November 2017
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John Conyers Steps Down From House Judiciary Committee Because Of Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Alana Nichols' Advice To Young Women: "Comparison Is The Ultimate Thief Of All Joy" — EXCLUSIVE

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When You’re Single During The Holidays, These 7 Things Inevitably Stress You Out

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The Voice Of Generation-Y™

Will Net Neutrality End? Here's What The Internet Looks Like In A Country Without It

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What Does Starbucks' Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate Taste Like? It's Perfectly Sweet

Is Starbucks' Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate Dairy Free? Not Completely & Here's Why

Starbucks' Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate Is Here & It'll Make The Holidays So Much Sweeter

H.R. McMaster Called Donald Trump Stupid In Private, Report Says

Seamless Promo Codes & Black Friday 2017 Are A Perfect Pair If You're Sick Of Leftovers

Video Of Melania Trump Welcoming The White House Christmas Tree Is Weirdly Timed

What Is State Sponsored Terrorism? Donald Trump Adds North Korea To List Of Sponsors

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Tweets About The White House Turkey Pardon Are Hilariously Brutal

What Is The Presidential Turkey Pardon? One Of America's Weirdest Traditions

8 Experience Gifts For Your Boyfriend For Christmas That Don't Need A Big Red Bow

Barack Obama Wished Joe Biden Happy Birthday With The Perfect Meme

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When To Buy Your Thanksgiving Flight If You Haven't Already Booked It Yet

Thanksgiving Flight Sales That'll Make Buying Tickets Last Minute A Little Less Painful

Simone Biles' Tweet To Gabby Douglas About Sexual Assault Comments Sparks An Apology

Trump's Tweet About Hillary Clinton Told Her To "Give It Another Try In 3 Years" & Huh?

Tweets About Ivanka Trump's Thanksgiving Decoration Advice Will Seriously Crack You Up

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Flight Deals For All You Adventurous Procrastinators

Melania Trump’s Dress Choices Have Political Weight Beyond Looking Good

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When Your BFF Is Sick

How To Switch Between Apps On iPhone X Without A Home Button If You Love Multitasking

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Ivanka Trump’s Response To The Roy Moore Allegations Is One Her Dad Could Learn From

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Tweets About Starbucks' Rose Gold-Colored Merch Prove How Much Everyone Loves It

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Video Of Shep Smith's Uranium One Conspiracy Theory Debunking Will Drive Fox News Fans Crazy

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Trump Tweets About Sutherland Springs Shooting On Night Of Rancho Tehama Shooting, So That's Dark

Cards Against Humanity Saves America Campaign Bought Land On The Border To Delay Trump's Wall

Where To Buy Starbucks Rose Gold Merch If You're Obsessed With The Color

This Black Friday 2017 Grubhub Deal Will Make You Forget About Thanksgiving Leftovers

Photos Of Australia’s Marriage Equality Vote Are Giving Us All The Feels

Can Donald Trump Fire Nuclear Weapons? Congress Might Be About To Restrict His Powers

Russian “Election Campaign” Payments Totaling Over $380K Are Sketchy AF

5 Best Christmas Candles That'll Have Your Apartment Smelling Like The Holidays

iPhone X Tips You Need To Try Once You Have Your Hands On Apple's New Device

Tweets About Cheese On Pop-Tarts Prove The Internet Is Fuming Over This Supposed Iowa Tradition

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Congress' Sexual Harassment Hearing Is Already Proving Itself So Necessary

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6 Christmas Gifts For Moms From Daughters, When She Says She Doesn't Want Anything

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Photos Of Trump's Handshake In The Philippines Are What We All Need

Apple Just Released An iPhone X Notch Remover & Here's What It Does

What Is Facebook Local? The New App Will Help You Find Things To Do

Facebook Local App & Stories Launched & They'll Make It So Much Easier To Brag

Photos Of Melania Trump Meeting A Panda Are The Best Thing Out Of The Trumps’ Asia Trip

Me At 14 Hashtag Is Trending After Roy Moore Allegations, & It’s Pretty Perfect

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Girl's Response To Guy's Twitter DM Is So Savage & She's Officially Our Hero

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Melania Trump's Asia Trip Fashion Could Pay For A Year Of College

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When Will Dunkin' Donuts Holiday Flavors Be Here? You're Going To Love The New Taste

What Is The Philippines’ Drug War? Trump Set To Meet With Leader Of Controversial Operation

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Video Of Trump & Putin Shaking Hands In Vietnam Will Totally Leave You Shook

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Twitter Verified Jason Kessler & People Are Pissed

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Starbucks' Toasted White Chocolate Mocha Is Here & It'll Be Your New Holiday Favorite

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Doctor Dressed As The Joker Delivered A Baby On Halloween & Twitter Is Shook

Woman Who Flipped Off Donald Trump's Motorcade Got Fired For It, So That Sucks

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