March 2016
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Husband And Wife Arrested For Each Having Sex With An Underage Student

Little Girl Sends A Letter Asking For Police Cats And Gets The Cutest Reply

Pregnant Mom Shares The Diet And Exercise Plan That Keeps Her So Fit

Strangers Guess Why Their Blind Dates Are Still Single And It's So Awkward

Scientists' Latest Global Warming Predictions Will Really Freak You Out

Chipotle Might Be Opening Up A New Chain Of Burger Restaurants

If Millennials Want A Political Revolution, We Must Turn To Local Elections

This Adorable Little Boy Gets Out Of Going To Bed In The Most Epic Way

6-Year-Old Has The Most Amazing Reaction To Finding Out Her Dad Is Trans

Mysterious Figure Comes Forward To Claim Responsibility For Pizza Rat Video

This Airline Will Let You Access Your Boarding Pass Via Facebook Messenger

It Will Now Be Easier For Women To Get The Abortions They Want In These States

Hillary Clinton Just Destroyed Donald Trump On Abortion Rights

This Is Proof Kids Dish Out The Craziest Trash Talk In Online Gaming

Here's What Not To Order From These Fast Food Chains, According To Employees

Woman's Post About Her Kids Sends Powerful Message About Parenting Mistakes

Donald Trump Just Said Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Punished

This Quick Video Explains Why ISIS Isn't As Scary As It Wants You To Think

This Is The Type Of Porn Women From All Over The World Search For The Most

These Porn Stars Described What An 'Ideal Penis' Looks Like

This Ridiculous Instagram Update Is Making People Freak Out

Yep, This Beer Is Made Using Bacteria From A Model's Vagina

This Insanely Strong 9-Year-Old Crushed A Navy SEAL-Inspired Obstacle Course

Police Say 15-Year-Old Girl Was 'Groped' And Pepper Sprayed At Trump Rally

Men Reveal What It's Like To Fall For Someone While Still In A Relationship

There's Finally An Answer To Why You Wake Up With Those Gross Eye Boogers

This Reversible Male Birth Control Could Be Available As Early As 2018

Meet The Mother-Daughter Duo Providing Care For Homeless People's Pets

This Talented Baby's Epic Cheerio Catch Will Make You Do A Double Take

You're Going To Lose It Over Maternity Dog Lilica's Precious Puppies

This Man Got Charged Over $140 For What Should've Been A 4-Mile Uber Ride

This Man Took The Most Awkward Selfie With The EgyptAir Hijacker

This Teen Throws An Epic Tantrum When Her Parents Crash Her School Dance

15 People Confess The Crazy Things They've Done To Make Their Exes Jealous

Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend As James Bond In This Adorable Video

This Hilarious Rap About The Struggles Of Having Big Boobs Is Too Accurate

This Video Hilariously Explains How To Tell If A Woman Really Is Into You

Meet The 55-Year-Old Male Governor Trying To Get IUDs For Everyone

Couple Has The Best Reaction To Their Grandson Paying Off Their Mortgage

This Guy's Promposal To His Girlfriend Landed Her In The Emergency Room

Obama Basically Accused Trump Of Ruining America's Global Reputation

I Answered This Year's Weirdest Job Interview Questions So You Don't Have To

Trump's Campaign Manager Got Charged With Battery For Assaulting Reporter

Here's Proof US Presidential Campaigns Are Way Too F*cking Long

This Nurse Lost Her License After Taking A Photo Of A Patient's Penis

This Netflix Hack Lets You Watch With Friends Even When You're Not Together

An EgyptAir Plane Was Hijacked And Forced To Land In Cyprus

These Are The Dating Apps You're Most Likely To Be Harassed On

FBI Says It Hacked Into San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone Without Apple's Help

This Woman Turning Herself Into Jessica Rabbit Is Seriously Mesmerizing

Woman Sends The Most Insane Text Rant After Guy Stops Answering Her

This Underwear Lets You Get Your Period On Politicians Who Aren't Pro-Women

The Banana Peel Challenge Is Taking Over The Internet, And It's Ridiculous

These Photos Of The Obamas Reading To Kids Perfectly Describe Your Night Out

I Swiped Right And Matched With Bernie Sanders As My Presidential Candidate

This Guy Couldn't Be More Unhappy To Have His Wife Give Him A Lap Dance

Horrifying Video Shows College Student Verbally Assaulting An Uber Driver

It May Soon Be Illegal For You To Text While Walking In This State

The Viral Pregnant Fitness Model With Incredible Abs Just Had Her Baby

This Is The Age Group That Saves The Most Money, According To Study

Guys Confess The Times They Said 'I Love You' To Someone Too Soon

Someone Put A Tombstone For Donald Trump In The Middle Of Central Park

This Grandpa Adopted A New Puppy, And The Photos Will Melt Your Heart

This Pregnant Woman Absolutely Crushes Her Pole Dance Routine

Teacher Domonic Leuzzi Arrested For Letting Students Smoke Weed In Class

American Airlines Pilot Arrested For Allegedly Coming To Work Drunk

This T-Rex Absolutely Destroyed His 'Chorus Line' Audition

This Easter-Themed Brain Teaser Is Screwing With Our Minds

This Surfer Just Got To Hang 10 With A Dolphin On An Epic Party Wave

The Internet Loves This Tiny Bird That Is Totally Feeling The Bern

The Feline Lovers At The Cat Art Show In LA Will Make You Say 'Meow'

These Are The 7 States You Absolutely Don't Want To Get Caught Smoking Weed In

Ditch Plastic Forever With These Totally Edible 'Wooden' Spoons

The Rock May Run For President In 2020, And We Think It's A Brilliant Idea

Eating A Lot Of Carbs Is Actually Good For You, According To A Study

Yep, There's Now A Site Selling Jewelry For Your Thigh Gap

Porn Stars Reveal Whether They're Really Orgasming During Scenes

People Share All The Gross And Annoying Things Their Co-Workers Do

#CruzSexScandal Is Trending, And It's Making Twitter Want To Hurl

This Woman Found Out She Was Having Triplets Days After Her Husband Died

People Claim This Popular Deodorant Is Leaving The Most Insane Burns

I Turned Bernie's And Hillary's Most Used Phrases Into Beautiful Poems

Jimmy Kimmel And Hillary Clinton Perfectly Troll The Sexist Advice She Gets

Pope Francis Just Washed And Kissed The Feet Of Refugees Of Multiple Faiths

Couples Who Do This One Thing Might Be More Likely To Have Miscarriages

This Teen Did The Cutest Thing So He Could Take His Girlfriend On A Date

This Adult Ball Pit Lets You Relive Your Childhood While Drinking Alcohol

What Each Presidential Candidate's Zodiac Sign Says About Them

Officials Confirm Two New Yorkers Were Killed In The Brussels Attacks

Guy Dressed As Aladdin Rides Real-Life Magic Carpet All Over San Francisco

Los Angeles Might Use Medical Marijuana Tax Revenue To Reduce Homelessness

Men Say Pretty Creepy Sh*t On Instagram And This Account Is Proof

This Girl Broke Her Foot Trying To Take The Perfect Graduation Pic For Instagram

Wendy Davis Has The Realest Advice For Women Who Want To Be Leaders

This Man Got Arrested For Not Returning A VHS He Rented Over 14 Years Ago

If You Always Wake Up To Pee At Night, You Could Have This Health Condition

Here's Proof The 'Dumb Blonde' Stereotype Is Completely Not True

This Robot Got Shut Down Over Racist Tweets It Learned From The Internet

Your Contact Lenses Are Seriously Harming Your Eyes, According To A Study

This Woman Met Her Anonymous Sperm Donor And Ended Up Marrying Him

Two Strangers Get Real About Their Deepest Relationship Fears

11 Things You Loved As A Kid That Are The Absolute Worst Now

This Drug Could Actually Get Approved By The FDA For Medicinal Purposes

This Adorable Little Pig Dancing To Rihanna Will Make Your Entire Day

The Obamas Danced The Tango In Argentina, And It Was Incredible

Khloé Kardashian Gave Donald Trump Some Great Advice For His Spray Tan

Starbucks Just Sent A Very Strong Message About Unity

This Election, Young Turks Host Cenk Uygur Wants Millennials To 'Just Do It'

Goodbye To Waiting In Line: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte K-Cups Are Coming

The Best Takeaways From Bernie Sanders' Live Interview With The Young Turks

The First Lady Of NYC Shared The Greatest Poem About Tampons Ever

This Guy Wins Boyfriend Of The Year For Making The Cutest Birthday Gift Ever

5 Ways To Be Cautious During Terror Alerts Without Altering Your Life

There's A Remote Irish Island We Can All Move To If Trump Becomes President

This Is The City You Should Move To If You're Looking To Fall In Love

The 11 Best Signs From The Supreme Court Protest For Birth Control

This Kid Has The Best Reaction To His Family's Embarrassing Car Dancing

There's Finally Proof The War On Drugs Began Because Of Racism

10 Things Women Do That Make Them 'Less Attractive,' According To Men

Man Causes Chaos After Refusing To Come Down From A Tree For Over 24 Hours

Here's How Much Women Earn Compared To Men At These 10 Jobs

Teen Who Was Injured In Brussels Attacks Also Survived The Boston Bombings

Meet The Male Porn Star Who's Struggling To Find True Love In His Life (Video)

A Brief History Of Donald Trump Being Insecure About His Tiny Hands

Woman Tweets Her Horror Story About Pooping On A Date And It's Hilarious

11 Powerful Images Of The World Showing Solidarity With Brussels

Starbucks Will Help Fight Hunger By Donating All Unsold Food To US Charities

Khloé Kardashian Reveals Why She Remains Friends With Her Ex-Boyfriends

An Old Dog Snoring While He Snoozes Is The Funniest Thing You'll Watch Today

Here Are The Regions That Will Be Affected When Zika Virus Hits The US

What It's Like To Make Sense Of The Attacks, As Told By A Brussels Resident

This Is Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss, According To Science

These Powerful Illustrations Honor The Victims Of The Brussels Attacks

Amazing Video Shows The First Flash Of An Exploding Star Ever Caught On Film

13 Hilarious Ways People Deal With Having A Crush On Someone

Scientists Say Climate Change Will Be Life-Threatening Sooner Than We Thought

Airport Worker Hailed A Hero For Aiding Victims Of Brussels Attack

Why Every Single Terror Attack Matters, No Matter Where It Occurs

If You Blame Islam For Terrorism You Need To Blame Engineers, Too

11 Men Reveal What Made Them Realize Their Relationships Were Over

#StopIslam Was Trending On Twitter After The Brussels Attacks, But People Shut It Down

This Is What Everyone's Apparently Drunk Shopping For On Friday Nights

This 6-Year-Old Was Taken From Foster Parents Because She's Native American

People Are Writing Beautiful Tributes With Chalk In The Streets Of Brussels

Chipotle Is Under Fire Again, But It's Not For Norovirus This Time

Eating Two Breakfasts Is Probably A Lot Healthier Than You Think

Woman Who Lost 165 Pounds Reveals The Downsides Of Losing A Lot Of Weight

People Are Looking To Facebook For Comfort Amid Brussels Attacks

President Barack Obama Calls For Unity After Brussels Attack

France Uses This Beautiful Cartoon To Show Solidarity With Belgium

Here's What We Know So Far About The Attacks In Brussels

Kim Kardashian Met Her Doppelgänger For One Epic Instagram Selfie

Here's What Apple Should Have Unveiled In Order To Make Stoners Really Happy

This Awkward Moment Between Obama And Raul Castro Will Make You Cringe

Weed-Infused Nutella Now Exists But You'll Have To Go The Distance To Try It

This 18-Year-Old's iPhone Burst Into Flames While She Was On A Flight

Sasha And Malia Are More Fashionable Than You'll Ever Be

Elizabeth Warren Just Found The Perfect Word To Describe Trump

Your Brazilian Wax Can Make You More Susceptible To STDs

This Is A Major Sign Your Relationship Will Last, According To Research

A Global Revolution: Democrats Living Abroad Are Feeling The Bern

Teen Gets Restaurant Job After Stopping A Robbery During His Interview

Regardless Of What Happens, Bernie Has Already Changed America Forever

8 Laws That Would Exist If Men's Bodies Were Treated Like Women's

The Smell Of Alcohol Alone Can Make You Act Drunk, According To A Study

This Easter Bunny Got In A Fist Fight With Someone In The Middle Of A Mall

These Are All The Things Safer Than A Trump Rally, According To Twitter

44-Year-Old Man Has Sex For The First Time Ever After Getting A Bionic Penis

7 Men Reveal What It Was Like To Friend-Zone Women Who Were Crushing On Them

Apple's iPhone 7 And iPad Pro Announcement: Live Blog

Here's How You Can Find Your First Tweet

'Sad Papaw' Is Having A Cookout And Everyone Is Invited

This Blogger Had A Severe Allergic Reaction To Henna Hair Dye

Meet The Man Providing Free WiFi To Thousands Of Refugees In Greece

Most Canadian Crime Ever: Guy Hijacks Bus To Go To Tim Hortons

This Adorable Dog Just Nailed Her Pregnancy Photoshoot

OMG: Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Is Opening IRL

Warning: Lush Massage Bars May Cause Plants To Sprout From Your Shower Drain

This Company Wants To Pay You $12K To Travel And Drink Beer All Summer

You Can Now Mail An Eggplant To Your Frenemy Thanks To This Dumb Startup

We Spoke With A Syrian Refugee About Making A New Life In The US

This Bomb Scare Apparently Ended Up Being A Buzzing Sex Toy

Here's One Reason You Should Definitely Consider Getting A Pet Fox

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Biggest Cat Art Show In LA

Some Geniuses Made A Doughnut With Donald Trump Getting Punched In The Face

If You're Looking To Get Engaged, You Should Move To One Of These US Cities

15 Things Women Who Give A Sh*t About Politics Are Tired Of Hearing

Starbucks Is Getting Sued For The Most Ridiculous Reason

You Can Now Buy A Sports Bra That Comes With A Built-In Knife Pocket

This Couple Turned Their Wedding Reception Into An Epic Music Video

Paris Terror Attacks Suspect Wounded And Captured In Belgium

I Really Want To Vote Republican, But Here's Why I Can't

If You're A Weed Smoker, These Are The 10 Best US States For You To Live In

Remember That Time Hillary Clinton Was A Super Revolutionary Woman?

Your Phone Addiction Says A Lot About Your Personality, According To A Study

These People Perfectly Sum Up How We All Feel The Day After St. Paddy's Day

Convicted Man Sings His Own Version Of Adele's 'Hello' To Apologize In Court

Leprechaun Porn Searches Are Up 8,000 Percent On St. Patrick's Day

This Machine Can Tell If You're Drunk Tweeting Or Just Being Plain Annoying

This Grandfather Got Stood Up By His Grandkids And It Will Break Your Heart

Woman Disappearing During Live Broadcast Will Mess With Your Mind

22 People Who Totally Won 7-Eleven's Bring Your Own Slurpee Cup Day

21 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up The Struggle Of Being On A Diet

This Cat Taking A Bath Is All Of Our Spirit Animal

Over 30,000 Cans Of This Popular Tuna Brand Were Just Recalled

The US Government Just Officially Called What ISIS Is Doing 'Genocide'

What The US Should Be Doing To Help Europe Solve The Syrian Refugee Crisis

If You're Feeling This Emotion, You're More Likely To Drink Alcohol

20-Year-Old Woman Confronts Rude Body Shamers With Four Amazing Photos

8 Men Reveal How They'd Feel If A Female Friend Had A Sex Dream About Them

SeaWorld Just Announced It's Going To Stop Breeding Killer Whales

Here's Why It's Actually St. Paddy And Not St. Patty

حكايات من سوريا: يوم فقدت والدي، بيتي، و بلدي

Can You Figure Out How Many Girls Are In This Photo?

Chicago Removes The Sales Tax On Tampons, Proving They're Real Feminists

Here's What Lisa Frank Tarot Cards Can Tell You About Your Future

This Teacher Helped Her Class Learn Geometry With Beyoncé's 'Formation'

This Girl Needs 50,000 Retweets To Get A New Puppy And You Can Help Her Out

Here's Why One Group Of People Is Particularly Fed Up With Kim Kardashian

This Homeless Man Is Getting So Much Money For Identifying Escaped Inmates

This Video Finally Explains Where It's OK For New Moms To Breastfeed

Chipotle Is Seriously Giving Away Even More Burritos For Free

This Income Calculator Shows Just How Broke Millennials Really Are

Angelina Jolie Has A Message About Refugees That We All Need To Hear

In The Two Weeks Since SCOTUS Heard An Abortion Case, 5 Laws Changed

Here's How To Find Out Who's Ignoring Your Friend Requests On Facebook

Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton With A Video Of Her Barking Like A Dog

Police Search For Man In Ninja Costume Seen Masturbating Outside A Home

A Majority Of Teens Today Don't Identify As Straight, According To Study

The Average Time You Spend Looking At Your Phone Every Day Is Disturbing

This Badass Woman Gave Herself A Full Makeover While In Labor

Yet Another Harvard-Educated White Guy Nominated For Supreme Court

Stores Are Now Selling Pre-Packaged Avocados And People Can't Handle It

Plus-Size Model Completely Slays On The Cover Of A Running Magazine

Jared Fogle Reportedly Got Beaten Up In Prison By Another Inmate

21-Year-Old Student Gets Sentenced To 15 Years Of Hard Labor In North Korea

Sana's Story: A 24-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Fights To Reunite Her Family

Here Are All The Results From The States That Voted In Super Tuesday 2

Twitter Has Awesome Ideas On What Trump University's Mascot Should Be

Instagram Is Trying To Be Facebook And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

This Video Explains Why Every Cocktail You Order Comes In A Different Glass

Why The Country Is In Trouble If Young Voters Don't Reconsider Hillary Clinton

Don't Panic: There's Still Another Way For The GOP To Beat Donald Trump

Senator Marco Rubio Just Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

Here's How You Can Help People Get Clean Water By Putting Down Your Phone

Apparently, All Those Selfies You Take Might Actually Be Aging Your Skin

Why Fear Should Be The Last Thing That Stops America From Aiding Refugees

Leftover Lipstick Marks Could Actually Help Solve Crimes In The Near Future

Here's How Far $100 In Groceries Got 8 Different Households

Yes, Donald Trump Sucks, But Ted Cruz Is Actually Just As Bad

There Might Be Male Birth Control Pills A Lot Sooner Than You Think

Harry Potter As A Bodybuilder Will Either Terrify You, Or Really Turn You On

6 Organizations You Should Donate To If You Want To Help Syrian Refugees

Woman's Powerful Video Encourages Others To Embrace Their Scars

Model From Viral Pregnant Photo Is Kickboxing Like A Pro At 37 Weeks

You Can Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes With This Genius Trick

10 Facts That Sound Completely Made Up But Are Absolutely True

This Man's Hilarious Photoshops Challenge Our Absurd Social Media Standards

This US City Wants To Build Villages Specifically For Millennials To Live In

Scientists May Have Solved The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle

This Spray Tan Company Is Being Called Out For Selling 'Blackface'

These Are The 10 Most Popular White Lies We All Tell Each Other

Anonymous Asks Everyone With A Computer To Wage 'Total War' On Trump

This Is How The Elite Daily Staff Celebrated Pi Day

How America's Fixation On Western Religion Hurts Its Ability To Help Others

Salmon Caught Near Seattle Are Full Of Cocaine And Antidepressants

This Young Woman Is Bleeding From Her Eyes And Nobody Can Figure Out Why

Clinton Was Just Asked About The Death Penalty In A Really Powerful Way

If You Do This One Thing On Payday, You Can Save Way More Money

People Who Work In These 25 US Cities Are The Happiest

This Adorable Boy Decided To Take A Nap Right In The Middle Of His Baby Race

Two Women Disguised Themselves And Filmed Inside ISIS-Controlled Al-Raqqah

The Senate Passed A Major Bill To Treat And Prevent Opioid Addiction

This Is How Few Women Are Actually Representing Our Country

11 People Who Totally Understand The Importance Of National Napping Day

'HONY' Writes The Open Letter To Donald Trump We've All Been Waiting For

Kellogg's Is Investigating This Video Of A Man Urinating On An Assembly Line

4 Women Who Are Making An Incredible Impact On The Refugee Crisis

Family Keeps Late Wife's Memory Alive With Most Heartwarming Tribute

This Photo Of Two Pregnant Women Is Going Viral For An Insane Reason

This 22-Year-Old Woman Died After Doctors Mistook A Tumor For Pregnancy

The One Thing That Older People Regret Most Will Inspire You To Pack Your Bags

This Flyer Chastising Women For Their Taste In Men Is Seriously Creepy

Stop Everything: Weed-Infused Vodka Is Officially A Thing

Here Are The Most And Least Racist States, According To Twitter

Teen Amputee Gymnast Straight Up Slays Her Routines

This Puppy Really Wants To Make A Withdrawal At The Bank

You'll Never Guess What A Big Mac Looks Like After A Shower Of Molten Copper

Here's Why Getting A Lot Of Tattoos Is Actually Really Good For You

Bernie Sanders Admits He's Smoked Weed 'Twice' In His Lifetime

Partially Blind 14-Year-Old Gets First Successful Transplant Of A Pig's Eye

There's A Better Way To Fold Socks, And It Will Change Your Life

12 Strippers Share Incredibly Honest Confessions About Their Job

Here's How You Can Win 3.14 Years Of Free Pizza Hut In Honor Of Pi Day

Never Give Up: The Oldest Man In The World Is A Holocaust Survivor

Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Gets Released From Jail After 25 Years

College Women Give Way More Oral Sex Than They Receive, According To A Study

8 Badass Women In Politics Who Are Paving The Way For Future Feminists

You've Probably Been Using Post-It Notes Wrong Your Entire Life

You Aren't Really Saving Your iPhone's Battery Life When You Do This

Wanderlust Withdrawal: What It's Like To Be A Recovering Travelholic

This Mommy Dog Reuniting With Her Puppies Will Make Your Entire Day

Employee Pens Hilarious Rhyme To Gross Co-Worker Leaving Boogers On The Wall

Live Updates: Follow Along For Yet Another Republican Debate

Jessica Alba's Honest Company Called Out Again For Being, Well, Dishonest

Sweden Is Considering Legalizing 'Male Abortions' And Swedes Are Not Happy

This Is What Happens When A Groom's Side Chick Shows Up To The Wedding

Eagles Of Death Metal Singer Suggests Security Knew About The Paris Attacks

10 People Reveal The Insanely Illegal Things They've Gotten Away With

Five Women Got Into A Fist Fight On A Plane, And A Passenger Filmed It

White House Press Sec Josh Earnest Breaks Down The SCOTUS Situation

Judge Accused Of Asking A Woman Who Was Raped If She Tried Closing Her Legs

This Year's Winter Is Officially The Warmest Ever Recorded In US History

12 Tweets That Prove We're All Seriously Obsessed With Food

8 Guys Confess The White Lies They've Told People They Were Dating

The 'Damn, Daniel' Kids Are Back At It Again In Weezer's New Music Video

No One Knows What Color Bernie Sanders' Suit Was During Last Night's Debate

This Woman Had The Scariest Tinder Exchange Of All Time

Makeup Artist Transforms Herself To Look Exactly Like A Snapchat Filter

Good News, Women Of New Hampshire: You Can Legally Free Your Nipples

Donut Macarons Are Coming To NYC, And Life Will Never Be The Same

Hottest Convict Ever Jeremy Meeks Has Officially Been Released From Prison

This Teacher Reportedly Told A Student The Only Thing She's Good For Is Sex

Kanye West Has Some Hilarious Opinions On Fashion In Latest Twitter Rant

You're Probably A Psychopath If You Like Drinking This Type Of Beer, Says Science

Guy Tries To Rob Cab Driver At Gunpoint Without Realizing A Cop's Behind Him

Can You Tell Which Of These Pictures Are Dogs And Which Are Bagels?

Woman Allegedly Stabbed Her Husband Because She Didn't Like His Instagram

These Best Men Totally Crush Their Dance To Beyoncé, *NSYNC And Drake

These Are The 25 Highest Paying Jobs In The US Right Now

Mitt Romney Reads Hilarious Mean Tweets From Trump And His Supporters

Another Chipotle Was Shut Down Because An Employee Got Norovirus

A 'Normal' Male Doll Finally Exists As A Body-Positive Alternative To Ken

Last Night, Bernie Sanders Literally Made History

Ben & Jerry's Just Revealed Three New Ice Cream Flavors That Look Insane

This Student Had The Perfect Response To An Extra Credit Test Question

Kim Kardashian's Open Letter About Being Sexy Is Actually Very Important

Cleaning Staff Reveal The Grossest Sh*t About Hotel Rooms

This Adorable Puppy Saved From A Fire Now Works With The Fire Department

Little Boy Dives Onto Bride's Wedding Dress During Wedding Ceremony

This Toddler Died From Meningitis After Parents Tried To Cure Him With Syrup

Judge Claims 3-Year-Olds Can Understand Immigration And Court Proceedings

Woman Posts Powerful Photos Of Her Scars To Raise Awareness For Skin Cancer

The Youngest Congresswoman Ever Explains Why We Need More Female Leaders

'OITNB' Star Matt McGorry Wore The Best Shirt For International Women's Day

Dad Posts Ad To Find His Virgin Daughter A Husband Without Her Permission

10 People Confess The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On

This Is A Really Good Reason To Eat More Chocolate

11 Reactions To Free IHOP Pancakes That Perfectly Express How We All Feel

23-Year-Old Boston Bombing Survivor Killed In Devastating Car Crash

This Couple's Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

This Grumpy Woman At Disney Inspired The Funniest, Grumpiest Memes

Here's How To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse Live From Wherever You Are

These Alternate Endings For 'Downton Abbey' Are Absolute Perfection

Whole Foods Plans To Start Selling Ugly Veggies For This Awesome Reason

Cinnamon Sugar Cheetos Are A Thing And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Women Wear Underwear From The Past And Realize It's Uncomfortable AF

Here's How To Let A Guy Know You're Interested In Him, According To Men

This Little Kid's Epic Dance Moves Are Totally Winning The Internet

Woman Causes Traffic Jam By Dancing Completely Naked On Top Of A Truck

This Artist Creates Empowering Images On Instagram Using Poetry

NYPD Says You Won't Get Arrested For Peeing In Public

This Website Shows What It's Like To Read If You Have Dyslexia

Woman Shares Pic Of Her Breast To Help Others Detect Subtle Signs Of Cancer

This Little Girl Called 911 For A Fashion Emergency, And It's Adorable

Politicians And Public Figures Pay Respects To The Late Nancy Reagan

You Can Now Replace Facebook's Reaction Emojis With Icons You Actually Want

These Protesters Used Holograms After Being Banned From Demonstrating

Forget Texting And Driving: Don't Sexy Snapchat And Drive

Scientists Just Discovered This Freaking Adorable New Species Of Octopus

Don't Freak Out, But There's A Global Shortage Of Old Single Malt Scotch

Tinder's New 'Share' Button Will Let You Hook Up Your Friends

This Man's Photo Booth Marriage Proposal Is The Most Romantic Thing Ever

10 Men Reveal The Women's Beauty Products They Secretly Use

15 People Get Honest About What Really Puts Them In A Good Mood

The Internet Is Having A Field Day Photoshopping This 'Goal Kitty'

There's Now An Interactive 'Making A Murderer' Map For 'Diehard Fans'

I Binge-Watched 'House Of Cards' At 3 AM And Now I'm Frank Underwood

Stop Everything: These 20 Mini Donkeys Are In Need Of Forever Homes

Scientists Recorded The Sound Of The Bottom Of The Ocean And It's Eerie As F*ck

Celebrate Easter This Year By Sucking On Benedict Cumberbatch's Face

Whole Foods Is Back At It Again With The Most Outrageous Product Ever

Veterinarian Expertly Comforts Scared Puppy After Surgery

Little Girl Climbing Up The Fridge To Get Her Snack Is Literally All Of Us

There's Another Alarming Update Concerning The Zika Virus

This Couple's Kinky Fetish Might Scare You Away From Fruit Forever

Someone Allegedly Found A Knife Buried Underground At OJ Simpson's Estate

This Is What Dogs Are Really Thinking When They Look At You

El Chapo's Daughter Says The Drug Lord Entered The US Twice Last Year

Parents Go Incognito To See What Their Children Really Think Of Them

We Asked People From Other Countries What They Think About Donald Trump

If You Wanted To Run For President, How Much Would It Actually Cost?

Caitlyn Jenner Kinda Endorsed Ted Cruz, Wants To Be His 'Trans Ambassador'

Donald Trump Just Told Everyone He Has A Big D*ck

The Women Of 'Hamilton' Performing Feminist Quotes Is Way Too Badass

You Can Finally Buy Tituss Burgess' Pinot Noir, AKA 'An Ode To Black Penis'

This 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Trump Parody Trailer Is Everything You Need

Here Are 5 Bullsh*t Facts That Are Actually True

This Instagram Account Of Naked Butts In Nature Is Actually Everything

Living In Space Can Change This One Thing About The Way You Look

The 11 Best One-Liners From Romney's Speech Explaining Why Trump Sucks

This Couple Sent The Most Hilarious RSVP Cards For A Destination Wedding

This Is What Happens When You Only Eat Burgers For 30 Days Straight

There's A Huge Outbreak Of Syphilis Happening In This US City

LinkedIn's CEO Gave His Entire $14 Million Stock Bonus To His Employees

The Science Behind How Donald Trump Became A Master Manipulator

Woman Accidentally Reveals Sex Toys In A Selfie She Sent To Her Family

New Mom Calls Out The Stranger Who Body-Shamed Her In The Best Way

Man Accidentally Shot Himself Dead While Posing With A Gun For A Selfie

This Fitness Model Is 8 Months Pregnant And Still Has Rock-Hard Abs

The Internet Sent This Guy On Random Missions During His 2-Month Road Trip

You Now Have To Be 21 Years Old To Buy Cigarettes In This City

LA's Famed Runyon Canyon Will Be Closed For The Spring Hiking Season

This Woman Adopted An Entire Dog Shelter And The Reason Why Will Make You Cry

The Reason This Tattoo Artist Is Doing Free Ink Will Warm Your Heart

This Cat Jumping Over A Massive Fence Will Instill Hope In Us All

6 Times Female Justices Dropped The Mic In The Abortion Case Hearing

This Woman Made The Most Adorable Scavenger Hunt To Propose To Her BF

If You Don't Use Your Phone While At This Restaurant, You Get Free Ice Cream

This Family Found A Complete Stranger In Their Grandma's Casket At Her Wake

Being A Hopeless Romantic Is Good For Relationships, According To Research

It Turns Out Being Impulsive Can Be Really Good For Your Relationship

This Sexy Cop Is Going Viral For The Most Heartwarming Reason

12 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Still Perfectly Apply To Your Everyday Life

This Amazing Company Gives Women Time Off When They Have Their Periods

The Supreme Court Is Arguing The Most Important Abortion Case In Decades

A Massive 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Alerts In Indonesia

Super Tuesday Proved Donald Trump Must Be Taken Seriously

This Hilarious Vine Explains The Real Reason Chris Christie Endorsed Trump

Hillary Clinton Dominated Super Tuesday, And Bernie Sanders Is In For A Fight

These 11 Paintings By A 16-Year-Old Artist Might Convince You To Drop Acid

Two Israeli Soldiers Allegedly Followed Waze Into A War Zone

Why I’ll Be Thinking About Health Care When Casting My Vote for President

Super Tuesday Results: Here's What Happened In Each State

Subway Is Now Making Sure Your Footlongs Are Actually 12 Inches

Peeps Milk Is A Thing You Can Buy And It Looks F*cking Disgusting

15 Guys Confess The Bizarre Things They're Really Insecure About

4 Types Of Discrimination We All Need To Keep Fighting Against Worldwide

This Cow Farmer Announced His Hate For Donald Trump With Actual Sh*t

People Are Sharing The 'Cool' Things They Once Did, And It's Hilarious

Scientists Say They Can Transmit New Skills To Your Brain 'Matrix' Style

Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares Amazing Photos Of His Last Sunrise In Space

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