November 2015
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There's Actually A Petition To Rename A Train Station After Kanye West

Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivers A Package In Just 30 Minutes (Video)

People Are Writing Rap Lyrics As The Pope, And They're Actually Amazing

This Photo Of A Baby Fast Asleep On Santa's Lap Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Starbucks' New Holiday Drink Is Finally Here And We Literally Can't Even (Photos)

Student Writes Touching 'Love Letter' To Beirut, Paris And The World

Nutella Refuses To Personalize A Jar For A 5-Year-Old Girl Named Isis

Woman Got Insane Life-Threatening Infection From Hair Tie On Her Wrist (Video)

Planned Parenthood Shooting Victim's Brother Is Criticizing US Gun Laws

Woman Duct Taped Her Dog's Mouth Closed Because It Wouldn't 'Shut Up' (Photo)

This Woman Just Found A Ton Of Pictures Of Her Husband F*cking Her Mom

Muslim Cab Driver Shot By A Passenger Says The Attack Was A Hate Crime

Korean Guys Watch American Porn, And Their Reactions Are Priceless (Video)

University Of Chicago Cancels Classes After Getting Anonymous Gun Threat

Chrissy Teigen Supports Planned Parenthood And DGAF About Twitter Hate

You Need To See This Photo Of Mark Zuckerberg's Ridiculous Dog

Reese's 'Christmas Tree' Candies Look Like Poop And Everyone Is Mad

Two Canadian Guys Just Took The Selfie Of The Year With A Bald Eagle

Instagram Will Finally Offer Multiple Account Functionality, But There's A Catch

Obama On Planned Parenthood Shooting: We Can't Let This Become Normal

Gunman Opens Fire At Planned Parenthood In Colorado Springs

Thanksgiving For Syria App Lets You Virtually Share A Meal With Syrian Refugees

New Facebook Map Shows What People Are Most Thankful For In Each State

Here's How Easy It Is For A Refugee To Get Into America

The World Isn't Such A Bad Place: 4 Things To Be Thankful For In 2015

Turns Out, People Love To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Themed Porn

Man Uses Today's Technology After Being In Prison For 44 Years (Video)

Students Want To Remove This College's Statue Of 'Racist' Thomas Jefferson

Train Passengers Stand Up To Man Making Islamophobic Threats To A Woman

This New Technology Could Make Your Internet 100 Times Faster Than WiFi

This Adorable 3-Year-Old Actually Memorized The Entire Periodic Table (Video)

An Abandoned Newborn Baby Was Found In The Nativity Scene Of A Church

A Current Events Cheat Sheet So You Don't Sound Stupid At Thanksgiving

Woman Surprises Her Girlfriend She Met On Tinder With Kidney Donation (Video)

Little Girl Loses It When She Finds Out She's Getting A Baby Brother (Video)

Chicago PD Releases Video Of White Officer Fatally Shooting Black Teen

Selfie-Defense: Your Selfie Stick Makes An Excellent Self-Defense Weapon (Video)

Everyone Is Upset Over These Subways Ads That Resemble Nazi Symbols (Photos)

8-Year-Old May Be One Of The Youngest People To Have Breast Cancer

This Woman Had The Most Insane Allergic Reaction To Her Hair Dye (Photos)

Syrian Refugee Gives Food To Homeless To Thank Germans For Their Kindness

Widower Hands Out 100 Love Letters To Strangers As A Tribute To His Wife (Photos)

Chicago Police Officer Who Shot Black Teen 16 Times Charged With Murder

Stripper Assaulted A Man After He Told Her She Needed To 'Lose Weight'

What This Woman Did With Her Own Vaginal Yeast Is So F*cking Disgusting (Photos)

Putin Says Turkey Shooting Down Russian Warplane Was A 'Stab In The Back'

Five People Shot At BLM Protest By Alleged 'White Supremacists'

Man Posts Heartbreaking Video To Show Horrible Effect Ecstasy Had On Him

'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed And Family Ask For $15M And Official Apologies

People Share The Most Amazing Things They've Ever Heard After Sex

Porn Stars Are Asked Whether Or Not They Think Squirt Is Actually Pee (Video)

This Man Already Set Up The Ultimate Crib To Camp Out For Black Friday (Video)

6 Positive News Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People Are Having Condoms Explode On Their Heads In This New Challenge

Move Over, Pizza Rat: Selfie Rat Just Took The Win (Video)

Why You Actually Should Get Political On Social Media

Dog Films Couple's Snowy, Mountain-Top Wedding On GoPro (Video)

Dallas Mayor Says Armed White Men Scare Him More Than Syrian Refugees

This Is What Donald Trump's America Could Look Like

Woman Claims Her Free Yoga Class Was Suspended Due To 'Cultural Issues'

Suicide Bomber's Explosive Belt May Have Been Discovered In Paris Suburb

Suspect In Custody After New Orleans Shooting That Left Student Injured

Woman Caught Her Super Sniffing And Stealing Her Underwear On Camera (Video)

The New American Way: Why The US Is Letting Itself Be Defined By Fear

American Who Played Dead During Paris Attacks Also Survived 9/11 In NYC

This Is How The Presidential Candidates' Tinder Profiles Would Look

Students Watching Porn Together Is Just As Awkward As It Sounds (Video)

People In Brussels Responded To The Lockdown With Hilarious Cat Pics

Woman Catches Dad Cheating While She's F*cking Her BF In The Kitchen

Donald Trump Tweets Racist, Fake Statistic About Black People And Crime

Watch A 56-Year-Old Man Talk To His 18-Year-Old Self (Video)

Turkish Airline Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Bomb Threat Called In

Toddler Dies After Getting Locked Inside A Heated Oven

Singer Gets The Hiccups During Performance

Russia Donates Puppy To France To Replace One Lost In Recent Attacks (Photo)

Gay Drama Teacher Pens Amazing Response To Homophobic Mother

Florida Surfer Claims He Caught And Ate The Shark That Bit Him (Video)

Little Boy Stands Up To Catcaller Harassing A Woman During Her Run

Proper Cholas Weigh In On Celebrities Dressed Up As Cholas (Video)

Mother And Son Get Emotional Talking About His Father's Death (Video)

Gay Teacher Has Best Response To Mom Who Took Her Kids Out Of His Class

Bride's Wedding Cakes Look Like Life-Size Replicas Of Her And The Groom (Photos)

Woman Killed In Paris Apartment Raid Was Actually Not A Suicide Bomber

Continuing Normal, Daily Life Has Become A Political Act In Paris

Couple Has Wedding A Year Early So Groom Can Dance With His Dying Mom (Video)

Dozens Of Hostages Freed After Mali Hotel Attack, At Least 27 Left Dead

This US Veteran Perfectly Sums Up Why Denying Refugees Isn't The Answer

Here's What The 'Dear Fat People' Woman Thinks About Syrian Refugees (Video)

8-Year-Old Boy With Life-Threatening Cancer Finds His First True Love (Video)

Guys Are Rocking Sparkly Glitter Beards Just In Time For The Holidays (Photos)

Police Discover Another Body At The Site Of The Paris Apartment Raids

This Apple Exec Just Said Something Super Sexist About Women And Music

Texas Man Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend Who Wouldn't Smell His Armpit

House Passes Bill That Would Restrict Syrian And Iraqi Refugees

Rescue Dog Feels The Comfort Of Bed For The First Time In Her Life

This Site Will Tell You Which Word You Use Most On Facebook

Instagram Model Says She Lost Thousands of Followers After Posting 'Real' Photos

TSA Takes Boy's Buzz Lightyear Toy Away Because It Looks Like A Weapon

Trump Says American Muslims May Need To Register And Carry Special IDs

People Are Sharing All The Batsh*t Crazy Things Their Exes Did To Them

Our Help Is Hurting: Why The US Needs A New Plan Of Action In Syria

People Are Officially Banned From Riding Hoverboards In New York City

19 People Confess Their Secret Orgasm Habits And They're Super Weird

The Second Biggest Diamond Ever Was Just Discovered, And It's Gorgeous (Photos)

Yep, You Can Actually Enter Your Balls In A Beauty Pageant Now (Video)

Five People Were Killed During Two Separate Attacks By Palestinians

Woman Does Most Amazing Thing With Wedding Dress After Fiancé Dumps Her (Video)

Suspect Connected To Paris Attacks Arrested During Brussels Police Raids

Woman Posts Insane NSFW Ad For A Date To The Harry Potter Theme Park (Photos)

Man Has The Cutest Reaction When He Finds Out He's Going To Be A Grandpa (Video)

Guy Gives Absolutely Zero F*cks And Eats Woman's Ass In A Strip Club (NSFW Video)

Muslim Woman Schools Megyn Kelly On What It Means To Be An American (Video)

This Twerking Toy Penguin May Actually Give You Nightmares (Video)

Scientists Made A 3D-Printed Wheelchair For This Cute Two-Legged Puppy

Mayor Says US Should Treat Refugees Like Japanese Americans During WWII

You Need To Be Having This Much Sex To Maintain A Happy Relationship

7-Year-Old Gives All His Money To Mosque Vandalized After Paris Attacks

Hey, America, France Is Still Accepting Refugees After The Paris Attacks

15-Month-Old Gets Trapped In Crib Alone For Days After Her Grandma Dies

3 Ways To Lower Abortion Rates That Are More Effective Than Closing Clinics

4 Things You Should Consider When Talking Politics On Social Media

This 7-Year-Old Blind Girl Was Banned From Using Her Cane At School

Teachers Surprise Their Former Students, And It's Incredibly Emotional (Video)

Eagles Of Death Metal Released Heartfelt Statement About Paris Attacks

ISIS Claims This Soda Can Was Used To Bomb The Russian Plane Over Egypt (Photo)

The Man Suspected Of Planning The Paris Attacks Is Reportedly Dead

16 Photos That Will Definitely Make Any Neat Freak Go Completely Insane

People Are Celebrating The Heroic Police Dog Killed In The Paris Raid

Guy Finds Out His Tinder Date Is Cheating In The Worst Possible Way

I Am Here Because Of Refugees, And It's Likely You Are, Too

Two Suspected Terrorists Are Dead After Police Raid Paris Apartment

You Get More Attention On Dating Apps If You Have One Of These Names

New Phone Case Transforms Into A Vibrator, And It's Absolutely Genius (Photo)

Woman Pleads Guilty To Stabbing Her Boyfriend After He Ate All The Salsa

Man Writes A Letter To ISIS In Honor Of His Wife Murdered In Paris Attacks

Spreading Fast: STD Rates In The United States Just Hit A Record High

Dad Films Entire Vacation In Selfie Mode And It's The Best Thing You'll Ever See

Teenager Writes Letter To School After Receiving Racist Threats From Peers

Here's The Bold Cover Of The First Charlie Hebdo Issue Since The Paris Attacks

Twitter Remembers The Victims Of The Paris Attacks With #EnMémoire

This Millennial Couple Started A Non-Profit To Help Syrian Refugees

Amazing Soon-To-Be Mom Finished Her Psychology Test While In Labor (Photo)

What Living In Paris Is Like In The Aftermath Of The Attacks

Zola Finally Opens Up About What Parts Of Her Stripping Story Are True

This Site Helps You Think Of The Perfect Way To Propose To Your BF Or GF

This Man Wrote A Letter To Thank The Police Officer Who Gave Him A DUI (Photo)

Your Cat Can Now Get 'High' On Life With You Thanks To 'Meowijuana'

Dear Mike Huckabee, This Is What Falafel Actually Smells Like

Why Deporting Illegal Immigrants Will Cause The US Economy To Crumble

This Blindfolded Muslim Man Giving Hugs In Paris Is What The World Needs (Video)

Woman Attacks Ex-Husband After He Requests Sex Position She Doesn't Like

The Little Boy In Moschino's New Barbie Ad Is Everyone's Favorite Person

Man Arrested For Having The Same Passport As One Of The Paris Attackers

This Woman Says A Man Threw Semen At Her While She Was Going To Work

The US Failed The Jews During The Holocaust, Will It Fail The Syrians?

Why Governors Shouldn't Decide Whether Or Not To Accept Refugees

These Three Cats Casually Strolled Onto The Stage At The G-20 Summit (Video)

Pregnant Woman Reunites With Man Who Saved Her During Paris Attacks (Video)

Russia Just Fired Cruise Missiles At The ISIS Headquarters In Syria

Pizza Guy Goes On Rude Rant About Woman's Weight After Late Delivery (Photos)

This Dad Explaining The Paris Attacks To His Son Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

Men Who Eat This Type Of Food Are Actually More Attractive To Women

The 2015 Word Of The Year Isn't Even A Word, But It May Make You Laugh

3 Paris Attackers Have Been Identified As European Nationals

Urban Outfitters Tries To Break Into Pizza Market, Investors Say No

Reporter Has Emotional Reunion With Daughter In Paris After The Attacks (Video)

Why Not Helping Refugees Actually Makes The World Less Safe

What I Want Donald Trump To Know, From A Child Of Immigrants

People Are Hilariously Texting Their Exes Using Adele's 'Hello' Lyrics (Photos)

Firefighter Had Groundbreaking Face Transplant After Suffering Bad Burns (Video)

Dear France, Please Don't Do What The US Did After 9/11

Tweet For Safety: The Role Social Media Played During The Paris Attacks

Older Couple Adorably Teaches A Complete Stranger How To Tie His Tie (Photo)

This Woman Got To Wear A Colander On Her Head In Her License Photo

Refusing Refugees Because Of Terrorist Attacks Is Really F*cking Wrong

Muslim TV Host's Speech On The Paris Attacks Is Going Viral For The Right Reasons (Video)

Woman Won't Change Her Facebook Photo To The French Flag For This Reason

Why Cultural Appropriation Is Still A Problem In The Fashion Industry

Hershey's Kisses Are Actually Going To Be A Lot Healthier For You Now

Trump Would Consider Closing Certain Mosques In Wake Of Paris Attacks

The Next Generation Of Restaurant Ratings Will Totally Change The Game

Woman Freaks The F*ck Out Over The Unlimited Pancakes Rule At Denny's

Anonymous Announces Vow To Take Down ISIS After The Attacks In Paris (Video)

Blind Teacher Who Was Accused Of Smelling Like Alcohol Blames Mouthwash

9/11 Hero's Husband Returns Award After Magazine Honors Caitlyn Jenner

Man Behind Paris Attacks May Also Be Responsible For Failed Train Attack

ISIS Threatens Washington, Says US Is Next In Its String Of Attacks

French Government Reportedly Knew Of Paris Attack Plans Before Friday

An Old Dog Smiles On His Last Car Ride And Leaves The World In Tears

France Just Dropped 20 Bombs On ISIS With Help From The United States

This 22-Year-Old Pretended To Be Dead To Survive The Paris Attack

Muslims Around The World Denounce Terrorism In Wake Of Paris Attacks (Photos)

Heroic French Journalist Injured While Rescuing Victims Of Terrorist Attack (Video)

12 Powerful Images That Help Restore Hope After The Paris Attacks

Stephen Colbert Shaken Up While Addressing Paris Terrorist Attacks (Video)

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Paris Attack, Says It's 'The First Of The Storm'

One Tweet Explains Why You Should Never Blame All Muslims For Terrorism

Here Are 6 Known Facts About The Paris Terrorism Attacks

Find Out The Status Of Friends In Paris Using Facebook's Safety Check

Parisians Offer Safe Shelter Amid Ongoing Attacks Using #PorteOuverte

Why You Should Do Something Kind Today And Not Talk About It Online

Man Writes Touching Post Praising Wife For Her Work As A Trauma Nurse

This Man's Post About Being A Single Dad Will Make You Cry All The Tears

Fatal Shootings, Dual Explosions And A Hostage Crisis Rock Paris

Judge Changes Mind About Taking Baby Away From Lesbian Foster Parents

This Autistic Girl's Conversation With Her Mom Will Break Your Heart (Photo)

11 People Who Drunk Texted Their Bosses And Probably Lost Their Jobs (Photos)

Safety Versus Access: What The Supreme Court Means To Abortion Clinics

This Rare STI Might Actually Be Affecting Thousands Of People

Woman Donated $1 To Charity Every Time Someone Trolled Her On Twitter

9-Year-Old May Face Sexual Harassment Charge For Writing Girl Love Notes

Donald Trump Made A Bizarre Video About Ben Carson For Friday The 13th

Women Sue Company After An Error In Its Birth Control Gets Them Pregnant

13 People Who Are Definitely Taking Friday The 13th Way Too Far

Secret Service Agent Arrested After He Was Caught Sexting A 14-Year-Old

US Airstrike In Syria May Have Killed Notorious ISIS Terrorist 'Jihadi John'

KFC Is Now Delivering Fried Chicken In San Francisco And Los Angeles

Woman Falls Overboard At The Mad Decent Boat Party In The Gulf Of Mexico

New York City Panhandler Makes Insane Amount Of Money Per Hour

Olive Garden Is Giving Out Free Dating Advice On Twitter With #AskAlfredo

This Porn Star Honored Veterans By Giving Out Free Blowjobs

ISIS Says It's Responsible For The Deadly Suicide Bombings In Beirut

Woman Run Over By Jealous BF After He Uses Phone App To Track Her Down

Restaurant Attacked For Naming Sandwiches After Men Who Abused Women

Judge Makes Couple Give Up Foster Baby Just Because They're Lesbians

Black Teens Kicked Out Of Apple Store Because They 'Might Steal Something'

This New App Will Actually Let You Borrow A Dog To Walk And Play With

Guy Actually Asks For His Money Back After Being Denied A Second Date (Photos)

Elderly Couple Tragically Dies In Hot Tub While They're Having Sex

This Is Why That Beer Belly Of Yours Is Really, Really Bad For You

Twin Priests Married These Twin Brothers To Twin Sisters On The Same Day (Video)

Someone Vandalized The Black Culture Center Sign On Mizzou's Campus

5-Hour Energy Founder Is Using His $4 Billion Fortune To Save The World

This Man Says Hot Pockets Saved Him From Dying In A Plane Crash

Woman With MS Posts Inspiring Message After Rude Note Is Left On Her Car

This Beauty Blogger Swears Semen Is The Reason Her Face Is So Soft (Video)

Twitter Users Reveal Experiences With Racism In College Using #BlackOnCampus

Your Seamless And GrubHub Orders May Be Coming From 'Ghost' Restaurants

Brave Man Takes Candid Photo Of His Wife Giving Birth, Shows The World

This App Assigns You A Working Fake Number To Give Out To Bar Creeps

Ben Carson Finally Answers The Question, 'Would You Kill Baby Hitler?'

This Guy Spent $900 And Made An Epic Root Beer Float From Scratch (Video)

#CanWeBringBack: Twitter Users Get Nostalgic Before Throwback Thursday

This Woman Went On A Tinder Date And Ended Up Donating Her Kidney

Here's Who Our Next President Should Be, According To Victoria's Secret Models (Video)

France Won't Have A Formal Meal With Iran Because There Won't Be Wine

'Twerking Through History' Shows Just How Much The Dance Has Evolved (Video)

Newlyweds Discuss Differing Opinions On Kids And Starting A Family (Video)

5 Humorous Highlights From The Fourth Republican Debate

Why America Can't Let #Mizzou Become Just Another Internet Trend

Woman Gets Epic Revenge On Husband After He's Caught With A Side Chick (Photos)

Teen Arrested For Threatening Mass Shooting At Mizzou On Social Media

Cutest Toddler Ever Is Way Too Entertained By Her Squeaky Shoes (Video)

Server Fires Back At Woman Who Accused Her Of Flirting With Her Husband

Bloomingdale's Faces Backlash For Controversial Ad About Spiking Drinks

People Are Freaking Out Over This 'OCD' Sweater Sold At Target

Woman Captures Footage Of A Plane Crash While Taking A Snapchat Video

Lifelong Heroes: Meet The Vets Who Rebuild Communities After Disasters

Purple Parking Spots Are Being Installed To Honor Wounded War Veterans

The Progression Of Tensions In Mizzou, As Told By An Alumna

This 6-Year-Old Has Best Response To Finding Out He'll Be A Big Brother (Video)

Veterans Recall The First Time They Killed Someone In Powerful Video

The Story Behind The Contest To Find The World's Greatest Vagina (Video)

Model Who Quit Social Media Is Now Attacking 'Sad' Instagram Couples (Video)

Bernie Sanders Makes Brutally Honest Point About Vets During GOP Debate

Here's Whom UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Is Backing For President

Video Shows Florida Resource Cop Violently Restraining 13-Year-Old Student

This Fourth-Grader Just Schooled Her Sexist Math Homework Using Girl Code

'Blind' Man Asks For Change For $5, Proves People Are Horrible (Video)

Over 100 Million People Were Affected In Largest US Data Breach Ever

Being Your Parents' Favorite Child Can Actually Lead To Depression

Dan Bilzerian Says He F*cked A CEO's Wife In His Gucci Flip-Flops (Photo)

Four Things Christians Should Care About More Than Those F*cking Cups

Ben Carson's Radio Rap Proves He's Out Of Touch With Black Voters

Egypt's Arrest Of Journalist Reflects Lack Of Respect For Human Rights

Baby Hospitalized After His Mom Gave Him Bourbon To Soothe His Gums

Dating App Wants You To Find Love While Giving Back To Your Community

These Made-Up Words You Use Every Day Are Now In The Dictionary

Starbucks Says It'll Pay For Veteran Employees' Family Members' College

No One Is More Of A Savage Than This Alien On Instagram (Photos)

Pastor Says Kids Are Better Off Drowning Than Reading 'Harry Potter'

There Are At Least 300 Veterans On Death Row, And Many Suffer From PTSD

Obama Becomes First US President To Grace Cover Of An LGBT Magazine

Women Could Be Arrested For Sexual Abuse After Twerking On This Man (Video)

Why Brands Can No Longer Create Marketing Plans Without Social Media

Pizza Hut's 'Triple Treat Box' Is All You Need To Feed Your Cravings (Photos)

Nurses Sang 'Let It Go' With 3-Year-Old Cancer Patient And It's Adorable (Video)

Model Freaks Out On Her Instagram Followers After Getting Only 14 Likes (Photos)

Mizzou Protestors Rally Against Student Reporter Covering Protest (Video)

Science Says Young Adults Are The Happiest Generation, But There's A Catch

Jeb Bush Finally Answers The Question, 'Would You Kill Baby Hitler?'

Honest Barbie's Life Seriously Defines Millennial Struggles (Photos)

Golden Retriever Puppies Doing Things Will Save Your Soul (Video)

There's Another Amazing Starbucks Secret Drink You Might Not Know About

SeaWorld Plans To Get Rid Of Its Killer Whale Shows In San Diego By 2017

Rolling Stone Facing $25 Million Lawsuit From UVA Frat Over Rape Article

Butt Stuff And Anal Sex Are More Popular In This One Specific Age Group

Why IDGAF What Starbucks Does With Its Cups And You Shouldn't Either

Tuscaloosa Police Being Investigated For Using Excessive Force On Students (Video)

This Sweet Old Couple Goofing Off Together At A Restaurant Is True Love (Video)

McDonald's Worker Throws Drink At A Homeless Man In Horrifying Video

Woman Discovers 'Alien' Outside After Seeing Strange Lights In The Sky (Photo)

This Photographer's Rant About Using Phones At Weddings Is Everything (Photo)

It Turns Out Your Adorable Pet Cat Probably Wants To Kill You

People Are Really Mad At Starbucks For The Red Holiday Cups This Year

Officer Helps Runner Who Fell During Marathon Cross The Finish Line

This Touching Video Is Helping A Homeless Father Give His Son A New Life

A Massive Hole Just Formed In An IHOP Parking Lot And No One Knows Why (Photo)

There's Now A Tinder-Like App That Lets People Search For Fights

Teen Makes Incredibly Moving Speech After Finding Out He Has Cancer (Video)

People Are Freaking Out Over This Crazy Light In The Sky (Video)

President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline To Protect Planet

New Gene Treatment Saves 1-Year-Old With Aggressive Form Of Cancer

Males In This Spider Species Mutilate Genetalia Of Their Female Mates

9-Year-Old Boy Shot And Killed In Chicago Was Targeted By A Street Gang

Couple Arrested For Having Oral Sex In Public As Their Kids Watched

Sailors Saving This Adorable Puppy From Drowning Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

What Spring Valley Can Teach Us About Emotional Learning In Schools

Ben Carson Admits He Lied About Getting Accepted To West Point

Best Boyfriend Ever Travels Over 6,000 Miles To Surprise His Girlfriend (Video)

Autistic Teen Saves Student After Learning Heimlich From 'SpongeBob'

16-Year-Old Victim Of Jared Fogle Explains How She Was Sexually Abused

The Iconic Gum Wall In Seattle Is Getting Completely Cleaned Off

Someone Posted Every Page Of The Fat Jew's New Book On Twitter

Barber Helped An Autistic Boy Fight His Fear Of Haircuts In Amazing Way (Photos)

Donald Trump Releases Radio Spot Ahead Of Primaries (Video)

Ben Carson's Campaign Releases Rap Song To Target Black Voters (Video)

Update: Terminally Ill 'Star Wars' Fan Gets To Screen Film In His Own Home

Doctors Without Borders Reveals Horrifying Details Of US Bombing

Instagram Yogi Shuts Down Haters Calling Her 'Skinny' And 'Gross' (Photos)

This Dog Has The Cutest Bedtime Routine With His Pint-Sized Owner (Video)

Four Big Lessons America Can Learn From Canada's New Prime Minister

Why I Don't Understand The Hype Behind The Balmain x H&M Collaboration

NASA Just Uncovered What Causes Black Holes To Emit Huge Pulses Of Light

How The War On Poverty Killed The American Dream

Balmain x H&M Hit Stores Today, And People Are Literally Going Insane (Video)

There Was A Live Tapeworm Living Inside This Guy's Brain

Britain and Egypt Are Having A Super Awkward Meeting Amid Protests

18-Year-Old Man Was Found After Being Reported Missing 13 Years Ago

People Are Sharing All The Hilarious Ways Others Totally Turn Them Off

This Is The Ultimate Deal Breaker For Women When It Comes To Dating

Canada's PM Has Best Response When Asked About His Gender-Equal Cabinet (Video)

Instagram Model Defends Social Media In Powerful Letter To Essena O'Neill

Cop Spends Halloween With Kids After Their Parents Die In Tragic Crash

Deaf Woman Orders From Barista At Starbucks Drive-Thru In Amazing Way (Video)

Worst Father Ever Publicly Shames Daughter's Naked Snapchat On Facebook (Photo)

Louisiana Police Open Fire On A Car And Kill A 6-Year-Old Boy

This Little Girl's Sassy 'Single Ladies' Dance Should Be Queen Bey Approved (Video)

Ben Carson Has The Best Theory On Who Built Egypt's Pyramids

Donald Trump Calls Ben Carson A 'Total Loser' In 'SNL' Teaser (Video)

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Man Faces Charges After 21 Severed Vaginas Are Found In His Freezer

Italian Man Spends 2 Full Days Lost In New York After Running The Marathon

Chris Christie Makes Moving Speech About Treating Drug Addiction (Video)

US Official Says ISIS Bombed Russian Plane That Crashed In Egypt

Couple Gets Real About The Sacrifices They Make For Their Relationship (Video)

Father And Son Totally Fool Everyone By Dressing Up Like Each Other (Photo)

A Social Media Company CEO Calls Out Essena O'Neill, Says She's A 'Lie'

People Are Sharing Their Stoner Confessions, And They're Hilarious

Police Officer Tries To Make His Suicide Look Like A Murder

Science Says Teens Spend The Majority Of Their Time Looking At Screens

Woman With Life-Threatening Disease Turns To Facebook To Find A Donor

Houston Rejects An Anti-Discrimination Law That Protects LGBTQ Community

Ireland Wants To Decriminalize Drugs And Create Safe Houses For Addicts

Couple Searches For Person Who Took 'Perfect' Photo Of Their Engagement

38-Year-Old Man Murders Roommate For Eating The Last Piece Of Chicken

Model Sheds 200 Pounds After She's Told She's Too Big For A Plane Seat (Photos)

Former Insta Model Makes New Site, Deletes 'Fake' Social Media Accounts (Video)

Man With Crohn's Disease Reminds Us Not To Judge Others Based On Looks (Photos)

Global Warming Could Be The Reason You're Not Having A Lot Of Sex

Reporter Says 'Black Culture' Is Reason For Teen's Arrest At SC School

Friends Of The Former Instagram Model Say This Is All One Big Hoax

Yale Fraternity Member Accused Of Allowing Only White Girls Into Party

Someone Finally Wrote 'And Chill' On The Sign Outside Netflix's Headquarters

Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Says Many Americans Are 'Stupid'

Man Defends Autistic Son After Being Sued By Neighbors Over His Behavior

Stephen Colbert Goes In On Police Officers Using Nunchucks (Video)

5 Things We Subconsciously Allow Instagram To Warp Our Perceptions Of

It Turns Out Millennials Are The Least Religious Generation In The US

This New Feature On Pinterest Is Extremely Dangerous For Shopaholics

Heroic Man Risks Life To Save 1-Year-Old Who Fell On The Train Tracks

Man Dies In Freak Accident Days After Family Did Sacrifice To Protect Him

The US Spent $43 Million On An 'Ill-Conceived' Afghanistan Gas Station

Couple Honors Late Son In Their Wedding Photos In The Most Amazing Way

Zac Efron Lookalike Commits Suicide, Friends Reach Out To Actor For Help

Man Threw A Bomb In A Walmart Because It Won't Sell Confederate Flags

These Couples Sharing The Stories Of How They Met Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

News Station Exaggerates This On-Camera Incident And Totally Fails (Video)

This Woman Mailed A Literal Box Of Sh*t To Her Cheating Husband

Twitter Just Made A Major Change To The 'Favorite' Button

Police Video Released After Woman Claims She Was Stopped For Being Black

Hillary Will Do What Is Popular, But Bernie Will Do What Is Right

Fitness Blogger Responds To Former Model's Message About Social Media

This Hot Math Teacher Dressed As Drake And Danced To 'Hotline Bling' (Video)

This Guy Actually Proposed With A Ring Made Out Of His Wisdom Tooth

Essena O'Neill, Former Instagram Model, Releases Emotional 'Thank You' Video

People Are Actually Permanently Tattooing Their Eyeballs Different Colors (Photos)

President Obama Just Made It Easier For Inmates To Find A Second Chance

Astronaut's Stunning Photographs Of Earth From Space Are Like Nothing You've Ever Seen

'Family Man' Paul Ryan Opposes Mandated Paid Leave For New Parents

'The Saddest Dog In The World' Will Break Your Heart

Skydiver Hangs 10,000 Feet In Air After Pant Leg Gets Caught On Plane (Video)

People Are Actually Posting 'Netflix And Chill' Ads On Craigslist

These Friends Were A 90s Bridal Party For Halloween, And It Was Amazing (Photos)

Former Instagram Model Edits Her Posts To Reveal Truth Behind The Photos

Why Carly Fiorina Misses The Mark On The Feminist Discussion

Man Casually Does A Live Phone Interview While He's Stuck In A Tree (Video)

Anonymous Is Starting To Reveal Specific Details About KKK Members

This Is Apparently The Mugshot Of 'Z' From Zola's Viral Stripping Story (Photo)

Porn Stars Reveal Their Horror Stories From Set, And It's Terrifying (Video)

About 1,000 US Police Officers Have Been Fired For Sexual Misconduct

Jarrett And Jess Finally Tell Their Sides Of The Infamous 'Zola' Story

Uber Driver Forced To Use Pepper Spray After Drunk Passenger Attacks Him (Video)

This Massive Crack Mysteriously Appeared In A Wyoming Mountain Range (Video)

Woman Gets Completely Naked In Restaurant And Covers Herself In Ketchup (Video)

33-Year-Old Woman Bitten By Tiger After Breaking Into Zoo While Drunk

Guy's Friends Hilariously Dress Up As His Twitter Picture For Halloween

This Girl's Heartwarming Letter To Her Single Mom Will Make You Sob (Video)

These People Devote Their Lives To Rescuing Dogs From Kill Shelters (Video)

Chipotle Closes Over 40 Locations After E. Coli Sends People To Hospital

Russian Jet Split Apart Mid-Flight Before Crashing In Egypt

Obama Couldn't Control His Laughter After Meeting A Little Pope (Video)