May 2014
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Letters To Heaven: How Writing To A Lost Loved One Can Help You Grieve

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5 Inevitable Phases Every Entrepreneur Goes Through

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Women In The US Are More Likely To Die During Childbirth Today Vs. 20 Years Ago

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Iron Lungs: You Won't Believe The Insane Bong Hits This Grandpa Takes (Video)

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Indian Woman Brutally Murders Father After He Repeatedly Raped Her For Three Years

These Brave Women In Iran Are Shedding Their Hijabs And Posting The Pictures To Facebook (Photos)

These Adorable 'Panda Dogs' Are Everything Right Now (Photos)

It’s Not Just About Leaving Your Comfort Zone, But About Popping Your Bubble

An Open Letter To My Hungover Self At Work On A Monday Morning

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9-Year-Old Girl Explains How Beyoncé Lyrics Apply To The Revolutionary War

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These 30 Cringeworthy Selfies Show Not Every Mother Should Be Celebrated (Photos)

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Girl Threatens To Poop On Brother's Hamster After He Put Her Barbie Up His Butt (Photo)

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20 Reasons Why Miami Heat Fans Are The Worst Fans In The NBA

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10 Things Every 20-Something Girl Needs For A Happy Life

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'Take A Chill Pill': What It's Like To Suffer From Severe Anxiety

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Artists, Why Selling Your Work Does Not Mean You're Selling Out

Why It's Okay To Be A Hot Mess

Real World Finances: How To Manage Your Funds And Avoid Going Broke In Your 20s

Coworker Tries Setting Up Woman In Office To Be Raped By Impersonating Her Online

84-Year-Old Man Gets His YOLO On And Climbs Ladder Balanced On Tree Branch (Photo)

Tasteless Desigual Ad Glorifies Poking Holes In Condoms To Celebrate Mother's Day

Tinder Legend Does His Best Morpheus Impression With The Red And Blue Pills (Photo)

Journalist Travels To Uruguay To Smoke Weed With The Country's President (Video)

Woman Told She Can't Pursue Rape Charges Because She Was Wearing Spanx

50 Things B*tches Can't. Even. With.

Why I Want My Kids To Be Weird

#SingleGirlProblems: The 21 Types Of Ex Boyfriends Every Girl Has Dealt With

Our True Passions Are Innate: Why Do We Give Up Our Childhood Dreams?

Police Officer Tells Young Girls Sex Before Marriage Leads To Prostitution, Addiction And Death

An Open Letter To Every Human That Is Struggling Or Having A Bad Day

Eating Fish Helps Significantly Reduce Depression For Women

15 Signs You've Fallen In Love With Your Best Friend After All This Time

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The Power Of Now: Why You Must Embrace Living In The Moment And Relinquish Control

Shopaholics Anonymous: 10 Ways To Scale Back Your Impulsive Shopping Tendencies

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This Dog Is Really Bad At Catching Frisbees (Video)

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Guy Takes Selfie With People Having Sex In The Bathroom Stall Next To Him (NSFW)

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The Craziest Adult Jokes You Missed From Your Favorite 90s Cartoons (Video)

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Why Wasn't This A Thing Before? Glow In The Dark Lingerie Is Awesome (Photos)

Tennessee Becomes First State To Criminally Charge Women Who Take Drugs During Pregnancy

6 Reasons You Need To Travel While You're Still Young (And Never Stop)

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