May 2018
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Hillary Clinton’s Tweet About Puerto Rico Takes Aim At Donald Trump & It's Spot On

Donald Trump's Meeting With The Sante Fe Shooting Survivors Is Already Off To A Rocky Start

Ketel One's Botanical Vodka Flavors Use Real Flowers & They're So Pretty

Here's Where To Get Chandon's Sparkling Rosé Doughnuts For National Rosé Day

Here's How To Get Free Papa John's Pizza When You Buy A Raymour & Flanigan Mattress

Target's Wine Cube Has 4 Bottles Of Wine For $18, So Stock Up For The Summer

Donald Trump's Net Worth Has Dropped A Lot Since He Became President

Samantha Bee's Apology For Her Ivanka Trump Insult Admits She Crossed A Line

Can Alice Marie Johnson Be Pardoned? President Trump Has The Authority

Here's How To Get Free Donuts At Walmart If You Visit On National Doughnut Day

What Is "Spygate"? Trump's Newest Conspiracy Theory Claims The "Deep State" Surveilled His Campaign

These Edible Donut Arrangements Are Made Of Fruit & They're Perfect For Summer

Samantha Bee's Immigration Monologue About Ivanka Trump Crossed A Dangerous Line

Trump Pardoned Dinesh D'Souza A Day After He Met With Kim Kardashian About Alice Marie Johnson

Baskin-Robbins Is Offering $1.50 Ice Cream Scoops For Their "Celebrate 31" Promotion

JetBlue's "Sale Into Summer" Has Cheap Flights That You Don't Want To Miss

Lila Bubbly Rose Wine Cans Are Here Just In Time For National Rose Day

Parkland Students Are Asking People To Stop Sharing The Shooter's Videos & They Have A Point

Chick-fil-A's White Peach Tea Lemonade Is The New Drink You'll Crave This Summer

How To Get Free Tacos At Taco Bell During The "Steal A Game, Steal A Taco” Promotion

These Memes About Kim Kardashian & Donald Trump's Photo Are Everything You Needed

Meghan McCain Slammed Donald Trump After The Roseanne Thing & It's Pretty Brutal

Melania Trump's Response To Those Conspiracy Theories About Her Disappearing Is Not Amused

This Photo Of Kim Kardashian & Donald Trump At The White House Is So, So Awkward

Donald Trump Called Out JAY-Z Over His "Filthy" Language & It's So Ironic

Harvey Weinstein Has Been Indicted For Rape After Waves Of Allegations

How To Get Free Papa John's Donut Holes With Your Pizza On National Doughnut Day

How To Win A Trip To "Donut Island" In New Zealand Through Papa John's Sweepstakes

A Michigan Teen Wore A Trans Pride Flag To Meet Betsy DeVos & It Was Awesome

This Viral Twitter Thread About A Cat Who Gave Birth Under A Guy's Bed Is Adorable

Who Is Arkady Babchenko? The Russian Journalist Staged His Own Death

Here's Where To Get Meat Scented Candles By A.1. If You're Curious About The Smell

Sanofi's Tweet About Roseanne Barr & Ambien Is Shady AF & Twitter Loves It

Here's Where To Get Disneyland's Pineapple Churro For A Sweet Summer Treat

These Conspiracy Theories About Melania Trump's Absence Are So Absurd

Carvel's "Fudgie The Beer" Tastes Like Ice Cream Cake & I'll Have Some For Dessert

Chipotle Is Opening Drive Thru Windows In More States For Mobile Ordering

Hidden Valley's Ranch Flavored Chips & Popcorn Will Be Your New Favorite Snacks

Black Women Candidates Don't Feel Supported By The Democratic Party, Report Says

Donald Trump's Tweet About 'Roseanne' Getting Canceled Made It All About Himself

These Tweets About Kim Kardashian Meeting With Donald Trump Will Make You Think

Kim Kardashian Is Meeting Donald Trump At The White House For A Legit Reason

Burger King's Whopper Donut Is Here For National Doughnut Day & You'll Want A Bite

Donald Trump Asked Jeff Sessions To Un-Recuse Himself From The Russia Investigation, Report Says

The U.S. Geological Survey Warned Not To Roast Marshmallows Over Lava, & Really?

Papua New Guinea Is Banning Facebook For A Month, So Cancel All Your Event Invites

Valerie Jarrett's Response To Roseanne Barr's Tweet About Her Is So Thoughtful

Tweets About Bernie Sanders Running For President In 2020 Show We're All Torn

Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted Roseanne Barr's Awful Tweets Because Of Course He Did

Diane Black Linked School Shootings To Porn, & What Now?

Are Ivanka Trump's Chinese Trademarks A Conflict Of Interest? They're Raising Questions

Hurricane Maria Death Toll Estimates Are Way Higher, Report Says, & People Are Outraged

Snapchat's Sound-Activated Lenses Are Seriously Awesome

The Supreme Court's Arkansas Abortion Ruling Could Have Serious Impacts On Reproductive Care

What Ice Cream Flavored Coffees Does Dunkin' Donuts Have? There Are Great Options

'Roseanne' Was Canceled After Barr's Racist Tweet About Obama Aide Valerie Jarrett

How Long Are Starbucks Stores Closed For Anti-Bias Training? They're Taking Their Time

Which Starbucks Stores Are Closing For Anti-Bias Training? Not All Will Be Participating

Ivanka Trump's Tweets About "Trolls" Shows She's Feeling Some Type Of Way

Kourtney Kardashian's Pool Floats On Instagram Can Be Yours For A Price

Where To Get Free Doughnuts On National Doughnut Day If You're Craving A Sweet Deal

Tweets About Ted Cruz "Cursing" The Houston Rockets Was As Inevitable As Their Loss

Does Applebee's 2 For $20 Menu Include Steak? A Special Deal Is Coming

Tomi Lahren's Memorial Day Video Will Have You Rolling Your Eyes For This One Reason

Barack Obama's Memorial Day Message Has Everyone On Twitter Saying The Same Thing

President Trump's Memorial Day Message Is So Typical & Twitter Has Opinions

Ivanka Trump's Memorial Day Tribute Is So Poised After Yesterday's Photo Scandal

Melania Trump's Memorial Day Message Is So Perfectly Patriotic & It's Beautiful

Holy Cross High School Banned Christian Bales' Graduation Speech

How Melania Trump Decorated The White House Was Surprisingly Low-Key

Tweets About Ivanka Trump & #WhereAreTheChildren Are Calling Out Her Terrible Timing

This White House Letter Corrected & Returned By An English Teacher Is A+ Shade

Why Were Guests Laughing At The Royal Wedding? The Reason Is So Sweet

Chelsea Clinton's Reason For Calling Out Donald Trump Makes So Much Sense

Tweets About The Trump Store Memorial Day Sale Prove That Twitter Is Not Impressed

The Trump Administration's Controversies Compared To The Obama Administration's Is A Long List

Here's How To Make GIFs On Samsung S9 & S9 Plus Phones & Impress Your Entire Group Chat

This Mermaid Tail For Adults Allows You To Swim Like Ariel Herself, So Grab One ASAP

Does Chuck E. Cheese Deliver? You Can Relive Your Childhood Sooner Than You Think

Trader Joe’s Organic $3.99 Charles Shaw Rose Wines Are About To Make Your Summer So Much Better

These Details About Tiffany Trump’s Relationship With Melania Are Just So Fascinating

Winc's Week Of Pink Rosé Infused Desserts Will Make National Rosé Day So Sweet

Did Ireland Legalize Abortion? The Referendum Exit Poll Results Are In

How Many Women Of Color Are Running For Office In 2018? It's A Remarkable Amount

Ivanka Trump's Tweet About Serena Williams Is Problematic For This Reason

What Was Harvey Weinstein Charged With? It's A Litany Of Allegations

These Tweets About Privacy Policy Updates Are Way Too Real

Detained Immigrant Children Are Being Mistreated, According To A Report, & The Implications Are Serious

Southwest's "Summer of $69" Sale Has Mega Cheap Flights For All Your Summer Travel Needs

These “I’m Gay, I’m Straight, I’m Bi” Tweets Are Hilarious

Why Am I Getting Privacy Policy Updates? It's Because Of This European Law

Political Ads On Facebook & Twitter Are Changing In An Attempt For Transparency

Ramadan Nights Become A Place Of Healing For The Community

FreshDirect & FoodKick's Rose Sale Is Here To Make Your Summer Rosy

Olive Garden's House Rose Will Complement Those Unlimited Breadsticks

How To Get A Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut On National Doughnut Day For A Sweet Celebration

What Does The Title X Change Mean For Birth Control? It's About More Than Abortion

What Is Ireland's Abortion Referendum? The Nation Is Having A Major Vote

Dunkin' Donuts' New Cake Batter Donuts Are The Sweetest Way To Start Your Morning

KFC's Colonel-Shaped Pool Floaties Will Make Your Summer Finger-Lickin' Good

#HomeToVote Tweets About The Irish Abortion Referendum Shows Voters' Excitement

Do People Know If You Mute Them On Instagram? Don't Worry, They Won't Know A Thing

Here's How To Use Instagram's Mute Button If You're Trying To Ignore Your Friends

Trump Response To The NFL Kneeling Rule Was Expected, But Still Harmful

This Girl Drew Herself As Your Favorite Cartoons & TBH, She's Spot On

Parkland Students May Work With House Democrats On Gun Violence & It's Awesome

How To Win Free Tim Hortons Donuts For A Year On National Donut Day, Because It's A Sweet Deal

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Statement On Sterling Brown Is So Different From The NFL

Why Did Trump Cancel His Meeting With Kim Jong-Un? He Had His Reasons

Unicorn Pudding Snack Packs Are The Magical Treat We All Need

Jared Kushner Received Permanent Security Clearance & Twitter Isn't Thrilled

Trump Blocking People On Twitter Was Ruled Unconstitutional, & Chrissy Teigen Had The Best Response

The NFL's New Policy On Kneeling During The National Anthem Raises A Few Big Questions

Dunkin' Donuts' National Donut Day Special Will Make You So Happy

Why Don't I Have Instagram's Mute Button? Be Patient, It's Still Rolling Out

This Melania Trump Quote About Ivanka Sums Up Their Relationship

Where To Donate For Abortion Rights After Trump's Title X "Domestic Gag Rule" Change

How To Protest Trump's Title X "Domestic Gag Rule" To Support Women's Health

This Girl's 'Stranger Things' Senior Yearbook Quote Went Viral & It's Hilarious

How To Find Out Which Starbucks Have Happy Hours If You're Thirsty For A Deal

Disney's Purple Wall Slush At Tomorrowland Terrace Is New & Totally Insta-Worthy

Michelle Obama's Instagram About Barack Obama On Their Wedding Day Is So Adorable

What Is YouTube Music? The New Streaming Service Has A Lot To Offer

Here's Where To Get Chocolate Peanut Butter Yoo-Hoo If You're Feeling Nostalgic

Trump's Tweet About Tomi Lahren Shows Support After A Bar Incident Involving The Host

Disney's Churro Challenge Will Send You On A Scavenger Hunt For The Best Churros

Pizza Hut's Hershey's Toasted S'mores Cookie Is Back & Summer Just Got Sweeter

Michelle Obama’s Graduation Message For Class Of 2018 Shares A Personal Story

A Sinkhole Is Growing On The White House Lawn & Twitter Is Having A (Sinking) Field Day

These Photos Of American Politicians Meeting With China Show What's Missing In American Politics

What Is The "Domestic Gag Rule?" A Doctor Explains Its Potential Harm

Rainbow Sequin Minnie Ears Are Coming To Disney Parks & I'm So Excited

How Much Are Starbucks' Happy Hour Drinks? It Depends On The Week

Betsy DeVos' Comments About The Santa Fe Shooting Has Me Wondering This One Thing

Is Trump Meeting With Kim Jong-Un? He Said It "May Not Work Out"

Del Taco's Churro Dipper Shake Comes With A Churro For A Spoon & I Need It

What Is Instagram's Mute Button? The Much-Needed Feature Is Rolling Out

Who Is Stacey Abrams? The Georgia Democrat Is Set To Break Barriers

Tomi Lahren's Final Thoughts On The Sante Fe Shooting Are So Typical

These Melania Trump Quotes About Donald Indicate People Shouldn't "Feel Sorry" For Her

Tiffany Trump Apparently Played 'Trumped Up Cards' & I Don't Know What To Make Of It

These "By Age 35" Tweets Express What Being An Adult Should Be Like, & LOL

Instagram's "All Caught Up" Feature Is Being Tested & It's Really Convenient

Michael Cohen Reportedly Threatened 'The Onion' With A Defamation Lawsuit & I Think He's Confused

Donald Glover Fans Took Over r/TheDonald & It's Incredible

Who Did Melania Trump Date Before Donald? She Was Low-Key

Donald Trump's Misspelled Tweets Are No Mistake, Report Says

Peanut Butter & Cocoa Pebbles Cereal Exists & It's Basically Candy For Breakfast

This Santa Fe Student’s Tweets To Tomi Lahren About Gun Control Are So Poignant

Here's How To Get WOW Air's $99 Flights To Iceland, Because The Deal Is Back Again

Trump's NASCAR Speech Threw Shade At The NFL's National Anthem Protests

Young People Have Been Registering To Vote In Huge Numbers Since The Parkland Shooting

Can The 2018 Elections Be Hacked? Experts Think So, & Here We Go Again

JetBlue's SPF Sale Can Get You 30 Percent Off Flights To Bermuda, So Get Packing

Starbucks' New Policy Lets People Sit Inside Without Buying Anything

Who Is Mai Khanh Tran? The Pediatrician Is Running For Congress & You Should Know Her

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Dissent On The Supreme Court's Worker's Rights Ruling Is Biting

12 Of The Funniest Memes About A Possible Trump Impeachment To Keep You Going

Trump Tweeted About Alleged Campaign Surveillance Tapes & He Wants Yet Another Investigation

Howard Stern Discussed Donald Trump's Comments On Ivanka Trump & It's A Lot

Hillary Clinton's Yale Commencement Speech Included A Trump Joke & It Was Perfect

Where To Buy Scratch And Sniff Stamps, Because You'll Love The Sweet Scent Of Summer

Carmen Yulin Cruz's Boston University Commencement Speech Criticized Trump's Puerto Rico Hurricane Response

What Are The Obamas Doing With Netflix? They Have A Multiyear Agreement

How Many People Watched The Royal Wedding? Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding Drew In Millions

When Will The Russia Investigation End? Trump's Lawyer Claims Robert Mueller Says It's Ending Soon

7 Pickle Flavored Foods You Can Buy Right Now & Probably Need In Your Life

Tweets About Kelly Clarkson's "Moment Of Action" Billboard Music Awards Speech Are So Moving

This Wine Keg Serves 130 Glasses Of Rose & It's Here Just In Time For Summer

These Tweets From Trump Vs. Obama On The Same Topics Say So Much About Them

These Royal Wedding Memes Will Make You Laugh & Cry At The Same Time

Tina Fey's Sarah Palin Song On 'SNL' Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

Meghan Markle's Dog Rode With The Queen To The Wedding & Now I'm Jealous Of A Canine

Meghan Markle's Wedding Nails Were A Subtle Nod To The Queen & You Definitely Missed It

'Saturday Night Live's Royal Wedding Skit Is Amazing & Kate McKinnon Plays The Queen

These Photos Of Meghan & Harry’s Wedding Cake Are Not What You’d Expect

These Tweets About Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Carriage Procession Prove Everyone Was In Awe Of The Couple

What Did Prince Harry Say To Meghan Markle During Their Wedding? It Was So Sweet

Where Did Harry & Meghan Go During Their Wedding? They Had Some Business To Take Care Of

The BBC's Tweet About The Royal Wedding Crowd Vs. Trump's Inauguration Crowd Is So Shady

Harry & Meghan's Wedding Vows Vs. William & Kate's Reveal So Much About These Couples

The Official Royal Wedding Program Typo Still Lists Meghan Markle's Dad In The Wedding & It’s So Awkward

This Tweet About Harry & Meghan's Royal Wedding Cake Will Make You So Hyped

Papa John's Royal Wedding Pizza Has Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Faces On It

Meghan Markle's Dad's Response To Prince Charles Walking Meghan Down The Aisle Is So Sweet

FlixBus' $2.99 Trip From Las Vegas To Los Angeles Will Make Your Road Trip Amazing

How To Help Santa Fe High School Students After The Shooting With Petitions & More

Are Vanessa & Donald Trump Jr. Leaking Stories About Each Other? Some People Think So

Parkland Students' Responses To The Santa Fe High School Shooting Are Impactful

Trump's Response To The Santa Fe High School Shooting Was Pretty Nonchalant

When Does Starbucks' Happy Hour End? It'll Be Here For A Long Time

How To Get Free McDonald's McNuggets From Postmates, Because This Is Important

Russian Bought Facebook Ads Aren't The Only Way Elections Can Be Swayed & I'm Shook

The White House's Yanny Or Laurel Video Is Actually Pretty Funny

Here's How To Share A Feed Post To Your Instagram Story So You Can Show It Off

Is Net Neutrality Saved? The Senate Pushed A Vote This Week That Could Impact Your Internet

A Sloth Emoji Might Come In 2019 & I Can't Wait To Use It Over & Over Again

Where To Buy Brooklyn Brewshop's Sparkling Rose Wine Brewing Kit So You Don't Run Out

The Way Trump's "Animals" Comment Has Been Reported Is Bad For His Critics

Donald Trump's Quotes About The Royal Family Are A Good Hint About Why He Didn't Get A Wedding Invite

How To Make A Tostitos Wedding Cake For Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Big Day

Ivanka Trump's "Laurel" Tweet Proves The Meme Is Truly Over, So Can We Stop Talking About It?

Laurel & Yanny Bitmojis Are Here To Make Your Arguments That Much Better

Starbucks' Happy Hour Is Offering $3 Grande Frappuccinos, So Sign Up ASAP

Rex Tillerson's Commencement Speech Not-So-Low-Key Shaded Trump

Meghan Markle's Statement About Her Dad Not Attending The Wedding Is Heartbreaking

These Theories About The Viral "Yanny" Or "Laurel" Recording Will Ease Your Mind

Trump's Financial Disclosure Form Revealed A Payment To Michael Cohen

Nikki Haley's Response To Israel's Violence Against Palestinian Protesters Is Getting Panned

Southwest's "Sale Of The Summer" Has $49 Flights To Florida, So Pack Your Bags

Michigan State Will Pay Survivors Of Larry Nassar's Abuse In A Massive Settlement

How To Be A Starbucks Rewards Member To Get The Happy Hour Deals Of Your Dreams

Wild Berry Froot Loops Are Here & There's A New "Star" Shape In The Box

Who Is Paulette Jordan? The Idaho Democrat Is Challenging The Status Quo

Cup Of Rahman's Instagram Uses '90s Nostalgia To Empower Women

Trump Jr.'s Senate Testimony Transcript On The Russian Trump Tower Meeting Is Finally Here

North Korea Threatened To Cancel Its Meeting With Trump, So Here We Go Again

This Viral "Yanny" Or "Laurel" Tweet Is The New "Dress" & Everyone Is Shook

Trump's Ramadan Message Is Getting Twitter Shade For This One Massive Reason

Do You Need To Be A Starbucks Rewards Member To Get Happy Hour Deals? Not Exactly

How To Share Spotify Songs To Your Instagram Story Without Taking Screenshots

Is Instagram's Emoji Slider Poll Permanent? The Fun Feature Is Here To Stay

Disney's 'Toy Story' Plane Is Here To Take You "Infinity & Beyond"

"Melania" Is Becoming A Popular Baby Name... But "Donald" Isn't Rising In Popularity

Why Does The White House Leak Stories? Kellyanne Conway Says She Knows

Jordyn Wieber Is Countering An Abusive Gymnastics Culture By Coaching — EXCLUSIVE

Funboy x Bark Pool Floats For You & Your Dog Are Adorable & I Want Them All

Donald Trump's Tweet About Melania's Surgery Says She's "Doing Really Well"

Krispy Kreme's Blueberry Glaze Doughnut Is Here & It'll Make Your Spring So Sweet

Wander or Bust: Cairo, Egypt

Velveeta's "Crowns & Cheese" Mac & Cheese Is Here In Time For The Royal Wedding

Here's Where To Get Free Chocolate Chip Cookies On National Chocolate Chip Day

Trump's Call To Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr. Comes Weeks After The Tragedy

Wander Or Bust: Miami, Florida

Wander Or Bust: Tel Aviv, Israel

Elite Daily's "Out Of Here" Travel Issue Takes You Exactly Where You Want To Go

Wander Or Bust: Barcelona, Spain

Wander Or Bust: Paris, France

Wander Or Bust: London, England

How To Make Your Own "Is This A Pigeon?" Meme, Because It Is So Easy

What Has Robert Mueller Accomplished In His First Year? The Special Counsel's Been Busy

Melania Trump's Kidney Surgery Went Successfully, So We Can All Exhale

What Is The Household Cavalry? Prince Harry's Former Army Regiment Is Practicing For The Wedding

Royal Wedding Condoms Are Now Available For Purchase & Is This Real Life?

Jared Kushner's Embassy Speech In Jerusalem Is Sparking Controversy & The Reasons Are Serious

Why Is Moving The Israel Embassy Controversial? Trump's Decision Is Already Seeing Deadly Consequences

The KFC Royal Wedding Bucket Is In Tribute Of The Royal Engagement & It's So Regal

Dozens Of Palestinian Protesters Were Killed By Israeli Forces Ahead Of Israel Embassy Move

Tiffany Trump's Mother's Day Instagram Post To Marla Maples Is A Sweet Tribute

The Mermaids Of Weeki Wachee Springs Are Making Their Living Under The Sea

Michelle Obama's Quotes About Trump Are, Uh, Pretty Clear About Her Opinions

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Wedding Will Have Food Trucks & It's So 2018

The Parkland Students & James Shaw Met Up & The Future Is Just So Bright

Michelle Obama's Mother's Day Instagram Is Too Sweet For Words

These Swimsuits of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Faces Are Making A Splash

Ivanka Trump’s Mother’s Day Tweet Is Honoring Her Mom In Such A Sweet Way

Donald Trump's Mother's Day Message Is Missing Something Kinda Big

Donald Trump Jr.’s Mother’s Day Tweet About Vanessa Trump Has Me Floored

Barack Obama's Mother's Day Post For Michelle Obama Is So, So Cute

Snapchat Is Redesigning Its New Layout & Hopefully It'll Make Everyone Happy Again

Here's Where To Buy Barefoot's Canned Wine Spritzers If You're Thirsty This Summer

You Can Get A Frosty From Wendy's For 50 Cents & I'm So Ready For Dessert

These Photos Of Trump & Pence Vs. Obama & Biden Reveal Drastically Different Bromances

These Responses To John Kelly's Immigrant Comments Are So Powerful

The Doughnut Project's Pinot Grigio Doughnut Will Be Your Favorite Boozy Dessert

Here's Where To Buy Ample Hills' Royal Ice Cream Flavor, "God Save The Cream"

What Drinks Are On Starbucks' Happy Hour Menu? Here's How You Can Find Out

Iranians Are Protesting Trump's Nuclear Deal Decision & Things Are Getting Serious

Russia Tried To Use Beyonce Ads To Influence Americans, Congressional Report Reveals

Viking's Ultimate World Cruise Takes 245 Days & Will Bring You Around The World

Cindy McCain's Response To Kelly Sadler's Reported Comments About Her Husband Is On Point

Here's Where To Buy Papa John's Garlic Sauce So You Can Put It On Everything

Why Don't I Have Instagram's Emoji Slider Poll? There Might Be A Few Reasons

Here's Where To Find Instagram's Emoji Slider Poll So You Can Add It To Your Story

How To Apply For Mars Wrigley’s Candy Connoisseur Internship For The Sweetest Job

Tweets About Snapchat Moving Friends' Stories To The Right Show No One's Happy

Tweets About The Black Yale Student Questioned By Police Show How Not OK This Is

These Mike Pence Quotes About Karen Are A Little Uncomfortable

Meghan Markle's Mom Is In London, Because Even Royal Brides Need Mom's Help

Mike Pence Wants The Russia Investigation To End, & I'm Shocked, Just Shocked

Meghan McCain Is Calling Out Gina Haspel's CIA Nomination For A Very Personal Reason

How To Use Google Maps' "Your Match" Feature When You're Looking For A Place To Eat

When Is Starbucks' Happy Hour? You Have To Do One Thing In Order To Find Out

Chuck Schumer Slammed Donald Trump Using "Be Best" & It’s So Brutal

When To Order Blue Apron x Chrissy Teigen To Cook Like A Pro This Summer

These Millennial Lilac Starbucks Drinks Will Take Your Instagram To A New Level

Donald Trump Jr. Is Reportedly Dating Kimberly Guilfoyle, A Fox News Host

When Are Trump & Kim Jong-Un Meeting? A Date Has Been Set

Here's How To Use Instagram's Emoji Slider, Because It Takes Polls To A New Level

How To Order Blue Apron x Chrissy For Chrissy Teigen's Recipes To Make At Home

5 Royal Wedding-Themed Wines That Are Perfect For Your Viewing Party

What Is The First Step Act? Jared Kushner's Prison Reform Push Is Unexpected

The Video Of Samantha Bee's Response To The Eric Schneiderman Allegations Blasts The Former AG

Reese's Is Only Following Reese Witherspoon On Instagram & People Are Loving It

Starbucks' Happy Hour Offers Half Off Espresso Drinks, So Get Your Order Ready

Rep. Renitta Shannon On Her Abortion & What Politicians Are Doing To Protect Rights

This Video Of North Korea's Hostages Landing In The United States Shows Pure Joy

Is Instagram Down? The App Stopped Refreshing & People Are Panicking

Chrissy Teigen's Tweets About Donald Trump Will Seriously Make You Cringe

These 10 Shady Things Chrissy Teigen Has Said About Donald Trump Will Give You Life

Chrissy Teigen & Donald Trump Have Kanye West's Friendship In Common & It's So Awkward

The Timeline Of Chrissy Teigen & Donald Trump's Feud Is Nearly A Decade's Worth Of Trolling

How Much Does It Cost To Attend The Royal Wedding? It's Not Cheap

Donald Trump Thinks He Deserves A Nobel Prize, Because Of Course He Does

What's The Difference Between Princess & Duchess? Meghan Markle's Title Is Confusing

Monica Lewinsky's Tweet About Being Uninvited To An Event Has People Furious

These Mother & Daughter Road Trip Ideas Are The Perfect Getaways

Congress Will Vote On Net Neutrality, So Cross Your Fingers & Call Your Senator

How To Apply For A "Ginternship" With Sipsmith Gin & Be A Student Brand Ambassador

These "4 Words That Every Girl Wants Whispered In Her Ear" Memes Are Funny AF

The Google Assistant Can Make Phone Calls & It's Freaking A Lot Of People Out

This $9 Mimosa Bottle From Aldi Will Make Your Brunch Dreams Come True

Who Is Viktor Vekselberg? The Russian Businessman Allegedly Made Payments To Michael Cohen

Here's How To Get Free Panera Soup Today, Because Free Lunch Is Always Delicious

Dunkin' Donuts' Royal Love Donut Is Here To Celebrate Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

A Bunch Of Women Won Democratic Primaries & It's A Nice Sign For The 2018 Elections

How To Win A Trip To Belize If You & Your Friend's Names Are Peter & Wendy

How To Make Dinner Reservations Through Instagram If Scrolling Makes You Hungry

Trump Accuser Rachel Crooks Won The Ohio Democratic Primary For State Legislature

Frontier Airlines' Sale Has $39 Flights To Florida, So Book Your Beach Trip ASAP

Who Are The Americans North Korea Released? President Trump Got A Win Before His Meeting

Donald Trump Still Hasn't Contacted Families Of The Parkland Victims, Report Says

Ivanka Trump's Quotes About Chelsea Clinton Show She Had Good Intentions

Donald Trump Is Practicing To Be Interviewed By Mueller, Report Says

Ivana Trump Was On 'Dancing With The Stars' In Italy & I'm So Confused

8 Rose Bottles For Mother's Day Gifts That'll Have Your Mom Tickled Pink

Adult Bouncy Castles For Weddings Exist, & I'm Saying "I Do!"

Where To Buy Emoji Pool Floats That'll Match Every Mood You're In This Summer

The Royal Wedding Procession Route Will Get You So Excited For The Big Day

How To Apply To Be A Chef For The Royal Family If You're Into Classy Cooking

Barack Obama’s Response To Trump Ending The Iran Deal Is Not Pulling Punches

Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweets About Eric Schneiderman Are Not Super Well Thought-Out

Here's How To Get A Rose Wine Vinebox In The Mail For A Gorgeous Wine Collection

So What Is The Iran Nuclear Deal? Trump Is Pulling The U.S. Out Of It & It's Serious

Taco Bell's Wilder Naked Chicken Chalupa Is Here & It's A Total Upgrade

Melania Trump's Anti-Bullying Booklet Looks Pretty Similar To Obama's

Will #MeToo Affect The Elections? Sexual Misconduct Is A Big Deal For Voters, New Report Shows

Can Hillary Clinton Replace Eric Schneiderman? Here's How An Interim AG Is Chosen

Melania & Donald Trump's Body Language At The 'Be Best' Launch Was A Big Deal

Instagram's "Kindness Prom" Honored Its Bullying Filter By Spreading Positivity

Eric Schneiderman Is Resigning After Allegations Of Abuse Towards Women

These Tweets About Kate Bosworth's 2018 Met Gala Dress Left Twitter Feeling #Blessed

Tweets About The 2018 Met Gala Show Everybody's Nervous AF About The Theme

These Tweets About Melania Trump's Grammar & #BeBest Are So Not OK

Kanye West's Tweet About Tomi Lahren Set A Lot Of People Off

How To Help Hawaii Residents Affected By The Kilauea Volcano

These Tweets About Melania Trump's #BeBest & Social Media Show The Irony Of The Initiative

What Is "Be Best?" Melania Trump's New Campaign Is Supposed To Help Children

Who Is Gina Haspel? Trump's Nominee For CIA Director Is Incredibly Controversial

Trump & Giuliani's Relationship Goes Way Back & They Are So Similar

Fitbit's New "Female Health Tracking" Will Keep Track Of Your Periods, Finally

When I Make Plans With My Roommate

Is Trump Making Peace With North Korea? The Country Doesn't Seem Too Happy With Him Now

How To Become Entenmann's Chief Donut Officer & Win A Sweet, Sweet Prize

Michelle Obama's Comments About Men "Failing Up" Are Just So Real

The First Pictures Of Prince Louis Are Here, & The Story Behind Them Is So Sweet

The Video Of Stormy Daniels' Surprise Appearance On 'SNL' Has Twitter Screaming

How Donald & Melania Trump's Body Language Has Changed Reveals More Than You Think

Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted Donald Trump's Cinco De Mayo Taco Bowl Tweet, & C'mon

Pork Roll-Infused Ice Cream By Windy Brow Farms Is Basically Dessert For Breakfast

5 Jobs That Involve Dogs If You're More Into Playing With Puppies Than Working

Here's Where To Get McDonald's Fried Cheese Donuts If You're Craving The New Snack

Photos Of Melania Trump & Michelle Obama Show They Have One Big Thing In Common

These "May The Fourth Be With You" 'Star Wars' Memes Are Taking Over The Internet

Trump's NRA Speech Had One Very Confusing Contradiction About The Second Amendment

Here's Where To Buy The "Inflatable Hunk" Pool Float For The Best Summer Fling

How To Enter White Claw Hard Seltzer's "My Best Life Contest" & Get Paid To Travel

The Video Of Hawaii's Kilauea Erupting Is Terrifying

Here's How To Get Free Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream On Free Cone Day In May

South Carolina Blocked An Abortion Ban With A Long Filibuster & It's Kind Of A Miracle

Here's Where To Get Pickle-Flavored Ice Cream If You're Craving A Different Dessert

Ben & Jerry's "Dough Time" Cookie Dough Flavors Are Here & They Look Delicious

How Did Donald Trump Propose To Melania? The Met Gala Played A Role

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks' Triple Mocha Frappuccino? You Might Be Surprised

These Photos Of Trump Dancing Compared To Past Presidents Are Too Good

Smirnoff's Raspberry Rose Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Cans Are Perfect For Summer

5 Mother’s Day Restaurant Specials That Your Mom & Wallet Will Both Love

Photos Of The Trumps & The Obamas Show Completely Different Lives As The First Couple

Rudy Giuliani's Comments About Rescuing Ivanka Trump Are Seriously Creepy

Twitter's Password Security Breach Has The Internet Stressed AF

Sarah Sanders' Response To Michelle Wolf's WHCD Jokes Is So Petty

The Difference Between Starbucks' Triple & Original Mocha Frappuccinos Is Undeniable

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