March 2015
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Claire Underwood Is Cheating On Frank With Ben Foster, Says She's Never 'Come More'

Waka Flocka Is 'Disgusted' And Feels Betrayed After Racist SAE Video

Robin Thicke And Pharrell Lose $7.4 Million In 'Blurred Lines' Lawsuit

Bette Midler Sang Kim K's Tweets And It Was Absolutely Incredible (Video)

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Emma Watson Shares Photo Proving Neville Longbottom Is Super Hot Now

Anna Wintour Talks To Zoolander and Hansel About Their Runway Show (Video)

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'7th Heaven' Heartthrob Now Lives Life As A Spiritual Guru

Kanye Performed The Original 'Gold Digger' A Year Before It Came Out (Video)

How You Can Celebrate The Life Of Sam Simon By Visiting "Springfield"

Why Virginity Didn't Deserve The Attention It Got On 'The Bachelor'

Taylor Swift Apparently Insured Her Legs For A Cool $40 Million

'House Of Cards' Reimagined As A 90s Sitcom Actually Works Really Well (Video)

2 Chainz And Big Sean Drink $100K Martinis With Diamond-Infused Vodka

50 Cent's Cute 2-Year-Old Son Just Got A $700,000 Modeling Contract (Photos)

Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Walked A Runway In Paris As 'Zoolander' Characters

No One Is More Obsessed Than This Woman Covered In Rihanna Tattoos (Photos)

Guy Makes $250,000 A Year By Impersonating Alan From 'The Hangover'

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56 Things Barbie Should Definitely Ask For On Her 56th Birthday

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'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Is The Show Feminists Have Been Waiting For

Preteen Ryan Gosling Breaking It Down In Metallic Pants Is Everything (Video)

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Sam Smith Reveals All Of The Terrible Abuse He's Suffered For Being Gay

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This Mini 'Harry Potter' Reunion Is The Most Magical Thing Ever

John Stamos Visited The 'Full House' House And Nobody Noticed

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A Bag Of Air From One Of Kanye's Concerts Is Selling For $60,000 Online

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'Dark Places' Trailer Looks Just As Disturbing As 'Gone Girl' (Video)

'Scandal' Takes On Ferguson: 3 Powerful Moments From The Show

Kim K And Kanye Are Having Sex '500 Times A Day' To Get Her Pregnant

The 'History Of Girl Groups' Will Give You Some Serious Nostalgia (Video)

Harrison Ford May Have Saved Lives By Crashing Plane On Golf Course

Taylor Swift Changes The Game And Walks Backward To Avoid Paparazzi

Draco Malfoy Had The Perfect Reaction To Kim Kardashian's New Hair

Kids And Pets Dressed Up As 'Harry Potter' Characters Are Everything (Photos)

Harrison Ford Reportedly Injured In Single Plane Crash

Move Over, Kim K: Jared Leto Also Dyed His Hair Bleach Blonde (Photos)

Seth Rogen Smoked So Much Weed In His Office It May Need Renovation

Road Runner/Coyote Cartoons Were Created With A Very Strict Set Of Rules

Stop The Presses: Kim Kardashian Is Blonde As F*ck (Photos)

Sad, But Social: If 'The Breakfast Club' Cast Were Social Media Today

Guy Expertly Covers 'Uptown Funk' With Voices From 'Family Guy' (Video)

Bob Barker And Adam Sandler's 'Happy Gilmore' Fight Is Still Going

Chris Brown's GF Publicly Ends Their Relationship Over Baby Drama

How Chris Brown's Daughter Can Change Him To Be A Better Man

Bad News, Movie Fans: Scientists Say Watching Sad Movies Makes You Fat

Childhood Ruined: Squidward Isn't Even A Squid, He's A F*cking Octopus

This Actress Straight-Up Steals Instagram Photos From Famous Celebs (Photos)

Here's Proof Every Shot In 'House Of Cards' Is Exactly The Same

Emma Watson's Announcement For International Women's Day Is Perfect (Video)

Adam Levine Reacted To Meeting A Fan With Down Syndrome In The Best Way

Taylor Swift Makes A Dying Fan's Final Wish Come True (Video)

Vince Vaughn And Dave Franco Created These Hilarious Stock Photos

Wu-Tang Clan Will Release 'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin' In 88 Years

Someone Figured Out How Much Barney Stinson Makes And It's A Sh*tton

Teenager Who Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting So Much Ass

You Can Actually Buy A 'Left Shark' Onesie From Katy Perry's Website

7 Crazy Things 'The Simpsons' Accurately Predicted About The Future

Someone Put Disney Princesses In 'The Dress' And The Results Are Epic (Photos)

WTF? Homer Simpson May Have Predicted The Higgs Boson Particle In 1998

Ryan Gosling Joins Cool Dad Club By Getting A Hand Tat For His Daughter

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4 Reasons Why FOX And Will Forte's 'The Last Man On Earth' Is Genius

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10 Movies To Reignite Your Love In Will Smith Before Seeing 'Focus'

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