November 2018
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Donald Trump Jr.'s Response To Michael Cohen's Guilty Plea Has Been Fascinatingly Low-Key

These Tweets About Vladimir Putin & Mohammed Bin Salman's High-Five At The G20 Are So Uncomfortable

Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Brett Kavanaugh In The 2018 SCOTUS Portrait Are Breaking The Internet

What's In The New NAFTA Deal? Trump Is Claiming A Huge Victory

Wendy's' $1 Any Size Fry Offer For December 2018 Is Perfect For Holiday Snacking

Burger King's Peppermint Oreo Shake Is Here To Make Your Holidays Even Sweeter

Were Ivanka & Donald Trump Jr. Involved In Trump Tower Moscow? It's Possible

DoorDash's Free Cheesecake From The Cheesecake Factory Is The Tastiest Birthday Deal

Chips Ahoy!'s Tweet About A Nicki Minaj-Inspired Cookie Will Get You Pumped

Payless' "Palessi" Store Tricked Customers Into Buying Shoes With Super High Prices

Applebee’s Is Selling Dollar Jolly Drinks In December That Taste Like Jolly Ranchers

Instagram's New Close Friends Feature On Stories Will Make Your Account So Personal

These "Don't Say It" Memes Are The Most Hilariously Relatable Ones You'll Ever Read

These Photos Of The 2018 National Christmas Tree Lighting Are So Spectacular

The Trump Admin Will Ban Bump Stocks On Guns, Reports Say, Which Is Important

What Does Michael Cohen's Latest Guilty Plea Mean For Donald Trump? It Could Be Bad

Ivanka Trump's Tweet After The Cohen Plea Is A Bit, Well, Off-Topic

Donald Trump Canceled His Meeting With Vladimir Putin After Cohen's Guilty Plea

These New Dove Chocolate Bars For December 2018 Will Leave You Wanting Another Bite

Wawa's Winter Reserve Coffee Stout Beer Is Coming To Give You A Different Buzz

These Welch's Sparkling Juice Holiday Bottles At Target Are Seriously So Gorgeous

White Castle's Holiday Mugs For 2018 Are Here To Help You Donate To A Great Cause

Hostess Cakes' New Honey Bun & Donettes Cereals Will Be A Sweet Start To Your Day

Who Is Individual 1 In Michael Cohen's Guilty Plea? This Is A Big Deal

Donald Trump's Response To Michael Cohen's Guilty Plea Calls Him A "Weak Person"

This Domino's UK Cheeseburger Pizza Topped With Ground Beef & Pickles Looks So Good

Baskin-Robbins' 'Moments' Store Features New Ice Cream Novelties For A Sweet Treat

How Long Is Chick-Fil-A's Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake Available? Get One Soon

These Tweets About Michael Cohen's New Guilty Plea Are All Saying The Same Thing

Michael Cohen Pleaded Guilty To Lying To Congress In The Russia Investigation, Reports Say

JetBlue’s Go Get Gifted Contest Offers Free 2018 Holiday Flights For Upcoming Travel

These Mini Christmas Nutella Jars Selling For $1 Are The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Donald Trump Told Robert Mueller He Didn't Know About The Trump Tower Meeting, Reports Say

Barack Obama Dragged Donald Trump About All His Legal Troubles With This Hilarious Burn

Instagram's New Text To Speech Accessibility Feature Will Help You Connect On The App

Donald Trump Retweeted A Fake Mike Pence Account, Because What's Fact-Checking?

McDonald's 2018 Holiday Pies Are Back For The Most Cheerful Dessert This Season

Donald Trump Retweeted A Meme Accusing His Political Enemies Of Treason

These Tweets About Knickers, Australia's 6-Foot-Tall Cow, Will Totally Brighten Your Day

Melania Trump's Response To Jokes About Her Christmas Decorations Is A Solid Clapback

Cracker Jack Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn Is Back To Put A Festive Spin On Snacking

Here's How To Get Free Burger King Cini Minis On Grubhub Through The End Of 2018

Donald Trump's Comment About Shutting Down The Government Sounds Familiar

Cap’n Crunch's Christmas Crunch & Gingerbread Spice Life Cereals Are Back This Season

Paul Manafort & Donald Trump's Lawyers Have Reportedly Been Talking About The Mueller Probe

Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up Is Here For The Holidays With A Flavor Combo You'll Love

Ivanka Trump's Email Use Vs. Hillary Clinton's Has "No Equivalency," She Says

Starbucks' 'Starbucks For Life' Holiday Contest Is Back With Prizes To Perk You Up

Shiraz On The Shelf Is The Elf On The Shelf Twist For Wine Lovers

The Google Fi Phone Plan Is The Perfect Way To Save Money On Your Next Vacay

Taco Bell's Holiday Collection Includes Hot Sauce Packet Onesies For Your Spicy BFF

These Tweets About Emma From ‘Teen Jeopardy’ Are Honestly So Pure

JetBlue's Hot Cocoa, Fares Loco Sale Has Cheap Winter Flights For The New Year

Tim Hortons' Snowbits Are Here To Make You Nostalgic For Holiday Snowball Fights

Napa Valley Wine Train’s New Year’s Eve 2018 Package Will Have You Raising A Glass

Dairy Queen's Candy Cane Chill Blizzard Of The Month Is Filled With Holiday Treats

Donald Trump Defended Tear Gassing Migrants At The Border — Twice

Christine Blasey Ford's GoFundMe Will Be Used To Help Trauma Survivors

When Can You Sign Up For Health Care? Open Enrollment Ends Soon

Here Are 5 Places To Donate For Giving Tuesday To Make It Really Count

The “He’s Not Your Man If” Meme Taking Over Twitter Is Hilarious & Weird AF

M&M’s Milk Chocolate Bars Are Available At Walmart To Satisfy All Of Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

What Will Happen After Paul Manafort Allegedly Violated His Plea Deal? It Could Be Bad

Heineken's Holiday Beer Magnums Now Exist For All Your Boozy Festivities

Southwest's Cyber Monday Week Sale Will Score You Cheap Flights For The New Year

Sonic’s New Fritos Chili Cheese Menu Items Start At $0.99 To Warm You Up This Winter

The Starbucks x Winter 2018 Collection Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

Pizza Hut's First Book Bundle For Giving Tuesday Helps Give Education To Kids In Need

Krispy Kreme's 2018 Holiday Doughnuts Are Back With Your Favorite Festive Flavors

What Is Giving Tuesday? This Holiday Celebration Has Never Been More Relevant — EXCLUSIVE

Starbucks' Juniper Latte Has Me So Pumped For This New Holiday Flavor

Domino’s 50 Percent Off Pizza Promotion For Cyber Monday Week Is A Delicious Deal's March 2019 Deal In Greenland’s Ittoqqortoormiit Guesthouse Is A #RemoteAF Offer's 2018 Word Of The Year Is So Fitting I Can't Handle It

JetBlue's Cyber Monday Flash Fares Will Help You Plan The Perfect Holiday Getaway

Tomi Lahren's Response To Migrants Getting Tear Gassed Is So Messed Up

Matthew Whitaker's Reported Comments On Abortion Are Deeply Troubling

These Tweets About Melania Trump's Red Christmas Trees Are Roasting Her Holiday Choice

These Videos Of Migrants Being Tear Gassed At The Border Have Everyone Outraged

What’s In The National Climate Assessment Report? This Isn’t Good

Here's How To Get Del Taco's Burrito Wrapping Paper To Make Your Holiday Extra Tasty

These Photos Of The 2018 White House Christmas Decorations Show A Big Change

Twitter Reunited 2 Friends With A 2006 Vacation Photo In A Moment Of Internet Goodness

These Memes About "They Did Surgery On A Grape" Are Here To End 2018 On A Weird Note

Taco Bell Is Offering Free Doritos Locos Tacos If You Do This One Thing

This March 2016 Video Of Donald Trump & Ben Carson Dancing Is Making Twitter Uncomfortable

Best Buy's Cyber Monday 2018 Sales Include Half-Off Beats & Up To $150 Off The iPhone XS

Macy's Cyber Monday 2018 Sales Include BOGO Boots & 50 Percent Off Winter Coats

This Polaroid Originals x Disney Mickey Mouse Camera & Film Will Make Your Pics Magical

JetBlue's Thanksgiving 2018 Weekend Sale Will Save You $150 On Vacation Packages

Krispy Kreme's Peppermint Mocha Is Here To Energize You This Holiday Season

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Response To Fox News Discussing Her Shoes Used A Fitting Song Lyric

Yes Way Rose's Thanksgiving 2018 Weekend Sale Will Bring Summer Vibes To The Holidays

This Video Of Barney At The 1997 Thanksgiving Parade Has Resurfaced For A Hilarious Reason

Hulu's Black Friday 2018 Sale Will Get You A Year Of TV For Almost Nothing

The Apple 2018 Black Friday Sale Is One More Reason To Get The Latest Tech

Spotify's Holiday Premium Deal Will Have You Grooving Through The Season

Target's Cyber Monday 2018 Sale Gets You Extra Deals For The Holidays

Walmart's Cyber Monday 2018 Sale Includes $100 Off An iPhone 8 Plus

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's Same-Sex Kiss Was Long Overdue & So Sweet

Ivanka Trump's Thanksgiving 2018 Tweet Is All About Offering Gratitude

Starbucks' Black Friday 2018 Happy Hour Deal Will Get You BOGO Frappuccinos, So Keep Shopping

7-Eleven’s 2018 Bring Your Own Cup Slurpee Day Is The Black Friday Deal Of Your Dreams

Donald Trump's Thanksgiving Tweet Shares An Attitude Of Gratitude

Barack Obama's Thanksgiving Instagram Captures The Spirit Of The Holiday Perfectly

Chief Justice Roberts’ Comment About Trump & Supreme Court "Obama Judges" Is So On Point

DoorDash's Black Friday 2018 Deal Is Offering Free Fries To These Lucky Customers

Expedia's Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Sales Include Half-Off Flights & Hotels

The Oreo Music Box On Amazon Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For Every Cookie Lover

This Facebook Portal Black Friday 2018 Sale Will Inspire You To Upgrade Your Calls

Hillary Clinton's Tweets About #TransDayofRemembrance Make An Important Point

These Photos Of Ivanka Trump At The 2018 Turkey Pardon Are Just So Normal

Donald Trump's Asylum Rule Was Blocked In Court, So Here's What The Ruling Does

McDonald's Black Friday 2018 Deals Are The Same Ones You Can Use All Year Long

Where Will Donald Trump Spend Thanksgiving 2018? You've Got One Guess

Donald Trump's Vs. Barack Obama's Turkey Pardon Jokes Are Wildly Different

Snapchat's Black Friday Deals On Spectacles 2 Will Help You Up Your Snap Game

These Photos Of Melania Trump's Coat At The 2018 Turkey Pardon Are, Uh, Really Something

Why Wasn't Tiffany Trump At The 2018 Turkey Pardon? She Skipped The Event

These Tweets About The 2018 Turkey Pardon Are Not Here For Trump's "Jokes"

These Tweets About Ivanka Trump’s Emails All Say The Same Thing

Priceline’s 2018 Black Friday Sale Includes Warm Weather Getaways For Your Winter Blues

Dunkin' Donuts' Cyber Monday Deal Will Land You A Gift Card, So Hello Free Coffee

These Funny Tweets About Black Friday Define All Of Your Shopping Struggles

The iPhone's Space Bar Feature To Move Your Cursor Is Blowing Everyone's Minds

This Video Of Barack Obama Surprising Michelle On Her Book Tour Is Relationship Goals

Donald Trump's Tweet About The Osama Bin Laden Raid Is Really Out There

Will Matthew Whitaker Be Blocked As Attorney General? Democrats Are Challenging Him

These Tweets About "Finnish Raking Season" Are Trolling Trump's Comments About The California Fires

A Task Force For Sexual Misconduct On Flights Has Been Announced, So You Can Fly Safer

Lyft's Round Up & Donate Feature Has Raised Over $10 Million For Charity

These Tweets About Traveling On Thanksgiving Show What A Nightmare It Is

These Photos Of Joe Biden Adopting A Dog Will Tug On Your Heartstrings

These Tweets About Trump Grading His Presidency With An 'A-Plus' Are Not Here For It

Does The Jennie-O Recall Include Thanksgiving Turkeys? Here's What You Need To Know

How To Talk About Donald Trump On Thanksgiving (Or Not), So You Don't Ruin Dinner

How Will Betsy DeVos' New Campus Assault Proposal Affect Students? It's Troubling

Donald Trump Called For "Raking Forest Floors" During His California Wildfire Zone Visit

These Memes Of Migos' Takeoff On 'Carpool Karaoke' Are Relatable Passenger Problems

Queen Elizabeth’s Message To President Trump About The California Fires Is Heartfelt

Stacey Abrams' Speech Ending Her Bid For Georgia Governor Had A Scathing Message

When Do Disney's Black Friday 2018 Deals Start? Get Your Wallet Ready

Can Voter Suppression Be Solved? Here's What This Expert Thinks

These "Dog Cheese" Tweets Are The Most Wholesome Form Of Entertainment

Snapchat's Shop & Cop Channel Will Be Your Go-To Spot During Black Friday Weekend

These Memes About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Jacket Are Roasting Expectations About Women's Clothes

Donald Trump May Have Appointed Matthew Whitaker To Kill The Russia Probe

Olive Garden's Chocolate Brownie Lasagna Has Eight Layers Of Creamy Fudge

These National Fast Food Day 2018 Deals Will Inspire You To Visit The Drive-Thru

Are Fake Accounts On Facebook Still A Problem? Changes Are In The Works

Mrs. Fields' Cyber Monday 2018 Sale Gives You Major Cookie Discounts

Here's How To Use Burger King's Whopper Shopper For Free Burgers This Season

Chili's' Cyber Monday Pop-Up Store Has A 'The Office'-Themed Shirt That You'll Want ASAP

What Is The Green New Deal? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Supporting A Plan To Protect The Planet

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Instagrams About Her Orientation To Congress Are Fascinating

Dunkin's Black Friday 2018 Deals Include Free Lyft Rides To Get Your Morning Coffee

Hate Crimes In 2017 Rose For The Third Straight Year, According To The FBI

How Long Will Chili's $5 Hennessy's Harvest Margarita Be Available? Time To Hurry

Who Is Lana Marks? Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago Member Might Be A U.S. Ambassador

Dunkin's Holiday Menu Includes Doughnuts That Are Perfect To Bring To Friendsgiving

What Can I Donate To The Victims Of The California Wildfires? There's More Than One Way To Help's Black Friday 2018 Sale Might Help You Score 99 Percent Off Your Room

This Castle In The Sky In Italy Is Yours To Stay In For Only $114 A Night

Jet’s Black Friday 2018 Sale Has Big Savings On Your Favorite Tech Products

When Will Florida's Midterm Recount Be Done? Some Voters Have A Little Time Left

Baked By Melissa’s Give Thanks & Friendsgiving Packs Are Perfect For Your Turkey Feast

Jell-O Play Is Selling Edible Slime On Amazon For A One-Of-A-Kind Snack

Shopping In Instagram Videos Is A Possibility Now, Thanks To This Major App Update

These Black Friday 2018 Electronic Sales Will Have You Lining Up For A Great Deal

Here's Where To Get Sour Patch Kids Cereal For A Sour (& Then Sweet) Breakfast

Shake Shack's 2018 Holiday Shakes Make Me Want To Deck The Halls

The Starbucks Holiday Drinks With The Most Caffeine Will Keep You Up For All That Shopping

Amazon's Black Friday 2018 Sale Isn't Your Typical Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Spree

Donald Trump Jr.'s Post About Voting Fraud In Florida Is Getting Roasted On Twitter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tweet About Being Mistaken For An Intern Shows Why Her Win Was So Important

These Cheap Wines From Trader Joe's For Thanksgiving 2018 Are What I'm Thankful For This Year

When Will Georgia's Governor Election Be Decided? There's A Deadline

Hillary Clinton Said Stacey Abrams Would Have Already Won Georgia In "A Fair Election"

Chocolatey Winter Lucky Charms Now Exist To Satisfy All Of Your Holiday Food Cravings

Will Starbucks' Reusable Red Cups Be Restocked? They’re The Perfect Holiday Item

5 Black Friday 2018 iPhone Sales That Won't Break The Bank

Will Dunkin’ Donuts Be Open On Thanksgiving 2018? Here's What We Know

Hidden Valley's Magnum Ranch Bottle Is The Perfect Gift For Your Foodie Friend

What Is Uber's Rewards Program? You Can Earn Points With Every Trip You Take

Melania Trump Wants To Fire Mira Ricardel, Which Is A Rare Move For Her

Amazon's Black Friday 2018 Electronic Sales Will Get You The Best Gadgets So Cheap

The French Government's Response To Donald Trump's Tweet About France Calls For "Common Decency"

The Facebook Portal Vs. Portal Plus Will Help You Compare Which To Buy This Holiday Season

What Time Does Macy’s Open On Black Friday 2018? Set Those Alarms Real Early

Krispy Kreme's Holiday Doughnuts Are Here For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Starbucks' 2018 Black Friday Sale Includes Free Coffee & Tea All January

Ben & Jerry’s New Minter Wonderland Flavor At Target Is Here For A Holiday Treat

Tinkerbelle The Dog's Owner, Sam Carrell, Is The Genius Behind Her Viral Instagram

What Time Does Black Friday 2018 Start? Get Ready For An All-Nighter

Ivanka Trump's Response To The California Wildfires Is So Different Than Her Dad's

Why Didn't Donald Trump Go To The U.S. Cemetery In France? He's Blaming It On The Secret Service

Melania Trump Apparently Turned Down Michelle Obama's Offer For Advice, Which, Um, What?

Starbucks China Is Serving A Snowy Cheese Flavored Holiday Latte, So Goodbye, Gingerbread

CNN Is Suing Donald Trump Over Banning Jim Acosta, So This Is A Big Step

This Reynolds Wrap Glitter Turkey Recipe Will Make Your Thanksgiving Sparkle

Here's How To Get A Free Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Through Doordash For Some Southern Comfort

Party City’s ‘Grinch’ Onesies For You & Your Dog Are Here For Winter Mornings

When Do Apple Stores Open On Black Friday 2018? The Deals Will Start Early

Is Pop Secret's "Popfetti" Popcorn Available? Apparently, It's Back On The Shelves

Kyrsten Sinema Flipped Arizona's Senate Seat, Which Is Another Big Win For Democrats

Frontier Airlines’ Veterans Day Sale Has 90 Percent Off Flights For A Cheap Getaway

Best Buy’s Black Friday 2018 Sale Includes The Best Deals On TVs & Smartphones

Snapchat's New Friendship Profile Feature Will Give You The Sweetest Throwbacks

McDonald’s McCafé Peppermint Mocha Is Back For A Cheerful Holiday Sip

Donald Trump Didn't Go To Arlington Cemetery For Veterans Day & People Aren't Happy

When Do Black Friday Sales Start On Amazon In 2018? You'd Better Start Shopping

These Tweets About "Trumpy Bear" Show No One Can Believe This Is Real

The Head Writers For Cards Against Humanity Just Want To Make You Laugh

Salt & Straw’s Thanksgiving Ice Cream Flavors Taste Like A Frozen Turkey Day Dinner

Drizly's Black Friday Deal Gives You $5 Off For A Boozy Holiday Season

Tiffany Trump’s Instagram About The California Wildfires Got So Personal

These Cheap Wines From Walmart For Thanksgiving 2018 Are An Extra Festive Sip

Donald Trump's Reaction To Michelle Obama's Memoir Called Her "Controversial"

PARTY By Taco Bell Is The Newest Way To Celebrate, So Prepare To Live Mas

The Busiest Travel Days For Thanksgiving 2018 Depend On If You're Flying Or Driving

Donald Trump's Reaction To The California Wildfires Basically Blames The State

Pillsbury's Hot Cocoa Rolls Will Make Your Holiday Movie Marathon Even Sweeter

Reese's Trees With Pieces Are The Perfect Way To Celebrate The Holiday Season

Here's How To Help Victims Of The November California Wildfires, Because The Damage Is Serious

These Memes About Thanksgiving That Capture Exactly How Much You Love Mashed Potatoes

Will Congress Impeach Kavanaugh After The 2018 Midterms? It's A Possibility, This Expert Says

Will Congress Investigate Trump's Taxes After The Midterms? It's Not Impossible

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can't Afford Rent In D.C. Right Now, Which, Same

Moet's Holiday Champagne Gift Boxes Are So Pretty That You Won't Want To Open Them

Disney's 2018 Share Your Ears Campaign Is The Easiest Way To Raise Money For A Cause

Michelle Obama Slammed Donald Trump Over Birtherism In Her New Book 'Becoming'

Donald Trump's Latest Asylum Policy Is A Serious Crackdown

What Will Happen To Gun Control After The 2018 Midterms? It's Complicated

This Grinch Gingerbread House Kit Brings Whoville Home For The Holidays

What Time Does Best Buy Open On Black Friday 2018? Their Hours Are Super Extensive

Will Congress Impeach Trump After The Midterms? The Possibilities Just Opened Up

Donald Trump's Attempt To End DACA Is On Hold After A Federal Court Ruled Against It

Melania Trump's Tweet About The Thousand Oaks Shooting Is So Sad

Here's Where To Get Disney's Tinker Bell Ice Cream Cone With A Dose Of Gold ‘Pixie Dust’

What Will Happen To Abortion Laws After The 2018 Midterms? It's A Mixed Bag

Best Buy's Early Black Friday 2018 Deals Through Nov. 11 Include A $100 Amazon Echo Show

These Hunter x 'Marry Poppins Returns' Boots Will Add Magic To Your Fall Wardrobe

What Will Happen To The Russia Investigation After Sessions' Resignation? It's Not Looking Good

Applebee’s Is Selling $2 Bud Lights In November For Your Next Happy Hour

The White House's Reason For Revoking Jim Acosta's Press Pass Is Getting Called "Fake News"

Baskin-Robbins' Cyber Monday 2018 Deals Include Free Cake & Online Order Discounts

How Long Does Southwest's November 2018 Flight Sale Last? You Have To Act Fast

How Did Millennials Vote In The 2018 Midterms? This Is A Major Change

What Time Does Walmart Open On Black Friday 2018? The Deals Will Start Early

Walmart’s Black Friday 2018 Sale Has All The Gifts You Need This Holiday Season

Here's How To Help Victims Of The Thousand Oaks Shooting Because Every Little Bit Helps

These Tweets About Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Hospitalization Offer Literally Anything She Needs

Old Navy's Black Friday 2018 Hours Will Ensure You Won't Miss Out On The Deals

Starbucks’ Nov. 8 Happy Hour Will Get You Half Off Your Favorite Espresso Drink

Donald Trump's Reaction To The Thousand Oaks Borderline Shooting Praised Police Bravery

Who Is Matthew Whitaker? Jeff Sessions' Replacement Has Spoken About The Russia Investigation

These Tweets About Jeff Session's Resignation Are So Dire

Jeff Sessions Is Resigning At Donald Trump's Request, Reports Say

Whole Foods' Thanksgiving Day Delivery Hours On Amazon Prime Now Will Come In Handy

What Abortion Measures Were Passed In The 2018 Midterms? These Could Have Some Major Effects

Here's How To Get Free Wendy's Frostys In 2019 When You Make This $2 Purchase

Hillary Clinton's Reaction To The 2018 Midterm Elections Is All About The Women's Wave

Sharice Davids' Win For Congress Is Super Important & Here's Why – EXCLUSIVE

These Tweets About Christine Hallquist's Loss In Her Bid For Governor Are So Supportive

These Miller High Life Beer Champagne Bottles Are Only $3.49, So Raise A Glass

These Tweets About Donald Trump's Press Conference After The Midterms Are Just Wild

Sonic Is Giving Away Free Gift Cards If You Do This One Thing

Did Donald Trump Vote In The 2018 Midterms? He Didn't Go To A Polling Place

Kush Queen's CBD-Infused Peppermint Latte Bath Bombs Are Here For Holiday Relaxation

Disney’s Holiday Churros Are The Magical Treat You Need To Try This Season

Starbucks Is Selling Reusable Red Cups For $2.50, So You Can Still Get A Holiday Deal

How Many Millennials Voted In The 2018 Midterms? This Is So Encouraging

Halo Top's Gingerbread House Ice Cream Is Back To Be Your Favorite Winter Dessert

Barack Obama's Reaction To The Midterm Elections Is An Important Message

Was 2018 Another "Year of the Woman?" Women Broke Records In The Midterm Elections

Who Won The Georgia Governor's Race? This Might Not Be Over – UPDATE

Ivanka Trump's Tweet After The 2018 Midterms Is Praising The Democratic Process

Donald Trump's Tweets After The 2018 Midterms Are Already Threatening Democrats

Southwest’s November 2018 Flight Sale Has $98 Fares To Make Your Wallet Happy

Who Will Be Speaker Of The House After The 2018 Midterms? We Know One Thing

'Rugrats' Reptar Bar Deluxe Is Available At FYE So You Can Have A Nostalgic Treat

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Response To Winning In New York Is So Heartwarming

Did Democrats Flip The House? The Party Picked Up These Republican-Controlled Seats

These Memes About Florida's Tight Governor's Race Are Hilariously Stressed Out

These Tweets About Andrew Gillum's Loss In Florida Show No One's Giving Up On Change

Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar's Wins For Congress In The Midterms Are Breaking New Ground

Deb Haaland's Win In New Mexico Is Bringing A Historical First To Congress

Did Phil Bredesen & Jim Cooper Win Their Races? Taylor Swift Got Half Her Midterm Wish

Did The Democrats Flip The Senate In The 2018 Midterms? It Was A High Bar

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won Her Congressional Seat In The 2018 Midterms & Made History

These Tweets About Beto O'Rourke's Loss To Ted Cruz In The 2018 Midterms Show People Are In Denial

Sharice Davids' Win In Kansas Is A Huge Victory For This Main Reason

These Tweets About Lupe Valdez Losing The Texas Governor Race Are All Talking About The Same Thing

Tiffany Trump's "I Voted" Tweet For The 2018 Midterms Is So Mysterious

These Tweets About This Rainbow Over The U.S. Capitol Are Hoping It's A Good Omen

Taylor Swift Is Reposting Voter Selfies On Instagram, So Get That Pic

Beyonce's Instagram Supporting Beto O'Rourke In The 2018 Midterms Is Pure Perfection

Voters Are Reporting Broken Machines & More Problems Around The Country

Pizza To The Polls Is Sending Pizza To Voters Waiting In Line For The 2018 Midterms

These Election Day 2018 Deals Are Just Another Reason For You To Get Out & Vote

These Photos Of 'Mickey: The True Original Exhibition' Will Have Disney Fans So Hype

How Many People Voted In The 2018 Midterms? These Numbers Are Looking Great

Starbucks' Thanksgiving 2018 Hours May Be Different This Year, So Here's What We Know

These Last-Minute Flight Deals For Thanksgiving 2018 Won't Break The Bank

This Reese’s Advent Calendar Is The Most Delicious Way To Count Down To Christmas

McDonald’s Pumpkin Pies Are Back For Your Early Turkey Day Cravings

These Memes About Voting In The 2018 Midterms Are Way Too Relatable

Did Meghan Markle Vote In The 2018 Midterms? Kensington Palace Gave A Vague Answer

These Tweets About Voting In The 2018 Midterm Elections Are Everything

Macy’s Black Friday 2018 Sale Includes A Free Slow Cooker, Seriously

Here's When Election Winners Take Office, So The Real Work Can Begin

Peeps Giant Gingerbread Man Marshmallows Are Here To Be Your Favorite Holiday Snack

These Tweets Of "I Voted" Stickers In The 2018 Midterms Will Fire You Up

Sonic’s Sweet Pretzel Twist Is The Perfect Fall Treat To Try ASAP

Here's Where To Get Pringles' Thanksgiving Flavors So You Can Have Chips For Dinner

Amazon’s Free Shipping For The Holidays Seriously Just Changed The Game

What Is The Walkout To Vote? Young People Are Taking Their Power To The Polls

What Would Happen If Republicans Keep The House? The Stakes Are High

Does Your Political Party Registration Matter? For These 4 Millennials, It Was A Big Deal

Barack Obama's Instagram About Voting Ahead Of The 2018 Midterms Is So Inspirational

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha? The Holiday Sip Will Energize You

These Tweets & Memes About Daylight Saving Time Are So, So Relatable

Donald Trump's Tweet About Barack Obama & Crowd Size Has Twitter Clapping Back

This Woman Posed In Her Cousin's Engagement Photo For A Hilariously Relatable Reason

This Sugarfina & Sanrio Holiday Collection Features Some Adorable Hello Kitty Candy

Can You Take Selfies At Your Polling Place? Say Cheese... Maybe

Snapchat's Reminder To Vote Message Will Make Sure You Don't Forget Election Day

Donald Trump's Comment Threatening Migrants About Throwing Rocks Is A New Low

These Memes About Donald Trump's "Game Of Thrones" Tweet Are All Making The Same Joke

These Tweets About Trump's 'Game Of Thrones' Meme Are Roasting This Fail

Donald Trump's 'Game Of Thrones' Meme About Sanctions Did Not Work Out Very Well

McDonald's Is Testing An Ultimate Chicken Sandwich That I Need In My Life

This Millennial Advocate For Reproductive Rights Is Finding Common Ground In The 2018 Midterms

Snapchat's "I Voted" Filter For The 2018 Midterm Elections Shows Off Voter Pride

These Tweets About People's Biggest Worry In The '90s Are Seriously So Relatable

Contiki's 2018 Midterm Elections Instagram Contest Could Send You On A Free Trip – UPDATE

Dairy Queen's Oreo Hot Cocoa Blizzard Of The Month Is Back To Enjoy This November

Here's The Facebook Portal Vs. The Amazon Echo Show, If You Can't Decide Which To Buy

Michelle Obama's Tweet About Parker Curry's Halloween Costume Of Her Is So Heartwarming

When Is McDonald's' "Trick. Treat. Win!" $50,000 Final Drawing? I Want That Cash

Donald Trump Wants To Send 15,000 Troops To The Border, Which Seems Like Overkill

When Does NYC's Nutella Cafe Open? It's Coming So, So Soon

Oprah's Speech Supporting Stacey Abrams For Governor Of Georgia Will Give You Chills

Target's 2018 Black Friday Deals Include Major Discounts On Your Fave Brands

Mark Sanford Gave Trick-Or-Treaters Copies Of The Constitution Because What's "Fun," Anyway

What Time Does Target Open On Black Friday 2018? The Doors Will Open Extra Early

The Trump Admin Won't Renew A Program To Fight Domestic Terrorism, Report Says

Target's 2018 Black Friday Preview Sale Is Happening On Nov. 1 For One Day Only

Godiva's Hot Chocolate Toppers Will Make Your Holiday Drinks So Insta-Worthy

Here's How To Get A Free Taco At Taco Bell On Nov. 1 Thanks To The MLB World Series

Starbucks' Reusable Red Cup Deal Will Get You Discounted Drinks All Winter Long

Here's How To Add Instagram's "I Voted" Sticker To Your Story For The 2018 Midterms

Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich? Oscar Mayer's Hotline Lets You Take A Stance

Costco Is Apparently Selling A 4-Foot-Tall Wine Glass For The Perfect Pour

Starbucks' 2018 Holiday Drinks Are Back To Make Your Winter Mornings So Festive

Starbucks’ Holiday Cups For 2018 Feature 4 Retro Designs For A Cheerful Sip