May 2015
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Two Men Gave Their Lives To Save Mosque From Alleged ISIS Suicide Bomber

Stress, Pollution And Bad Diets May Be To Blame For Rise In Adult Acne

How The Man Behind Ben & Jerry's Is Fighting Against Money In Politics

Guy Has The Craziest Leg Cramp Of All Time And Shows It On Snapchat

Anheuser-Busch Stopped Making Beer To Produce Water For Flood Victims

The Text That Shuts Off Your iPhone Will Also Crash Snapchat And Twitter

The Man Known As 'Human Ken' Gets Wing-Like Implants In His Back

Little Boy Says Farewell To Garbage Man Friend In Sweetest Goodbye Ever (Video)

No, Thank You: Over 1,000 Snakes Are Invading Flooded Homes In Texas

Man Is Completely Mesmerized By His Girlfriend's Color-Changing Hair (Video)

Police Dog Saves Human Partner After He Was Ambushed By 3 Suspects

What Tampon Commercials Would Be Like If They Were Marketed To Men (Video)

Yikes! There's A Good Chance The Water You're Drinking Is Dinosaur Pee

Scientists Find Drug That Might Stop Breast Cancer Spreading To Bones

Someone Gave This Little Goldfish Its Own Wheelchair To Help It Swim (Photo)

Ted Cruz Voted Against Hurricane Sandy Aid But Wants Aid For Texas Floods

Why People Seem Most Upset By ISIS' Destruction Of Ancient Ruins

The Real Reason Your Fridge Has A Magnetic Seal Is A Little Disturbing

Smarts Over Sex: 1 In 4 Harvard Seniors Never Had Sex During College

Shocking Notebook Reveals 'Broken' Mind Of Aurora Shooter James Holmes

Science Says You've Probably Been Drinking Coffee Wrong Your Whole Life (Video)

Woman Sees Dead Brother's Face On Another Man After Amazing Transplant

Girl's Honest Yearbook Quote About 'Marrying Rich' Is Just Perfect

HONY Featured An 'Illegal Immigrant' And The Comments Were Awesome

Child Bodybuilder 'Little Hercules' Grew Up To Lead A Different Life (Video)

Worst Wedding Guest Steals The Show And Proposes To His Girlfriend (Photo)

This Insane Dementor Wasp Can Actually Turn Cockroaches Into Zombies

Redditor Waits All Day In Café To Get $300 Promised In A Stranger's Note

Footage Of The Crazy Flash Flood In Texas Invading A Home Is Terrifying

Army Laboratory Accidentally Shipped Live Anthrax To Labs Across The US

Senior Class Donates $8,000 In Trip Money To Principal With Cancer

How Apple Became The $700 Billion Innovation Machine It Is

Millennials Who Trust Their Partners With Money Have Better Sex Lives

WTF? Herpes Is Actually Being Used To Successfully Fight Skin Cancer

These Graduation Mugshots Look To Change The Stereotypes Of Black Men (Photos)

Dying Mom Gives Her Baby Girl A Completely Perfect Birthday Party (Photos)

Flight Crew Orders Pizza For Passengers As They Wait For Storm To Pass

These Triplet Baby Goats In Sweaters Will Absolutely Make Your Day (Video)

The Instagram Thief: Why Richard Prince Didn't Actually Commit A Crime

Judge Releases Photo Of Policemen Forcing A Black Man To Wear Antlers

The Heat Wave In India Shows How Much We’ve Messed Up Our Environment

Apps Like Tinder And Grindr May Be To Blame For Increased Rate Of STDs

Guy Holds On For Life After Zip Line Fails And Leaves Him Stuck Mid-Air (Video)

Boy Scouts Is Long Overdue For Lifting Its Ban On Gay Leaders

Emoji And WTF Officially Join The Dictionary Because Of Course They Did

What Everyone Is Failing To Notice In The Lilly Pulitzer Scandal

Kenyan Man Offers Obama 50 Cows, 70 Sheep And 30 Goats To Marry Malia

Mom Takes Heartwarming Photo Of Two Girls With Cancer Hugging Each Other

MDMA Could Potentially Be Used To Treat Anxiety In Autistic Adults

7 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Human Trafficking

Underwear Company Uses Brave Breast Cancer Survivors As Its Models (Photos)

Teens Are Trying To Summon A Demon With The 'Charlie Charlie Challenge'

French Law Bans Supermarkets From Throwing Out Food That's Still Edible

iApocalypse: If Someone Sends This Text To You, It'll Crash Your iPhone

Mom Kicked Off Crowdfunding Site For Offering Naked Photos To Donors

Woman Allegedly Pushed Paddle Away From Fiancé As He Drowned In River

Couple Who Watched One Another Age Reacts To Video After Their Wedding

Students Nationwide Are Protesting Dress Codes With 'Crop Top Day'

21-Year-Old Tragically Dies After Taking Birth Control Pills For 25 Days

Men Are Proudly Showing Off Their Bodies And 'Manties' On Instagram

Guy's iPhone Falls To Bottom Of The Ocean And Records The Entire Journey (Video)

This Insanely Fit NASCAR Wife Has The Most Unreal Post-Baby Body (Photos)

This Is The Reason The Time On The iPhone Is Always 9:41 In Apple Ads

Artist Is Making $90K On People's Instagram Posts Without Them Knowing

Students Released Over 70,000 Ladybugs At School As A Senior Prank

Paralyzed Man Walks Across The Graduation Stage With Help From Fiancée (Video)

Argentinian Judges Reduce Pedophile's Sentence Because Victim 'Was Gay'

This Young Couple's Emotional Wedding Photo Will Warm Your Heart

Genius Dog Uses Trampoline To Escape Fence And Follow Owner To Work

Website Enlists Strangers To Answer Your Most Difficult Text Messages

You've Never Seen Fruit Chopped This Fast In Your Entire Life (Video)

Waitress Lays The Smackdown On Customer Who Grabbed Her Ass (Video)

Firefighters Saved A Family Of Dogs With Tiny, Animal-Sized Oxygen Masks

NYC Escorts Are Earning Over $1K An Hour Catering To Wall Street's Elite

The Russian 'Human Barbie' Is A Model Whose Parents Still Dress Her (Photos)

Real-Life Forrest Gump Is Running All The Way From California To Maine

4-Year-Old Visits Grave Of Marine Father Who Died When He Was A Baby

Groom Has Perfect Response After 'Meninist' Twitter Mocks Wedding Photo

65-Year-Old Grandmother Defies Odds And Gives Birth To Quadruplets

Man Shamed For Dancing Gets Last Laugh With A Dance Party Of A Lifetime

Woman Overcomes Two Traumatic Accidents To Become Personal Trainer (Photos)

Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Giving Two Students Weed Brownies

Why You're Not Learning Anything By Just Memorizing For Tests

Teen Sentenced To 8-Month Detention For Attacking Boy In Viral Video

What Matters About The Clinton Foundation Donations For Hillary's Campaign

An 11-Year-Old Legend Graduated From College With 3 Separate Degrees

Dad Honors His Tomboy Daughter With The Perfect Wedding Dance (Video)

Man Dressed Up And Surprised Wife In Hospital For Their 57th Anniversary

Mom Accepts Son's Diploma At Graduation After He Dies In Car Crash

Uh Oh: There May Be A Worldwide Prosecco Shortage Happening

WTF? Woman's Rare Condition Made Her See Human Faces As Dragons

Vibrators Were Actually Invented By Doctors So They Could 'Heal' Women

A Mom Shamed Her 13-Year-Old Daughter For Lying About Age On Facebook

Ireland's Use Of Popular Vote For Same-Sex Marriage Is Revolutionary

Your Keurig Machine Is Most Likely Covered With Mold And Bacteria

Women On The Streets Were Asked To Choose Between Dad Bods And Muscles (Video)

5 Important Takeaways From Rand Paul's Freedom Act Filibuster

Man Strips Naked At Airport After Learning His Flight Was Overbooked

Finally! Bacon And Avocado Emoji May Be Coming To Your Phone Next Year

How You Can Celebrate Red Nose Day Every Day

Science Says Caffeine Can Actually Help Give Men Strong Boners

Hope For Change: Why The Millennial Vote Will Likely Shift In 2016

Swedish Guy Scares The Sh*t Out Of A Bear Charging Toward Him (Video)

Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil Spilled From Pipeline On California Coast

How The Waco Biker Shooting Shows Media Really Is Black And White

This PSA On Being An Organ Donor Will Change Your Perspective On Life

The Takeover Of Ramadi Shows We Have No Clue How To Defeat ISIS

Older Woman Has The Absolute Time Of Her Life Dancing To A Beatboxer (Video)

Flasks Made With Nintendo Cartridges Will Get You Drunk And Nostalgic

Guy Tries Powdered Alcohol And Answers All Of Our Burning Questions (Video)

Fugitive Turned Rapper/Model Finally Gets Caught During Fake Photo Shoot

Woman With Breast Cancer Credits 'Grey's Anatomy' With Saving Her Life

Mother Shares A Powerful Message About White Cop Who Helped Black Son

Chinese Businessman Has Worst Day Ever, Loses $14 Billion In Half Hour

Asian-Americans' Complaint Against Harvard Shows How Harmful Stereotypes Are

This Senator May Have Just Won Millennials With A Plan For Free College

The US Released The List Of Things Found On Osama Bin Laden's Bookshelf

A Stand Near The World Trade Center Is Selling Tourists $30 Hot Dogs

Cannes Turned Away Woman With Partially Amputated Foot For Wearing Flats

Girl's Sweet 16 Is Ruined When Planes Dump Poop All Over Her Backyard

An Anti-Gay Pastor Resigns After His Grindr Profile Was Discovered

A Dog Got A Second Chance At Life After Owner Was Killed In A Tornado

Man Receives An Unexpected Facebook Apology From Bully 20 Years Later

10-Year-Old Crowdfunds $15,000 With Lemonade Stand To Repair Family Home

A Parasite Took Over A Student's Eye And She Couldn't Sleep For A Week

Science Says There's A Reason You Can't Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Sorry, Recent Grads: The Class Of 2015 Has The Most Debt Of All Time

FDA May Let Gay Men Donate Blood, But Only If They're Not Having Sex

Woman With Breast Cancer Bravely Posted Photo That Could Save Your Life

Special Needs Student Lives Dream And Wins Prom Queen In Landslide Vote

Columbia Student Brings Her Mattress To Graduation To Protest Rape Case

This Pakistani Company Makes A Ton Of Money Selling Fake College Diplomas

Cannes Film Festival Faces Backlash After Women In Flats Are Turned Away

Man Documents The Heartbreaking Progress Of His Mother's Dementia (Photos)

5-Year-Old Boy Does The Most Heartwarming Thing For A Homeless Man

Upper East Side Wives Might Be Getting 'Wife Bonuses' From Rich Husbands

Woman Earns A 4.0 And Receives Surprise Proposal From BF At Graduation (Video)

Research Says Kids Do Much Better In School When Cell Phones Are Banned

Photo Series Shatters Stereotypes About Fraternity And Sorority Members

Mom Captures Amazing Bond Between Her Biological And Adopted Daughters (Photos)

The Boston Bombing Trial Reminds The US It's One Of The World's Top 5 Executioners

Model Effortlessly Eats Massive Two-Pound Burrito In Under 2 Minutes (Video)

People Show Some Leg After Student Kicked Out Of Exam For Wearing Skirt (Photos)

Teenager With Down Syndrome Is Owning Her Dreams Of Becoming A Model (Photos)

Guy Claims He 'Accidentally' Had Sex With His Wife's Twin In Las Vegas

A Country You've Probably Never Heard Of Has Better Sex Ed Than The US

Guy Gives Up Drugs, Alcohol And Junk Food, Loses A Whopping 125 Pounds

This Canadian City Has Virtually Ended Homelessness With A Simple Solution

Yep, It Was Literally Raining Spiders And Spider Webs In Australia (Photos)

Toy Company Makes Amazing Relatable Dolls With Scars And Hearing Aids (Photos)

The Changes Made To The 20-Week Abortion Ban Don't Fix Anything

WTF? Teacher Breaks Up Fight In Class By Whipping Students With Belt (Video)

The World's First 'MDMA Shop' Is Open For Just One Day This Week

There's Finally An Explanation For Why Fingers Get Wrinkly In The Bath

Sikh Man Breaks Strict Religious Code To Save A 5-Year-Old Boy's Life

Starbucks Employee Has Insane Meltdown At Customer Over Cookie Straw

You Should Be Really Pissed Off Amtrak's Funding Was Cut By $1 Billion

I’m A Man And I Call Myself A Feminist Now, And You Should Too

Iron Curtain: Is The US Using Ukraine As A Pawn For A Second Cold War?

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Been Sentenced To Death

The Vatican Recognizes Palestine, But What Does This Mean for Israel?

Couples Pick Out Outfits For Each Other And The Results Are Hilarious (Video)

Video Perfectly Explains Why We Have So Much Trouble Remembering Names

New App Will Deliver Gasoline To Your Car With The Touch Of A Button

Woman 'Regrets' Marrying And Having Kids With Son's 15-Year-Old Friend

You Could Live In A 'Startup Castle' If You Meet These Insane Demands

Bride Nearly Drowns After Jumping Into Water With Her Gown On (Video)

Amazing Robot Performs Surgery On Grape And Stitches It Back Together (Video)

Man Allegedly Paid Porn Star $8 Million For 15-Year Private Relationship

Research Says Astrology Could Determine How Successful We Become

Legendary Blues Artist B.B. King Passes Away At The Age Of 89

'Jeopardy!' Contestant Has Great Response After Snapping Clip Goes Viral

Man Pays $60,000 For Late Cop's Car And Gives It To The Officer's Son

There's Now Proof Getting Room High From Hotboxing Is A Real Thing

Women Rejected By Hot Guys Are More Likely To Be Cold-Hearted

Couple With 12 Boys Welcomes Their 13th Son Into The World

Jeb Bush Gets Owned By Student Who Says George W. Bush 'Created ISIS'

Young Couple Gets To See What They'll Look Like When They're Old (Video)

GoPro Founder Keeps A $229 Million Promise To His College Roommate

Science Says Falling In Love Might Actually Make You Lose Weight

81-Year-Old Cancer Patient Called 911 Because He Didn't Have Any Food

Amtrak Train Was Traveling At 106 MPH On 50 MPH Turn Before Fatal Crash

You Don't Eat Spiders In Your Sleep, You Eat Them In Your Everyday Food

This Professor Had The Best Reaction To A Baby Crying During His Class

10 Prominent Millennials Making A Difference In The Transgender Community

Woman Says A Doctor Left A Cell Phone Inside Her After Delivering Baby

The Missouri House Speaker Was Caught Sexting A College-Aged Intern

Vienna Sets Amazing Example With New Same-Sex Crossing Signals (Photos)

Soccer Fan Loses Job Making $100,000 A Year After The 'FHRITP' Prank

Adorable Hamsters Have A Blast At Their Own Tiny, Tropical Tiki Party

Idiot Writes A Book On How To Convince Women To Get Breast Implants

A Ginger Plotted To Kill Prince Charles So There'd Be A Redheaded King

The Solar Bike Path Produced Enough Energy To Power A Home For A Year

WTF? Army Veteran Who Saved A Dog Inside A Hot Car Gets Arrested

Kim Jong-un Allegedly Executed Defense Chief For Falling Asleep During Rally

Video Perfectly Explains What Adderall Actually Does To Your Brain

Curiosity Rover Captures Stunning Footage Of A Blue Sunset On Mars

Why The UN Message On Police Brutality Is What The US Needs To Hear

Man Gets Best Birthday Card From His Dad Who Passed Away 16 Years Ago

Guy Films His Rescued Great Dane Puppy In Heartwarming Time-Lapse Video

NYC-Bound Train Derails In Philadelphia, 6 Dead And Hundreds Injured

Powerful Video Shows The Harsh Reality Of Growing Up Black In America

Woman Posts Graphic Selfie To Show Skin Cancer Caused By Tanning Beds

Why Finding A Cure For ALS Should Be A Priority For The World

Women Give Honest Answers About Whether Or Not Size Matters (Video)

Millionaire Leaves His Favorite Waitresses $50,000 Each In His Will

Amazing Teen Brings Tampons And Pads To School For His Female Friends

WTF? TV Show Lies To Girl And Tells Her She's Reuniting With Her Mom (Video)

EMT Proposes To Woman Two Years After Saving Her From Violent Ex-BF

Besties Build Tiny Homes Next To Each Other So They Can Always Hang Out

Teen Tragically Dies While Taking 'Ultimate Selfie' On Roof Of A Train

Idiot Gets Banned From Airline After Showing His Pinocchio Penis Tattoo

Drink Coasters With Powerful Messages Attempt To End Domestic Violence (Video)

Elon Musk Denies Shaming Employee For Taking Time Off To See Childbirth

3 Reasons Not To Lose Hope After The UK General Election

Yep, You Can Now Pay Someone To Break Up With Your GF Or BF For You

Millennials' Hate For The Media Is Actually Making Them Dumber

Guy Creates Amazing Video To Help His Mom Find The Love Of Her Life

Nepal Gets Rocked By Another Massive Earthquake, At Least 42 Left Dead

Mike Huckabee Needs A New Strategy If He Wants To Win Over Millennials

Surprise! Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Has A Baby On A Plane

Man Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant After 5 Years Of Trying For A Baby

Why You Must Acknowledge Racism Exists In Order To End It

Spook Talk 101: 5 Spy Terms You Should Know For Everyday Life

This Emotional Mother's Day Ad Will Leave You In A Gigantic Puddle (Video)

Chinese Billionaire Takes 6,400 Employees On An Epic Trip To France

Childhood Sweethearts Born Two Hours Apart At Same Hospital Get Married

90-Year-Old Has Been A Nurse For 70 Years And She's Still Going Strong (Video)

Parents Shocked After Penn State Dropout Disappears On Graduation Day

Mother Plans To Sue Airline For Kicking Autistic Daughter Off A Flight

Students Have To Strip And Perform Naked To Pass This College Final

WTF? 12-Year-Old Girl's iPhone Catches On Fire In Her Back Pocket

Police Say George Zimmerman Suffered A Minor Gunshot Wound In Shooting

Awesome Teen Took His 93-Year-Old Great-Grandmother As His Date To Prom (Photos)

Little Girls Became Best Friends While Fighting Cancer In The Hospital (Photos)

science says smoking weed vagina dry

Cuba Has A Lung Cancer Vaccine And The US Wants It More Than Cigars

This 18-Year-Old Can Touch Her Eye With Her Insane 4-Inch Tongue (Video)

Mother Lost In The Woods Miraculously Survives By Drinking Breast Milk

Forget Coffee, Dark Chocolate Boosts Brain Alertness And Attention Span

Guy Surprises Parents On Their 50th Anniversary With A Trip To Hawaii (Video)

President Obama Personally Called Moms On Mother's Day To Thank Them (Video)

Research Finds Your Beer Glass Might Be Affecting How Much You Drink

Researchers Find Having More Sex Doesn't Necessarily Make You Happier

Adorable Kids List 'Top 30 Things About Mommies' In Time For Mother's Day (Video)

Blind Woman Gets To 'See' Her Baby With Amazing 3D-Printed Ultrasound

How A 20-Year-Old Girl In College Just Got Elected To UK Parliament

Powerful Video Shows How Adults React To Children Asking Them For Food

Science Says You Can Blame Your Parents For Making You A Drama Queen

Couple Shocks Everyone By Announcing They're Having Triplets, Not Twins (Video)

WTF? Mother Of Twins Finds Out Her Kids Actually Have Different Fathers

Why No GOP Contender Will Win The 2016 Presidential Election

How Sex And Gender Will Affect The 2016 Presidential Election

Why Ben Carson Is The Least Appealing Presidential Candidate

Doctors Discovered Ebola In The Eye Of Man 'Cured' Of The Deadly Disease

Eye-Opening Video Reveals How Incredibly Absurd Casual Sexism Sounds

High School Prom Has Drastically Changed Over The Past 80 Years (Video)

Research Says People Judge Your Intelligence On Voice, Not Written Word

Girl With Down Syndrome Has Amazing Reaction To Making The Cheer Team (Video)

This Rat And Dog Are The Strangest Best Friends You've Ever Seen (Photos)

Powerful Photo Series Reveals What Women Carry To Protect Themselves

Men Are Refusing To Believe There Is Poop In Their Beards

Stephen Colbert Just Gave Nearly $800,000 To South Carolina Teachers

Woman Is Being Sued By Her Sorority For Revealing The Secret Handshake

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev And The Death Penalty: Where Do Millennials Stand On The Issue?

How The GOP Rejects Common Sense And Wants To Control Your Sex Life

Dog Amazingly Recognizes Family After Being Separated For 3 Years (Video)

American Muslims Perfectly Respond To Terribly Racist Facebook Comments (Video)

Why Carly Fiorina's Campaign Is An Empty Attack On Hillary Clinton

Think Before You Swipe: 30 Percent Of Tinder Users Are Already Married

Idiot Gets Arrested After Posting His Bank Robbery On Instagram

Federal Appeals Court Rules NSA's Program On Phone Records Is Illegal

Bar Owner Charged With Manslaughter After Letting Man Take 56 Shots

YES! Nokia's Snake Game Will Finally Be Available On Smartphones

People Emotionally Tell Their Moms The One Thing They Want Them To Know (Video)

Why Morgan Freeman Would Be The Perfect President For Millennials

The Complicated Evolution Of Free Speech And How It Protects Hate

How Pope Francis Is Pissing Off Climate Change Deniers

Why The Gender Pay Gap Has Absolutely No Business Existing In 2015

Science Says Having A Dadbod Might Actually Be Good For You

Teen's Dying Wish To Donate Organs Has Saved Over 50 Lives

Put Down The PSL: The Term 'Basic' Just Got A New Dictionary Definition

What $1,500 A Month In Rent Will Get You In Cities Around The World

A Gum-Chewing Habit May Have Caused The Death Of A 19-Year-Old Girl

This Woman Earned A Living By Smashing Sh*t With Her 34M Breasts

This Woman Went On Over 130 First Dates In Two Years, But No Second Dates

There's A Good Chance The Universe Is Just One Big F*cking Hologram

Cops Pull Guy Over So He Can Propose In The Most Incredible Way Possible (Video)

New York Dumps More Trash Than Any Other Major City In The Entire World

Four Basic Food Trends That Are Literally Destroying The Earth

Millennials Actually Have Fewer Sexual Partners Than Their Parents Did

Pizza Delivery Guy Got Stabbed And Still Managed To Deliver His Pizzas

Sheryl Sandberg Remembers Late Husband With Touching Facebook Tribute

Woman Being Held Hostage Gets 911 Help By Ordering Pizza Hut Online

Science Explains Why You're Always So F*cking Hungry Right Before Bed

Germanwings Copilot Apparently Tested The Fatal Crash On Previous Flight

'2 Drunk 2 Care' Woman Will Spend 24 Years In Jail After Fatal Crash

Real-Life 'Shawshank' Prisoner Is Caught After 56 Years On The Run

Worst Senior Prank Leaves A Dead Animal And Urine In School's Halls (Photos)

Guy Continues His Epic 3-Year Journey Of Selfies Around The World (Video)

Man Gets Fired For Watching 39 Hours Of Porn At Work In Just Two Weeks

Couple Guilty Of Having Sex On Beach Faces Up To 15 Years In Prison

Research Shows Bisexual Women Smoke More Weed Than Other Women

New Phone Case Will Let You Charge Your iPhone Using Radio Waves

This Homeless Woman Crowdfunds Her Tuition So She Can Attend Harvard

6 Ways World History Wouldn't Be The Same Without Coffee

Research Finds 70 Percent Of Millennials Suffer From Digital Eye Strain

Middle-Aged Man Catfishes Women Into 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'-Style Sex

Students Help Their Teacher Pull Off The Most Adorable Proposal Ever (Video)

This Creepy Crawler Will Haunt Your Nightmares For The Rest Of Your Life

Woman Who Kissed Random Man At Boston Marathon Gets Letter From His Wife

Science Says 'Middle Seat Kids' Are Actually More Successful In Life

I Worked At Abercrombie And Its 'Rebranding' Comes 7 Years Too Late

Police Sergeant's Message About Baltimore's Future Will Give You Hope (Video)

11-Year-Old Absolutely Destroys Her Dance To Big Sean's 'IDFWU' (Video)

14-Year-Old Has Amazing Responses To People Who Don't Use Condoms

When Words Fail, Pictures Speak: The Baltimore Riots Then And Now

Heroic 19-Year-Old Saved 55 Orphans During The Earthquake In Nepal

Man Nearly Loses His Arms After Using Drugs To Look Like The Hulk

Women Use Arts And Crafts To Hilariously Describe The Male Orgasm (Video)

Guy Enlists Help From His 5-Year-Old To Propose To His Girlfriend (Video)

These Photos Prove College Students Absolutely Crush The 'Dadbod'

Millionaire Who Retired At 27 Went Back To Work Because He Was Too Bored

Choir Sings 'Lose Yourself' For Ben Carson's Presidential Announcement (Video)

Quidditch Beer Pong Is Here To Make House Parties Much More Magical (Photos)

Gamers, Rejoice! Science Says Video Games Are Good For Your Brain

Blaming Baltimore Officials Isn't Helping Solve America's Race Problem

Teacher Gets Fired After A Group Of Students Finds Her Porn Alias

Shocking Social Experiment Proves How Easily Children Talk To Strangers (Video)

Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy 54 Days After Being Declared Brain Dead

Science Says Your Clothing Choices Can Actually Change The Way You Think

John Oliver Breaks Down Exactly How F*cked Up Standardized Testing Is (Video)

Why America Needs To Value Black Lives Beyond The Scope Of Sports

All Of Baltimore: Why You Need To Know What The Media Won't Show

Woman Makes 'Thin' And 'Fat' Dating Profiles To Discover What Men Want

101-Year-Old Man Found Alive In Rubble A Week After Earthquake In Nepal

Sorry Girls, Those Beards You Love Are Actually Covered In Poop

140-Character Bullying: How Twitter Figured Out How To Silence Trolls

This 5-Year-Old Boy Is Definitely A Reincarnated Version Of Bruce Lee (Video)

Why The US Should Consider Ending The Dealth Penalty

Bud Light Was Putting It Lightly When It Said It 'Missed The Mark'

Teacher Caught Having Sex With Teen Student After His Ex-GF Exposes Her

Why It's Too Early To Celebrate The Charges Against Police In Baltimore

Earth-Friendly 'Powerwall' Will Use Solar Power To Bring Energy To Homes

Therapist Has Couples Assemble Ikea Furniture To Strengthen Their Bonds (Video)

The Man Who Filmed The Freddie Gray Incident Was Arrested At Gunpoint

How Tupac Predicted The Fall Of Baltimore

Research Says 1 In 7 People Considers Divorce Because Of Social Media

Research Shows You Should Plan Your Goals In Days Instead Of Years

Where Words Fail, Pictures Speak: The Baltimore Riots Then And Now

Sisters Separated For 40 Years Reunite For Bigger Emotional Surprise (Video)

How Militarization Of Police Alters The 'Protect And Serve' Mindset

Precious Little Girl Cuts Her Hair So She Can Look Just Like Her Daddy (Video)

Why Homophobia Should Have No Place In The Supreme Court

Baltimore State's Attorney Says The Arrest Of Freddie Gray Was Illegal

Entire Plane Gives Paralyzed 4-Year-Old The Perfect Birthday Surprise (Video)

The Skeezy Truth About For-Profit Law Schools And Why To Avoid Them