out About This Mannequin's Insanely Thin Legs (Photos)

This Study Shows Being Addicted To Cheese Is A Very Real Possibility

Watch This 7-Year-Old Girl Whip, Nae Nae And School Everyone In Hip-Hop

Survey Says Men With Beards Are More Likely To Lie, Cheat And Steal

Woman Says She Can Literally Smell When Someone Has Parkinson's Disease

Stranger Leaves A Heartfelt Letter For Woman Who Had Seizure On Train

$1 Pill Made To Combat Martin Shkreli's Price Raise On Life-Saving Drug

Frat Amazingly Gives Away Free Concert Tickets Taylor Swift Gave Them

Man Forced To Crawl Down Plane Aisle When Crew Doesn't Bring Wheelchair

Inspiring Video Proves People Will Stand Up For A Kid Getting Bullied

Mom Makes Amazing Halloween Costumes For Her Son Who's In A Wheelchair (Photos)

Donald Trump's Fourth-Grade Level Speeches Might Actually Be Helping Him

This Is How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn Off Halloween Candy (Photos)

The Most Attractive People In The United States Live In This City

This New Emoji Actually Sends A Powerful Message About Anti-Bullying

This Man Allegedly Made His Wife Have Sex With Over 2,700 Men

Teen Fatally Shot On College Campus After Fight Starts Over A Dice Game

This Artist's Dead Disney Princess Makeup Is Super F*cking Creepy (Photos)

Town Hosts Christmas In October For 7-Year-Old Boy With Terminal Cancer

Mexico Is About To Get Hit By The Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded

Worst BF Ever Thinks Sending His Girlfriend A D*ck Pic Is The Right Move

Model Shows Off Her Stretch Marks In Powerful Post Encouraging Self-Love (Photo)

This Guy Proposing During His Police Academy Graduation Is The Cutest (Video)

Man Strips Naked And Gets In Bed With Couple After Robbing Their Home

Teenage Brothers Caught Pimping Underage Prostitutes Out Of Mom's House

There Might Be A Correlation Between Catcalling And The Size Of Balls

This New Drug Could Help Your Dog (And You) Live A Longer Life

7 Inmates Sentenced To Combined 20 Years In Solitary For Prison Music Video

Watch Sasheer Zamata Show This Guy What Privilege Is All About (Video)

This Chill-Ass Dog Shows How To Celebrate Fall The Proper Way (Video)

Soldier Killed In Iraq Is First US Troop To Die During Combat With ISIS

People In The Class Of 2015 May Not Be Able To Retire Until They're 75

Little Boy Knocks Girl Off Her Bike After She Completely Shuts Him Down (Video)

Masked Man With Sword Attacked A Swedish School And Killed Two People

Lonely 95-Year-Old Man Gets Invited To Coffee At Favorite Radio Station (Video)

Baby Twins Had Their Own Conversation And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever (Video)

Female Police Officer Shares The Most Amazing Post About Being A Cop

Woman Caught Trying To Cheat On BF By Accidentally Texting His 'Friend' (Photos)

This Plus-Size Male Model Totally Owned The Runway At LA Fashion Week (Video)

Teens Changed Grades By Hacking Into Their School's Computer System

This Intense Video Reminds All Women To Take Breast Cancer Seriously

Woman Sent Anonymous Letter To This Family Asking To 'Taste' Their Kids

The Number Of Americans Who Smoke Weed Has Doubled In Just 12 Years

20 Halloween Cocktails That Will Make Your Booze Seriously BOOsy (Photos)

Mom Writes Heartfelt Letter To Teen Boy Who Taught Her Daughter To Skate

Parent Had Best Response To People Who Said Son's Kitchen Set Was 'Gay'

Woman Absolutely Destroys Her Cheating Husband's Car With A Hammer (Video)

This Makeup Commercial Has A Mind-Blowing Twist (Video)

Police Officer Comforts Lost Boy, Shines Positive Light On Law Enforcement

New iOS Update Has All The Emoji You've Been Desperately Waiting For

First Exorcism To Happen On Live TV Will Air Just In Time For Halloween

Drug Dealer Trolls Client Who Owes Money With Naked Pics Of His Sister

All You Need Is This 1 Wardrobe Staple To Make 6 Easy Halloween Costumes

Guy Seriously Asks Woman To Send Topless 'Rush Boobs' Photo For His Frat

You Can Order Your Room Service Using Emoji At This Genius Hotel

Porn Is Being Blamed For People Not Voting In The Egyptian Elections

Couple Reunites After Korean War Forced Them To Separate 65 Years Ago

Guy Comes Up With A Genius Way To Tell Another Man His GF Is Cheating (Photo)

This Couple Will Do Literally Anything To Look Just Like Barbie And Ken (Photos)

Vice President Joe Biden Will Not Enter The 2016 Presidential Race

Woman Actually Bites Off Attacker's Tongue When He Tries To Assault Her

Six Churches In The Ferguson Area Have Been Set On Fire This Month

Biker Stops Traffic To Save Tiny Kitten In Middle Of An Intersection (Video)

Ahmed Mohamed Has Officially Decided To Move To Qatar With His Family

Adorable Couple Performed 'Up' Piano Duet For Their 60th Anniversary (Video)

Alabama Judge Says Residents Can Forgo Jail Time By Donating Blood

This Company May Have Posted An Ad Looking For A 'Good Looking Girl'

Man Set His Ex-Girlfriend's House On Fire And Then Danced On Her Roof (Video)

Bride Gives Dad A Certificate At Her Wedding To Prove She's A Virgin

These Two Men Divorced So They Could Add Another Man To Their Marriage

Yep, This Guy Uses Fruit To Show You How To Properly Finger A Woman (Video)

Woman Writes Powerful Post On Absurd Expectations Females Face Every Day

Science Says This One Thing Makes Women Really Intimidating To Men

Store Employee Suspended For Literally Sitting On A Teenage Shoplifter

Study Finds 'Law & Order' Fans Know More When It Comes To Consensual Sex

Halloween Light Show Synced To Macklemore's 'Downtown' Is So On Point (Video)

People Totally Lose It During Open House At 'Paranormal Activity' Home (Video)

'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed Got To Visit The White House And Meet Obama

Woman Gets Caught Cheating After Revealing Too Much In Snapchat Pics

This Pilot Proposing To His Girlfriend In The Air Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

20 Inappropriate Kids Costumes Guaranteed To Make Halloween Memorable (Photos)

Pumpkin Spice Nail Polish Is Here, Because Of Course It Is

Subway Says Its Footlong Sandwiches Will Now Be A Full, Delicious, 12 Inches

Science Suggests Food Porn Might Actually Be Making You Fatter

Woman Arrested For Calling In Bomb Threat After Her Purse Was Stolen

Guy Adorably Proposes To Girlfriend Right After She Gives Birth To Baby (Video)

College Students Get Super Real About Sex In New York Mag's New Profile

Guy Choked Woman In Front Of Him On Plane After She Reclined Her Chair

Egypt Tried To Hold An Election And Pretty Much No One Came

Woman Talks To Guys On Tinder Using Only Dashboard Confessional Lyrics (Photos)

Veteran Who Confronted Shooter In UCC Tragedy Speaks Out On Facebook

IHOP Tweeted A Really Sexist Joke, And People Were Not Happy About It

This House's Insane Halloween Decorations Will Absolutely Terrify You (Photos)

Stood-Up Woman Turns Wedding Reception Into Amazing Meal For Homeless (Video)

Student Refuses Consent Lessons Because He Doesn't 'Look Like A Rapist'

Little Boy Fatally Shot 3-Year-Old Brother While Playing With Dad's Gun

Chemistry Lab Linked To Thomas Jefferson Was Just Discovered At UVA

Man Bites Another Passenger On Flight Just Before Collapsing And Dying

Woman Shares All The Creepy Messages She Got Online Over Past 10 Years

Die-Hard 'Scandal' Fan Drunk Dialed 911 And Pretended To Be Olivia Pope

Meet The Millennial Who Represents 1.8 Billion Young People At The UN (Video)

Dad Threatened His Teen Daughter's Boyfriend In The Best Way Possible (Photo)

Guy Surprises His Girlfriend With Corgis And She Can't Handle It (Video)

People Are Freaking Out Over This Grey Burger From McDonald's (Photo)

Little Girls Give Women Hilarious Advice On What To Text Their Crushes (Video)

These Poisonous Snakes Are Washing Up On California's Beaches (Video)

Bernie Sanders Took Martin Shkreli's Money And Gave It To An HIV Clinic

'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed Meets Sudanese President Accused Of War Crimes

Shocker: Researchers Find Men Are Programmed To Choose Sex Over Food

The Scary Result When Kids Are Given A Choice Between Chemicals And Toys (Video)

Police Stop Jogging Black Man And Ask Where He's 'Running From' (Video)

Couple Sleeps In Insane Bed With 5 Kids, Claims Sex Life Is Still Alive (Photos)

This App You Use Every Day Is Draining Your Phone's Battery Like Crazy

Inspiring Barbie Ad Teaches Girls They Can Be Anything They Want To Be (Video)

Family Perfectly Responds To Cop's Rant About Black Lives Matter Sign

Hunter Kills One Of The Largest Elephants To Ever Be Seen In Zimbabwe

Model Had The Best Response To Agency That Said She Was 'Out Of Shape'

People Are Dressing Their Babies Up As Bernie Sanders, And It's Amazing (Photos)

Obama's 17-Year-Old Daughter Caught Playing Beer Pong At College Party (Photo)

Recurring Guest On Fox News Arrested For Falsely Claiming He Was In CIA

Arabic Graffiti On 'Homeland' Calling The Show Racist Got Past Everyone

Hungary Plans To Seal Border With Croatia To Stop The Flow Of Refugees

Family Crushes Rendition Of 'Lips Are Movin' To Reveal Mom's Pregnancy (VIdeo)

These Identical Twins' Birthdays Could Be Months Apart From Each Other

'Bearded Woman' Wrote A Moving Letter To Young Self On Self-Confidence

This Dad Was Able To Ditch His Wheelchair To Walk Daughter Down Aisle (Video)

Boob Twerking Is Really A Thing, And Here's An Expert Video To Prove It

Watch This GoPro Get Attacked By A Group Of Rattlesnakes (Video)

Murdered Woman's Body Mistaken For A Halloween Decoration

6-Year-Old Boy Literally Can't Even When His Dad Goes On Sexist Rant (Video)

Absolutely Adorable 3-Year-Old Kills The Halloween Game All October Long (Photos)

This Gorilla Playing With Her Adopted Kittens Is The Cutest Thing Ever (Video)

Flirtmoji Are The NSFW Emoji You Never Knew You Desperately Needed (Photos)

Bernie Sanders Supporters Say CNN Deleted Pro-Bernie Poll and Comments

President Obama Says US Troops Need To Remain In Afghanistan Past 2016

Husband Had The Perfect Response To Wife's Sexy Photoshopped Pictures

This CEO Is Completely Getting Rid Of Tipping At All Of His Restaurants

This Mom Filmed Her Kids' Reactions When Porn Played In A Target (Video)

This Facebook Bug Is Showing Some Users How Many People Saw Their Posts

New Footage Of El Chapo's Escape Shows Guards Ignored Banging Noises

Man Charged With DUI For Driving Around Drunk In A Motorized Wheelchair

Science Says People With Tattoos Are More Likely To Be Aggressive

Women Are Actually Injecting Blood Into Their Boobs To Make Them Perkier

Police Release The 911 Calls From When Lamar Odom Was Found Unconscious (Listen)

This Guy Got To Test Out Tesla's Autopilot Mode, And It Looks Incredible (Video)

Here's What Americans Fear More Than Gun Violence

Did The Kepler Space Telescope Discover A Giant Alien Structure?

Khloé Kardashian Making Medical Decisions For Estranged Husband Lamar Odom

Why Only One Democratic Candidate Supports Edward Snowden

Obama Is Sending Troops And Drones To Cameroon To Fight Boko Haram

#FeelTheBern: You're Crazy If You Think Hillary Won That Debate

'100 Years Of Halloween Costumes' Will Give You Some Wicked Inspiration (Video)

This Creepy, Old Man Said He Thinks College Women Have 'Very Nice Butts'

What TI's Misogynistic Views Say About Gender Inequality In America

Bernie Sanders Heroically Saved This Reporter From Getting Trampled (Video)

Bernie Sanders Sealed His Fate As Internet Darling In Democratic Debate

Amazing Doctor Ends Up Helping Woman Deliver Baby During 19-Hour Flight (Video)

Miracle Baby Born With An Inoperable Tumor Gets The Best News Ever

This Artist Wins The Jack-O-Lantern Game With His Awesome Pumpkin Art (Photos)

President Obama Casually Made An Appearance At This Couple's Wedding (Video)

Completely Naked Woman Absolutely Destroyed This Subway Restaurant

This Guy Actually Found A Dead Mouse Inside Of His Subway Sandwich (Photo)

Donald Trump Tweeted The Craziest Things During The Democratic Debate

Dumbledore Was At The Democratic Debate And People Literally Can't Even

20 Crafty Homemade Halloween Treat Recipes To Soothe Your Sweet Tooth (Photos)

TSA Will No Longer Refer To Bodies Of Trans Individuals As 'Anomalies'

Martin Shkreli Still Hasn't Lowered The Price On The Life-Saving Drug Daraprim

These Guys Took Their Tinder Profile Photos At Ikea And They Are Flawless

WTF: The Weather Channel Might Actually Name A Winter Storm 'YOLO'

Church Orders Pizza And Gives Driver An Insane $1,000 Tip

This Company Takes Instagram-Worthy Photos For Your Group On Vacation

Man Who Was Declared Dead Came Back To Life Right Before His Autopsy

Police Beat, Restrained And Tased A 22-Year-Old Student Who Later Died (Video)

Your Love For Caramel Apples Can Actually Make You Really F*cking Sick

4-Year-Old Girl Singing To Her Mom Who Has Cancer Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

Paralyzed Groom Finally Had First Dance With Wife Years After Wedding (Video)

Race To The Altar: This Couple Tied The Knot While Running A Marathon

Science Says Sitting At Your Desk Won't Kill You If You Do One Thing

What Playboy's New 'No Nude' Policy Says About The Millennial Mindset

Guy Actually Tried To Get Away In An Uber After Robbing A Store

Woman Is Suing Her 12-Year-Old Nephew For Breaking Her Wrist In A Hug

You Can Own A Part Of This Restaurant If You Eat Its 30-Pound Burrito

Investigators Find Flight MH17 Likely Shot Down By Russian-Made Missile

What To Drink At The Democratic Debate By Candidate

This Pimp Actually Helps His Prostitutes Pay Off Debt From Student Loans

Idiot Duct Tapes His D*ck's Tip Shut And Then Tries To Use The Bathroom

Facebook Is Adding A Very Dangerous Thing For The Shopaholics Out There

Woman Got Arrested For DUI After Live-Streaming Herself Drunk Driving (Video)

Long-Lost Sisters Reunite When Working At Same Hospital 40 Years Later

A US Ally Might Crucify A Millennial For Exercising A Basic Right

This Morbid 'Bad Blood' PSA About Lip Syncing Escalated Really Quickly (Video)

End Of An Era: Playboy Will No Longer Print Photos Of Nude Women

CorgiCon Is What All Dog Lovers' Dreams Are Made Of (Photos)

Science Says Babies Born In The Summer Tend To Be Healthier Adults

Guy Knocks Man Out With A Hot Sauce Bottle During A Fight Over Crackers

Snapchat's CEO Wore A Fur Coat In Vogue And Everyone Is Really Confused (Photos)

Someone Thought These Bearded Men Were From ISIS And Called The Police (Photos)

Guy Pulls Worst Prank On Girlfriend By Pretending Their Son Blows Up (Video)

It's Official: Yoga Pants Are Becoming More Popular Than Jeans

Army Veteran Slams Assh*le Who Left Note On His Car In Handicap Spot (Photos)

What The US Can Learn From Australia About Gun Control

Obama 'Back To Back' Parody Is The Donald Trump Diss Track We Needed (Video)

2-Year-Old Boy Tragically Drowned In Pond While His Mom Was On Facebook

The Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion Will Not Face Any Charges

Amazing Paramedic Shows Up At A Crash While Wearing Her Wedding Dress

President Obama Just Gave Kanye West Some Great Advice For His 2020 Bid

This Man Comforting A Stranger With Disabilities Will Warm Your Heart (Photo)

This Haunted House Is So Terrifying, You Need To Sign A Waiver To Enter (Video)

These Photos Of Halloween Around The World Will Get You In The Spirit

Straight Girls Explain Why They Sometimes Have Sex With Other Girls (Video)

Terror Attack Kills Dozens At Peace Rally In Turkey's Capital

Guys Live-Tweet Cops Showing Up To Their Airbnb, Assuming They Broke In (Photos)

People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over A Campbell's Soup Ad

This Little Girl Would Be The Most Adorable Spokesperson For Planned Parenthood (Video)

This Baby Surrounded By Syringes Is Inspiring People For All The Right Reasons

People Are Getting Emotional Over This Insanely Romantic Gum Commercial

Jeb Bush Made All Photoshop Dreams Come True With This Pointing Photo

This Mom Was Not Having Man's Rude Comment About Her Daughter's Injury

We Are All These Two Rats Fighting Over A Slice Of Pizza (Video)

Elon Musk Took A Huge Sh*t On Apple And Called It The 'Tesla Graveyard'

Woman Can't Open Her Eye After Using Super Glue Instead Of Eye Drops (Video)

Woman Who Was Groped On A Bus Is Searching For The Man Who Defended Her

Incredibly Awkward Band Sings Disney Songs To Try To Make Couples Kiss (Video)

Engineering Student's Letter To 'Unequal' Female Peers Is Everything

Man Allegedly Beheads His Wife And Carries Her Head Down The Street (Video)

Men Are Actually Trying To Regrow Foreskin And It Sounds Really Painful

People Are Going F*cking Insane Over This Pizza That Looks Like A Vagina (Photos)

This Body-Positive Ad Featuring Naked Women Was Called 'Pornographic'

This Hot Cop Totally Crushed The Whip And Nae Nae With A Football Team (Video)

Women Get Completely Naked In Front Of Their BFFs For The First Time (Video)

1 Killed, 3 Injured In Northern Arizona University Shooting

Is There A Link Between Markers On Our DNA And Our Sexual Orientation?

College Students Make Favorite Cafe Worker's Disney Dreams Come True (Video)

Victoria's Secret Just Had Another Major Photoshop Fail

The Speaker Of The House Race Just Turned Into 'Empire'

Woman's Story About A Coffee Run Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

Couple Unknowingly Reveals An Extra Surprise In Their Engagement Photo

This Culinary Genius Opened Up A Restaurant In His College Dorm Room

'Netflix And Chill' Condoms Actually Exist, So You May Want To Stock Up

Hero From Paris Train Attack In Stable Condition After Being Stabbed

You Might Soon Be Able To Do More Than Just 'Like' Facebook Posts

How Movies Throughout History Show The Evolution Of Terrorism

These 6 Brothers Finally Met Their New Baby Sister And It's Adorable (Video)

Millennials And Sex: How Frisky Are Members Of Your Political Party?

UCLA Frat Under Fire For People Wearing Blackface At Kanye-Themed Party

Dad Loses It After Getting Anonymous Texts Of His Daughter's Nude Snaps

Fraternity Suspended For Hazing Video Of Possible Sexual Assault

You May Soon Be Able To Fly From The US To Europe For Super F*cking Cheap

Teen Threatened To Kill Female Students For Not Sending Him Nude Photos

Science Says Having More Sex Could Actually Make You More Fertile

Woman Responds To Her Photo Being Turned Into A Terrible Meme (Video)

Amazing Dad Is Teaching Other Fathers How To Do Their Daughters' Hair

People Are Now Completely Stripping And Posing Like Frozen Chickens

800-Pound Man Orders Pizza In Hospital, Gets Kicked Out

Forget Gang Violence And Personal Finances, Angelenos Only Worry About Traffic

Drunk-etarians: 1 In 3 Vegetarians Eats Meat When Drunk, Study Says

NASA Is Going To Do Some Crazy Sh*t With The Sky Tonight

The White House And Kickstarter Are Proving We Can All Help Refugees

Transgender Man Documents Transition In An Incredible Time-Lapse Video

Study Finds People Who Support Trump Have Horrible Grammar On Facebook

Adorable Little Girl Won't Wait For Anything To Go Hug Her Solider Dad (Video)

A 22-Year-Old Became 20th Trans Woman To Be Killed In The US This Year

This Dad Had The Best Reaction To His Son Who Wanted A 'Frozen' Costume

Idiot Who Calls Cops On Neighbor Gets Caught Robbing Him On Live-Stream (Video)

#FallGoals: Starbucks Has A Society For Pumpkin Spice Latte Lovers

Smugglers In Eastern Europe Attempted To Sell ISIS Nuclear Materials

Meet The Millennials Assigned To Cover The Pope's Visit On Social Media (Video)

Touching Photo Shows An Officer Comforting A Baby After A Car Crash

This Artist Taught A Troll Who Sent Him Hate Mail The Perfect Lesson

This High School Actually Banned Dances Because Everyone Kept Twerking

Why Gun Control Laws Might Actually Be Written Into Our Constitution

Woman Could Go To Jail After Secretly Filming Husband Groping The Maid (Video)

Australian Court Just Made A Decision That Will Help Fight Breast Cancer

Porn Star Is Starting His Own 'Porn University' To Teach Aspiring Actors

This Suspended Glass Bridge Actually Cracked While People Walked Across

Teen Commits Suicide After Being Told Smoking Weed 'Ruined His Life'

If You're Using LinkedIn, You Might Be Getting Some Money Soon

The Way Ants Survive A Flood Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

World's Oldest Woman Lives By One Amazing Rule Involving Bacon

Tomorrow Might Be The Apocalypse, So Don't Make Any Plans

Mother's Moving Poem To Her Transgender Daughter Will Make You Bawl (Video)

Guy Allegedly Stabbed A Man With A Sword Because He Was Tired Of Him Talking

Justice Department Will Release About 6,000 Inmates From Prison Early

Forget Alcohol: Smoking Weed Could Actually Be The Real Boner-Killer

Therapy Dog Serves As The Adorable Best Man At Wounded Vet's Wedding (Video)

This Guy Was Actually So High, He Freaked Out And Called The Police

A Dunkin' Donuts Employee Wrote 'Black Lives Matter' On A Cop's Cup

Mike Huckabee Says He's Boycotting Frito-Lay Over LGBT Pride Doritos

A Male Birth Control Pill Could Soon Be A Thing, So That's Exciting

IHOP Is Tweeting To Remind Us It Always Served Breakfast All Day Long

Brave Reporter Returns To Live TV Soon After Stun Grenade Burns Her Face

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