May 2016
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This Lab Will Clone Your Dog For A Mere $100K

The Fastest-Growing Demographic Of Marijuana Users Will Surprise You

1,500 Water Balloons Bouncing On A Trampoline In Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing

This Super-Cheap Wine May Taste Fancy, But It's Missing One Key Ingredient

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This Uber Driver 'Pranks' Passengers In The Best Way

The Rumored New Head Coach Of The Knicks Has A Smoking Hot Daughter

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You Can Now Spend The Night Inside The Eiffel Tower, But There's One Catch

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90 Percent Of Native Americans Say They Don't Mind The Team Name 'Redskins'

Louis CK Hilariously Won 'Jeopardy!' Against Two High-Profile News Reporters

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Former NFL Star Traded The Field For A Silicon Valley Office

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This Insane Life Hack Shows You How To Light A Match With A Rubber Band

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Kids Can Now Use Medical Marijuana In Colorado Schools Thanks To New Policy

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I'm Mourning The Death Of My Mental Instability

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The Only Way I Could Get Through College With Depression Was By Accepting It

Russell Wilson Just Admitted Something Adorable About His Fiancée Ciara

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