November 2016
News Articles

Guy Who ODed On Heroin In Viral Livestream Speaks Out

This Obamas' Cutest Moments Montage Will Make You Cry

Here's Why I Hate My Country In 1,776 Words

Lucy Wolfe Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Baby After Pornographic Photos Found

Michelle Obama Kicks Off Last Holiday Season In White House

New Study Finds Your Lack Of Sleep Is Costing You Money

President Trump Will Be Able To Text Whole Country

Boxed Fireball Is Out, Just In Time For Holiday Parties

Wife Rewrites Cheating Husband's Tinder Profile

Mosque Gets Threatening Note Promising Trump Cleanse

US Governors Receive Rape Kits In Mail From TEST400k

Drunk Groom Beats Bride After She Scolds His Bad Behavior

Donald Trump Says He's Exiting His Business To Be President

Bizarre Facebook Group Lets Internet Trolls Insult Your Selfies

Mom Accused Of Killing Child With Drugs

Colombia Plane Crash Survivor Speaks About Last Moments

Helms Amendment Stops US From Helping Sexual Violence Survivors Abroad

Picture Of Trump And Mitt Romney At Dinner Goes Viral

Grinch-Like Woman Caught Destroying Christmas Cafe

Shelter Dog's Reaction When Her Family Comes For New Dog

Netflix Releases Offline Mode So You Can Download Shows

Victoria Vanatter Pleads Not Guilty In Missouri Vampire Case

Guy Turns In Jellyfish To Police Thinking It's A Breast Implant

People Crowdfund Scarf After Ex Gave It To Mistress

How To Help Refugee Crisis Under President Donald Trump

Victoria's Secret Angels Wear Gold Face Masks

Mom Freaks Out After Discovering Rap On Her Son's Playlist

Petraeus Considered For Trump Secretary Of State Despite Past

'Nice Women' Make Way Less Money, Says New Study

Fitness Blogger Proves Holiday Bloating Happens To Anybody

Sexy Pilot Malin Rydqvist Has The Hottest Instagram Page

How To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts In 15 Seconds With Hack

Guy Rides Unicycle Around Ohio State During Lockdown

Teens Cut Off Their Hair For Plan To Sneak Out

New Zealand Begins Its Nationwide Secret Santa

New Law Says Texas Women Have To Bury Aborted Fetuses

After A Cancer Diagnosis, Lesbian Couple Flies Across The World To Wed

Sherri Papini's Husband Keith Reveals Kidnapping Details

Guy Gets Pooped On During Drunk Sex With Married Woman

Venezuelan Money Is So Inflated It's Weighed, Not Counted

Guy Calls Out GF For Painting One Nail To Take Perfect Photo

Texas Republican Resigns From Electoral College To Avoid Voting For Trump

Chief Of Staff Confirm's Trump's Climate Change Denial

Trump's Flag Tweet Distracting People From HHS Pick

Testing Rape Kits Saves Millions Of Dollars, Study Shows

Girl With Kleine-Levin Syndrome Sleeps Up To 6 Months

Shaving Cream Is Perfect Emergency Makeup Remover

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Training Helps Treat Sexual Assault Survivors

Boycott Trump App Let's You Avoid Giving His Businesses Money

Model Rewrites Captions on Insta Showing Truth Behind Pics

71 Dead In Chapecoense Soccer Team Plane Crash

These 2 Kittens Are So In Love And Are Clearly Baes For Life

'Harry Potter' Christmas Tree Is Major Holiday Inspo

This Video Will Inspire You To Give Up Your iPhone Addiction

Blind Date Ended With Girl Pushed Out Of Car, Police Chase

This Domestic Abuse Makeup Tutorial Is Downright Offensive

Disneyland Proposal Involving Glass Slipper Is Romantic AF

James Mackey Has Legs Amputated After Mistaking Sepsis Infection For Flu

Video Of Driver Masturbating With Fleshlight Near Kids

Man Banned From Delta After Trump Rant

Can the recount actually change the US election results?

Teacher Gave Teen Student Blowjobs On Plane

Deseat App Lets You Erase Things From Internet

Woman Posts About Turning Amputated Toe Into Necklace

Giraffe Takes Down Lion In 'Planet Earth II' Clip

CamelCamelCamel Site Gives You Best Cyber Monday Deals

Teen Charges Mom's Credit Card For $733 At Sephora

Santa-Loving Dog Gets Photo Taken With Saint Nick

What Is A Rape Kit And Why Are They Crucial For Survivors?

Bana Alabed Tweets Photo After Home Destroyed In Aleppo

Woman Caught Performing Oral Sex On Man In Dance Club

Ohio Newlyweds Share First Dance On Highway US Route 35

iPhone Update For iOS10 Is Draining Battery Life

How Senator Jeanne Shaheen Fought For Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights

This Sexual Assault Survivor Took On The US Justice System

Space World's Frozen Fish Ice Rink Closes After Backlash

Russian Skaters Reenact The Holocaust In Offensive Dance Routine

Halima Aden Wears Hijab For Miss Minnesota Pageant, Makes History

Domino's To Deliver Pizza With Reindeer In Japan

Bana Alabed Tweets 'Last Message' From Aleppo Warzone

Gray Sweatpants Challenge Trends On Twitter, Gets Trolled

Wisconsin Recount Prompts Trump To Unleash Twitter Rant

Sherri Papini Found Chained and Beaten After Kidnapping

Japan's 'Spamusement' Park Video Goes Viral

Homeless Man Made Freeway Underpass Into 'Paradise'

Chattanooga Bus Driver Had Complaints Before Crash

Fidel Castro's Death Sparks Celebrations In Miami

First US Soldier Killed In Syria Fighting ISIS

Jill Stein Officially Filed For A Recount In Wisconsin

Mom Danielle Vinson Has $200 Thanksgiving Food Bill Paid For

Huge Black Friday Fight Breaks Out In Mall

CNN Airs Porn Instead Of Anthony Bourdain "Parts Unknown"

Corona Inventor Antonio Fernandez Leaves Fortune To Town

Man Shot Outside New Jersey Macy's Before Black Friday

PETA Trolled For Pro-Vegan Tweet On Thanksgiving

William Riley Gaul Charged With Killing Emma Jane Walker

Donald Trump Begs Us To Stop Fighting In Thanksgiving Video

Photos Show FSU Austin Harrouff 'Cannibal' After Florida Killing

Mr Peanut Dabbed At Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Video Of Thanksgiving Traffic Jam On LA 405 Freeway

Obama Pardoned Turkeys With Dad Jokes

Black Beauty Magazine 'Accidentally' Uses White Model

White Man Who Killed Black Teen To Cops: He Was 'Trash'

Alleged Rutgers Rapist Wrote Victim Apology Note

Airbnb Host Robbed Of $40K Worth Of Jewelry, Vibrators

PETA Tricks People Into Drinking 'Dog Milk' In Cringey Video

New Looop App Helps You See How Crowded Bars Are

Donald Trump Is Selling A MAGA Christmas Ornament For $149

CNN's Brooke Baldwin Rebukes Use Of N-Word On Her Show

10 Thanksgiving Cocktails To Help You Survive Family Dinner

Survive Black Friday With These 7 Tips

The Turkey President Obama Pardoned In 2009 Has Died

Warwick Rowers Posed Naked For Sexy Charity Calendar

Donald Trump's New York Times Quotes As Inspiring Posters

Trump Picks Nikki Haley To Be US Ambassador To UN

Man Leaves Waiter $750 Tip To Travel Home For The Holidays

People Get Surprise Checks From Facebook As An Apology

Man Punched Baby Because He Thought It Was A Doll

Stephen Port Found Guilty Of Murder

Hillary Clinton Could Still Win The Presidency

Mom's 'Incestuous' Breastfeeding Videos Cause Online Stir

Teen Drew 'Dick-Liner' On Her Eyes To Diss Makeup Trends

These People May Have Caught A Yeti On Camera

Wife Of Prison Guard Flirts With Prisoner Jack Cramb On Facebook

Viral Tweet Shows Trump Ignoring Rise In Hate Crimes

Girl's Sweet Note About First Time Flying Will Melt Your Heart

Seeing Your Thanksgiving Turkey's Fate For The First Time

Forgetful Mom Makes Up Names For Daughter's Friends In FB Posts

Florida Man Runs Over Himself While Driving Drunk

Chattanooga Driver Asked Kids If They Were 'Ready To Die'

Plucking Your Nose Hairs Can Kill You, So Beauty Is Pain

Dubai Gang-Rape Case Dropped After Video Emerges

Women Overhears Family's Homophobic Conversation, Leaves Bold Note

Donald Trump Supporters Angry He Won't Investigate Hillary Clinton

Apple Teases On Website For First Black Friday Sale In Years

This Viral Video Will Crash Your iPhone

Guy Gets USB Stuck In Penis Masturbating, Needs Surgery

Woman Spots Hillary Clinton In Bookstore, Pens Moving Post

Boy's Adorable Texts To Sister Make The Internet Cry

Ivanka Trump Joined Donald Trump's Argentina Meeting

Blogger's Side-By-Side Pregnancy Pics 'Deceived' Fans

Holocaust Museum 'Deeply Alarmed' By Alt-Right Movement

Melania and Barron Trump Won't Move, Will Cost NYC Money

Donald Trump Releases YouTube Video About Presidency

Cops Slammed For Posting Pic Of Crying Arrested Man

Teen's Twitter Gets Banned After 'Whiteface' Skit About Trump

Strip Club Aced Mannequin Challenge And It Was Super Sexy

Nazi Sympathizers Celebrated Donald Trump's Victory In DC

Man Smokes Weed, Strangles Grandma To Death

Trump Advisor Accidentally Reveals Secret Plans

No One Can Tell What Color These Flip-Flops Are

Yesenia Sesmas Accused Of Faking Pregnancy Before Killing Mom And Stealing Baby

Safety Pin Wearers Need To Understand These Things

This Hummus Brand Is Being Recalled, So Check Your Fridge ASAP

Woman Downs Fireball While Friends Pop Pimple Poolside

Netflix Releases Trailer For Movie On Young Obama: 'Barry'

'Santa Cams' Are This Year's Holiday Decoration Trend

How To Address Climate Change Under Donald Trump

Guy Toys With Dudes Who've Been Given Fake Number

Groom's Secret GF Crashes Ceremony In Awkward Video

Obama Will Take Michelle On Vacation After His Presidency

New Law Will Require Your Personal Info Before Viewing Porn

Nel Hedayat Traces Global Black Market In New Fusion Series

How To Fact Check News Before Sharing It On Facebook

How Many Calories Will I Consume On Thanksgiving?

'Hamilton' Cast Won't Apologize To Pence For 'Conversation'

Woman Plotted 18-Month-Long Murder Now Claims Innocence

Snapchat Shows Teen Trying Deadly Balcony Hop

Pudsey Bear Mascot Flaunts Penis While Posing With A Child

Apple Offers Refunds To iPhone 6s Users

Woman Admits To Having Sex With Pit Bull Dog

Mom Writes Facebook Thank You Note To Ex's New GF

Deleting Facebook App Saves Up To 20 Percent Battery Life

NASA Image Captures Possible UFO In Front Of Sun

Melania Trump Won't Live In White House With Donald

Single Woman Have Better Orgasms, Study Says

Vampire Woman Drinks Boyfriends Blood With Custom Fangs

The Election Outcome This Year Was Awful And This Is Why I'll Remember It

Men Overdose On Heroin At McDonald's On Facebook Live

Protesting Against Trump Can Make A Difference

Newborn Found After Being Abducted

Donald Trump Is A Gemini And It Shows

America Is Not Broken But We Are Defeated

Mike Pence Was Booed At 'Hamilton' Performance

Donald Trump Will Not Affect Black Lives

Frustration Post-Election Is Running High

College Girl Arrested For Using Slice Of Pizza Instead Of ID

Huge Foam Blob Nearly Swallowed Up An Entire Town

Trump Supporters Are Making Baristas Write 'Trump' On Cups

Trevor Noah Criticizes Trump's Muslim Registry

Dad Is Suspicious When Wife Gets Pregnant After Vasectomy

Listen App Lets You Have 2 Phone Numbers

Internet Sees Woman In Lingerie In Optical Illusion

Guy Refuses To Know Who Won The Presidential Election

Dessert Company Goes Off On Bride-To-Be: 'You're A Waste Of Humanity'

Transgender People Are More At Risk For Suicide Due To Discrimination

Video Shows Brother Catching Falling Baby

Boy Who Wrote Viral Letter About Refugee Finally Met Obama

Teen Dad Found Dead After Baby Dies

How To Protect Immigration Rights Under Donald Trump

Sophie Theallet Writes Letter Refusing To Dress Melania Trump

Photo Of Ivanka Trump In Japan Meeting Raises Eyebrows

Mom Sues Daughter For Sex Change Without Permission

Trump Is Appointing Michael Flynn As National Security Adviser

Donald Trump Picks Senator Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

No Excuse: Easy Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

Woman Murders Her Kids After Husband Files For Divorce

President Obama Wants To Find ‘Next Michelle And Barack’

Woman Thinks She Accidentally Ate A Human Penis

Obama Gives Advice To Malia And Sasha Post-Election

Monkey's Pure Love For Goat That Adopted Is Adorable

Guy Broke Into A Pizza Restaurant And Decided To Strip Nude

Dog Tries To Eat Painting Of A Bone On His Bowl

President Obama Defended People Protesting Donald Trump

Jay Maynor Jailed For Killing Daughter's Sexual Abuser

Study Drugs And Adderall Are Affecting Your Sleep Quality

Guy Admits Rubbing His Cousin's 'Booty' In Graphic Post

Wine Bottles Wrapped In Short Stories Are Perfect For Nights In

Jon Stewart Says Not All Trump Supporters Are 'Racist'

Woman's Live-Tweet Of Disaster Dinner Date Goes Viral

How To Be Involved In LGBT Rights Under Donald Trump

Teacher Breaks Up Classroom Fight With UFC Choke Hold

Intruders Beat Actress In Paris Near Where Kim K Was Robbed

Donald Trump's 'Muslim Registry' Has Existed Before

Teacher Calls Black Students The N-Word In Video

Jet2 Bans Bomb Jokesters Drunk In Glasgow Airport

Apple Working On Augmented Reality iPhone Lenses

Donald Trump Protests Allow Students To Grieve

How To Apply To Work For Donald Trump

Roe V. Wade Lawyer Says Trump Daughters Will Stop Anti-Abortion Laws

'Jaws' Steven Dean Gordon Chilling Texts Revealed In Court

Man Convicted Of Using Cheetos To Set Ex's House On Fire

Teacher Accepts Plea Deal After Sex With 13-Year-Old Student

New York ATM Study Reveals Scary Microbes

Clinton Speaks For The First Time Since Conceding

A Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight, Grab Your Snuggle Buddy

Christmas Tree Farm Weddings Are The Best Way To Wed

Blogger Sara Puhto's Photo Shows How Misleading Kardashians' Butt Pics Can Be

British Tourist Gang-Raped In Dubai Arrested

How To Protect Reproductive Rights Under Donald Trump

Couple's Picture Fail Sums Up All Our Relationships

Students Protest Trump's Immigration Plans With Sanctuary Campuses

Granny Invites Stranger To Thanksgiving After Text Flop

'Cocktastic' Coloring Book Makes A Strong Penis-Packed Gift

Bernie Sanders Elected To Senate Democratic Leadership

Kate Middleton And Michelle Obama's Skin Regimen

Man Sticks Penis Through Wedding Ring, And It Goes Horribly Wrong

Barack And Michelle Obama Rock Out To Usher At BET Celebration

This Guy Who Gave His Friend A Hug At 2 AM Is A Better BFF Than Yours

Revenge Porn Woman Sends Threesome Pic To Friend's BF

Mitchell Bowie Sent Warning Picture To Catfish Before Suicide

The Best Time To Call Out Of Work

Guests Force Newlyweds To Have Sex In Front Of Them

This Sexual Health Bill Of Rights Is What All Colleges Need

Mountain View High School Stabber's Parents Write Note

Bernie Sanders Criticizes Trump Over Dakota Access Pipeline

Coupled Threw Out Adopted Kids After Winning Dream Home

Merriam-Webster Changes Sexist Definition of 'Femininity'

Racist SMU Fliers: 'White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men'

Michelle Obama Doesn't Say 'No' To Presidential Run

Donald Trump Lied To His Press Team About Dinner

This Dog Did The Mannequin Challenge While Eating Cheetos

Sorority Girls Arrested For Making Their Pledges Eat Garbage

Lizette Galvan's Savage Eyebrow Prank On BF Goes Viral

Drinking Wine Before Smoking Cigarettes Prevents Heart Damage

Jose Leonardo Charged With Murdering Wife Maria Mbombo

These Are The 'Donald Trumps' Of Europe

Apple Brought Back The Original Peach Emoji With iOS Update

Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails Amp Up Your Holiday Spirit

Ivanka Trump Shamed For Using Donald Trump's Win To Sell Clothes

Couple's Pregnancy Shoot Photobombed By Bare Butt

United Airlines Pilot Shuts Up Political Debate On Flight

Man Charged For Leaving Son In Hot Car To Die, Mom Reacts

Mom Makes Lunch Napkins With Feminist Quotes On Them

Convicted Killer Frances Hall Says She Still Loves Cheating Husband

Girl Caught Cheating When Clever BF Catches Her Sext Fail

Guide To Buying Weed Legally

Some Anti-Trump Protesters Didn't Vote Or Even Register

Conspiracy Theory Claims Donald Trump Was Born In Pakistan

Woman Gets Pregnant Twice In 10 Days, Doctor Googles It

Foster Campbell Is Democrats' Last Senate Hope

Girl-Power Playlist Will Help You Survive Trump's Presidency

Girl Found Abandoned In Port Authority Bus Terminal

Donald Trump Says He Could've Won Popular Vote If He Wanted To

YouTube Man Catches Cheating Wife With Drone

Russian Couple Live-Stream Police Shootout On Periscope

This Stadium's Mannequin Challenge Is Beyond Epic

The Supermoon's Second Night Was Even More Incredible

President Obama Tells Democrats He's Still 'Fired Up'

Woman Finds Dead Rat In Dress, Sues Zara

Mom Mysteriously Dies 2 Weeks After Son Is Killed In Fire

Snapchat Lures Girls Into Sending Pics Of Themselves

Woman Says 'Ghost' In Daughter's Selfie Tried 'To Warn Her'

Alleged Cop Killer Waited On Ex-Wife's Roof For Days Before Attacking

Donald Trump May Have A 'Contemptuous Personality' Type

Volunteers React To Drunk Girl's Friends Who Abandoned Her

10 Photos Of The Obamas That Will Make You Nostalgic

Supermoon Time-Lapse Will Make You Excited For Tonight

Travel Blogger Discovers Woman Making Exact Instagram Replicas

Teacher Tells Black Children Trump Will Send Them To Africa

Celebrity Endorsements Killed Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Mike Busey's Infamous Veterans Day Party Made Me Think

Strangers Join Dog's Last Walk Hours Before He Dies

Twitter Shows No Mercy For $335 Safety Pin Necklace

Hot Lawyer Yarden Haham Has The Sexiest Instagram Page

Steve Bannon As Trump's Chief Strategist Drives Fear Online

Woman Accidentally Posts Pic Of Boobs On Facebook Ad

Donald Trump Protests Could Impact Election Outcome

Twins Born On Daylight Saving Time Changeover Create Age Paradox

Donald Trump's '60 Minutes' Interview Reveals Political Stances

Man Caught Sending Naked Selfie To 14-Year-Old Girl

Most-Searched Words After Donald Trump's Win

Woman Burned From Falling Asleep Next To iPhone 7

Ivanka Trump Reveals Role In Donald Trump Presidency

Women Say Thank You To Hillary Clinton After The Election

Here Are The Best Supermoon 2016 Photos So Far

Dad Tells Daughter To Get Over Boy Because He Was 'Ugly' In Viral Text

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Takes Jab At Trump In Opera Performance

Trump Will Deport 2 To 3 Million Immigrants Immediately, New Interview Reveals

Wedding Party's Mannequin Challenge Crushes The Rest

Chimamanda Adichie Crushes Man's Claim Trump 'Hasn't Been Racist'

What I'll Tell My Daughter About 2016 Election Results

Black Freshmen At UPenn Were Sent Racist, Violent Messages

Why Americans Are Wearing Safety Pins After Election

4 Upsetting Things I Learned About My Fellow Christian Voters

Yoko Ono Screaming About Trump Winning Election Is Us

Hillary Clinton: 'These Have Been Very, Very Tough Days'

Facebook On Making Everyone Die: 'This Was A Terrible Error'

Not Even Oprah Winfrey's Reaction To Trump's Win Is Soothing

Twitter Argues Over Grubhub's Post-Election Email

Mom Kicks Son Out Of The House For 'Voting' For Trump

'Bored' Teen Writes Parents Goodbye Note And Disappears

Facebook Glitch Accidentally Told Everyone They Were Dead

China's Singles' Day Is Today, And It's A Bigger Shopping Day Than Black Friday

First Graders' Letters To Donald Trump Are Scarily Wise

Chelsea Clinton's Possible Political Career Could Lighten The Blow Of Hillary's Loss

Professor Timothy Pychyl Explains How To Stop Procrastinating In Lecture Video

We'll Heal When We Realize We Live In Two Americas

Ivanka Trump Will Serve As Real First Lady In White House

'Serial Killer' Todd Kohlhepp's Mom Defends Him After Murder Cases

Forecaster To Call Trump's Win Predicts He'll Be Impeached

Two Bald Eagles Stuck In A Drain In Florida Symbolize the US

Detectives Talk Finding Kala Brown In Todd Kohlhepp's Home

Michelle Obama Talks Plans Post-White House

Instagram Live Is Coming, So Get Ready To Film Your Brunch

Kids Jailed After Killing Two Women Before Watching 'Twilight'

Donald Trump's Win Has Girls Talking Plans For Next 4 Years

Reality Show Contestants Find Out Days Later Donald Trump Won

Kids Left Chalk Messages Outside Hillary's Campaign HQ

Ku Klux Klan Throwing Donald Trump Victory Parade

Pic Of Michelle Obama And Melania Trump Looks So Staged

Some Squirrels In Britain Have Leprosy From The Middle Ages

Trump Whines About Protesters On Twitter: 'Very Unfair'

Baby Says 'Hello' To Her Mom In This Insane Video

Hillary Clinton Went Hiking The Day After Conceding

Woman Claims Her Salad Dressing Was Possessed

People Are Sending Hillary Clinton Thank You Notes

Richard Nixon's Letter To Donald Trump Predicted His Presidency

People Cope With Election By Posting Love Notes To America

Touching Note Left On Mosque Door After Election Day

Woman's Breasts Trapped Her In The Bathtub

Nasty Gal Files For Bankruptcy, Sophia Amoruso To Resign

If Bernie Sanders Ran Against Donald Trump, Here's What Would've Happened

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Be A 'Nightmare' For Donald Trump

Hot Dutch Construction Worker Goes Viral

Middle School Students Chant 'Build The Wall' In Viral Video

If Donald Trump Resigns, This Is What Happens

Donald Trump's Muslim Ban No Longer On Website

Study Says We'll Get Over Trump Election In A Week

Here's How The Electoral College Works In 2016

Two Men Harass Wellesley Students Following Donald Trump's Win

A Gay Man Was Violently Attacked Shortly After Trump's Win

Airlines Selling Cheap Flights Post-Presidential Election

President Obama And Trump Had An Awkward Meeting

Countries That Have Had Female Leaders Before The US

Liberals In Small Town America Matter

Dead Man Elected To San Diego Office

Here's How Hillary Clinton Could Still Win The 2016 Election

Missing Man's Wife Impersonated A Cop To Find Husband

Trump Protesters Surround Trump Tower In Election Backlash

'Not My President' Goes Viral After Donald Trump Wins Election

Mom Arrested For Making Son Walk Naked Around School

Utah Vampire Trucker Timothy Jay Vafeades Jailed

Psychic Says Barack Obama Will Be Last President

People Are Posting Facebook And Twitter "Pussy" Stories

After Trump's Election, California Wants A 'Calexit'

World Leaders Respond To Donald Trump Winning Election

Starbucks Reveals 13 New Red Holiday Cups

Issues Americans Will Fight For When Trump's President

Yale Professor Made Test Optional For Students After Election

People Turn To 'Harry Potter' To Find Hope After Election

Donald Trump's Election Is No Surprise To Black Americans

Stats That Prove Trump Isn't The End Of The World

Bernie Sanders Has 'Nothing Polite To Say' About Election Outcome

FSU 'Cannibal Killer' Austin Harrouff May Face Death Penalty

Donald Trump Elected On Anniversary Of Nazi Attacks

Japanese Wine Spa Is The Perfect Place To Drown Your Sorrows

Silver Linings To Celebrate Even Though Trump Won

British Men Offer American Women Lives In UK Post Trump

6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Protect Women's Rights

'Michelle Obama 2020' Starts Trending Across The Internet

Parody Australian Government Twitter Account About Trump

What You Can Do Right Now To Help Support LGBTQ+ Rights

How Donald Trump Will Likely Impact Muslims Worldwide

How Donald Trump Could Be Impeached

Barack Obama Has Message For Hillary Clinton Supporters

Bill Clinton Mouthed 'That's My Girl' During Hillary Clinton's Speech

Donald Trump's Son Couldn't Stay Awake During Victory Speech

Women's Health Under Donald Trump Is All About Restriction

Watch Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Following Shocking US Election Results

Moms Comfort Their Children After Election Results With Calming Texts

US Election Results: Why The Polls Were Wrong About Donald Trump

Donald Trump's First Tweet After Winning Election

Recreational Marijuana Legalized In California, Nevada, Maine & Massachusetts

Watch Donald Trump's Victory Speech After Winning Presidency

Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election Over Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Supporters Celebrate Early With Racist Messages

Amazon Review For Pair Of Rainbow Suspenders Is Adorable

Americans Crash Canada's Immigration Site on Election Night

Candy Cane Eyeliner Is The Makeup You Need This Holiday

President Obama's Election Night Speech Will Calm You Down

Mom Has The Sweetest Response To Her Daughter's Texts

Pregnant Woman Stopped To Vote Before Having Baby

Snail With Genitals In Wrong Place Finds Mate

Polling Station In LA-Area On Lockdown Due To Shooting

Trump's Site Was Rigged Hours Before Election Polls Close

People Are Posting 'Election Day Sex' Ads On Craiglist

Former Stripper Is Running For US Congress

8-Year-Old Writes Letter To Murdered Mom

Where Americans Can Move To Instead Of Canada After The Presidential Election

Photo Of Donald Trump Looking Over Melania Trump's Shoulder While Voting Goes Viral

Guy Uses Mannequin Challenge When Caught By Girlfriend

Donald Trump Says He's Less Proud Of Tiffany Than His Other Kids

Mistress Crashes Wedding To Claim Groom Is Her Son's Dad

Photos Of Little Kids Who 'Voted' At The Polls On Election Day

Snapchat Releases 'World Lenses' And Spectacles Update

Internet Spots Dirty Optical Illusion In This Hotel's Ad

Trainer Tracy Kiss Says Sperm Smoothie Is Key To Flawless Body

Women Are Leaving 'I Voted' Stickers On Susan B. Anthony's Grave

What Happens If Donald Trump Refuses To Concede

Mom's Note Bans Messy Son From Living Room Until Thanksgiving

People Think Today Is Barack Obama's Last Day As President

Woman Gets Back At Ex By Posting His Nude Pics

Smiling Cop Poses With Thumbs Up Over Dead Body

Donald Trump Booed At Polling Place In New York City

Hotel Guests Sleep With Murdered Woman Under Bed

People Are Wearing Pantsuits To The Polls For Hillary Clinton

Jon Stewart Joins Stephen Colbert To Mock Trump

Women Are Voting In Red Nail Polish Called 'Madam President'

Stranger Pushes Woman In Front Of Subway In Times Square

Emotional Stages All Women Will Feel When Voting On Election Day

Hillary Clinton Voted For Herself For President This Morning

Emilia Clarke Gives Last-Minute Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Woman Runs Over Ex After Divorce Then Jumps From Benicia Bridge

Hillary Clinton and Bon Jovi Do Mannequin Challenge

'Planet Earth' Cameraman Finds Komodo Dragon In Bathroom

The Reason America Votes On Tuesdays

Everything I Want To Say To Millennials On Election Day

Election Day Emotions Are Real

Pervert Jailed For Harrassing "Harry Potter" Child Stars

AOL's 'You've Got Mail' Guy Drives For Uber

Michelle Obama's 'Thank You' To America Was Bittersweet

Ad Proves Dogs Bring Trump And Clinton Supporters Together

Girl Stops Her Meltdown After Snacks Are Offered

This Lizard Dodging Snakes Is Basically James Bond

'Andy's Coming' Challenge Is The Internet's Newest Trend

While Voting, Here's What You Can And Cannot Wear

Millennials Share And Draw Their Voting Stories

Footage Shows Woman Beating Up Cheating Boyfriend

Ana Navarro Explains Why She Voted 'Against Trump'

Man Sends Ex-Wife Flowers After Divorce

Todd Kohlhepp Posted Amazon Reviews About Killing Tools

Tattoo Tights: For Those Who Can't Commit To Real Ink

Woman's Boyfriend Proposed To Her At NYC Marathon Finish Line

Millie Mackintosh Gets Back At Ex With Epic Costume

Donald Trump Got Third Place In Global Online Election Poll

Worker Leaves Note On Fridge For Thief Who Stole His Lunch

Two-Headed Mutant Sharks Found In Ocean

Google Releases Unsend Button With New iOS Update

Kit Kat Pimps Guy's Car With 6,500 Bars After Viral Tweet

Donald Trump Supporter Looks Just Like Draco Malfoy

How To Move To Canada If Trump Wins

Jarryd Hayne Accidentally Shows Porn During School Presentation

Obama Meets Trump Protester With Cerebral Palsy

Girl Found Dead After Visiting Murdered Friend's Grave

Gay Penguin Couple Celebrating 10-Year Anniversary

CCTV Footage Of Craigslist Killer Setting Up Torture Cell

President Obama Taunts Trump Over Losing Twitter Account

US Election Rules Voters Need To Change ASAP

Gable Tostee's Interview About Wright Tinder Death

How To Vote In The Presidential Election On November 8, 2016

Preteen Boy Obsessed With Incest Porn Guilty Of Raping Sister

Message From 'People Of Germany' About Trump Goes Viral

The Mannequin Challenge: The Trend's Best Twitter Videos

Man Pops Giant Pimple And Sprays Unlucky Friend

Twitter Slams Donald Trump For Barack Obama Protester Lies

Mom Had Sex With 'Booty Call' While Daughter Drowned In Bath

Massive Snowballs In Siberia Could Signal Intense US Winter

Todd Kohlhepp, Man Who Chained Woman, Suspected Of Killing At Least 7

Republicans Voting For Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service At Reno Rally

Dave Chappelle Bashes Clinton And Media About Trump

'Harry Potter' Fans Upset Over Dumbledore Reddit Theory

Melania Trump Reportedly Worked In US Illegally

Obama's Response To Trump Supporter At Hillary Rally

Bloody Fight Between Penguins Over Cheating Mate Goes Viral

National Enquirer Never Published Trump Playboy Affair Story

This Picture Confirms Hillary Clinton And Beyoncé Are Besties

Google To Change The Type Of Search Results You Get

Hillary Clinton Has Beyoncé Perform In Ohio Rally

Woman Smothers Baby To Death To Get Revenge On BF

Man Attaches Penis To Electrical Wires, Drives Around

Kid Finds Genius Way To Shorten School Punishment

Never Washing Your Coffee Mug Is Actually Sanitary

Reporters Fake A Crime Scene That Looked Janky AF

Dad Gets McDonald's To Stop Kids' Fight, Orders For Himself

The DNC Told The FBI It Thinks It Was Bugged

Hillary Clinton Saves Best For Last: Beyoncé To Attend Rally

Trump Campaign Receives Restraining Order

Apple May Sell More iPhones Thanks To A Dirty Trick

Buzzfeed Says Guys Should Masturbate With A Bar Of Soap

Will Ferrell Is A Basic Millennial In New Hillary Clinton Ad

Cop Fired After Giving Homeless Man Poop Sandwich

US-Russia Relations And Chances Of WWIII: Foreign Policy Experts Discuss

Why It's So Important For Millennials To Vote In This Election

Kidnapper May Have Hacked Charlie Carver's Facebook

Playboy Model Dani Mathers Charged With Invasion Of Privacy For Naked Woman Snapchat

Martyn Foulds Dies In Fiancées Arms While On Plane To Britain

Seth Meyers Explains The Tough Choice In This Election

People Share Before And After Sobriety Photos

Husband Posts List Of Requests On Craigslist For 'Guy Doing His Wife'

Obama Says Daughters Can Date Because They Have Secret Service

7-Year-Old With Fatal Disease Pens Heartbreaking Goodbye

The LGBTQ+ Community Doesn't Trust A Trump Presidency

Teen Chops Off Romantic Rival's Head

Why You Shouldn't Stop Caring About The Election

Elderly Women Excited To Vote For Female President

Melania Trump Plagiarized Speech Again

Dad Finds Way To Keep Shampoo Out Of His Daughter's Eyes

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