May 2016
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Twitter Keeps Giving Us New Features, But All Women Want Is Security

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Women Will No Longer Have To Pay A Luxury Tax For Tampons In This State

This Is How Much Millennials Are Spending On Coffee

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Multiple Shots Fired Inside TI Concert In NYC

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President Obama's New House

Obama Just Dropped A Beat For This Inspirational Vietnamese Rapper

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It Must Be The Early '00s Because Razr Flip Phones Are Apparently Coming Back

Student With Cerebral Palsy Walks For First Time At High School Graduation

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Woman Hilariously Spoils 'Game Of Thrones' For Her Cheating Ex Every Week

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Olympic Officials Ordered An Insane Amount Of Condoms For The Rio Games

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People Spend More Than Twice As Much Time On Netflix As They Do Socializing

This Video Of A Volcano Erupting Reminds You Just How Powerful Nature Is

5 Things I Learned From Taking A 21-Day Challenge To Be Happier

Drug Traffickers Almost Smuggled 1,000 Pounds Of Weed In The Most Insane Way

Here Are 18 Of The Class Of 2016's Funniest Graduation Cap Designs

Watching A Lot Of Porn Might Change You In A Very Unexpected Way

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Donald Trump Might Suck, But This Story Proves He's Actually Human

Sucky Humans Are Driving A Shocking Number Of Plants To Extinction

Drop Everything, This Couple Is Raffling Off Their Island Resort For A Mere $49

Guy Surprises GF With Epic Combined Birthday, Prom And Wedding Party

This New Play Is Trying To Change The Conversation About Abortion

If You Do This After A Breakup, Science Says You May Be A Psychopath

This Soap May Just Be The Cure For Everything From Zika To Herpes

Fare Beating: The Controversy Behind The NYPD's Number One Reason For Arrest

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You Don't Really Know What Swag Is Until You See This 'Rich Kids Of China' Instagram

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The Top Two Baby Names For Each State Aren't What You'd Expect

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Model From Viral Thigh Gap Post Takes On Body Image In Powerful New Campaign

6 Things You Need To Know If Medical Marijuana Becomes Legal In Your State

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You Skip This Many Hours Of Commercials Every Year By Watching Netflix

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Former Facebook Workers Say They Suppressed Conservative News Stories

9 Pilots Reveal The Craziest Stuff They've Ever Seen While Flying

Loretta Lynch Just Called Out North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' In A Big Way

Kenya Is About To Devastate The Global Refugee Population

This 25-Year-Old Woman Could Become The Youngest Member Of Congress

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This Is The Reason All Your Pen Caps Have Holes In Them

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Woman Turns Called-Off Wedding Into Amazing Party For Families In Need

Literally No One Wants To Work With Donald Trump If He Becomes President

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Viral Fitness Mom Is Doing Insane Workouts Just Weeks After Giving Birth

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John Legend Did The Cutest Thing For Chrissy Teigen's First Mother's Day

These Incredible Kentucky Derby Hats Are All You Need To See Today

The Strangest Group Of Celebrities Showed Up At The Kentucky Derby

Donald Trump Tried To Call Out Elizabeth Warren And Got Totally Destroyed

A Guy Hilariously Botched A School Project And People Can't Get Enough Of It

This Makeup Artist Just Gave Her Grandma The Ultimate Lesson In Contouring

Dreams Do Come True: 7-Eleven Unveils New Slurpee-Flavored Doughnut

China Is Trying To Ban This Video Of A Woman Seductively Eating A Banana

Here's Why It's OK You Didn't Get Your Mom Anything For Mother's Day

President Obama Perfectly Explains Why You Should Live In The Present

Syrian Refugees Are Coming Together To Help Canadians Impacted By Wildfires

This Military Dad Surprising His Kids At School Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

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12 People Who Don't Give A F*ck About Having A Thigh Gap

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Model Posts Photo On Instagram To Show How Easy It Is To Fake A Thigh Gap

We're Experiencing Big Earthquakes Because The Earth Is Literally Falling Apart

This Sexy Norwegian Navy Officer Will Actually Make Your Ovaries Explode

This Man Reading A Book At The Beyoncé Concert Is Taking Over The Internet

This Guy Accidentally Filmed His Entire Vacation On His GoPro In Selfie Mode

President Obama Just Sent A Powerful Message About Mass Incarceration

Insane Video From A GoPro Launched Into Space Shows Earth Like Never Before

This Is Exactly How Big Your D*ck Needs To Be To Fit Into An XL Condom

This Study Reveals How Often Women Masturbate Compared To Men

A Record Number Of Millennials Are Still Living At Home With Their Parents

This Enormous Diamond Is Expected To Be The Most Expensive One Ever Sold

Just Looking At This Super Long Prime Number Could Get You Arrested (Video)

These Are The Expectations For Penis Size, According To Different Places

John Kasich Releases Weird, 'Star Wars'-Themed Ad On The Day He Exits Race

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This Badass 90-Year-Old Grandma Celebrated Her Birthday By Skydiving

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This City Put Traffic Lights On The Ground To Protect Smartphone Users

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