May 2019
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Noosa Yoghurt’s New Flavors For Summer 2019 Include Flavors Like Mixed Berry & Coffee

Here’s How To Use Lyft's New Gender-Neutral Pronouns For A Personalized Ride

V8 & Ken Jeong's Emergency Rehydration Kit Is What You Need For The Summer Heat

Ben & Jerry’s New Pucker Upper Sorbet Flavor Has "Sour Sugar Bits" You'll Love

Here's How To Help Tornado Victims In The Midwest, Because The Destruction Is Serious

Popcornopolis’ Unicorn Popcorn Is Coming To Target For The Most Fanciful Snack

7 Group Pool Floats For Summer 2019 To Stay Extra Cool

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Red Lobster's Seafood Lover's Lunch Menu Includes Unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits

The Difference Between Snap Games & Snappable Games Doesn't Mean They're Any Less Fun

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What Did Robert Mueller Say About Impeachment? Democrats Are Reading Into His Statement

Donald Trump's Response To Robert Mueller's Statement Misses A Big Point

Here's How To Find Lost AirPods If You've Misplaced Your Earbuds

Here's How To Win Free Chipotle During The NBA Finals

These Tweets About Robert Mueller's Statement Focus On This One Takeaway

Robert Mueller's Statement About The Russia Investigation Doubled Down On These Important Facts

Kamala Harris' Reproductive Rights Proposal Includes A Move To Stop Abortion Bans

Here's How To Order Food Delivery With Google For An Easy Weeknight Meal

Here’s How To Get Sonic’s Half-Price Wings On May 29 For A Tasty Deal

JetBlue's "Type A" Flight Sale Has Cheap Fares For Fall 2019, So Start Planning

Halo Top's New Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Flavor Has Pie Crust Pieces & Meringue Swirl

Popeyes' Hot Honey Crunch Tenders Are Back For A Sweet & Spicy Snack

Missouri's Abortion Clinic Closure Could Make It The First State Without A Single Clinic

The Supreme Court Passed On Indiana's Abortion Law, But This Might Not Be The End

Illinois' New Abortion Bill Actually Expands Rights, So That's A Change

The Tweets About What These Ice Pops Are Called Will Make You Feel So Conflicted

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Are Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick More Than Friends? Khloe Shut Down Rumors

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These Designer Minnie & Mickey Mouse Ears Coming To Disney For Summer & Fall 2019 Are Too Cute

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What Is The "Delete Facebook" Hashtag? Here's Why People Are Upset With The Platform

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Disney's 'The Lion King' Food & Drink Offerings At Animal Kingdom Include A Boozy Take On Dole Whip

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Pelosi's Response To Trump's HHS Proposal Ending Anti-Discrimination Protections Goes In

How To Change My Close Friends On Instagram To Keep Your Stories Exclusive

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This Viral Thread About A Mailman's Retirement Party Will Put You In Your Feels

Why Is Theresa May Resigning? The Move Comes After A Brexit Failure

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Trump's Apparent Ultimatum About Democrats & Investigations Might Cause Some Problems

What's In Popeyes' Cajun Sparkle Seasoning? The Secret Is In The Spice Blend

Homeless Shelters Could Deny Trans People Under This Trump Administration Rule Proposal

These Memorial Day 2019 Sales Will Help You Save On Some Of Your Home Must-Haves

Here's How To Use Instagram's New Explore Page To Find More Curated Content

Dollar Flight Club's May 23 Deals To Valencia, Spain Can Save You $498 On Your Trip

Oreo's "Six Flavors" Series From China Features New Flavors Like Spicy Pepper Pastry

Cold Stone Creamery's Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups Are Super Refreshing Bites

Starbucks' May 23 Happy Hour Discount Is A BOGO Frappuccino Deal, So Bring A Friend

Nancy Pelosi's Comments About Trump's Alleged "Cover-Up" Have Me Feeling Very Uneasy

These Donald Trump Quotes About Abortion Show His Changing Thoughts

Here's How To Enter RITAS' Nail Art Sweepstakes To Win A Year Of Free Manis

Nevada's New Abortion Bill Will Remove Restrictions, So That's A Change

Burger King’s Limited-Edition Chicken Parmesan Sandwich Now Comes In Spicy & Grilled Options

Here's How To Download Sims 4 For Free To Pick Up Where Your '00s Avatars Left Off

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These Tweets About Donald Trump Jr.'s Book Deal Include The Shadiest Titles

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Sonic's 50-Cent Corn Dog Deal On May 23 Will Save You Cash For The Weekend

Here's How To Enter Shell's Great Gas Giveaway To Win Free Fuel For A Year

Tequila Cazadores' "Summer Of Tacos" 2019 Desk Calendar Features Tasty Recipes & More

Taco Bell's 2019 "Steal A Game, Steal A Taco" Promotion Could Help You Score A Free Snack

These Boozy Ice Pops By FrutaPOP Will Be Your Go-To Desserts Of The Season

Can The President Block A Subpoena? A Judge Ruled Against Trump

Here’s How To Win Cracker Barrel’s Chicken Pool Float For Some Southern-Fried Fun In The Sun

Samuel Adams Brewery & Cape Cod's Summer Potato Chips Will Pair With Your Favorite Beer

Here's How To Protest Abortion Bans Around The Country & Take Some Action

How Much Does Trump Make From Mar-A-Lago? Way Less Than He Used To, According To Reports

K9 Cinemas' Dog-Friendly Movie Theater Offers Bottomless Wine Too, & This Couldn't Be Better

This Reese’s Ice Cream Cake Has Chunks Of Peanut Butter Cups For A Twist On The Candy

You Can Score Free Kayak Rides In Dublin, Copenhagen, & More By Doing This Good Deed

Carl's Jr.'s New Western Fries Have All The Flavors Of The Western Bacon Cheeseburger

Donald Trump's Tweet About His Position On Abortion Doesn't Line Up With Restrictive Laws

Here's How To Apply To The Queen's Digital Communications Officer Job For A Royally Cool Gig

This Ivanka Trump Quote About Gun Policy Shows A Pretty Narrow Stance

Joe Biden's Response To Donald Trump's Economic Talking Points Credits Barack Obama

These Tweets About Target's Vineyard Vines Collaboration Launch Day Will Crack You Up

These Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll & Hershey's Fillows Cereals Are A Sweet Morning Update

These New Skittles Flavors For Summer 2019 Include One That Tastes Like Freeze Pops

Here Are The Strongest Non-Dairy Starbucks Drinks To Fuel Your Long Summer Days

These Tweets About The Equality Act Passing The House Are So Happy, I Can't

Tomi Lahren's Comments On Alabama's Abortion Ban Might Surprise You

Here's Where To Get KIND Frozen Bars For A Chilly Take On The Classic Snack

When Does Alabama’s Abortion Law Go Into Effect? It's Not Happening Right Away

These Tweets About Washing Your Feet In The Shower Continue The Great Hygiene Debate

Here Are The 14 Best Grumpy Cat Memes To Honor The Most Legendary Feline Ever

What Is The SAT's Adversity Score? It Tracks Students' Social & Economic Background

Applebee's' New Loaded Fajitas Topped With Bacon & Queso Are A Tasty Upgrade

These Snickers-Flavored & Twix-Flavored Chocolate Milk Varieties Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Here's Where To Get Teavana's Sparkling Craft Iced Teas That Come In 3 Tasty Flavors

What Does Alabama's New Abortion Law Mean For Roe V. Wade? There's A Purpose To This

Blue Bunny's Task Force Instant Win Game Could Get You $75 Worth Of TaskRabbit Credit

Here's Where To Get Barefoot On Tap 3-Liter Wine Boxes For A Hassle-Free Summer Sip

What's In Missouri's New Abortion Bill? It's Another Wildly Restrictive Change

Petal Sparkling Botanical Blends' New Flavors For 2019 Sound Like Refreshing Summer Sips

This 99-Cent Spotify Premium Deal Will Get You 3 Months Of Music Without The Ads

Sprinkles' 'Game Of Thrones'-Themed Cupcakes Are Perfect For Your Finale Party

Here's How To Become Rose All Day's Rose Influencer For A $10,000 Payday & Wine Vacay

IHOP Is Selling $1 Buttermilk Pancakes On May 21 To Raise Money For A Good Cause

Bill De Blasio's 2020 Presidential Campaign Video Is All About The Working Class

JetBlue's In Full Blue-m Flight Sale Has Cheap Fares For Your Summer Getaways

Dollar Flight Club's May 16 Deals To Naples, Italy Offer Over $500 Off Your Vacay

The New Red Bull Summer Edition Beach Breeze Flavor Sounds Like A Pina Colada In A Can

A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort, The Bell, Is Coming To Palm Springs For Epic Foodie Getaways

Here's Where To Donate To Support Reproductive Rights In Alabama After The State's Abortion Ban Bill Vote

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shaded Joe Biden's Climate Change Plan As "Middle Of The Road"

These Tweets About Alabama's Abortion Bill Are All About 'The Handmaid's Tale'

This Hardee’s Froot Loops Mini Donut Milkshake Test Item Is The Ultimate Dessert

This ‘Game Of Thrones’-Inspired Brunch Will Let You Feast Like Dany & Jon This Summer

What Does Dr. Pepper Dark Berry Taste Like? This Fruity Sip Will Make You Nostalgic

UV Vodka's UVGO Sparkling Cocktail Cans Are Like Bubbly Versions Of Your Fave Flavors

Airbnb’s Original Spice Bus From ‘Spice World’ Listing Will Make You “Wannabe” On Vacay

Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze Almondmilk Horchata Is A Sweet Sip In Time For Summer

Starbucks' Pride Tumbler For 2019 Will Add A Splash Of Color To Your Coffee Run

Alabama Voted To Pass An Abortion Bill That Would Be The Most Restrictive In The Country

These National Chocolate Chip Day 2019 Deals For May 15 Mean Sweet Savings

The New Uber Black Features For 2019 Include Perks Like Temperature Control & Quiet Mode

This Hydroplane Pool Float From FUNBOY & Smirnoff Seltzer Is A Colorful Must-Have For The Summer

Donald Trump's Response To Trump Jr.'s Senate Subpoena Says It's "Unfair"

Pringles' New Mystery Flavor Contest Could Score You $10K, So Get Your Taste Buds Ready

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Slow Jammed The News On 'Jimmy Fallon' With A Bunch Of Jokes About His Name

These Tweets About Steve Bullock's Presidential Campaign Will Have You So Overwhelmed

Burger King’s Impossible Whopper Sandwich Is Available In These New Locations For A Meatless Bite

These New Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars Are A Sweet Way To Share Your Mood

These National Buttermilk Biscuit Day 2019 Deals For May 14 Are A Savory Treat

Disney's Cruise Director Gets To Sail The World & Share Her Love Of Mickey For A Living

These Tweets About The iPhone 11's Reported Design Makeover Will Have You Cringing

Donald Trump's Tweet About The Boston Red Sox Made An Interesting Claim

Frontier’s May 2019 Flight Sale Scores You 75% Off Your Last-Minute Spring Getaway

Here's Where To Get S'mores-Flavored Oreo Cookies For A Twist On A Summer Classic

Oreo's Summer 2019 Limited-Time Flavors Will Make The Season So Sweet

Will Starbucks Ever Come Out With CBD Drinks? It Might Take A While

Donald Trump's Mother's Day 2019 Tweet Has People On Twitter Asking This Question

Barack Obama's 2019 Mother's Day Post For Michelle Calls Her "A Perfect Role Model"

On Mother's Day, Family Separations Aren't Over — Even Without "Zero Tolerance"

What Is The #SexStrike Hashtag? People Are Responding To Georgia's New Abortion Law

Here's Where To Get A Dragon Pool Float To Be Just Like The Mother Of Dragons

Michelle Obama's Mother's Day 2019 Instagram About Sasha & Malia Is So Inspiring

These Tweets About Washing Your Legs In The Shower Have Twitter Divided

Pete Buttigieg's Response To Trump's Nickname For Him Will Have Millennials Relating Hard

Here's Where To Get Lucky Charms' Soft Marshmallow Blondies For A Nostalgic Treat

These 20 Question Ideas For Instagram's Quiz Sticker Will Keep Your Friends Guessing

What's In Alabama's Abortion Bill? It Pretty Much Outlaws Abortion

These #DearMeTenYearsAgo Tweets Will Show You The Importance Of Living & Learning

Dollar Flight Club's May 10 Flight Deals To Ecuador Will Save You Up To $476 Off Your Trip

Trump’s Comments On Kim Jong-Un’s Uncle’s Death Sound Like Something Out Of ‘Game of Thrones'

Here's Where To Get Polaroid's 'Stranger Things' Camera & Film To Capture Summer Memories

Snapchat's Mother's Day 2019 "My Momma" Lens Challenge Is Here To Spread The Love

Here's How To Apply For Natty Light's 2019 Summer Internship If You're "Natty-Qualified”

Nutella's "Who Makes Your Mornings Happy?" Contest For 2019 Could Win You & A Friend $18,000

Here's Where To Get Sunseeker Rose Wine For The Prettiest Happy Hour Pour

Baskin-Robbins' May 2019 Flavor Of The Month Is A Seriously Chocolatey Treat

Here's How To Apply For A Yacht Tester Job To Get Paid To Live Luxuriously

The Moe's 2019 Graduation Cap Contest Could Help You Score 4 Years Of Free Queso

These Tweets About Donald Trump Jr. Being Subpoenaed To Testify Point Out The Irony

What’s In The Impossible Whopper At Burger King? It's Pretty Similar To The Original Sandwich

These Tweets About French Fry Type Preferences Has Twitter Torn

These 5 Mother's Day 2019 Deals Feature Heart-Shaped Pizza & More

Wendy's' 50-Cent Frosty Deal For 2019 Is Here For A Taste Of Summer

Dunkin's May 2019 Deal On $2 Coolattas Is A Sweet Way To Cool Off This Spring

Facebook's New Birthday Stories Feature Will Help Make Your Big Day So Special

Starbucks' May 9 Happy Hour Features Half-Off Frappuccinos, So Order Your Fave

Donald Trump's Response To The Highlands Ranch School Shooting Condemned "Unspeakable Violence"

Nancy Pelosi Called Donald Trump "Self-Impeachable," So I Guess She's Rethinking Things

What Is Executive Privilege? Donald Trump Is Using This Power Over The Mueller Report

The Highlands Ranch Shooting Is At Least The 43rd Shooting At A School In 2019

Zulily's French Fry Pool Float Will Give You The Relaxation You Crave This Summer

Here's Where To Buy Starbucks By Nespresso Capsules To Easily Brew Your Faves At Home

Sprinkles' Mother's Day 2019 Cupcakes In The MOM Box Are The Sweetest Gift

Haagen-Dazs' Free Cone Day 2019 On May 14 Is A Sweet Ice Cream Deal

Target's New California Roots $5 Sangria Wine Bottles Will Be A Sweet Start To Summer

Here's How To Use Instagram's Donation Sticker In Stories To Promote A Good Cause

These Tweets About Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Are Roasting His Losses

What Is Archie Short For? Twitter Has Some Ideas About Baby Sussex's Name Inspiration

McDonald's' Worldwide Favorites Menu Coming To The U.S. In June 2019 Has 4 Tasty Items

California Pizza Kitchen's Heart-Shaped Pizza For Mother's Day 2019 Will Make Mom Swoon

Jack Daniel's' New Southern Citrus Country Cocktail Has Just The Right Amount Of Whiskey

Tank's Good News' George Resch Is Bringing Happy Headlines To Your Instagram Feed

Tim Hortons’ Mother’s Day 2019 Deal Is Free Mom-Sized Coffee, Even For Dog Moms

These Tweets About Georgia's New Abortion Law Are Already Promising Action

Why Are Uber & Lyft Drivers Striking On May 8? Here's What To Know

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Instagrams About Her Garbage Disposal Are Way Too Relatable

What Is Contempt Of Congress? House Democrats Are Threatening William Barr

These New Sour Patch Kids Tropical Swirl Ice Pops Will Give Your Beach Days Some Tang

These Tweets About Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Baby's "Unusual" Name Are A Wild Guessing Game

Here's Where To Get Rainbow Bud Light GLAAD Bottles To Show Your Pride In June

This Cheez-It Snap'd Giveaway For May 2019 Could Hook You Up With Snacks For A Year

Southwest Airlines' May 2019 "Sale-ebrate" Flight Sale Has Cheap Fares For Your Vacay

These New Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Flavored Vodkas Are A Lighter Alternative To Your Fave Sips

This ‘Harry Potter’-Inspired Brunch Coming To NYC This Fall Is A Wizard-Approved Spread

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets Are Officially Coming Back To Menus, Thanks To Chance The Rapper

Here's How To Apply For Days Inn's 2019 "Sunternship" To Jet Set Overseas This Summer

This Dunkin' On The Daily Sweepstakes For May 2019 Could Win You 10 Years Of Free Coffee

Are White House Interns Paid? It's All For The Experience

Can You Hide Likes On Instagram? The App Announced Plans To Test This New Feature

Caribou Coffee's Summer 2019 Menu Features Cold Press Concoctions & New Bubble Teas

Here's When To Book Your Memorial Day 2019 Flights To Save Big On Holiday Fares

These Tweets About Trump's Phone Call With Putin About The Mueller Report Are Not Happy

Trump's Tweet After North Korea's May 4 Missile Launch Is An Odd Message To Kim Jong-Un

Pizza Hut's May 4 Deal On Pies Includes A 35% Discount On Your Fave Slices

These Bernie Sanders Quotes About Donald Trump Have An Ongoing Theme

How Long Will Dr. Pepper Dark Berry Be Available? Drink The Fruity Flavor Soon

Miss USA Cheslie Kryst's Answer About #MeToo & #TimesUp Is So Encouraging

The Hate-Like Boutique By Is Selling Instagram Props That'll Upgrade Your Grid

Here's Where To Get Burger King's Real Meal Whopper Boxes To Reveal Your True Emotions

Who Is Annie Donaldson? The White House Lawyer Took Notes On Trump's Behavior

Dollar Flight Club’s May 3 Deals To Portugal Will Help You Save On A Waterfront Vacay

Hulu's "Friends With Benefits" Program Features Hidden Gems That'll Unlock Prizes

These "Chicken Barr" Memes About Barr & The House Judiciary Committee Are Peak 2019

Nancy Pelosi's Response To William Barr's Testimony Calls Him A Liar

These Cinco De Mayo 2019 Deals On May 5 Feature Discounted Margaritas & More

Will Starbucks Restock The Reusable Color-Changing Cold Cups? There's Good News

Kamala Harris' Response To Trump Calling Her "Nasty" After Barr's Testimony DGAF

Sonic's New Cake Batter Shakes Are Coming In May To Sweeten Up Your Summer

FUNBOY's New Bali Cabana Shade Lounger Will Bring Summer Relaxation To The Next Level

Are Students Being Charged In The College Admissions Scandal? Not Everyone Is Immune

This $8 Rose Wine From Aldi For May 2019 Is The Perfect Sip To Kick Off Patio Season

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Reaction To 'Knock Down The House's Release On Netflix Is So Emotional

Who Is Riley Roberts? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Boyfriend Has Stayed Out Of The Spotlight

Pop-Tarts' New Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Flavor Will Put You In The Mood For Dessert

This Applebee's $1 Dollarita Deal For May 2019 Will Last Way Past Cinco De Mayo

Popeyes' New Cajun Sparkle Boneless Wings & Tots Are Covered In Your Fave Seasoning

Taco Bell’s Summer 2019 Taco Shop Merchandise Collection Will Spice Up Your Beach Days

Trump Jr.'s Instagram About Allegedly Being Censored By Instagram Is A Wild Ride

The Caster Semenya Case Ruling Has People Outraged About Policing Women's Bodies

Here Are 3 Ways To Help After The UNCC Shooting, Because Anything Helps

The Supreme Court's LGBTQ+ Rights & Title VII Case Could Break New Ground — Or Not

Donald Trump's Tweet Ahead Of William Barr's Testimony Sounds Familiar

Carvel's 85 Cent Cone Day On May 2 Will Get You A Sweet Swirl For Under A Buck

Dairy Queen’s Mini Blizzard Treat Flights For May 2019 Are A Tasty Way To Try New Flavors

These Tweets About Barr & Mueller's Disagreement Over The Russia Report Summary Are So Heated

How Long Will Starbucks' Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Be Available? It's Sticking Around

Robert Mueller's Letter To William Barr About The Report Summary Is Really Something

Chili's' May 2019 $5 Margarita, The Tequila Trifecta, Is Like A Fiesta In A Glass

Southwest Airlines' May 2019 Flight Sale Features Cheap Fares To Summer Destinations