March 2015
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New Report Finally Reveals What Days Are The Cheapest To Book Flights

If You Struggle With Telling Your Right From Left, You're Not Alone

9-Year-Old Writes To Obama About Putting Women On Money, He Responds (Photos)

Antarctica Hit Record-High Temp Of 63 Degrees And Was Warmer Than NY

Facebook's Gorgeous New Office Will Make You Hate Your Job Even More (Photos)

Lufthansa Knew About Copilot's History Of Depression Before The Crash

Woman Gives Birth In The Backseat Of An Uber On The Way To Hospital

Why Depression Is Not To Blame For The Germanwings Plane Crash

Three Generations Of Family Members Named Emma Died In Germanwings Crash

How Frats Are Keeping Victim-Blaming And Rape Culture Alive And Well

People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Much Happier

This Mom's Apology For Her Kids Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Deformed Lamb With Human-Like Face Is What Nightmares Are Made Of (Video)

Guy Gets Arrested For Breaking Into Ex-GF's House And Sh*tting All Over

Popeye Was Right: Eating Spinach Every Day Can Improve Brain Function

Indiana's New 'Religious Freedom Law' Is An Attack On Me And My Rights

Prisoners Convicted Of Murdering Gay Men Just Got Married In Jail

Stolen Dog Has Very Emotional Reunion With Owner Six Months Later (Video)

Stray Dogs Loyally Attend Funeral Of Woman Who Took Care Of Them (Photos)

People With The Same Level Of Social Anxiety Form Closer Friendships

Weed Chef Finds Innovative Way To Neutralize The Smell And Taste Of Marijuana (Video)

You've Been Doing It All Wrong: This Is The Right Way To Cook Bacon (Video)

Passenger Writes Heartfelt Letter To Pilots Who Got Her Home Safely (Photo)

9-Year-Old Girl Epically Destroys The Case For Standardized Testing (Video)

NYPD Visits Emergency Room To Give Teens Hit By Car Jaywalking Tickets

What Dolce And Gabbana Got So, So Wrong About Same-Sex Parents

Someone Invented A Robot Teddy Bear To Comfort Children In Hospitals (Video)

Some Geniuses Invented A Pen To Help People With Parkinson's Write (Photos)

Kids With And Without Down Syndrome Prove How Alike We All Really Are (Video)

Why Indiana's New Law Is A Flawed Representation Of Its Residents

Former CFO Who Disrepected A Chick-Fil-A Worker Is Now On Food Stamps

Drug Dealer Shows Off His Luxurious Life In Prison On Social Media (Photos)

NASA Will Test A Real-Life 'Flying Saucer' To Aid In Its Mars Mission

Drinking Coffee May Help Protect Your Liver From Alcohol's Effects

Police Accidentally Get Entire Town High By Burning 1,100 Lbs Of Weed

Our Prayers Are Answered: McDonald's May Introduce All-Day Breakfast

Germanwings Copilot Had Received Treatment For Suicidal Tendancies

Scumbag Tourists Are Taking Smiling Selfies At NYC Explosion Site

This Disney World Proposal Will Make You Believe Fairytales Are Real (Video)

4-Year-Old Girl Leaves House At 3 AM And Boards Bus To Get A Slushie

The Hottest Math Teacher In The World Is Also A Male Model

This Cute Monkey Playing With A Bunch Of Newborn Puppies Is Perfect (Video)

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Are Healthy, According To Obama Administration

Germanwings Copilot Sought Treatment For Vision Issues Before Crash

Kung Fu Master Takes A Drill To The Head And Proves He's Invincible (Video)

Enough Is Enough: Why Airline Safety Should Be A Bigger Concern

Why Some People Always Feel Cold While Others Are Always Hot

How Apple Is Taking A Stand Against LGBT Discrimination In Indiana

How Obama's Love For 'The Wire' Shows The War On Drugs Has Failed

Deaf Woman Figures Out How To Teach Sign Language To Her Three Cats (Video)

This Is What TSA Agents Are Looking For To See If You're A Terrorist

You May Have Been Born A Completely Different Zodiac Sign Than You Think

Blind Woman Demonstrates How She Puts On Her Makeup Every Day (Video)

A Germanwings Pilot Emotionally Addressed Passengers One Day After Crash

Jail Guards Allegedly Forced Inmates Into 'Gladiator'-Style Fights

An Awkward Threesome: The Relationship Between Iran, Israel And The US

Groom Tries To Drown Himself After Seeing 'Ugly' Arranged Wife The First Time

Ultrasound Shows Exactly What Happens To A Fetus When The Mom Smokes

Dad Unknowingly Eats Daughter's Pot Brownies, Calls 911 For A 'Stroke'

Man Allegedly Super Glued Wife's Vagina Over Concern She Was Cheating

Shocking Footage Shows What Really Happens To Distracted Teen Drivers

Model Wears A Corset Every Single Day To Achieve Her 20-Inch Waist (Photos)

Insane! Research Team Figured Out How To Give Humans Night Vision (Photos)

Footage Shows The Moment The Building Exploded In NYC's East Village

Germanwings Copilot May Have Hid Illness That Made Him Unfit To Fly

Snapchat Actually Causes More Jealousy In Relationships Than Facebook

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says He Will Give His Entire Fortune To Charity

Research Shows We Actually Think Wine With Less Alcohol Tastes Better

Why The Electoral College Is An Archaic System That Must Go

Was The Germanwings Copilot A Terrorist Or Mass Murderer?

NASA Has A Plan To Give The Moon Its Own Moon To Protect Earth

People Guessing Where Asian Foods And People Come From Gets Awkward (Video)

Violent Video Shows Police Beating A Man During Routine Traffic Stop

People Who Procrastinate Are More Likely To Develop Heart Problems

There's Actually A Job Opening In Germany For A 'Brothel Tester'

Congress Is So F*cked Up It Can't Even Agree To Fight Human Trafficking

People Are Crowdfunding Vacations And It's Actually F*cking Working

Unreal: Fetus Actually Claps Hands During Mother's Ultrasound (Video)

Screw The Popularity Contest: 5 Reasons Obama Is Being Bold With Iran

Couples Get Covered In Colored Powder To Show Love Is Universal (Photos)

Guy Takes Selfie Every Mile Of 2,600-Mile Hike From Mexico To Canada (Video)

Drug Dealer Caught By Police After Taking Selfies With Piles Of Cash

Abandoned Kitten And Puppy Become The Most Adorable Best Friends Ever (Photos)

7-Year-Old Boy With Rare Disease Says 'I Love You' To Mom For First Time

DEA Agents Accused Of Sex Parties With Hookers Hired By Drug Cartels

Man Gets Lottery Ticket In Get Well Card From Dad And Wins $7 Million

Scientists Say Men Use Beards To Prove Dominance And Attract Women

This Badass Crossfit Couple's Engagement Photos Are Seriously Impressive

Woman Gets Wasted At Bar Mitzvah And Allegedly Lets Boys Feel Her Up

Real-Life 'Gone Girl' Allegedly Staged Her Own Insane Fake Kidnapping

OMFG: Starbucks Is Serving Birthday Cake Frappuccinos For Five Days

French Officials Say Germanwings Copilot Crashed The Plane On Purpose

Our Brains Are Actually Hardwired To Help Us Get Over A Tough Breakup

10 Explanations For Wikipedia's Unmatched Success As An Online Source

One Third Of Women Admit To Faking Orgasms Just To Get Sex Over With

Guy Opens His Bag Of Chips And Instead Finds An Entire Potato Inside (Photos)

Forget Man Buns, Because Dog Buns Are Everything Right Now (Photos)

Religion In 140 Characters: How Twitter Became A Weapon For Terrorists

Photographer Plans To Capture Every Skin Tone In A Beautiful Project

Smokers' Children Are Four Times More Likely To Develop Heart Disease

Heroic Cat Stops A Toddler From Touching The Hot Stove (Video)

This Rare Animal Is The Closest Thing To A Real-Life Teddy Bear (Photos)

Crazy Ex-Wife Cuts Off Man's Penis So Nobody Can Have Sex With Him

Genius Students Invent A Device That Can Put Out Fires Using Sound (Video)

Ted Cruz Is Going On Obamacare Even Though He Wants To Get Rid Of It

Woman Plans On Marrying A Tree After Having 'Best Sex Ever' With It

Guy Uses A Cutout Of The Dos Equis Man As A Passenger To Drive In HOV

Plan For A 12,400-Mile Road Would Connect The US, Russia And Britain

This Massive Twin Convention In Australia Will Have You Seeing Double (Photos)

Costa Rica Has Powered Itself Solely Using Renewable Energy This Year

ISIS Took Over Where 'Star Wars' Was Filmed, So Don't Visit Tatooine

Man With Down Syndrome Plans Beautiful Surprise To Ask GF To Move In (Video)

How Ted Cruz Stands Against Everything This Generation Believes In

When You're Bored You're Actually More Likely To Think Outside The Box

The Case For Legalizing Drugs (Yes, All of Them)

Guy Proposes To Girlfriend With Help From Their 2 Adorable Daughters (Video)

A Mother Was Accidentally Given The Wrong Baby After Giving Birth

Heroic Guy Wins Girl's Heart By Saving A Man's Life During First Date

Tinder Cofounder Creates Dating App Where Women Make The First Move

Finally! There's Now An App That Lets You Create An Emoji Of Yourself

American Apparel Casting Call Asks For No 'Instagram Hoes Or Thots'

Out Of This World: You Can Actually Drink Beer That's Been To Space

Love In The Sky: Pilot Proposes To Flight Attendant In Middle Of Flight (Video)

Two Guys Go Out For A 'Quiet Beer' In England And End Up In Thailand

How A Radical Idea In Finland Reminds Us American Schools Are Failing

Blindfolded Muslim Man Hugs Strangers In Beautiful Social Experiment (Video)

Science Says Getting More Than 8 Hours Of Sleep May Cause Early Death

Science Says Men Who Work Out Are Better In Bed And Have More Orgasms

Jet Carrying 150 Crashes Into French Alps, Everyone Presumed Dead

Scientists Say Your Sh*t Could Literally Be Worth Millions Of Dollars

8-Year-Old Celebrates Her Grandmother's Life With 600 Acts Of Kindness

Man Claims He Lost A Job Because The Tattoo He Got For An Ex Says 'ISIS'

Science Proves Today's Weed Is 3 Times Stronger Than It Was In The 80s

Guy Rescues An Adorable Baby Bird And Returns It To Its Parents (Video)

Dumb Thief Is Busted After Using The Netflix Account On The TV He Stole

Why Ted Cruz Is The Justin Bieber Of Presidential Candidates

Man Finds Balloon With A Widow's Beautiful Message To Her Late Husband

Incredible Glasses Let Colorblind People See Color For The First Time (Video)

Boeing Actually Has A Plan And A Patent For Creating Force Fields

Taking An Hour-Long Power Nap Can Seriously Help Boost Your Memory

Heroic Police Officer Helps Struggling Woman Finish A 10K Race

Bullied Boy Gets A Special B-Day Gift From Thousands Around The World

11-Year-Old Sold His Toys To Support His Twin Brother With Down Syndrome

Teacher Faces 22 Years In Prison For Having Sex With Four Students

Cats Are Wearing Colorful Scrunchies From The 90s To Keep Birds Away

Amazing NYC Subway Performer Inspires Strangers To Sing Along (Video)

Woman Takes On Male Attacker Alone And Drags Him To Police Station

Monica Lewinsky Delivers Powerful Speech On Cyberbullying (Video)

Heroic Ponies Come To The Rescue And Save Couple From Wild Boar Attack (Video)

This Drug Could Actually Turn You Into A More Caring Person

Meet The Millennial Who Wants His Generation To Take Over Congress

Science Says The Ability To Trust People Increases As We Get Older

Couple Realizes They Crossed Paths 16 Years Before They Started Dating

Guy Raises Money To Attend Bachelor Party He Was Accidently Invited To

Guy Crowdfunds To Get Excess Skin Removed After Losing 270 Pounds

This Adorable Cat Definitely Has A Better Sense Of Style Than You

Ryanair's Announcement Of $21 Transatlantic Flights Was Total BS

Mom Includes Her Baby In An Incredible Pole-Dancing Routine (Video)

Guys With Dogs And Babies Really Are More Attractive To Women

Engagement Ring Box Camera Captures Proposals' Most Genuine Reactions (Video)

Scientists Found Arsenic In That Cheap Wine You're Probably Drinking

Science Says A Kiss From A Dog May Actually Boost Your Immune System

Dozens Of Indian Parents Scale School Wall To Help Kids Cheat On Exam

There's A Preschool For Adults To Unwind And Relive Their Childhoods (Photos)

104-Year-Old Woman Drinks Three Cans Of Dr. Pepper Every Day (Video)

It Turns Out Watching Cooking Shows Could Actually Make You Fatter

Study Says Ambitious People Are More Likely To Have Heart Problems

Finally! There's A Fairytale Story With A Princess Who Saves Herself

Why America And Israel Are On The Verge Of Breaking Up

Denim Pants With A Hidden Zipper Give Your Partner 'Easy Access'

Doctor's Reaction To Losing A 19-Year-Old Patient Is Heartbreaking (Photo)

This Cat's Bitchy Resting Face Is Even Better Than Grumpy Cat's (Photos)

Mom Sends Daughter Back To School With Epic Note For Gym Teacher (Photo)

Google Plans To Create A Wristband To Detect And Kill Cancerous Cells

Apple Watch App Will Show You A Countdown Until The Day You Die (Photos)

Science Says Quitting Exercise Negatively Affects Your Body And Brain

Biker Stands Up And Appears To Take Selfie During Wild Police Chase (Video)

Priorities? Guy Takes Selfies Right After He's Shot In The Shoulder (Photos)

Why Abolishing Greek Life Won't End Racism

Dog Saves Her Pups By Digging A Hole To Hide Them During A Fire

There's A Scientific Reason You Feel Anxiety When There's No WiFi

UVA Student Gets 10 Stitches For Head Injury After 'Forceful' Arrest

Science Finally Explains Why Dogs Actually Are 'Man's Best Friend'

New App Makes You Sound Smarter By Improving Your Texting Vocabulary

The Pentagon Has No Idea Where $500 Million Of Weapons Went In Yemen

Scientists May Have Found A Way To Make Wine That Won't Give You A Hangover

Finally! Starbucks Is Starting Delivery Service In Seattle And NYC

17-Year-Old High School Junior Makes $200K Managing Hedge Fund

23-Year-Old Student Dies After Taking 25 Vodka Shots In One Minute

Guy's Girlfriend And Ex-Girlfriend Jump In River To See Who He'd Save

Mother Gets Caught Sneaking Baby Onto Plane When X-Ray Finds Him

Funny Guys, Rejoice! Laughter Is The Trick To Sparking A Relationship

The Debate Over How To Load A Roll Of Toilet Paper Is Finally Over (Photo)

Dad Writes Powerful Letter To Teen Who Planned To Bomb His Son's School

Drunk Girl Who Passed Out In Snow Might Lose Her Fingers From Frostbite (Graphic)

25 Percent Of Married Men Would Love To Bang Their Mother-In-Laws

Your Spouse's Personality Might Affect How Much Money You Make

Policemen Use Strength To Lift Car Blocking Heroic Cop's Funeral Procession

Genius Wine Glasses Have Built-In Straws So Your Teeth Don't Turn Purple

Ew: Science Says Your Older Sibling's Sex Life May Affect Your Own

Fox Raised By Humans Is 100 Percent Convinced It's A Dog Now (Photos)

Breastfed Babies Grow Up To Be Smarter And More Successful Adults

The City That Always Works: New Yorkers Have The Longest Work Weeks In US

Medical Marijuana Might Actually Be Legalized To Treat Pets In Nevada

The Twizzler Challenge Is For A Good Cause And Will Get You A Hookup, Too

Man Tries To Cheat With Wife's Friend And Almost Gets Penis Bitten Off

Women Have Better Memories Than Men, Especially As They Get Older

Why The US Constitution Needs To Recognize The Evolution Of Society

Guy Gets Cursed Out By A 5-Year-Old And His Father On Chatroulette (Video)

It Turns Out Watching Porn Could Actually Be Good For Your Sex Life

Scientists Figure Out How To Turn Cancer Cells Into Harmless Cells

Powerful Video Asks People To Translate Racist Words To A Black Immigrant

Secret Service Is Asking For $8 Million To Build A Fake White House

Science Says Your Lack Of Sleep Could Be Why You Don't Want To Have Sex

This Is What The Insanely Fit Pregnant Model Looks Like At 9-Months (Photo)

Women In Thailand Could Face 5 Years In Prison For Showing Underboob

WTF? The Best Way To Fall Asleep Is To Not Try To Fall Asleep

5-Year-Old Boy With No Immune System Wants You To Wear Yellow For Him

Nothing Wrong With A Silver Fox: Science Explains Why Hair Turns Grey

People Could Get To The Hospital Faster In Ubers Instead Of Ambulances

Female Chef Is Taking Over The Internet With Her Naked Cooking Shows

Uber CFO Steps Down So He Can Spend More Time With His Family

56,000 People Helped Reunite Man With His Childhood Nanny After 30 Years

Why Some People Get More Mosquito Bites Than Others

Ikea Is Destroying Everyone's Dreams By Banning In-Store Hide-And-Seek

Drinking Diet Soda May Actually Cause More Belly Fat In The Long Run

19-Year-Old Makes $20,000 A Week After Creating Simplest Website Ever

Research Confirms Using Periods In Texts Makes You Seem Pissed Off

Three Flight Passengers Take Man Down As He Runs Toward Cockpit (Video)

How One Man Singlehandedly Hacks The Entire Travel Industry (Video)

Ryanair Plans To Offer Flights From The US To Europe For Just $21

A Happy Ending: Man Who Had A Penis Transplant Successfully Had Sex

The World's Oldest Living Cat Just Turned 125 In Human Years (Photos)

Your Brain Does Some Crazy Things When You Cut Sugar From Your Diet

YOLO: Fearless Great-Grandma Goes Skydiving For Her 100th Birthday (Video)

Where in the World Was Vladimir Putin?

You Will Never Jump Into A River Again After Seeing These Piranhas Eat (Video)

Why Brazil's President Rousseff Must Be Impeached

The Bill Of Student's Rights Shows Obama's Legacy For Sparking Change

Father Uses VR Headset To Watch Son's Birth From 2,500 Miles Away (Video)

Teen Wakes Up From A Coma Addicted To Swearing And Eating Cheese

It Turns Out Microwavable Popcorn Is Actually Terrible For You

Woman Takes Shower To Ease Stomach Pains, Ends Up In Unexpected Labor

7-Foot-Long 'Lobsters' Swam Around Earth 480 Million Years Ago

The Average Costs Of Weddings Across The United States Might Shock You

Father's Reaction To His Son Coming Out Is Horribly Disturbing

Women On Birth Control Pills Are More Likely To Develop Crohn's Disease

Little Boy Gets Long-Lost Postcard From Dad Who Died Two Years Ago

Being 'Skinny Fat' Can Actually Be Just As Unhealthy As Being Overweight

Two Koalas Lay The Smackdown On Each Other In An Epic Wrestling Match (Video)

Children's Hospital Patients Singing 'Shake It Off' Will Brighten Your Day (Video)

Woman Interrupts Ryan Gosling's Movie Premiere To Propose To Her GF

Stripper Has Threesome With Tech Mogul And Extorts Around $3 Million

Plane Forced To Turn Around After Someone Takes Terrible Smelling Sh*t

This Is What Actually Happens To Your Brain When You Fall In Love

Protected, But Scared: What It's Like To Be A Police Officer's Child

Baby On Board: This 9-Month-Old Baby Catches Some Serious Waves (Video)

Woman Posts Ad For Strangers To Knock Her Up, Is Swamped With Offers

Hipsters, Beware: Beards Aren't Sexy, They're Massive Bacteria Traps

Nail Biting Isn't Actually A Bad Habit, A Sign Of Perfectionism

Kids Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves Prove Bullying Is No Joke (Video)

Ceiling Full Of Thousands Of Spiders May Be The Worst Thing Ever (Video)

Another Frat Email That's Insanely Racist And Promotes Rape Leaked

Why We Need To Stop Blaming Hip-Hop For Racism

The World's Very First Penis Transplant Was Officially A Success

Mother Of Four Bravely Shares How Her Body Changed After Having Kids (Photos)

Coach Amazingly Saves A Gymnast's Life Twice In One Minute (Video)

Someone Invented Emoji For Introverts To Better Express Themselves (Photos)

People Damn Near Almost Died While Trying Out The Beer/Weed Bong (Video)

This Is How Much You Change A Person's Life When You Donate Your Hair

These Adorable Sheepdog Siblings Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever (Photos)

87-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Tells How He Overcame Tragedy To Succeed

This Woman Makes $1,300 A Day Crushing Men With Her 32-Pound Boobs (Photos)

The Sum Of Years Of 4 Presidents' Lives Weirdly Equals The Age Of The US

Chocolate Can Make People Happier And 12 Percent More Productive

How 47 US Senators May Have Committed Felonies But Won't Be Tried

The Islamic State And Boko Haram Have Officially Joined Forces

This Baby Was Brought Back To Life When His Mom Started Cuddling Him (Video)

There's A Guy Going Around Taking Sh*ts On People's Cars In His Town

Tim Cook Offered Steve Jobs Part Of His Liver To Try To Save His Life

Woman Finds Spiders That Cause 4-Hour Erections In Grocery Store Bananas

This Tea Analogy Perfectly Breaks Down What Consensusal Sex Means

Dog Can Sniff Out Thyroid Cancer In People With Amazing Accuracy

NASA Just Discovered An Ocean And Plenty Of Oxygen On Jupiter's Moon

Mysterious Spider-Man Is Going Around His City Feeding The Homeless

Really Unlucky Man Managed To Literally Break His Penis During Sex

These Elderly Couples Show What True Love Is Really All About (Video)

There Is Actually Powdered Alcohol And It Just Got Federally Approved

Rescued Bird Lives With Family And Actually Acts Like A Human (Photos)

Countries And US States With The Highest STD Rates Might Surprise You

This Is How People React When They See A 'Suicidal Person' (Video)

Secret Service Agents May Have Drunkenly Crashed Car Near White House

Customer Leaves Waitress A Note And Generous Tip On His Late Brother's Birthday

Science Says That People Who Wear Glasses Really Are Smarter

Why America Is Wasting Time Worrying About Hillary Clinton's Emails

This Guy Retired And Is Now Getting Paid To Have Sex With Prostitutes

This Video Shows What Really Happens When You Crack Your Knuckles

A Politician Gave His 'Possessed' Adopted Daughters To A Rapist

Smiley The Blind Golden Retriever Became The Perfect Therapy Dog (Photos)

This Photo Shows Why Mothers Shouldn't Have To Breastfeed In Bathrooms

Two Officers Were Shot In Ferguson Hours After Police Chief Resigned

Scientists May Be Able To Get Rid Of Bad Memories While You Sleep

Dog Completely Freaks Out When Owner Returns Home After 2 Years Away (Video)

Science Finally Explains Why Stubbing Your Toe Hurts So F*cking Much

A Cheerleader With Down Sydrome Was Bullied So These Players Stood Up For Her In A Big Way

This Video Proves That Girls Love Science As Much As Boys Do

In Russia Women Can Now Rent A Husband To Help Them Around The House

Tiny Newborn Chameleons Are The Surprisingly Adorable Pet You Want

There Might Actually Be A Drug That Can Melt Away Your Double Chin

Dog Gets Revenge On Man Who Kicked It By Bringing Pack To Destroy His Car

This Graph Shows The Ages Men And Women Drink The Most Alcohol

Don't Text And Walk: Woman Walks Into A Moving Train While Texting

Extroverts Prefer The Beach While Introverts Enjoy The Mountains

Eat Your Veggies: Study Says Vegetarians Are Less Likely To Get Cancer

The Amazing Moment A 7-Week-Old Baby Says 'Hello' For The First Time (Video)

News Hosts Blame Hip-Hop For The Racist Words Of The SAE Brothers (Video)

Artist Creates Tank Full Of Books Called 'Weapon Of Mass Instruction' (Photos)

Boston Bomber Wrote A Confession On The Boat Where He Was Captured (Photo)

Utah May Bring Back Firing Squads To Carry Out The Death Penalty

Scientists May Be On The Verge Of Making A Herpes Vaccine That Works

China Somehow Just Built A 57-Story Skyscraper In Only 19 Days (Video)

This Hipster Couple's Wedding And Anniversary Photos Are So Badass

This Mom Has A Powerful Message For The Boy Harassing Her Daughter (Video)

A Kind Group Of Bikers Stopped Highway Traffic To Rescue A Small Puppy (Video)

The Emoji Keyboard Is The Perfect Way To Only Communicate With Emoji (Photos)

These Tween Hip-Hop Dancers Have More Swag Than You Ever Will (Video)

The Happiest Year Of Your Life Will Apparently Be When You're 34

Obama's Selma Speech Defined America As Millennials See It

Ecstasy And Crystal Meth Are Legal In Ireland For The Next Two Days

Genius Figures Out Way To Open Beer Bottle With Just A Sheet Of Paper (Video)

The Ugly Truth Behind The Police, Lethal Force And Mental Illness

This Necklace Actually Lets You Know When You've Eaten Too Much

Two Oklahoma Students Expelled For Leading The Racist SAE Chant

Boy Donates Hot Cocoa Stand Profits To Hospital That Saved His Friend

People Sing Songs Of Love To Drown Out A Hateful Homophobic Preacher (Video)

Most Chill Baby Of All Time Throws Up The Peace Sign In The Womb (Photo)

New Footage Shows Boston Bomber's Reaction As Bombs Go Off

Oklahoma Frat's House Mother Shown Using Racial Slurs In Newfound Video

Homeless Thief Left A Note When Returning The Blanket He 'Borrowed'

A Teen Found Out He Had Testicular Cancer By Taking A Pregnancy Test

95-Year-Old Man Breaks The World Record For The 200-Meter Dash (Video)

Deaf Man Gets Amazing Surprise When His Entire Town Learns Sign Language (Video)

Google Exec Says We're Going To Be Able To Live To 500 Years Old

'Simpsons' Co-Creator Donated $100 Million To Animals Before He Died

The Original Apple Watch Actually Came Out In 1995 And It Was Fugly (Photos)

Apple Just Unveiled The Most Revolutionary Watch Ever Made

Two Men Are Attempting To Fly Around The World In A Solar-Powered Plane

Customer Noticed His Waiter Needed Dental Work And Left Him A Big Tip (Photos)

Father Kills Man Who Sent Explicit Photos To His 11-Year-Old Daughter

The New MacBook Looks F*cking Amazing And Is Going To Change Your Life

Science Says Finding Your Purpose Might Actually Help You Live Longer

Powerful PSA Shows It's Up To Us To Stop Sexual Harassment And Assault

Google Takes Shots At Apple In New Advertisement For Android Watch

If The Watch Launch Is Successful, Apple Could Be Worth $1 Trillion

Guy Steals Woman's Car Instead Of Her Heart While On First Date

Why China And India May Be Responsible For The Crazy Winter In The US

Roof Collapses And Sends College Kids Flying At A Wild Frat Party

Russian Tourists Made A Porno At The Pyramids Of Giza In Egypt

Pharrell Might Perform At The Party Being Thrown For 'Dancing Man'

US Tourists Carve Initials Into Colosseum, Take A Selfie, Get Arrested

If You're A Meat-Eater, You Will Eat Over 7,000 Animals In Your Life

Disgusting: Oklahoma Frat Chapter Caught On Camera Shouting Racist Chant

Lebanese Woman Shut Downs Man Who Says Her Interview Is 'Beneath' Him

Adorable 4-Year-Old Boy Gives 90-Year-Old Man 'Best Friends' Dog Tags

Ultra Music Festival Bans All The Things That Make Music Fesitvals Fun

'Choreplay' Is Everything: Couples Who Split Chore Duty Have More Sex

Insane New Laser Gun Can Blow Stuff Up From Over A Mile Away

Woman With ALS Fulfills Her Dying Wish Of Seeing A Famed Art Exhibit

Frozen Lake Is So Clear It Looks Like This Guy Is Walking On Water (Video)

Minecraft Creator Made $2.5 Billion After Sending A Super Casual Tweet

'Natural' Over-The-Counter Sex Supplements Actually Contain Viagra

Woman Successfully Uses Tinder To Find Someone To Shovel Out Her Car

Neo Nazis Try Holding Up Casino In Ukraine, Get Destroyed By Mafia (Video)

Seafood Might Actually Be The Natural Antidepressant You Need

Mother With Alzheimer's Springs To Life As Her Son Sings To Her (Video)

Revolutionary Instrument Combines Guitar, Keyboard And Drums In One (Video)

This Woman Is So Fit, You'd Never Realize She's 8 Months Pregnant (Photos)

Man Took Entire Year To Create Incredible Marriage Proposal For His GF (Video)

This Revolutionary Sex Toy Is Designed To Help Women Get Pregnant

Water-Resistant Walls In Germany Shoot Pee Right Back At Drunk People

Guy Walks Around In The Snow To Create Out-Of-This-World Crop Circles (Photos)

4-Year-Old Girl Has Epic Response When A Boy In Class Calls Her Ugly (Video)

Why It’s Up To Millennials To Defeat Islamophobia In America

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Wrote A Powerful Message To Attacker

Determined Octopus Attempts To Climb Out Of Its Tank And Escape (Video)

Man Body-Shamed For Dancing Now Has 2,000 Women Who Want To Party With Him

The Real Reason We Shake Hands Is To See What People Smell Like

What 'House Of Cards' Gets Right And Wrong About American Politics

You Can Now Buy 'The Dress' In Either Blue And Black Or White And Gold

91-Year-Old Woman Finally Lands Her Dream Job In Silicon Valley

F1 Driver Wakes Up From Crash Thinking He's A Child And It's 1995

Scientists Finally Figured Out Why Indian Food Is So Damn Good

British College Students Found A Way To Turn Pee Into Electricity

Turn Down For This: Why 1 Billion Young People May Lose Their Hearing

These Twin Brothers Actually Could Not Look Any More Different (Photos)

A Mexican Drug Lord Was Caught After His GF Brought Him Birthday Cake

Mark Zuckerberg Only Hires People He Could See Himself Working For

Teachers Accused Of Sex With Students May Have Given Them Coke Too

Keep Your Wisdom Teeth! Science Says They Could Help Cure Blindness

Plane Slips Off Runway And Crashes Into Fence At LaGuardia Airport

Best Uber Driver Ever Ships Woman's Stuff Home With A Handwritten Note

Couple Gets Caught F*cking All Over A 'Fifty Shades'-Themed Exhibit (Video)

The Guy Who Created The Keurig Admits He Wishes He Never Did

Woman Reunites With Her Birth Mother After Facebook Post Goes Viral

This Guy Is Attempting To Eat A Slice From Every $1 Pizza Place In NYC (Video)

This 175LB Pit Bull Named Hulk May Actually Be The Sweetest Dog Ever (Video)

Science Says Our Genes Are Actually Always More Similar To Our Dad's

Entire Town Gives Girl With Cancer The Sweet 16 Party Of Her Dreams

How Cleveland Police Killed A 12-Year-Old Boy And Blamed Him For It

A Quadriplegic Woman Flew An Airplane Simulator Using Just Her Mind

How Venezuela Is Fairing Two Years After Hugo Chavez's Death

Guy Got A Free Education By Sneaking Into Elite Colleges For 4 Years

Colorado Made $700 Million By Selling 75 Tons Of Weed In 2014

OMFG: Drinking One Glass Of Wine Might Actually Improve Your Looks

The Hot Mugshot Guy Scored A Modeling Contract While Still Behind Bars

Woman Uses Hairspray Bottle To Get Kylie Jenner Lips, Fails Miserably

Science Says There's Actually A Healthy Effect Of Eating Salty Foods

Hospital Accidentally Sends Two Dead Fetuses To Laundry Facility

These Awesome Biodegradable Coffee Cups Grow Trees When Thrown Away

Woman Seeks Divorce From Husband, Saying His Penis Is Way Too Big

WTF: Groom Organizes Fake ISIS Invasion For Terrible Wedding Surprise

Research Shows That You Drink More When You're Out With More Friends

Science Says Your Time On The Treadmill Could Predict When You'll Die

Uber's First Employee Tweeted To Apply And Now He's A Billionaire

Best Boyfriend Ever Proposes With A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt (Photos)

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